A New Hope



I will message Jayme/Tone first to see if they are wanting to jump back in before doing something that will effectively change what was/is happening with their characters.


If you ask me this change makes the rpg less interesting… I am not interested in being in paradise… but actually getting to role play out the reunions… and actually nor being stuck in a cage while everyone else posts.


ooc - Had a conversation with Tone, we are going to work with what we can

Bic -

I am starring at Lex when I feel a sharp pain in my head and coloured blurred circles danced around my eyes leaving me feeling unsettled and confused. I raised my hands to rub my eyes to try and get rid of the coloured blurs but my hands quickly come into contact with cold plastic.

It takes me a few moments to figure out which way to pull off the headset and I cant help but stare at it in shock, all of that was in my head?! I still stare at the headset for a few more seconds before dropping it aside and looking around unsure at where I am.

There are a few other people around me and I see some movement from the person who was across from me, I pause for a moment wondering what I should do, I don’t know who this person is or what they could do to me but in the end the little voice in my head tells me to ‘man up’

Striding over I pull the head set off the figure and smile as I recognise the face that was under it “Patsy!” I say relived that its her, but take a step back to give her some space.