2018 Photo Challenge


hey, you already had the perfect pict for beginnings, because what’s a bigger beginning then a new life :kissing_heart:


It’s been a whole week :open_mouth: and I’ve kept posting.


I’m loving seeing everyone’s pictures on Instagram and I’m really enjoying the challenge myself! It’s amazingly the different ways words can be interpreted and I’m looking forward to seeing next weeks images :slight_smile:


For those wondering if they can still join? Sure! jump right in! We look forward to seeing your wonderful images


Haha yes, I absolutely love all those different interpretations of the same day prompt.


As someone who read a version of the list early one morning for mistakes and really wasn’t looking properly, it makes my heart happy when I have to scroll up for the next day and something catches my eye.


I love you guys. :heart_eyes:


we just had to :innocent:


3 months down (wow, already? :open_mouth:) and 9 to go! A year in the life of our #TR365 gang on insta.


It’s going really fast. WTH.


A quarter of the way through! We’ve got this :slight_smile:


Bumping because I’m too lazy to scroll.


I took a lenghty break and I guess most of you have as well, but vacation is over now and I’m back at it :wink:


The point was to highlight positivity so Yeah…let me see those positive photos :heart:


I need to get back into the swing of it.


This year took a turn for the worst and I gave up on this, but gonna try and get back into and keep looking for the positive in every day. Si um…tries to figure out what Month/Day I left off on


I feel exactly the same… this year didn’t exactly pan out how I imagined but I’m trying to find the inspiration that had been there when I wrote this!


sends you good vibes hopefully you’ll find a way to get back in it. And if not, I’m still thankful for the inspiration -hugs-



@Danni, wanna revise the list with me for 2019 :sweat_smile: maybe that year will bring us all more luck…


Ahhh would you two do that? Because maaaaaybe next year I’ll actually keep up like I did for the first three months, instead of posting months later :kissing_heart:

But hey I am still posting.


@Trudy yeah, happy to revise!
I’ve noticed quite a few repetitions so would be good to change them out and also the more obscure ones :sweat_smile:
Maybe I won’t do this one after two bottles of wine :joy: