A New Hope



There are so many thoughts swirling in my head I can’t function at the moment. I just want to sit here staring at the ocean in a catatonic state. As I start, I’m vaguely aware Zandra has left the shelter of the tree line and gone back down the beach. She returns holding out my stick and blocking my view.

There is no mistaking the point she’s trying to make. It’s a thought that I’ve beaten myself up over nearly everyday since the explosion. I heard run and I ran. Once the smoke had cleared, I couldn’t get over my own fears to look at the body. It’s funny now with all the Death I’ve seen, but then it wasn’t. So yeah, my fault.

I grab the stick, and shake my head. “I’ll just slow you down.” They were obviously afraid of whatever laid claim to the beach and the tunnels didn’t exactly sit well with me, but I’ve also had a good life for the most part and beachlife isn’t exactly something I was built for.



I look at Patsy “We will regroup and then get the others” I say before turning my attention to Lex "Come on Lex just get up and move. You probably know this island better then either of us… " I sigh, this is harder work then it should be "Please Lex lets just move "



“Getting up isn’t the easiest task, if you haven’t noticed.” I don’t know what she expects me to do. Wave my magic wand and blast us off to anywhere but here and everything to be magically okay?

For the first several months after Eagle Mountain I’d wondered what would happen if I’d found her alive. In the end I decided it was stupid to think about it. I started up again when Amber came back, but as time went on I closed that door.

“This is what going insane must feel like.” I admit defeated.

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I enter onto the beach once more and walk to the building.

I get inside. Ruby and the kids aren’t in the entrance room anymore so I decide to call out. “Ruby! Salene!”'




I took Bray Jr. from Ruby, so she can stand up easier and piont at he kids. “Come on, of we work together, we will have done this in no time” i tell them and good ahead. Sammy started to open the windows and Lottie start to air the blankets. As Ruby is almost at the rooms i piont at the first clean one. " Take a seat there, i will help the others" i tell her and handed Bray Jr. back.
I walk into the other room and grap a blanket Lottie is almost carrying. " Go and help Sammy" i wink at her. I know she hates this and at least she has clean up a few things. So i start to air everything

After some time think a hear someone calling out. So i turn arround and leave the room. During the corridor i spot someone " Amber?"




I call out again ”Salene! Where are you guys?”

I start walking down the corridor towards the stairs



" We are here" i shout back at Amber and walk in her direction. As i am arround the corner i can see here. " Hey" i laugh



I round the corner towards the kitchen. “Hey Salene! How’s everyone going?”**

I look around the kitchen, definitely more clean than before. “See you’ve been doing some cleaning” . I smile at her



" yeah Sammy and Lottie have been great" i smile back at her. " Have you found some of the others?"



I look down and bite my lip. "No I didn’t but I might know where they have gone"

I started talking about what happened when I went searching for them, speaking about the hole I found and how Lex and Ram could have gone down there but we would have to be careful as there could be other people as well.

"I think if they’re not back by tomorrow we should search for them"



I sigh again “No one said it was easy Lex but the more time you stay down there the longer it takes” I said grabbing him and pulling him back up “Whoever you have come here with, we need to re-group with them… There are more people in that cage, more old friend you probably thought were gone but we cant help them until we cant help them without some help” I tell him.

Pulling down the zipper to the waist, I rolled down the fabric and use the arms I tie it around my waist. Thankfully I was wearing a pink tank top under the uniform “Your not going insane Lex, your just overwhelmed with it all” I said and cast a look at Patsy “Right what way do we need to go?” I asked turning my focus back to him.

@Patsy @Lex


Right, because this is something that’s totally easy. I listen as she makes it sounds like I can snap my fingers and boom, fixed leg. My subconscious can be a real jerk, so I don’t see any point in arguing with it. She pulls me up and I realize I better support myself with the crutch or risk falling down into the sand again so I make quick work of the stick and hold myself up.

Mini heart attack under control, I hear Zandra explain how I’m not going crazy. Easy for her to say, I look at her to see that she’s rolled down her jumpsuit revealing a tank top underneath. My subconscious is such a jerk!

“There’s a creep tunnel that leads back to one hell of a hole.”



I listen to Amber and nod. " Just hoping the others will arrived soon. We can’t do all this on our own with the little ones hear" i answer her



I look around the building. “Well I’m happy to make a start. It was quite refreshing walking through the growth, so I have a lot more energy now actually. Where would you like me to get started Sal?” I beam at Salene. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take some pride in good, honest, work.




I grin and Amber and her energy. Me for myself, i could just fall asleep while standing. " Ok, maybe Sammy and Lottie could bring the smaller bags to one room and we find a room for Ruby now?"