Last Character Standing



Jack: 158 +
Ram: 144
Mouse: 37 -
Zoot: 66


Jack: 158
Ram: 145 :thumbsup:
Mouse: 36 :thumbsdown:
Zoot: 66


Jack: 159 +
Ram: 145
Mouse: 35 -
Zoot: 66


Jack: 159
Ram: 146 :thumbsup:
Mouse: 34 :thumbsdown:
Zoot: 66


so… how are things? :joy:

Jack: 160 +
Ram: 146
Mouse: 33 -
Zoot: 66


Silence getting to you, huh? :joy:

Oh, things are alright! Finally starting to get my life in order. Yeah, I’d say they’re pretty okay! :sunglasses::thumbsup:

… How are things with you? :laughing:

Jack: 160
Ram: 147 :thumbsup:
Mouse: 32 :thumbsdown:
Zoot: 66


Well, yeah I guess :joy:

Aw, really? That’s great to hear! I’m currently back in University now that my course has started. It’s great fun and pretty relaxed but I’m not excited for my next one coming up in two weeks. (It’s less practical and more… based on actually studying lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) At least I’m using all of my free time well during this course to draw some and edit on my Tribe videos for once :joy: :heart_eyes:

Jack: 161 +
Ram: 147
Mouse: 31 -
Zoot: 66


Also lovely to hear! Yayyy videos! I don’t know about you but I’ve always found that being busy with studies or whatever during the day makes me doubly productive in my free time. :grin:

I really want to get back to studying myself at some point but I gotta wait til next year’s intake to be able to sign up for courses. :unamused:

Ah well! I guess at least I’ve got a while to really think about what I want to do. :relieved:

Jack: 161
Ram: 148 :thumbsup:
Mouse: 30 :thumbsdown:
Zoot: 66


Yeah, I’m the same honestly :joy: I always edit videos when I have other important deadlines :sweat_smile:

Aww it’s a struggle when you figure it out at the wrong timing so you have to wait :frowning: You’re right though, all the more time thinking about it and getting it right for you :smiley:

Jack: 162 +
Ram: 148
Mouse: 29 -
Zoot: 66


Whew! I’m back! One of my housemates is moving out in a week and a bit so I’ve been on a desperate hunt for a replacement… :sweat::rolling_eyes:

Jack: 162
Ram: 149 :thumbsup:
Mouse: 28 :thumbsdown:
Zoot: 66


OohH, that sounds stressful. Was it on short notice? :fearful:

Jack: 163 +
Ram: 149
Mouse: 27 -
Zoot: 66


Ah, I guess…? I mean, she gave reasonable notice… I just don’t have the time or patience to find a new housemate right now and I’m going to New Zealand next month.

She basically picked the worst possible time to jump ship. :unamused::-1:

Jack: 163
Ram: 150 :+1:
Mouse: 26 :-1:
Zoot: 66


Oh, I see. Wow, you’re going to NZ!?!? Damn I’m so jealous!! :heart_eyes:

Jack: 164 +
Ram: 150
Mouse: 25 -
Zoot: 66


Whooooops! Busy, busy! I forgot about this topic again! :sweat_smile:

Yeah! :grin: Only gonna be there, like, three days for my cousin’s wedding but still! :star_struck:

Jack: 164
Ram: 151 :+1:
Mouse: 24 :-1:
Zoot: 66

Damn! I can’t believe how much we’ve managed to whittle Mouse down!


Oh, I see :slight_smile: Awesome! But at least you live pretty “close” (I mean comparing to me) so you might be able to come back for a real Tribe trip someday. I wish but it’'s soooo far. I’m going to have to wait a lot before I can save up that kind of money :sob:

Jack: 165 +
Ram: 151
Mouse: 23 -
Zoot: 66

yes it pains me a but tbh but oh well unfortunate but necessary :joy:


:flight_arrival: :australia: nyooooooooom! I’m home!

Well, when ya do get there, (I believe in you!) if you happen to stop over in Melbourne on the way, I am a certified terrible tour guide but I do know all the names of common Australian birds. :joy:

Jack: 165
Ram: 152 :+1:
Mouse: 22 :-1:
Zoot: 66


Hahahaha :joy: Sounds great :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Jack: 166 +
Ram: 152
Mouse: 21 -
Zoot: 66


Jack: 166
Ram: 153 :+1:
Mouse: 20 :-1:
Zoot: 66


Jack: 167 +
Ram: 153
Mouse: 19 -
Zoot: 66


Jack: 167
Ram: 154 :+1:
Mouse: 18 :-1:
Zoot: 66