A New Hope



Danni does not seem to care. I feel the last strength leave me as i sink down at the sand. Pulling my knees up against my chest i hide my face. It feels as if all hope is gone, how could she betray Zandra like that?


I’m not disappointed. Lex rises from the surf, sodden and salty, clearly unimpressed by our little prank. He shouts his displeasure while I press a closed fist over my smirk, doing very little to hide my amusement as he wades back to shore.

With my arms folded coolly, I side-step out of the way to let him pass as he stalks by, dripping sea water. ‘We’re moving camp.’ Lex reiterates in a less-than-friendly tone and I pull an ‘uh-oh’ face at Trudy, snickering silently.

“Hold on…” I blurt suddenly, my brows drawing together in a frown. “Right now? What about food? Lex? Lex!” Too late. He’s done with us. Well… for now, at least. I mean, I’m sure he’ll come around – I grumble and so does my stomach. “Lex! It was a joke!”

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In light of the news that we’ll be moving shortly, I leave Trudy on the beach and make for the treeline. See, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not about to be that guy who has to be told ‘You should’ve gone before we left.’

Some moments later I’ve responded to nature’s call and am re-zipping my fly when I hear something, or rather, someone nearby. It’s faint but undeniably a human voice. Splashing sea-water from a battered plastic bottle on my hands to sanitise them as best I can, I move silently and cautiously in the direction of the sound.

I’m close. It sounds like it’s coming from just ahead now. I clench my teeth as a thin branch whips over my cheek. Stupid nature. If you ask me, all trees are good for is oxygen production. Now I break through the foliage into a small clearing. That’s… odd… I could’ve sworn the voice was coming from just through here…?

At first I’m perplexed. Then I prepare to panic as it occurs to me that I might’ve have foolishly walked into a trap. My alarm is short-lived, however, as I hear another pained grunt to the right of me and notice an opening in the earth marked by freshly snapped branches. The bottom of the pit is in shadow but, squinting my eyes, I can make out a familiar and very disgruntled face…

“Lex?” I say in surprise. “What’re you doing down there?” Heh. Sometimes dumb questions are fun. He looks quite pitiful lying down in the hole, still soggy from mine and Trudy’s little prank. Ah, it really isn’t his day.

I’ve done my share of misdeeds but I’m not so heartless as to leave him trapped down there. Why, I’d be glad to help him out!

… Just as soon as he asks for it…

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I smiled slightly bewildered at Alice “Thanks… I think” I said and glanced at the others for moment “It actually surprises me that he spoke about me, I didn’t think it would” I added a slight shrug “He seemed to move on quick enough” I moved and took a look around the cage “I totally didn’t want to end up in here, this was not part of my plan”

I paused and looked at KC then the others “Sorry guys. Clearly my plan sucked” I said and chewed my bottom lip slightly worried about how we were gonna get out of this mess.


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It’s felt like hours, down in the hole. I’ve watched my ankle swell up to the point of bursting, I still don’t feel any actual pain though. Because dragging yourself out of a hole with a broken leg is near impossible. I’m mostly thinking about my stomach and just how long I can hold out before grubs look tasty.

And then I hear Ram. Of everyone on the beach it had to be Ram. I’d almost welcome Amber at this point. Thought Id see if I could dig a hole deep enough to get off this island. I mutter in response to his question. What does it look like?


Lex’s sarcastic retort isn’t unanticipated and I respond with a roll of my eyes. Squatting at the pit’s edge, I peer down at him and at his grotesquely swollen ankle. Look, I’m more neuro than osteo but I believe the correct medical term for this kind of injury is something along the lines of ‘Ew. Gross.’

I momentarily grimace, sucking air though my teeth, and then say smoothly, “It looks like… you’re not getting out that hole without my help…” I straighten up and my eyes flick back to meet his with a cool gaze. “Hmm… I’d be very nice to me if I were you, Lexy boy…”

Pressing a finger to the back of my ear, I turn it towards him with a wide-eyed expression of expectation on my face. "Pleeease, Ram…?"

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I gather my stuff on the beach, and hold my daughters hand. Still grinning from Lex’s swimming lesson. Sure, he’ll be whiny the rest of the day, though with a bit of luck he’ll be out of my way, sulking behind a tree or something.
Though I still feel a bit awkward going back into the building, atleast I know not to worry… thanks to Ram.
It’s strange to admit, but out of everyone amongst us, he is the only one I dare to trust right now.
‘Ok… time to go inside, it’s getting cold…’


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I leave guys side and wonder around the cage carefully looking to see if there was any holes or gaps that had formed. Part of me knew that it was pointless but it was something to do that didn’t include sitting around waiting for something to happen.
Bloody Danni, I cant believe what shes done, I don’t even know how she could look at the Mallrats in the cage and not help them


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Patsy looks around and sighs. I want to get out of this place, i dont want to be stuck in this cage. “Danni let us out please” I mutter.


I just needed to keep walking, one foot in front of the other. The further from the cages the less the guilt will weigh on my shoulders, no… I couldn’t feel guilty for something that wasn’t real. I just had to remember who I was, how I’d survived and made it this far. The Mall Rats had abaondoned me, their ideology didn’t fit with mine and I had to focus on the life the Technos had given me. No it wasn’t perfect but nothing in this world was, we had electricity now… and if that meant there needed to be slaves until there was a better system in place well the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few.

Reaching the cabins I look around, wondering where everyone was. It wasn’t that there were lots of Technos stationed here, but the numbers had been dwindling more recently. Moving inside I head over to my bed and sit down, my head coming to rest in my hands. This wasn’t how things were meant to be here, this was meant to be an easy assignment. Damn the virts, damn them all.


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The banter between Ram has taken my mind off of wanting to eat long enough for the full wave of pain to hit. And it hurts. Bad.

I take in a sharp breath. ” Ram, you get me out of this hole right now. Cause if I get myself out I’m ringing that scrawny Little neck of yours.”


I walk over to @Patsy when I hear her calling and put my hand on her shoulder “Shes just confused over all this, I don’t know what kind of experience she had with you guys but it doesn’t seem to of ended in the best way” I said with a small smile.

“How did you end up separated from the Mallrats?” I asked


I look at my shoulder as I feel someone placing their hand there. Lifting my eyes slightly I can see @Zandra . I listen to what she’s saying and look away. She goes on to ask how i ended up separated from them. I’m not sure if I want to tell. “She hates me, its my fault.” I say shortly and look at the sand on my feet.

I might as well tell her so she can hate me too. “I lost Brady, we had found the antidote and Trudy needed a babysitter, and I wanted to help. On the first day, Brady was kidnapped. Later Trudy was taken as well, and when they returned I was so thrilled to have them both back safe and sound, so i did and believed everything Trudy said. It was a mistake, she was on their team, the chosens team. They took Danni away, then they learned that i was spying for the mallrats and took me away” I sigh and look up at Zandra


I pull @Patsy into a small hug “It sounds more like a young girl tried her best to help. No matter who was with Brady they would of found a way to get her and we should just be thankful that they didn’t hurt you on the day they took her” I said and gave her a small smile “As for the rest of it, when we do something we feel bad about, almost everyone would do anything to try and make it up… We just need to make sure that learn from our experiences and mistakes”

I stepped away from her “At least some of us are together now, its not the best situation but I will do anything I can to get us out of here and get you back home”


Im surprised as @Zandra pulls me into a small hug. What she is saying is probably right, but still I feel slightly guilty. I nod my head and sigh. “I’m glad your here Zandra,” I say with a small smile before looking around in the cage. “Do you think we will get out of here?”


BIRTH NAME: Amber Morain
DATE OF BIRTH: 21st November 1999
AGE: 18
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): Solaris (Older Sister, deceased)
HAIR COLOR: Dirty blonde
EYE COLOR: Blue/grey
TRIBE: Mallrats
CHILDREN: Bray Jr (10 months old)
PLAY-BY: Eagle

TALENTS: Public speaking
HABITS: Biting fingernails.
SECRET(S):A secret is a secret
DISLIKES: Lex (Sometimes), Tardiness, Threats
FEARS: For the safety of her baby, the dark (only on the bad days)
STRENGTHS: A natural born leader, good with kids.
WEAKNESSES: Can be very stubborn. Her care for others can be easily used against her.
PERSONALITY: A confident and outgoing person, still it feels like there’s always a reserved aspect of her, Amber always stands up for what’s right and protects all the people she can.
BACKGROUND: Series 1-5


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