A New Hope



As we dig further the sand and stone seems to get harder. I pause for a moment before reaching reaching down and undoing the belt.
Using the metal buckle piece I use it to dig and it works well for the deeper bits “Here you use this, you dig down and I’ll get the sides” I said passing her the buckle before I start work on the sides making sure it would be wide enough for us to get through.



I watch Salene descend down the stairs. I smile as I watch her facial features exaggerate from the sight in front of her.

" I think some of the canned items might be but at this point it doesn’t matter. At least it’s food. Even so if we can’t eat that then with all these supplies…"*, pointing at all the supplies, "We at least have these supplies to hunt or fish with. I’m sure Lex would have great fun with that. And hey there are even seeds! We could just grow the food…that’s if we’re here for that long."

From all the excited of finding such a treasure chest I momentarily forgot about our safety.




I nod at Amber, like always she has a plan while other people are still wondering about the moment. " Come on, let’s tell the others" i turn to her “and maybe check out for bed or something?”



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Ram takes his sweet time climbing into the hole. I don’t blame him, but I also wonder how much of it was a put on to make me wait even longer. ”Help me up, would you?” It’s painful but I manage to stand using Ram as a human crutch. There’s no way I’m letting him peek into the tunnel alone even if I’m a liability if we get into trouble.

Slowly we make our way into the mouth of the tunnel. Our eyes adjust as Ram nearly trips over something. ”Railroad tracks?” he says confused. The hair on my neck starts to stand up. This whole place is giving me the creeps.

A bit further down the line there’s an old coal miners car. Ram helps me into it and starts pushing me down the track. The thought being this needs to lead somewhere and we both know we are not going to not explore.

”Ever hear the term Shanghaied, Lexy?” Ram asks and I furrow my brow, I haven’t but it seems like a strange time to bring it up. ”Pirates and Slavers used to make tunnels, keep people in cages hidden away then under the black of night use the tunnels to place the people on boats. Never to be seen again.” as I turn back I see his eyes are wide like he’s trying to scare me or something.

”Nice story Ram. Practicing for stories around the campfire, would really scare the kids. Looks like the end of the tunnel is just ahead.”

We get to the end and we both agree it’s probably best for me to stay put and Ram to look around. I watch as he walks off and out of sight.

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I nod then provide a word of caution to Salene

"Just be careful okay. There must be some reason all this food and supplies are here. Even though it looks untouched there may be something up. We need to stick together as a group, just until we know if it’s safe or not."



“Right” i answer Amber and piont her to follow me " hopefully the rest has followed now. The men should check out the higher levels !?" i look at her questionally as i reach the stairs




I shook my head

"I don’t think that’s necessary. I haven’t heard anything upstairs and besides who knows where they are. Last I saw they they went into the growth. When we’ve looked at the rest of the place I can go and call out for them?"



“Ok " i nod at Amber and headed upstairs and into the corridor. " have you checked all the rooms here too?” i shout back at her while i make a few steps towards the next to and start to open it slowly




I start walking up the stairs, onto the second floor, with Salene in front of me.

No I haven’t gone up here yet?”

I hear Salene opening the door. ”What’s up there?”



“Ihhhh” i mumble as i open the door. Seems like this should have been a bathroom before… " This one is not usbale at the Moment" i answer Amber and walk over to the next door. I arefully open the door and sign. A room with a table and two beds. Very dusty but nothing disgusting. " I have found the first beds !"



When Salene opens the first door a foul odor takes over my lungs and and have to hold my breath. "I can smell that"

I watch Sal open the second door and she gives a little yell. “Oh thank goodness!” . I walk into the bedroom,

In the bedroom there are four beds, all neatly made but obviously a bit dusty. I can’t help but sit down on one and feel the softness of the covers laying beneath me. Snapping back to reality I stand back up and head towards the door. “Come on Sal we better see what else is up here”.



My look follows Amber, as she walks into the room and sit down. I turn my head away… how can’t she see all the dust she has swirls up. i start to cough a few times.
I leave the room before she does and take a deep breathe. As she comes out i look after her. " Slowly, first you should watch at yourself" i tell her and piont at all the dust on her clothes



I look at myself all covered dust and have a little giggle. I start to brush the dust off and I look up and give Salene an endearing look. “It’s just dust Sal it’s not going to kill me”. I finish brushing myself and look into into the corridor.

"You want to look at them one by one or just start opening different doors?"



" No, at least i hope that the technos doesn’ create some kind of " monster dust" i wink at her and walk beside her, watching along the corridor
" You the left side and i do the right one? door by door?"


I continue to dig using the buckle that Zandra handed me. I take a deep breath before pushing more sand away. I cant help but to wonder if we will make it, and how much more we have to dig to get out of there. I wanna go home i think to myself. **when we get out where should we go?**¨




I nod at Salene “That sounds like a good idea” .

I make my way towards the first door. At first it’s a bit stiff to open but after a yank it bursts open with a great force. “Woahhh” I say as I nearly lose my balance. I look around the room. There are more beds. Four in the same styled covers. "More beds over here Sal!"

I walk over along to the second door. This time opening a bit easier. I peer inside. There are tables lining most off the wall space and sitting on top of them are Computers, 8 of them. They don’t look like the most recent models, like the technos did but they weren’t too outdated either. "Hey Salene come and have a look in here"


I stop for a moment and look at Patsy “I don’t actually know” I said “Life has been a little… Turbulent over the last few years” I said and continued on digging “Though for the straight away after getting out we should head in that direction” I said and pointed towards the trees "There is better coverage and there isn’t enough guards here to properly search it… "

I smiled and pulled back “I think we are both small enough to get through this with a bit of a squeeze” I looked around, there was no one paying any attention to us, they all seemed so drained and none of them had much energy to focus on us “You ready? I will go first” I didn’t waste any time and turned onto my back and put my head first under the fence then used my hands to help me shimmy underneath. It was definietely a really tight squeeze and I could feel the stones in the dirt cutting my skin slightly as I forced myself underneath. After a few more wiggles and shoves I was out at the other side “Ok Pats your turn” I smiled at her.


(OOC: if Sasha is a playable character I would play as him)


I nod my head as Zandra asks if im ready. I let my eyes wander around as I cant help but to wonder if anyone will try to stop us. It does not seem like they are in the state to move, or maybe they have given up? I think to myself, before I watch as Zandra goes under teh fence. Seeing her at the outside I take a deep breath and follow her under the fence.

Pulling myself under the fence i get up on my feet once im out of the cage. Into the woods? Or along the beach? I ask



((For those who can’t remember, just a bit on Lex’s injury believability. This actually happened to me. And honestly if I didn’t do it I wouldn’t believe someone fell 15ft, used a folding chair as a crutch, and didn’t get an ER visit some 9 hours later. It was one of my worst injuries just because of the dumb luck. I didn’t hit solid ground rather an air sack which probably contributed to a lot of the injury. But yeah so it’s possible. Also yes I’m mentioning Ram, but let’s chalk him up to one of those famous disappearances from The Tribe.))

It feels like it’s been ages since Ram went off to see what was on the outside of the tunnel. So either he’s in trouble or he’s run off and either way I need to get myself out of here. Slowly and painfully I pull myself out of the cart. Luckily finding a large stick to use as the perfect crutch. I let out a deep sigh once again joining the ranks of standing up right. The first few steps are hard and painful. Figuring out how to use the crutch and not scream out in pain. It isn’t easy and I can just imagine Ram laughing at me.

By the time I get to the tunnel opening I’ve somewhat figured out a rhythm. Walking out the first thing I see are cages. So Ram was right about Slaves. And I’m a sitting duck to be caught, he’s no where to be found, but there’s something more. 2 figures trying to get out of a cage. It’s all very strange. Ram is MIA I’d assume he’s been captured, but if that’s the case why are two prisoners trying to escape? And if the beach is clear of whoever keeps the prisoners where the hell is Ram?

As I wrestle internally with what to do, when one figure gets out. Followed by the other. If they are going to escape and run there’s no way I’d ever catch up, but I need answers.

I start to hobble as fast as I can and yell out. “Wait!” Its a stupid move, suicide even. Between the sand and trying to run I loose my rhythm with the walking stick with a hard landing taking in a mouthful of hot sand and knocking the wind out of me.

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