Season 2 AU RPG - OOC Thread


Season 2

This RPG will be centered mainly around the Locos. Zoot was never killed in season 1, so he is still ruling the Locos with an iron fist and with Ebony by his side as his Queen. Word of the Mallrats finding the Antidote for the virus spread quickly and Zoot wishes to take it for himself (and maybe Trudy and his daughter as well). How dare his precious brother and the other Mallrats think they can control things. The Locos have already lost some of their ranks to the virus and Zoot is starting to feel weak himself, though he will not admit that to anyone. Can the Locos gain control of what could save them before it’s too late?


Zoot - Taken/@Maggie
Ebony - Taken/@Zak
Trudy w/ Brady - Taken/@JacksAnnie
Axl - Open
Spike - Taken/@Lottie
Luke - Open
Kate/Legs - Taken/@Ash
Glenn - Open
Original characters welcome

Some Mallrats may be available for taking as they are needed but I’d like to start with The Locos first. It’s possible some of the Mallrats have deflected to the Locos after returning to the City though, so just discuss that with me first and we can see what we can do =)


will give it a try as Spike, do we need a profile?


No profile needed unless it’s an original character.


Trudy (and Brady) as a Loco sounds like fun :wink:


I’d like to be ebony if no one else is!



BIRTH NAME: Kate Libby (aka : Acid Burn / aka : Legs)
DATE OF BIRTH: June 4th, 1984
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): cousins in the states who may or may not be alive…unknown due to global virus
HOME: American born. Now she lives in the City with the Locusts
TRIBE: Locusts
ROOM: an old rail car she claimed for herself and fixed up the way she likes it.
PLAY-BY (your username here): Ash

TALENTS: video games, roller-blading, lock-picking , pick-pocketing, being stealthy …a talented hacker who learned computers at a young age.
HABITS: answering questions with a question.
Lying, stealing, & talking to herself. Going off alone with no warning.

SECRET(S): she is secretly after Ebony’s seat as Queen of the Locusts

losing at any type of competition .
People who can’t back up their words with their fists.
Dislikes Hearing people complain.

FEARS: none she will admit to


  • fearless, a born fighter.

*very direct with people to the point of being confrontational

*Skilled with computers

WEAKNESSES: she has walls. Big fat emotional walls to keep people at a distance…but when someone gets in, that person becomes her “weakness”

PERSONALITY: she tries to appear detached and emotionless, but is really very competitive and attaches great importance to any victory over her peers.
Prefers to lie to people unless she truly respects them.
A born Loner.
Sarcastic and Cynical, but not depressed or anything like that, she is just a pissed off teenager.

BACKGROUND: Kate, or “Legs” as she is sometimes called, was here in the city on holiday visiting her grand parents when the virus struck. Kate grew up on the west coast of the United States, but her maternal grand parents lived here. Sadly, both her grandparents and her parents died, and she doesn’t have any living relatives here now. Anyone she knew before the virus is either dead, or they are on the other side of an ocean.

She learned about computers at a young age, but with no electricity, what good does that do?
She’s good with horses…she used to be obsessed with horses until she discovered computers, and then she had a dual obsession of horses and technology. She had horses back home, and thinks of them often.

NOW: having no family, things were hard when the virus first struck. Everyone died so fast. She was left alone and so she joined with a group (a gang, really) calling themselves The Locusts. They are led by the ruthless Zoot and his girl Ebony. That chick Ebony fancies herself Queen of the Locusts…but not for long if everything goes to plan.

Since the adults died, it’s been The Time of Lonliness. These days, Legs has a very simple life motto.
’ There isn’t much point in life if you can’t be on top of the heap, now is there? ’

And with that in mind, Kate manouvers herself closer to Zoot, and closer to Power, while she plots to rid herself of Ebony.


@Maggie sorry first forum*


Not a problem @Zak! Ebony is yours!

We’ll start this hopefully this weekend!


Is Glenn a locust in this RP?
He has a mean grudge against Lex I’m sure…could be fun to see how that plays out if anyone plays as Glenn


I’ll add him to the list, I forgot him, thanks!


Zoot and Kate


The Locusts at The Railyard



So where does the split into our AU occur?
Did Zoot visit Trudy and the baby in the Mall and them leave again without them… Having never had the altercation leading to his plunge over the railing?

If so, did Trudy refuse to leave with Zoot?




Let’s bring some power and chaos!


Yes! Praise be to Zoot!