A new hope




We start to open the first rooms and , like Amber, all i can find are bedrooms… I strat to open the next one as Amber calls out for me " Whats inside?" i ask her, while i walk over to her.


“Definitely the woods, we would be too in the open in open the beach and I think at this stage they wouldn’t be too bothered if we were killed” I say to her before hearing a noise, turning my head sharply I look towards where the voice is coming from, hopefully my techno uniform will at least throw the person off so give Patsy chance to run.

Though I see the person fall, whoever it is, its not a techno “Come on,lets help whoever it is and get into the woods quickly” I said and grabbed her hand pulling her towards the person, they didn’t look like a threat and clearly needed some help.

Reaching the person I grab one of their arms and help pull them to their feet “We need to move quickly” I said looking around to make sure no one was coming.

@Lex @Patsy


I nodd my head slightly hearing Zandra speaking. I look towards the beach and is about to start running when Zandra grabs my hand telling me that we need to go and help that person. Im not certain, but i hurry after her. I dont look at the person I just take his other hand and help Zandra pull him on his feet. Can we go now?

@Lex @Zandra



I notion Salene to come over "Here have a look for yourself. I wonder if they work"


I feel a tug on my arm and the first thing I see are techno issue boots. At first I thought it’s Ram and I’m about to lay into him about leaving me for so long, except it’s not Ram’s voice. It’s strange, female. It sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. Which really isn’t that much of a surprise considering my numerous relations with the women of the city.

“Let go of me!” I order. Okay fine maybe this was a trap. Figures Ram would have a Techno base on the island. “And you can tell your boss Ram thanks for nothing!”

@Zandra @Patsy



" Oh wow" i mumble as i look into the room. Computers… Technos… is the first thought.

I walk inside and look arround" no idea" i answer Amber " but if not, i am sure, Ram could fix them"


I recognise his voice in that moment and look at Patsy “Lex we do not have time for this” I said urgently “We need to move… Now!” I said grabbing him, he doesn’t recognise me… Though why would he, I am now blonde and dressed like a techno… And he obviously thinks I am dead.
“I swear to god Lex if we get caught they won’t be firing warning shots and I won’t let Patsy go back there” I said and looked up at the girl who had been trapped for so long.

@Patsy @Lex


“Pats… Patsy?!” The name feels strange in my mouth. I haven’t thought about her in ages. I’m caught so off guard it takes a bit for me to register I’m being dragged off by the pair and I struggle to get my feet back under me to walk.

I’d guess if Patsy is here Deafo wouldn’t be far behind. What was his name? Pur… pa… Paul! And unless Paul was keeping a very big secret the person holding my other arm isn’t him. We get to the treeline and I guess Patsy and Not Paul thought the limp was just for laughs, because I’m let go to stand on my own feet.

Without my stick which is still on the beach.

I feel my leg give and I fall to the ground about as graceful as a brick and trying not to scream in pain. Once on the ground though my focus changes to Patsy. “So what lost your brother and started working for the enemy?” I tolerated Ram even if he was lead techno, but that was one good egg in a barrel of rotten ones. I eye this new Techno suspiciously.

@Patsy @Zandra



I look at the computers again. " Yeah I’m sure he could"

I walk towards the window and look outside.

"I should look for the boys. Are you going to be okay with checking the rest of the place out?"



I hesitate at Ambers idea. Would it be clever to check the rooms all alone?

" Ok, will check the rest of the corridor, on my way back to Ruby and the kids" i answer her


He is still hard work just like I remember, shooting off with his mouth before thinking “Lex you absolute tool! Why would you bring her brother up jackass!” I said and take a deep breath “Patsy isn’t working with anyone and has been stuck in this goddam cafe for so long!” I tell him.
He really hasn’t realised it was me “Lex its me… Zandra!”


I want to drop him down at the beach hearing the words he says to me. Your just the same awful person you’ve ever been, shut up and let us help you or stay here I say trying to remain calm, when all I want to do is to give him a push into the sand.

Your awful, I helped you guys, I gave you messages, where were you when they discovered? I ask annoyed. I take a deep breath. Can we go now Zan?

@Zandra @Lex


If I was shocked to hear Patsy, than hearing Zan knocked me out. This whole situation was worse than I though. Mostly because I’m dead. That’s gotta be what this is. I’ve died and now I’m seeing all the other dead people in my life. I brace myself for the eventual meeting with Mum and Dad. That’s one family reunion I’m not looking forward to.

I look at Patsy who is going on about something and back at Zandra. Back and forth. Back and forth. I try to stand up from the sand, brought back to the ground. That’s the only thing that doesn’t add up. If I were dead having a broken leg would really suck.

”I get you helped Us, and Paul…” I trail off once again finding myself looking at Zandra. She’s older, hairs different. ”I mean I’m really glad, Paul doesn’t have tits.” what am I saying? If Ram we’re here he’d tell me I was having a stroke. Suns fried my brain or something.

”You act like you are they only one who’s lost someone!” I snap out, this is all too much. I feel dizzy, and like an elephant sitting on my chest. I go to speak and just end up vomiting in the sand.

”I think I will just stay here.” I mutter and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.



((OOC: Are you guys at the same beach near the building? Just asking as my character is about to search for Lex and Ram :slight_smile: ))


<<Pretty sure we are not. But you might be able to find the hole Lex fell in and then the tunnel to get to the beach. I’d Check with @Patsy and @Zandra>>


((ooc, we are not near the buildings :wink: ))



I make my way down the staircase and out towards the front door. I see Ruby bouncing Bray on her knee and I smile. How I wish I could just sit and play with him right now .

As I pass the children they look at me.“It’s alright I’ll be back. I’m just going out to search for Lex and Ram,” I open the door and start walking towards the shore. My eyes become focus on the horizon as my fear of it falling night before the boys come back might become a reality


I make my way into the dense growth.

Watching the sky as I go deeper and deeper as I do not want to be caught out here at night. Walking along, alone with only the trees and birds for company gives me a sense of relaxation. I stop walking and stretch my arms up, stretching them out. Feeling the flora around me, It takes me back to living with the Ecos. I wonder if any of them are still alive .

I continue to walk, " Lex! Ram!" , I start to call out into the growth. No response. They surely wouldn’t have gone that far.

I enter into a small clearing." Lex! Ra…" , I trail off. Right in front of me I see a giant hole. Perplexed by this discovery I edge closer to it and look down into it. Well it’s worth a shot, "Lex! Ram! Are you down here?!"

No response. I start studying the hole. This has to be man made. No way would a hole just magically appear like this. It looks like the walls. It looks like they’ve been dented and caved in a bit by something. Little foot holes they seems to be trailing as far as they could go into the hole. Someone has bee down here recently.

I squat down at the hole. It could be Lex and Ram… Let’s hope it’s them .

I want to explore the hole somehow. I know there’s rope back at the building and it is getting dark soon. Plus the fact of going down there by myself might not be the smartest idea.

I stand up and look at the hole once more. I go to call out one more time but decide not to. If there’s someone else in there I don’t want them coming after me or leading them back to the building

I begin making my way back to the building.




" Ok, but be careful" i answer Amber watch her leave. As she is out of sight i check the other rooms and all i find are some more beds.
I made my way back to Ruby and the kids. " Ok, at least we should have enough beds for the night" i look at Ruby before i glance over to Lottie and Sammy " Come on, we need to clear up a bit. "


I sigh and look between the two, clearly he is overwhelmed. I look back at the beach and see the stick he was using “One sec” I tell Patsy and run down the beach to where he dropped it, grabbing it and running back as quick as my legs could move.

Reaching the pair I hold it put to Lex “We do not have time for this. I get this is a complete head mess but I am pretty sure if we get caught they will make sure we’re dead before burying us” I said the last part more bitterly then i originally intended, taking a deep breath to try and calm myself I looked at him “You need to move now” I said bluntly.

@Lex @Patsy


I step back as Lex vomits into the sand. I look over at Zandra whos got his stick. We cant stand there anymore, i feel terrible for leaving KC and Alice behind. Could we save them aswell? "what about Kc, and Alice? I ask worried.

@Lex @Zandra