A new hope



“Ah… Promises, promises…” I sigh with a careless shrug, letting my arms drop to my sides.

Hm. Close enough. I’ll admit it – There’s a big part of me that would love to stick around and wear Lex down until he begs for my help… but, uh… Time. Place. Gotta be logical about this and, besides… I’m one of the good guys now… remember? I’ve tormented him long enough and it’s about time I did… ahem… The Right ThingTM

“Hey, look, man – Just relax. I’ll have you out of there in no time!” Good! Now don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. “Hahaha!” … What?! It’s like a reflex!

Okay, Ram… How are you gonna play this…? It’s a pretty deep hole… Close to fifteen feet, I’d estimate. I run my thumb over my lip as I contemplate how the hell I’m going to go about pulling poor Lexy out of his non-metaphorical pit of despair. I crouch once more, wondering if I could lower a branch down to him. There are certainly enough trees around to be able to find one of the required dimensions.

"Think you can stand, Lex?" I ask, getting up myself to indicate that I’ve devised a solution to his predicament. It’s not exactly neuroscience but, like I say – Sometimes a simple solution… is the best solution.

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((Pssst Ram. Get to posting. I want out of this hole.))



I turn towards Salene with a sympathetic smile. “Let’'s try and keep their minds off it at the moment” I say putting Baby Bray on my hip.

I cast my eyes over the beach and and see Trudy gathering up her items and turn back to Salene

"Come on let’s get the kids inside then see what we can do about some food"
With a bag on my back I start leading the children up to the building.

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I’m half expecting more of Ram’s games, he’s got no reason to help me, and at this point I’ve been down here for a while. I prop myself against one of the walls of the hole.

Except the wall gives way, causing me to now land on my back half inside a tunnel I guess? I awkwardly get myself up to a sitting position, at least this discovery has given me another surge of adrenaline.

”Ram…” my voice calls out shakily. ”Get down here.”



I nod at Amber " Then let’s go" i answer her and change a look with ruby and the little ones, pointing them to follow us. Thank god the building isn’t that far away and we made it there in no time.
Inside i lay down our bags and watch arround " wow this is huge, you should check it out step by step" i turn to Amber



As we walk inside the building I gaze in awe at how big and empty it is in the inside.

I turn around to listen to what Salene is saying to me. “Sounds like good idea. Maybe there’s some food somewhere. Let’s set our things down here”, I point to a spot on the concrete floor near the door. "

I stare around the big room. There must have been someone living here at some point but I just can’t see any sign of it.

’'Salene stay here with Ruby and the children. Play tag or something like that to keep the children’s mind off food"


"Uh… Lex…?" My eyes are wide as I stare in astonishment and disbelief at the spot where Lex had just been moments before. “Lex?!” Both hands clasp at the back of my neck as I stand by the now seemingly empty hole.

Don’t mistake my desperation for concern for Lexy. What you’re seeing here? One hundred percent self-interest. See, it really won’t look good for me if I come back and Lex doesn’t, especially after Trudy and my little stunt earlier on. I don’t even have a proper alibi! Help!

I’m considering drastic options when I hear a faint voice from somewhere beyond the crumbled wall of the hole and I breath a sigh of relief --It’s Lex. He’s not dead but, geez… He clearly must have hit taken a knock to the head if he’s seriously suggesting I join him down there.

"You must be joking!" I scoff. “If I come down there, we’ll both be trapped!” No sooner than the words have left my mouth though, does it occur to me – More trapped than I already am? Stuck on this godforsaken island with only my old enemies, the Mallrats for company? – And, for all I know, it’s about to get a whole lot worse for me if my earlier intuition is correct…

There’s a long pause for thought before I call out again, as evenly as I can, "Why…? What’s down there?"


”There’s a tunnel down here you idiot!” I call out, it’s hard to see but there’s defiantly railroad tracks and a cart of some sort. I wonder if Ram has a torch? ”Careful coming down its a hell of a drop I add.” survivable sure, but now I’m wondering what this pit and tunnel combo is all about.



I look around the cage “Yes, I think we will… But I don’t know when” I tell her and sigh slightly “Though there aren’t many guards about so now would be a good time find a weak point in the cage” I said quietly to her “Whether it be loosening the screws with movement on the posts or digging downwards… It looks like these have been up a while and don’t look well maintained anymore” I said and walked to the post looking closely.


*Pokes everyone :stuck_out_tongue: *