THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW - my very own series 6

(Hello and so here we go again. We’re running up the stories closure and end. Things are Happening now in a fast pace for our Mall Rats…)

46. Riddles

The next three days seemed to pass in a whirl of actions. There were another shoots of the faked rebellion. Some with Bray acting as PHOENIX destroying building sights and attacking resource convois. Some with Slade acting as PHOENIX battling Bray and his troop with the fake rebellion group. There were war talks of the generals and even further more with the high ranks. Then there was another meeting with the city people to inform them about the things that had been done. And in all that Bray took care that Amber didn’t feel useless or like she was only a nice accesory to him. She was on his side all the time. And soon it was to see that she had a hand for finding a way to organise things in a smoother and faster way. She knew which tribe could provide certain things and which tribe lacked of others. She had helped Bray structure out a way that every private worked also on normal day to day things, like the building up of the school. She had untied all the pregnant girls to help in the kindergarden, education system and food care, so that those young healthy ones who usually worked there, could train up for the fight aswell. It was her duty now to deal and order for the normal needed resources, while Cloe could concentrate on ELITE resources.

KRONOS was meanwhile checking up on Bray each day, who had devilish joy to playing the outraged general. He strode then in front of the monitor, cursed and flared at PHOENIX. He even had let Gel paint a scratch on his face that he could present KRONOS being from PHOENIX knife. KRONOS was getting more and more edgy and sure would throw a lot at Bray in tonights training.

The set up training, was the reason why Bray didn’t join the fight training right now and only watched. He was tired enough without kicking and beating around even more. But then Rhys managed to throw down the tenth private in a row and Bray knew he had to take things in hand “WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE? You let POSEIDON play around with you all…you’re a troop…act like one!” “But…but…fight him with more then one? Isn’t that unfair?” “DO YOU THINK KRONOS THINKS ABOUT FAIR OR NOT? YOU’RE NOT FIGHTING IN A SPORTIVE COMPETTION FOR A FUCKING GOLD MEDAL HERE! THAT’S NOT THE OLYMPIC GAMES HERE!” Angry he stepped up and grabbed a fighting stick “USE ALL YOU’VE GOT!” he swung the stick and Rhys jumped about it and was suprised when Bray kicked him not to soft then. “SEE? THATS HOW YOU GET SUCH A FIGHTER. SURPRISE HIM! ACT DIFFERENT! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!” Out of the corner of his eyes he sensed a movement and in one fast turn he managed to avoid being grabbed by Rhys who had tried to pay back his attack. “Don’t lay down…keep EVERYTHING in sight!” He moved out of Rhys reach all the time, now getting consumed in the fight. It had been a long while since both highest generals had trained fighting that way. Both now filled up with even more fight tactis from the constant trainings, they looked like two devils dancing around. Rhys then managed to grab Brays foot while he was doing a fast twirl kick. That was usually nothing Bray wouldn’t have found a way against, but he was so outtired that he lost balance a moment and fell down. Rhys let go of him in shock and kneeled down to him “Hey…you’re okay?” “Hmmm…ouch…” he sighed “And thats why you should never fight when you’re tired…” “Come…enough general lecturing now…come…” Rhys helped him careful up and looked strict at the privates “MOVE ON YOU LOT! THE HIGH COMANDER IS WORKING OFF HIS ASS, SO YOU CAN BE EXPECT TO PUT IN SOME MORE WORK ASWELL…” The privates hurried to take up fighting positions again moving, pairing up to train, while Rhys leaded Bray out “You idiot Bray…how will that look now?!” Giving him a grin Bray stood a little taller “Like even the toughest fighter can loose…” “YOU!” Rhys goggled “You…let me beat you on purpose?” “Not at all…it only would not have been necessary to fall that way…I was out of balance, but could have stopped myself falling. But I decided a little hurt of pride and maybe a smirk of my privates is worth for them realising how important it is to be good trained AND rested.” “Awww…saint Bray…sacrificing his honor and glory to make sure every little private is rested and well…” He grinned and Bray hit him softly “IDIOT!” “SAME! And now up you get , eat and rest a bit…and I mean REST. R-E-S.T. Not snogging around with Amber, mind!” Bray rolled his eyes “Wills there…what do you think of us? That we fool around while he watches? I ask you!” “Oh I forgot…sorry…but you must agree that without him being there my warning wouldn’t be without reason…” Grinning Bray walked to enter the elevator “Oh well…what should I say to that?” “The truth. Only the truth Bray!” Rhys grinned back when Bray turned. While the elevator door closed he looked thoughtful “Lets say it would be a hard sacrifice not to snog around…” “HAHA…see you tomorrow…take care!” Rhys turned back into the hall, grinning about Brays joke. But he knew it contained a lot of truth aswell, for he himself felt the same way about Trudy.

“Hello…” a little slow he openend the door, not ready for his son jumping on him. “HELLO DADDY!” Both felt down, Bray only ready in the last minbute to soften the fall, so that Will wasn’t hurt “OUCH! WILL! WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT ATTACKING ME WHEN I OPEN THE DOOR?” A little output his son looked at him “Me not attacking! Me say hello!” Will stood up, stuck his nose into the air and stalked back into the room. “Will…” Bray sighed getting up, feeling not like twenty- two but maybe rather forty-two years at last “Please Will…don’t be angry…I am sorry…I only don’t want you to get hurt…” Amber looked at him, looking sorry. “I couldn’t stop him…I am just not fast enough anymore…” He kissed her softly and bent down to kiss her belly aswell “Its not your fault…” sighing again he walked to his son who sat pouting on his little bed “WILL!” he sat down to him “I am happy to see you, just like you are happy to see me…but imagine…I am really tired. It was a long day. When I had fighting training and meetings, you just can’t hop on me…you could hurt yourself and me along…and what would mommy do then?” “Be unhappy…” Will mumbled sheepishly “Indeed she would be…” Softly he struggled through his sons hair “Tomorrow we play some basketball, okay? I asked Rhys and some others to join us…but today I am not fit in any state for something …” His son crawled into his arms, placing himself safely on his lap “But we can cuddle…or daddy? Me missed you!” “Oh…oh hey…” He hugged him tightly looking helpless at Amber, who looked suddenly sad herself. “He is sad…you know…the father of that girl near Bradys age? Celia?” “Yes…he…he has…” She shook her head and he swallowed. It was some weeks back already. The little girls father had had a weird hurt from a training for the new firepolice. Jay had talked about it to him. It hadn’t healed and only looked more and more dangerous even it had been just a little hit to that time. Bray had ordered a check up, for he didn’t want to take risk. The guy had been diagnosed with a form of leukameia and even when ASCLEPIOS had knowledge and access to some of the old therapies it had been a near hopeless fight for Solaris and Tai-San. But still they had tried. And lost how it now seemed. “Salene, May and Trudy explained to the kids this morning…it happened tonight and they needed to explain why Celia wouldn’t come the next days.” “Oh no…thats…thats terrible…” “Yes…I already talked to Sharon. She is devastaved of course. I offered her any help we can provide…” “Of course! She and Celia will be protected by ELITE. He was a good man. Its a shame…” Noticing that his boy was hiding on him he whispered “My little hero…its okay to cry for another human, okay? You can be unhappy even if you didn’t know him for real. You can be unhappy for Celia. Its okay.” Sniffeling Will looked up , his eyes tearful “Me told Celia her daddy will get well…” And when his son shuddered of tears again, Bray felt tears burning in his eyes aswell. He always tried to be positive and usually promised that something would get well again. “Will…” Amber sat down “Sweetheart…its what we say in such situations. We try not to loose hope and give those who are scared hope. You’re so young…you never got to know such a situation before. Celia won’t be angry at you or any other who tried to cheer her up. Her dad fought. He believed he could win. He was brave, but sometimes thats just not enough…sometimes all we do is not enough. Its no ones fault. Its life…” “Life is bad then!” Their son mumbled cuddling himself deeper into Brays arms “Yes it is…sometimes Will. Me and mommy and all the other older ones know that, you know? We can understand Celias pain. Our parents died too. We couldn’t do anything.” He took Will that way that he again could only look into his eyes " But its not right to feel guilty for that. Facing nature means to accept that its sometimes stronger then we are. But there is so much we can do for each other. We can be there for others. We can comfort each other. There is no reason to loose your believe in a wonderful life." He kissed his teary face softly and stroke then away the rest of the tears. He leant to Amber and stroke tears from her face too “My heart…he has to go through such pain. Thats a pain we can’t spare him. Like being lovesick or a fight with a friend. realizing that people can die before their time…he needs to understand and accept. He needs to understand aswell that it is okay to cry in such times.” He stroked gently along their sons back “Come little hero…what can we do to make you feel a bit better, hmm?” Their boy shrugged. Amber struggled first through his and then through Brays hair “Sweetheart…daddy seems tired…he had a hard day and he needs to train a bit later…so…why do you and him not take a nice bath? With a lot of bubbles?” “Oh that sounds like an idea or Will?” His son nodded with a smile and so a while later Bray and him basked in the hot water, bubbles glittering around them. “Hihi…” Will laughed when Bray sunk under water and returned with foam on his head and with a grin Bray formed a beard of foam on Wills little face. Laughing they produced funny things with the foam and washed away the days sorrows.

Amber smiled hearing their boths laughter. It was amazing to her how both seemed to be healing for each other. Back when she had been pregnant with Will, she had always thought that Bray would be a loving father, but he was more then that. When the laughter stopped and she didn’t hear a thing for a while, she walked into the bedroom a little confused. And stopped to the cutest picture. They had left the bathing tube, Bray wearing a bathrobe, Will cuddled up in a soft and squashy towel, safely wrapped up in Brays arms. Will was playing with Brays braid, he always had been fascinated by it. “Daddy why you have that?” “Hmmm…oh…its kind of a warrior sign. A survivor sign. I have that since our old world died.” “Hmmm…a boy in kindergarden said boys don’t have long hair…” “My hair isn’t really long and neither is yours Will…look at Helios! His hair is really long! And do you think he doesn’t look like a man? How should a man look anyway? Hmm? Lex likes to wear red things and has longer hair aswell…is he no man for it? Ebony likes black…is she no woman? Sal has short hair…Ellie has really long hair…is any of them more a woman then the other?” “No…” Bray twirled a strand of Wills hair round his finger “Its not good to press each other in roles…we take away each others freedom with it. There were and maybe still are warrior tribes made of strong and dangerous men who mostly wore long hair. Artists and musicians often liked longer hair aswell. There are women…who like longer hair more with a man…” he winked at his boy who grinned “Like mommy?” then he looked thoughtful “But Jay has short hair…” Amber walked to them and sat down “Because I am like daddy and not only choose someone because of his look. Jay is a good person. A caring man. He was what I needed then. But…” She moved closer and took Brays arm to lay it around her "…I am honest…I like longer hair in men much. I always did. I wasn’t ever in love before meeting your dad but my eyes always found the boys with longer hair. Its a bit rebellious, especially in our old days. There were often people saying boys should have short hair. And there were those cool guys like your father who cared hell for that! He only listenened to his mommy to shorten it a bit…but I like it more the way it is now. " She stroked his hair “And thats why I am okay that you want your hair that way…it only has to look clean and cared for, the rest is your thing. If you would want it short, I would follow your wish…” “Not short…” Will shook his head and Bray smirked, ruffling his hair “NOT DADDY!” “Haha little man…either you get used to that or you better let it cut short!” Grinning Will liftend himself so that he stood on Brays legs “You not like too…” and ruffled Brays hair with his little hands “HEYYYYY you little rascal!” Bray laughed and grabbed the little body flinging him playfully down and tickled him softly “Hihi…mommy…mommy help…hihi…” “Ha…wait my little sweetheart…super mommy comes to help!” Amber reassured him and moved closer. Bray looked a little confused, when she moved her face close to his and reacted with a suprised sigh when she kissed him fiercly. He was so lost in her kiss that he didn’t notice her sign to their son, who sneaked close and then tickled his father giggling. Amber joined him and Bray couldn’t do anything then errupt into laughter “Hey…th-thats unfair…” “Hihi…mommy and me are a team!” “Yes we are sweetheart!” Bray huffed exhausted, finally succeeding to grab one hand of both “And who am I? The enemy or what?” “NO! You are the best daddy!” Will kissed him heartily “We tickle because we loooooooooove you!” “Aha…thats okay then…” Bray whispered, his voice a little teary. How could that little person find the right words to say already? Amber cuddled up to him too “Do you want to eat something before the training?” “Hmmm… it would be better…but right now I want you two to stay in my arms. Please. Only some moments more…” “Don’t worry about that…Will and me prepared something…I just get it here and then we can eat while still cuddling, okay?” “Hmmm…”

Only some moments later she returned. Bray sniffed appraising “Hmmm…italian?” “Hmmm…our son created his first dish…” she opened the warming plate, presenting a big bowl. “I thought we make it easy and a little messy with only eating from the bowl all at once…” “Hihi…” Their son looked proudly about the cheesy bowl “Hmmm…what is it then?” Bray looked curious at Will who breathed “Spagetti casserole…with bolognese…and mozzarella…” Amber kissed Brays cheek “He put also broccoli into the bolognese…I thought it weird, but its really yummy! We cooked spagetti and made the sauce and mixed it together…then Will put on some cream cheese from the farm and herbs and of course cheese…I am curious how it will taste!” Bray nodded “WOW! That sounds good…my mouths watering!” “Here daddy…you first!” Will reached a fork and spoon and Bray went to take a first bite. After swallowing he looked thoughtful “Hmmm…hmmmm…hmmm…” Will looked on tenterhooks “Hmmm! I fear you won’t like that…don’t worry…I can eat it alone!” Bray smirked and moved a little like he would indeed take it to himself “Hihi…daddyyyyyy!” Will jumped a little on him “You like it much?” “Very much my little man…its delicious!” Bray kissed the little nose and took him then on his lap, so that he could sit higher to reach the food trolley. He leant to Amber to kiss her softly “Its really good…more then that…” “Maybe he becomes a chief one day…” she grinned and took the fork Bray was reaching her into her mouth “Oh…” she sighed surprised before swallowing “Hmmm…thats…wow…” Bray laughed when she ate another big fork. “Who would have thought…when we’ve met that we would sit like that only six years later, enjoying our sons food creations, another baby on the way…” He kissed her again “Honestly I even didn’t dare believe then that we would still live in six years…and now look…what we have survived already!” “Hmmm…I take that as sign. That we survived all that, because we should be like we are now. You and me. Our family. We are meant to be. Nothing can stop me from giving my everything so ensure that!” “I know Bray…we both know…or Will? We know daddy will give more then his best?” Their boy nodded “No one can stop daddy…when he promises he keeps!” He looked trustfully up to Bray who swallowed moved. He knew his son already knew he couldn’t keep every promise, but he knew he would always TRY. And that was what counted for real. You couldn’t change outside, you could only try to reach the best from inside.


Having decided for a crossbow training what wasn’t too fishy for he had complained in hard words about PHOENIX towards KRONOS the last days, Bray was studieing some old sport records. It was the interesting part on the programs that let them study sports and marterial arts. They all contained records of old sportive competions. Back the days, having been passionate about basketball, he would have never agreed to call shooting with guns or crossbows a sport. But entering ELITE and having acess to all the education had changed that. He still didn’t like shooting, but he could understand it was a sport. Crossbow wasn’t just pointing and letting go of the trigger. No. It meant aiming, thinking about wind and weather, concentrating. Those athlets had to stay fit like those of any other sport. Just like racing driver had to. He sighed a bit after realizing he had spent at last half and hour with only watching. He felt after sleeping. Or more just relaxing. When had he last time really done NOTHING?

“BRAY!” he felt Rams mind nudging his “STAY FOCUSED. If you let yourself fall too much KRONOS has it too easy!” Shacking his head ruefully Bray asked the program for the practical part and found himself standing armed with a crossbow, aiming at targets. He hadn’t done that a while so he had to do some shots to get back the feeling. His talk with Sebastian had also made him realize how long he hadn’t trained with weapons. He had asked that cadett to put even more effort into boxing and that arts. So he could put some more effort in weapon skills. When he had the feeling back he took a breath “Progamm change into battle mode!” “GENERAL ZEUS, PROGRAM CHANGED INTO BATTLE MODE. MOVING TARGETS.” Bray went through the first chapter easily, getting through all the moving targets without problem “FIRST CHAPTER DONE. GENERAL ZEUS YOUR POINTS ARE 90 out of 100, missed targets two, eight targets hit in not destroying ways. Do you wish a repeat?” “No, change into chapter two!” “CHAPTER TWO. MOVING TARGETS, TARGETS FIRE BACK!” Now he had to move between the moving tragets that sent a shot back as soon his arrow had hit the aim. The trick asked now, was to hit the target and move out of harms way. The most tricky on that stage was that you of course didn’t want to be hit and didn’t just not aim correctly on the targets so that they wouldn’t shoot on you. It was warrior instinct against surviving instinct. In the beginning he had regulary messed up that chapter. His surviving skills had been way higher then his warrior spirit. He hadnt cared for points for hiting an aim, but points for not being hit…that would have been what he aimed at. But he had learned fast. He had learened that aiming straight helped anyway for the target wouldn’t be able to shoot on anyone more if he stroke it down at once. “REACHED POINTS 99 out 100…excellent result. Your best so far at that stage general!” Bray was surprised himself, but maybe his mind wa sworking off frustration. He imagined KRONOS face in all targets “BRAY!!!” Ram hissed at him on their common mind base and Bray foicused back on. On no account KRONOS was to know that Bray wasn’t alone at all. Or even worse: that Bray didn’t believe KRONOS to be good with him anymore. “CHAPTER THREE. MOVIN TARGETS. MOVING VICTIMS THAT SHOULD BE SAVED” Fist time doing that Bray had been ‘killed’ many times by the moving and shooting targets for he had been frightended to get one of the moving victims. Of course it were no humans, but it had shocked him nonetheless. Careful he went off through the chapter, but suddenly the scene dissappeared and he was back on the control panel. The noise was terrozining. Alarm tones ringed through the air

“ALARM:ALARM. ACUTE OXYGEN FALL DOWN. ONLY 59% OXYGEN LEFT.” Red lights flashed and like in trance Bray saw hiw hands moving about the panel. Finding the right buttons to press. “OXYGEN FALL DOWN STOPPED. OXYGEN LEVEL RISING. 60%, 70%, 90 %, 100 %. EVERYTHING BACK TO NORMAL STATUS”

“WELL DONE ZEUS!” Bray swallowed trying hard to stay calm and not move his face, for he felt KRONOS beside him. (“Bray its okay…its only in your mind…he is not standing beside you for real…” Ram spoke silently*) “You reacted perfectly, thats essential of your mission should be sucessful!” Bray stayed motionless, all in all the zombie like version of him that KRONOS needed to school him. “You need to keep everything in check to all time, or your crew might be dead when you reach ELYSION…”. Bray felt Ram literally lean forward, listening intently. Bray nodded slow. “They will hail you like a god…all people will…you will conquer a new world for all mankind. And one day when we will follow and you will be history already people will pray to you as their god. Wouldn’t you like to have that already?”*

And suddenly Bray sat on a high chair, more like a throne, people kneeling in front chanting his name. The guardian was moving through the rows, praying a prayer to mightful ZEUS “Look at him ZEUS…he can help you…I know you don’t like him. But you can use him, you don’t need to be friends. Trust him, he will do what you want…he will make you a god…” “A god…” Bray mumbled transfixed, KRONOS seemingly taking it like he was still like in trance. Not realizing it was shock. Another flash and Bray was back in the normal program. He couldn’t tell how he got through but then the voice declared “PERFECT. 100 points from 100. Do you wish to move on?” “NO! Shut down the programm!” Bray nearly shouted. As soon as the program let him free he sunk down in his knees hardly being able to stop himself from shacking. Ram pulled his mind to him. They had found a way now so that Bray didn’t have to change interfaces but could change between ELITE trainign programms and Rams paradise without KRONOS noticing. KRONOS would now only see Bray still training crossbow shooting. It was easy for Ved, Ram and Jack to make up such videos because Bray had trained so much all his time in ELITE and there were endless records of it.



“Calm down Bray…calm down…its not real…its only what he wants from you…” “AND THAT MAKES THAT SHIT BETTER OR WHAT?” Bray strode along the beach Ram usually imagined for their talks. “I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT FUCKING BASTARD IS PLANNING…IF HE WANTS ME TO LET PEOPLE REALLY KISS MY FEET AND PRAY TO ME…I TELL YOU : FAT CHANCE! I AM NOT DOING THAT! I AM NOT LETTING THAT HAPPEN! I…I…” and with a frustrated scream he imagined a punching bag hanging seemingly in the air, that he could hit with all his force. Ram jumped up open mouthed. That was HIS vision. How could Bray had taken over and bring in an own wish? And even distrut the realistic nature? Ram hatet unreaslistical things. He awed at him. That mans mind was a force. He so much wished to study it, but seeing Bray already being in a state with cursing around, what usually wasn’t in his nature, he kept quiet and let him work off frustration. He imagined his physicial body longed so much for it, that his mind had to give in. And then he suddenly remembered something. A call he had gotten from a guard out of a camp. Back when they had been in town only five days. Of a prisoner who wasn’t be controlled by paradise. Who managed to break through visions. He had not believed it. Laughed about and told them off for not using his program in the correct way. He awed even more “THAT WAS YOU!” Not being used to Ram speaking extremely loud ever, Bray stopped punching “What?” The bag flung back and hit his head “Ouch! DAMN!” With another mightful hit the bag vanished and Bray plopped down, now also frustrated to feel his head throbbing. Paradise or not. Pain was real when your mind felt it. Ram sat down next to him “I only remembered something…its not important for real…but…when I was…well still the TECHNO leader, when we had been here barely a few days…I got news of a prisoner who seemingly was able to break through and out of programmed visions…just like you did now. Thats my programmed vision here. I have control, but you went and called that punching bag here…Bray…I think YOU were that prisoner…” Bray shrugged “And? Really Ram…” “Hell…don’t you understand? How exceptionell…” Getting angry Bray jumped up “DON’T. JUST DON’T RAM! Don’t start that ‘Bray you’re so exceptionell’ song again…I can’t hear it anymore! May it be that I have some…some…mind that is stronger or whatever…maybe I am talented in many things…yes…I am more then good in many things, BECAUSE I WORKED for it. I put work in things, okay? I am not just some blessed little boy! I am not the so called golden boy. I am not a new Jesus or whatever. I have dreams and big ideas, sure. But if people aren’t willed to work along side, I can throw my dreams and ideas in the next bin. I can lead people, sure. But I am no one who uses might to make them follow. AND I WILL NEVER DO SO. Even when I can. I stay who I am. And now…now…” his breath was ragged and Ram stood up “Bray…calm down…please…calm down…” Grabbing his hair Brays eyes turned dark “I can’t…all of this here is too small for me…” “What…?” “I need OUT!” PARADISE erupted with kind of an earthquake and Ram ducked himself shocked. When all was quiet he looked up, “Bray? BRAY?” Bray was gone.


Ambers device beeped and she looked up from the book she was reading “Yes?” “Amber? Its me…listen…Bray just dissapeared on me…” “Dissapeared? Like the times before?” “No…I think he kind of broke out…I woke up just here my interface hot…its like …like…he molted the structure. I have to reprogram everything.” “What…how…?” “Amber…please…there can’t have anything happen. He will stay lay in his bed. he probably only fleed from our talk and was thrown back into the ELITE interface. Wait some minutes. When he hasn’t moved in half an hour call me…” “If…can you reassure me there won’t happen anything to him?” “Amber…Brays got like the most strongest mind imagineable. If we would fight that fight only with minds…let me say it that way…it would be really better if Bray never turns sides or we are done for. Okay?” “You think thats comforting?” “Actually it should be…for Bray is also the most sensitive men I could imagine. His good heart and soul will always contradict his will when necessary. Please give only message when he is back…I think I have him hurt him in a way. I really didn’t want to anger him, okay?” “Okay…bye Ram…” Confused she started at the bedroom door. What was going on there?


He sat on the throne again. But the space was empty. “What?” he stood up “Hello?” He ahd wanted to wake up. Get out. And not fall back into KRONOS idea. Panic grabbed after him. Had KRONOS noticed? Was he done for? End of the story? What would happen then? His thoughts swirled outside, there was a wall like he knew from paradise and such programms. He had never really realized but he had always been able to break those. He remembered. The time he had seen he rin paradise in that full street. His heart had raced in him. He wanted back to her. Take her in his arms. He wanted to make sure, pretty sure their baby was okay. She had been giving birth. What if…? The thought had driven him insane and he had ran against the wall, hit it, throw all his body against it, knowing he wasn’t in reality somehow. And then the wall had broken and he had woken up. Sweaten through, the guards running in alarmed. He had been beaten up terrible for it. He shook his head. How could he have forgotten that?

“Because he fears that you remember it…” a soft voice sounded up. Scared he looked around, realizing a masked man “Who…?” "You don’t need to know my name…neither need to see my face…Its safer for both of us that way. " “Safer?” “I mean well with you…I am with you in fighting him…I am trying to protect you for a while now…Bray…you must be strong. You must stay in control. Don’t let him sense you’ve looked through him…” “What…what are you…” “Don’'t try to fool me…I know you looked through him…let the Guardian work. I gave him something from you…please Bray…try to trust me…well meet again…stay safe…” “No wait…” but the man was already gone. Everything went kind of foggy around him, voices flashing around. Memories playing. Childhood. Teenager years. His mom. His dad. Amber. She was everywhere and suddenly his desire to hold her, to hear her voice was the biggest wish he felt. It pulled him outside.


Trance like he sat upright, taking off the mask, staggering over to his desk, grabbing the key to the closed drawer he openend it. Took out the little book. Openend it. Scribbeld away. Stood up and walked to the shower. Went into the cabin, still dressed. Turned on the cold water…and yelled for surprised shock…

Amber jumped to the door, already having been edgy for the half hour was over now. “BRAY!” shocked she hurried over to him “RHYS, TRUDY!” Amber had known that the two had been in the hotel for tonight and so she had called them in after Rams warning, too afraid to have to face something she couldn’t manage alone. He sat in the shower, his face burried in his arms on his pulled on knees. Shacken by silent tears “Bray…Bray…come…you will get ill…you…” Rhys spoke coaxingly. “Its starting again…its starting again…” Bray whispered into his arms, his voice so desperate that it tore Rhys heart “Whats starting again?” “That…that here…waking up without remembering…walking into the shower…showering ice cold…” “You…you had that before?” “Months back…before we…before we…” He stared high at Amber , who reached him her hand “Bray…come please…tell us when you’re dry…please…you scare us…” “I am sorry…” he mumbled letting himself be pulled up. Like in trance he dried himself not even seem to care if Trudy might see something he usually wouldn’t let her see. But Trudy just left and went to make some tea, when she returned Bray was dried and sitting in a comfortable pyjama trouser on the bed. “Here you go Bray…” “Thanks…” the hot tea brought some colour back into his extremely pale face. “Bray…what happened? Ram called me you were suddenly gone…” Amber stroke his hair softly. In a silent voice he told them all of his training. From the normal training, over the panel board, to the things KRONOS seemed to try to plant into his mind, his talk with Ram and the stranger. “And then I must have woken up…I…don’t know how I made it into the shower and why even.” “You said…that happenend before?” Rhys asked refilling Brays cup “Hmmm…before…before…Amber and me…” he grabbed her hand “Before I remembered about us. After Bradys birthday. I woke up that way every day. You know I trained every night those days, only to not have to think about you…” “Is…that what you meant with you thought you become insane? We never spoke for real about that…you told me about the voices but we never got deeper in it…our happiness…” “Washed it away…” he breathed and touched his forehead to hers “I am sorry my heart…I am sorry for the worry I cause…” she interrupted him with simply kissing him “Don’t talk nonsense! And now…try to remember…I know you must be able to…think about what you’re all crashing down…you can remember how you woke up…close your eyes…” Following her words, he closed his eyes. Feeling back into the moments before he felt pulled outside. And like he was watching himself, pictures came to him. Hurried he stood up and followed his remembered steps to the desk, took the key, openend the drawer, roamed around and…held high a little diary, stamped with the word ‘MEMORIES’ “What’s that?” Rhys looked curious “You lead a diary?” “Not that I know of…” Bray mumbled opening it. Wordless he sat down on the deskchair, turning side after side. “Its my fast writing…I wrote like that in school when I scribbled away what the teacher was telling…” Amber walked over, looking over his shoulder. She grabbed his shoulder “Its…memories…from…about…” “Us…” he whispered. “So all that time you woke up that way…you walked here, wrote down things about you two…went into the shower, turned it on on cold and didn’t know…?” Trudy looked dumbfolded trying to order the ideas. “Hmmm…like…like…someone forced me…like…something forced me to write down memories…to…maybe not forget completely…” he let the diary sink down and stroke a hand through his hair “Sorry buts thats simply too much to grab…” “My everything…” She whispered on his ear, her arms closed around his shoulders from behind “That stranger maybe did that…maybe he really is on your and our side…he wanted to help you by protecting memories that were deep inside you. Maybe he feared that KRONOS attacks on you will make you loose everything? He used your vunerable state to that time to elp you remember but also programmed you to only remeber in that trance state. And maybe…maybe it helped you to break through in the end?! You could suddenly turn away, show your hurt to others, leave for the ECOS where the memories came to you suddenly without the usual pain and shocks you suffered when you remembered something.” “Hmmm…yes…that might be right…” When her soft lips touched his cheek, he sighed a little and turned his face towards hers, catching her lips for a real kiss. With a sweet smile she made him stand up and lead him back to their bed, where they cuddled together on one side, to that Trudy and Rhys could still sit on the other. “Here…for nerves!” Rhys reached him some chocolates that the MUSES had sent. Bray had written them a thank you for the first they had sent and that he had devoured with Amber the night after her recovering. They both had enjoyed the perfect little sweets much. So now the MUSES sent some in regular turns, while Bray made sure they got enough talented people to help them restore and perserve art. He would have done that of course without chocolates and to cover ressources they wouldn’t have been enough anyway. It were only little gifts of thank that he shared with others aswell. He let them give out to the privates aswell. But he also always kept some to Amber and him. He didn’t feel bad anymore for keeping a little higher up and make use of his status as high comander. Now he grabbed on little round one that he new contained a dark creamy coffee cream. He closed his eyes when the soft chocolate melted on his tongue, the coffee cream giving him a little kick.

They all looked to the door, when it openend silently “Mommy? Daddy?” Will rubbed his eyes “Why light?” When they had hurried over to the bedroom they switched on the big lights that now had finally disturbed the little boys sleep. The noise wall protected him from noise, but the light in the living room disturbed him when it was switched on on full power. “Oh sweetheart…I am sorry…we…” The little boy gaped confused seeing the four adults in the bed. The chocolates between them, tea cups standing around them. Bray reached his hand out “Come here little hero…” Will stepped closer, looking unsure, taking in the paleness of Bray and his somehow weak voice “Daddy?” He crawled on to the bed “Daddy…you ill?” Not able to contain or play strong Bray grabbed his son, hugging him tightly to himself “I am not ill…only a very bad dream…” he whispered chocking on tears, that he didn’t want to cry. There was no reason to cry. But it felt like the only thing that would help somehow. Amber stroke over his hair “I am sorry sweetheart…we had to help daddy first…you know…there…hmmm…was a nightmare after the training…” “Poor daddy…me here. Bad dreams go when we cuddle!” “Do they?” With closed eyes Bray enjoyed the little hands roaming comfortingly through his hair. His son didn’t think that it made him appear weak. To Will it didn’t matter if he had nightmares or cried. Bray had told him often that it was okay to cry when Will himself cried about something. He had told him it was okay to cry, work off fear and frustration to then start a new full of hope and determination. Will was free of any prejudices concerning men showing emotions. On the contrary. For him a man should show emotions aswell, for it made him stronger in the end. He had comforted him on his birthday on the roof and ever since he had seen his dad becoming stronger. Rhys smiled and touched Trudys arm “Come…lets go…I think Bray is in the best hands with my godson…” Together they stood up and Rhys planted a kiss on Brays and then Wills head “Just hold him tight Bray…nothing bad can really penetrate you with that little soul beside you. Goodnight…” “Goodnight…thanks for…” “Not at all. You have helped me through many bad nights after I came back with only Lucy…you’ve seen me cry and scream, you’ve taken my swores and hits…don’t think I might even think you’re weak. For I know you’re not!” He bent down and kissed Ambers forehead “Just be there for him, let Will stay with you. He will okay tomorrow again and then we all can think about what happened…” “Okay…thank you…” Trudy kissed all three softly “There is tea in the jug and in the other jug is some cocoa…I know its your ritual for bad nights…” She smiled at them before she left the room and switched out the light in the living room. There was now only the star- and moonlight outside and so Amber moved to light some candles for them.

Bray sighed and placed Will more comfortable on his lap “I am sorry your sleep was disturbed…” “You help me too daddy…you said family has to help and love…I can do too!” “I know you can…oh I know. But still…you’re my little son. You need your sleep!” “You too daddy! And mommy and our baby! But … me love you. Me help you. Like you teach me!” “Like…like I teach you?” “Bray…are you really not aware how often Will sees you not only helping me or him or someone close to you, but also other people around? He sees how much you help all around you and so its natural to him to do too, when he can. And of course he wants to help you first of all.” Tenderly she touched his cheek “Bray you’re so much more then he ever knew of a man…he liked Jay, yes. And Jay liked him. They still like each other and I really hope Will might always see a friend in Jay to whom he can trust and relay to. Just like you hope he will always trust Rhys. Since you’re back you’ve given Will confidence to be the way he wants to be and to try and trust others. I never was aware of it, but he sure had way too much contact with only the females of the tribe. I haven’t realized that he needed more variety. I see that now, when he also plays with Lex and finds brave to talk to him. Or when he follows Jack to learn something of him. Or when he listens to Ram so intently. He has kind of taken matters in hand with Sebastian, showing that he likes him, so that you and me had no other choice then ask him to be his guard. He wouldn’t have taken another one watching him all time when we aren’t around. Like you he is careful with strangers but always friendly. But has also developed a natural feeling for those who aren’t well meaning. I believe he is so protective of Lucy, because he sees you being protective of me. He is so young, but already so understanding of love and not ashamed to show it. He already understands that we can hurt us even more for we love each other so much. But he also already understands that we can forgive each other more fully and more easy for it. He knows he could do really wrong, but you would never take away your love from him, no matter how much he would mess up. He feels your love in every second you’re with him. When you left for EAGLE MOUNTAIN the first time, and gave him your necklace to take care of it…he looked at it every now and then. He asked me things about you. It was the first time ever I can remember he showed interest in a human that he didn’t really know. When you came back and he climbed down the stairs to get to you…oh I was angry. I was scared for him, but I also was so moved. He liked you so much that he risked something like that. He knew I would be angry, for I always told him not to dare to take the steps alone. I didn’t set much trust in it. But you did. You set trust in him being able to do things alone and only told him to be careful. You showed him how to take the steps with holding to the banister instead of just permitting it. Christmas you gave him that tricycle and thought about the stick for it. You held it making sure he would be able to drive it but let him stirr so he would learn to take care where he goes and now he already can drive and stirr it safely all alone. You gave him swim lessons and let him in the water with arm floats. Letting him see we watch him but let him discover water by himself. Then you sometimes took of the floats and let him swim in your arms. And now? He can swim already. New year he knocked on the door, sheepish for he had tried to drink water from the big bottle and it fell. And now he already comes up with ideas to help himself. He has a trick to open doors. You give him a world to look at. All those books about art…you’ve given him a whole new world to his own with that. When you gave him that special crayons fron the MUSES and showed him how to use them. When you comforted him after that nasty boy had taken away your necklace from him…” She leant closer to his face “You once said you couldn’t wish a better mother for your son…and …so I tell you : I couldn’t wish for a better father for my son! And don’t get me wrong: I sure know there will come days were we mess up. Were we will just be angry with him and strict. There might come even days were he thinks he hates us. But I am also sure, deep inside he will then remember those times…those times when he was small and save in my arms at nights. Those nights when I told him stories. He will remember those moments when you held him. When you let him cry in your arms or made him laugh with silly things or just tickled him.” She kissed him softly “You’ve given the whole tribe the idea of a real dad. Its easy to become father true spoken, but being a dad isn’t easy. You’ve taken up without preparation. It hit you, your memories messed up. But did you hide and feel mistreated? No. You picked up and just let Will feel unconditional love to all times. You’re open and honest to him about not being able to guarantee you and me will happy forever, but ensure him that he will always have us as loving parents. You were honest with him in telling him you can’t promise to live as long as he needs you, but that you would do everything for it. Its what he knows. He knows its important to TRY. Try fighting for things worth. Try keeping promises. Try being good hearted. Try trusting. You’ve given him the confidence that he knows he can comfort us aswell. That we don’t would take him not serious for being so small. He knows we appreciate when he comforts us and cheers us up. He knows you listen to his ideas and thoughts. I am sure I would love him the same when you wouldn’t have returned and he sure would have been a wonderful little boy, but still he wouldn’t be the little person he is now. I don’t only love you for the man you are, my soulmate, my lover…but for the father you are. If someone would ask me what is your best characteristic…I would say its the way you are as dad. Its for what you should be honored for the most. Not being the hero, the leader. Not for crashing boarders. Even not for rescuing and changing the world. No. The love you hold for your son, the love with that you care for our little boy…is your most important and wonderful characteristic. Its whats makes you the most special man to me.” “Amber…you…you don’t know what that means to me…” he breathed, touching his forehead to hers “Its the most important to me…I am sometimes scared that work and duties will consume me too much. I am scared that in the future I might lose that bound if I not take care…I had team mates in school whos father were absolute workaholics…for more work meant more money. But those guys had not the connection I had with my father. Sometimes it was a little rough with people around having more money, true. But money couldn’t replace the time my dad spent with us. It couldn’t replace the times he laughed with me, built up things with me. Thats why Martin was so devastaved. He missed the safety and the love and not any money or richness. And though I hope if anything might happen to me, Will won’t take such a way, I still hope he will miss me for all the little things and not for the status we will have.” Tenderly he kissed his sons head “I hope you will one day be happy when people tell you , you are like me…and not regret that! For that I do everything to be the best version of me. To be someone you love, so that you will be proud if people say you are truly my son!” He smiled at his son who was staring high to him “And now…how about some cacao? Hmmm?” Amber watched moved how Bray poured them all a cup and whispered then to Will that he was allowed to eat some sweet for that they would do sports the next day and would brush their teeth just one time more before sleeping. Will was used to strict rules with sweets and eating after teeth brushing. It was some of the only things they had really rules about. Besides saying ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and being politely. Will always asked if he was allowed to eat something, especially if someone just gave him something. The more he thought it special when there were exceptions. Like now. He looked thoughtful at chocolates and the wine gums Rhys had placed on the tray along. Bray grinned. It remembered him on his childhood. When his mother had taken them to shopping and they had been allowed to pick one thing to themselves alone. There were so many tasty things and it had always been hard to decide what to take. “Try this here…its with caramel…” Bray whispered pointing on a white one formed like a heart. Careful Will took it in his hand and admired how perfect the chocolate heart looked. Then he bite and licked his lips then “Hmmm…” Amber giggled for it looked so cute. Their son looked affronted “Mommy laugh about me?” “Awww…sweetheart…you just look so cute when you enjoy something.” “ME NOT CUTE!” Now kind of angry their boy cuddled deeper onto Bray “Me big! Not cute, or daddy? Babies are cute!” “Urm…” taken a little by susprise by the sudden outbreak, Bray looked helpless at her. Amber smiled and kissed both softly “But Will…daddy is cute often too!” “Huh?” She leant to Wills ear “Sometimes when he wants a kiss from me…he looks cute. Or when he sleeps really deep and relaxed…” Eyeing his father suspicious Will nodded “Okay…” and yawned then wide. Bray took him closely “Come…we make ouselves ready for bed again and then I will read a bit hmm?” “No-not…” Will yawned again “…read. T-tell story…” yawning again he cuddled up in Brays arms “Tell a story? About what?” “H-how you …made Mall Rats…” Bray walked to the bathroom and helped Will wash his face and brush his teeth again before doing it for himself. Then he cuddled back into the bed with him, while Amber used the bathroom “How we made the Mall Rats?” “Hmmm…” Amber cuddled back, close to them and looked also quiet expecting. Bray was good in telling stories. Through his emotional side, he could make everything sound like it just was happening. “Well…urm…” he breathed deeply before he started to collect his thoughts together…

“I was outside on the streets like I had been since I have met Trudy again. We were hiding in her old home, but I knew it wouldn’t be a good and safe place when the baby would have been born. The much I just longed to run away and start a new life far away from here, the more I knew that would be impossible for Trudy and a new born. A child and mother need social contacts and help. I was only a young man, more still a boy. I knew I couldn’t provide everything they needed. I was a lone wolf and sure not the right to keep Trudy sensible company. I roamed through the city, checked out different places, watched different tribes. But many were just a violent bunch, others lost kids frightened by the violent ones. So that night, I thought I should try the old shopping mall. Maybe I could at last built up a safe hideout there. Even when it was quiet in the middle of town. But to my surprise I found out there were people living. I sneaked around the building a few days. But then I got a little desperate for Trudy seemed to be really close to become the baby soon. Even when I had studied all I could…I was scared to be alone with her when it happened. How should I help her if it would go wrong? I decided to sneak in one night, but I wasnt careful enough. I was noticed and suddenly I stood in front of a boy younger then me, and a girl, looking all tough with a baseball bait at the ready, dressed in black and showing expressive make up. She had Zulu knots all over her head what I found funny but also somehow really sweet. She looked in my eyes and…” He smiled at Amber and kissed her hand “…knew I had found my princess. In the most weird place to a time were I couldn’t afford to fall in love. But still I did…” A soft shiver ran down her back and it seemed to her like yesterday she looked to the first time into that ocean eyes. She leant high and kissed him. Will smiled happily and cuddled between both “Tell more tomorrow da-daddy…” he yawned very wide and his eyes fell close sleepily “Nighty…” “Goodnight my little hero…” Bray mumbled stroking his sons soft hair “You’re gifted with words…maybe you should write our story down Bray…” “Like a …a book?” “Hmmm…the world will need new literature or? Its part of what the MUSES try or? Not only to safe old art and books and so, but find new artists and writers?!” “Hmmm…but well…write a book about the MALL RATS? Who would read that? Everyone can tell such stories from that time…” “Really? Having a baby brother who made himself to the biggest bully by giving himself a scary and elusive new personality? Caring for his niece and her mom? Going to EAGLE MOUNTAIN, losing the girl he loves, fighting on to safe people from the new outspread of the virus? Well I think that sounds like a thrilling novel!” Laughing silently he hugged her “Back some time I told Ellie I thought my live sometimes sounds like from a tv series…” “Hihi…it sure has enough action and drama…” She kissed his neck “And a good looking hero…hmmm…” Closing his eyes he enjoyed her lips dancing lightly over his skin “I am still sure there are more talented writers…who can make up their very own stories with their minds and not just retell their life…” “But it could also be of use for history…” “Hmmm?” “Bray…you want to built up a complete new education system. So that everyone and not only ELITE benefits from the saved up knowledge. But there is also NEW knewledge. Solaris has told me so much about the things members of ASCLEPIOS have discovered, new medicines they are working on. DAIDALOS has reached almost clean energy sources. What we all and other nations have been through is part fo world history and should be taught to new generations so they never make the same mistakes. To understand why things are the way they are.” She kissed his nose “Don’t tell me you never thought about that…I know you. You won’t be only satisfied sitting on a desk, planning things, being the big diplomatic leader, connecting tribes and people and maybe putting out fires once a while. You’re not the one to stand back and watch others do the building up, you want to be a part of it…you want to work on the very base. Everyone who doesn’t realize that is blind. Its not only out of duty you do the cleaning in the mall or look after the children, its not only duty what lets keep you track of your cadetts learning, why you train the same way like every private, why you also take guard shifts…you’re not made to be only the one leading…you must be in the middle of the working process…you keep track and won’t forget how it is to be in the working front…thats why you are able to understand problems of even the normal tribe members. Thats why you understand their worries and sorrows. You’re position will ensure our family and tribe a good life. We all know that. But you won’t forget how hard it had been for you to keep everyone feeded back in the days. You know change comes only if people work for it and so thats what you will do…on all occasions.” Amazed he stared in her eyes “My heart…you know me better then I know myself for sure…” he stroke her cheek “How could you ever think I might not want you to be the woman ony my side? You’re the one who keeps me bounded, who will take care that I won’t be overroled by might and glory. You make sure I get that time to breath and dream. You’re my safe haven. My home. When I would lose everything and still would have you and our children, I would still be happy and the richest person on earth. And of course you’re right…when we have succeeded and the organisation makes a restart I want not to only sit on my desk and be the adminstrator…I want to built up things. I will even help with rebuildings buildings and get my hands dirty…I only will have to find a balanced way, for…well…we both know…I also can’t put down being high comander anymore. Its too much a part of me already.” “I know…I only want you to find something you do also out of fun and interest and not only because you feel you have to. I don’t want you to look back one day and feel sorry for the chances you missed!” “I won’t. As long as I have our family…our family will always be my high priority, all others be damned! Our children will be my highest pride. Will already is.” He looked affecionately at their little boy who slept deeply and peaceful between them. Careful he took him and moved him so that he laid on his chest and he was able to let Amber rest on his chest aswell “A part of me wishes he will always be my little boy…longer, just a while longer at last. And still I am so excited to watch him grow and conquer the world with his curious mind. He will do amazing things. I just know!” He kissed Will softly onto his hair “Bray…every dad thinks that way…” she whispered kissing his cheek “Hmmm…if you would have told me that…back six years…when I was so scared for Brady…when I thought having children in that world was outright crazy…that I would once held a little boy who would give me back believe and faith in a new world…” “You know…what makes me wonder about that? You told me you and Salene had a talk about that…but…when you came that night…with Trudy…and many of the tribe were like ‘Oh now not here, go!’…me along to my shame…you got all accusing and mad. Asking us in what for a world we would live…a world without needy and little children. You told us we would soon die out then.” “And its what I thought. I KNEW there would have to be children. For what did we survive if we wouldn’t get children? Just to live of cans for some years? What a live would that be? I knew the world needed new humans. Humans who would learn to respect each other and nature more. But also I was only a sixteen year old boy. I had searched stuff for Brady already, Dal had risked his life for antibiotics. I knew how hard it is. Only imagine to bring a new life into the world, seemed irresponsible to that time. And that made me feel bad, for…well…I loved Brady. Really. When I came back from roaming through the city and she was sleeping in her basket, I sometimes just watched her. She was so beautful and sweet. So innocent. And then I felt so old suddenly. I realized then even when I was only sixteen, that in a way I was an adult. And to that belonged to me to be responsible. To make sure, that whenever I would think about own children, I would remember how much it was about having safe resources and even more a good relation. But then I felt more and more for you. my crush on you grew and I started dreaming about us being a happy couple and one day in the future, when we would have ensured a safe running in the city, we would have a child. So when you told me…my first reaction inside was unbelieving happiness. Joy. Delight. But before I could let that fully fill me another part of my sometimes so stupid mind let me ask you that stupid thing. If its mine or Prides. TS. If I could I would turn back in time and slap myself for it! Hard at that!” She giggled “Looking back I can even understand your reaction…believe me when I was sure I was pregnant I wanted to return at once, but I knew I had to try more. I had to make sure we got more people for a safe future wasn’t only for me and you, but for my baby. For our baby. I was so shoked at first. I cried and screamed at Trudy how that was possible…from one night!” She hid her face on his neck “And Trudy…well…it was the first time she came out of her CHOOSEN behavior for real…she slapped me…” “SHE WHAT?!” “Slapped me. Shouted at me that one night was enough for sure. She would know that. I should be happy for having my baby still save inside of me, while hers was with that crazy people hailing her ex boyfriend. That I could call myself lucky for being pregnant of you. For I would have you on my side. After calming down she took me in her arms and told me how much she loved Brady now. How she would die for her. How she had betrayed all of you only to get her back. It scared me. Would I do that too? Could I? Could I lvoe so deeply? But that night I dreamt of you. How you would hold me. Kiss me. Whirl me around. Overjoyed…thats when I decided I wanted that baby for real. With you.” “God and I was the absolute idiot and destroyed that moment for you…” “You made up quiet good…and now too. When we found out about our new little one…how you fought. How you pleaded me to take a second thought and not just decide alone about that new life. How you tried to break through to me…how you run just back, ignoring the others advice to let me alone. Held me. Held me when I broke unable to udnerstand myself anymore…Bray without you that baby wouldn’t not only not excist…it would have died maybe even unnoticed…if you wouldn’t have thought so much about me and my weird behavior…we would have not known of it.” “Hmmm…and without your sister we would haven’t a chance to save it. It seems destiny it was her who was sent here for Claire.” He kissed her gently “Its meant to be…you, me and our kids. Even when the way our life went wasn’t always straight forward…we are exactly we are supposed to be. And I am not speaking about the general world. But about our own little universe.” “I wish we could only live in our own world…” she mumbled closing her eyes “No …you would be soon be so annyoed with me…no other human, adult then me? Poor you!” She flung her eyes open and found him grinning broad at her “BRAY!” She pinched him “I don’t want jokes right now…I want romantic love declarations! I want to hide in our love!” “Forever is such a big word, yet it seems like such a small amount of time when you love someone as much as I love you.” he breathed and closed her lips with his. His kiss was only soft and gentle, but so full of feeling that it wrapped her up in the safety of their love.

The GUARDIAN walked along his CHOOSEN, checking their correct appearance. Knowing that Bray now was a man of military postion, he found it more then necessary that they looked clean and in order. He wouldn’t sure accept some scumbags as followers. “We are going to enter now. It will take us at last an hour still to reach the city from here and then we will go straight to the mall. You all will keep your heads down. Your eyes aren’t worth to set eyes on anything before ZEUS tells you. ZOOT reassured me that ZEUS will greet us with open arms…” "That was a lie. ZOOT still hadn’'t spoken to him. KRONOS had told him it was time to take the next step. That ZEUS was ready for them. He wondered what ZOOT was thinking. Would he maybe be angry? WAS he angry? For what he helped to be done to his brother? After all, family was family. If ZOOT thought that too, then he would sure be mad for him going and try to use Bray in the way KRONOS wanted. But what else could he do? Just take death? That wasn’t an option, for he knew he hadn’t deserved his place beside ZOOT. When he one day would stand in front of him in afterlife, he wanted to be greeted like a good friend. “ZOOT if you will help me…if you maybe can help me to make Bray understand…maybe …I can save your daughter at last…and his little son. They are the future anyway. They could carry on…” he mumbled leading his followers on the way over to the town.

“Hmmm…” Bray smiled about Ambers delighted ‘hmmms’ while he massaged her back. It was a nice feling that he could make her feel better. He often felt a little guilty for that she had now additional back pains. It often stroke him how strong women really were. He doubted that many men could carry out a child. He himself was quiet hardnened up, but the pain intensity pregnancy seemed to hold and then the birth. No, he admired Amber for it and was quiet happy to be the man in that part. But he envied that she could feel the baby inside. He was utterly curious how that felt. Maybe he could ask Ram to progamm something for that? To feel , really feel a pregnancy? Maybe that would be senseful for many guys anyway? When he reached her lower back and she sighed with even more delight, he couldn’t help it. He had to kiss her neck, knowing it would make her excited like him. It was just a little much for his self-control, to hear her sigh that way. Amber smirked a little to herself. Bray reacted just the way she wanted it. “I thought you would never start with that…you made me wait a while…” He stopped “What?” She smiled at him above her shoulder “I wanted you to do that since you started massaging me half an hour back…” “You…you sighed so delighted on purpose? To sex me up?” “Hmmm…no…you made me delighted…but mayyyyybe I sighed a bit more pronounced…” “Hmmm…why didn’t you just tell me that you want more?” “Where is the romance in that? The gentle arousal? Ts!” “Maybe you don’t know me so good at all…” he breathed, nibbling her ear “Why?” she gasped “For not knowing how fluttering it is for me to hear you want me…its not only you women who enjoy to see their partner droll about them, you know?” Turning her face a little more round to his “Make love to me my everything…let me feel how much you crave me!” Her eyes glimmered with desire and he was captivated by it once again. In his mind he always thought at that look when all got too annoying. Edging him then on to get things done, so that he could enjoy that look soon again. He stroked his nose along hers “Its soon diner time…they will look for us then…” “Lets skip diner…” she moved so that she could lay her arms around his neck. Both knew they couldn’t simply skip diner, for their son would expect them to come. But it was just too tempting. No one wanted something from them. They had been off since midday and hid in their room kind of. Giving in to his won need Bray kissed her passionately, a corner of his mind searching a good apology for reschulding their own diner to sometime later. He sunk down with her, teasing her with soft touches of his tongue, making her moan silently with it. He loved to hear those moans of desire, those sighs of pleasure. It was the melody of their passion and the music of his heart. Hearing his device go off, he groaned against her lips, filled with uttermost unwill to stop. “Ignore it…” she pleaded, pulling him in closer. “Hmmm…” to hell with whoever wanted something. Should they look after themselves! His kiss grew with intensity, her hands grabbed his hair tighter. But then the warning tone of his device changed. It was so demanding that both sat up, looking confused but also shocked. Before Bray could grab it, they heard someone from outside “BRAY! AMBER!” Lex voice was filled with such a worry that it made them move up at once and leave their room “WHAT…?” Lex ran up to them, the whole tribe collecting around the stairs like always when something happened “He is coming…” “What…?” Amber looked confused but Bray felt his worst nightmare coming true, understanding Lex look at Trudy and Brady “The Guardian…” he whispered scared.

A slight panic erupted “What should we do? Should we not better go into the hotel?” “What if his new people have weapons?” “What if he wants to kill you Bray?” “What if he wants Brady?” Brays mind raced off. He had to get that guy on his side. He knew KRONOS had sent him. He had to use him. Trund around KRONOS plan. But how? How work with someone who had no sense of reality? He had hoped he had some time still to find a plan for that. He let his eyes swfit, looking at his tribe members, his friends and family. His niece. His son! He had to protect them. But still he had to make sure to win the GUARDIAN over. His eyes meet KCs. KC who once had had a fabulous idea that saved them all. Why not…yes why not use that idea in another way? He looked at Gel. She could help. “GEL, KC…you bith will come with me to the hotel…how long do we have till the GUARDIAN arrives?” “Maybe half an hour…” Ryan answered “Good…that must do then…ACHILL, you and your team stay here. Don’t let any of those crazies leave and also not move up the stairs. But let the GUARDIAN roam a bit, let him believe he surprised you. He is saver when he thinks he is in control.” He turned to the others “Stay calm…RHYS you stay with Trudy and Brady. Ebony you know how to act towards him. Be cool and superior. Prepare the others here!” he stepped to Trudy and grabbed her face “Be the supreme mother Trudy! Be strong! You are ZOOTS daughters mother! You are higher up then him! Let him feel that you share that view!” “O-Okay…” “Brady…don’t be afraid. Look him in the eyes, don’t shy away and stay just with Trudy and Rhys…don’t answer questions, just show he is not worth being answered anything from you!” Then he moved to Amber “My heart…please trust me. Please redress in that long dress from the barbecue…you’ve got to look like a godess. Let him see how beautiful and strong you are.” He looked down on his son and kneeled down “Stay close to mommy Will…I will hurry…look that stranger into the eyes. Don’t be afraid. he won’t touch you! I will tore him apart if he dares!” He kissed both of them and grabbed Gels and KCs arms who were utter confused to be taken with him.

“Whats his plan?” “I have got an idea…” Ebony miumbled to Jay “And if I am right its a hell of a crazy plan…” “Must we be worried?” “Darling musn’t we always be? But if that works it will be a coup…we have to ensure…” she looked at the two mothers “Trudy…you better dress on something impressive aswell…Rhys do you have the gala here?” When he nodded she looked satisfied “Dress that on…Trudy dress Brady also fine…Amber…off…redress and let Will dress on that nice ELITE looking clothes…” “O-okay…” Ebony rounded on the others “We’ve got to be cool. Don’t show fear. We are more. We’ve got ACHILL and his team here. Don’t let your anger at him rule you either. There will be time to kill or capture him when Brays idea won’t work. He has got no chance against us. Come up here all of you. All MALL RATS should stand here…ABOVE him. We ARE Brays tribe. He is NOTHING to us! GOT THAT?!” All nodded letting Ebony structure them around, placing people the way she thought it would make the most impression. Finally she made Amber and Trudy stand in the middle of the stairs top, Rhys beside Trudy, but a bit behind her, Amber being guarded by AJAX. The generals all dressed in their galas- EIDOS, PROMETHEUS,HERA and ARES out of breath for they had run to the Mall when Bray had arrived in the hotel - looking impressive like a guard of honor around the mothers. And so they waited. Lex holding Tai-Sans hand as if he worried she would go and try to charm the GUARDIAN. But she didn’t even think at it. On no account she would leave his side.

When the entrance door opened tension filled all of them. “Sebastian…you should stand with Will…it will make him look even higher up, having a bodyguard in his age!” Lottie mumbled from the corner of her mouth and the young cadett nodded “Right…” and moved fast up in the inner circle, finding his place behind the little boy. Strolling in with the arrogance of his former days the GUARDIAN entered the mall. “Oh…I am warmly welcomed. How nice!” Ebony stepped forward, standing on the fountain, crossing her arms “Jaffa…how very nice of you to drop in! Why didn’t you call? We would have prepared some cake!” Giving her a mad stare he walked closer “That YOU are still here…” “That YOU dare coming here!” she spoke warningly. He tore his eyes of her. And walked around the fountain “I am here to see ZEUS…” “Do you have an appointment?” Rhys asked seeminly politely “Ah…POSEIDON…his right hand kind of…I see you take care of Trudy and Brady…feel honored for he lets you have ZOOTS wife…” “He feels honored for I choose him. Its not up to ZOOT to give me orders who I love…” Trudy looked arrogantly at him " We all have to follow ZOOTS orders…" “I am the mother of ZOOTS daughter and I warn you to use that tone on me. ZOOT won’t appreciate it!” Taken aback the GUARDIAN stared at her. Did she had a connection to ZOOT while he himself hadn’t anymore? He stepped high the stairs, letting his eyes drift. There were some members or ELITE. ZEUS generals around the two pregnant women. His eyes settled on Amber. He couldn’t hide adoration. She looked beautiful in the colors of ZEUS. And she was pregnant. The tribe could see how confusion, giving them the knowledge that KRONOS indeed had no clue of Bray and Amber. “How…who is the father of that?!” He thundered, stepping closer, pointing accusing on her belly “Its one thing if Trudy dares to give birth to a devineless brat…at last she choose a gods best friend. But you? How dare you sleep with another man when you still have to rise ZEUS son!?” Lifting an eyebrow almost lazy she looked him straight in the eyes “How dare YOU coming into MY home and act like I am some little stupid girl? I am not one of your minors!” “TELL ME WHO THE BRATS FATHER IS, SO I CAN GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES!” Anger getting the better of her she hissed “WHO DO YOU THINK THE FATHER IS? ITS THE SAME LIKE OF MY SON!!!” Like being hit the GUARDIAN stood there. What was she saiyng there? Didn’t KRONOS say Bray was with HELENA? “You’re lying…ZEUS and HELENA are the devine couple! If he once get’s more children it will be with her!” he tried to step closer “That little boy will be taken away from you…you’re not the right to raise him. Him and Brady will be the leaders of a new mankind and…” Amber tensed, just like Rhys and Sebastian did, all ready to save Will from the GUARDIANS hands if necessary. Will just looked back at the man. And then spoke copying his father strictest voice mixed with arrogance “Me stay with mommy and daddy…and you keep away from us!” “What? I see…the wrong upbringing…no politeness to higher ups…we will change that…” He moved forward, but before he could touch Will, a cold voice made him stop.

“KEEP YOUR UNWORTHY HANDS FROM MY SON AND WIFE! MOVE AWAY FROM THEM. GO DOWN SOME STEPS RIGHT TO THE HEIGHT YOU BELONG IN! YOU’RE NOT WORTH TO STAND ON THE SAME PLACE LIKE ZOOTS AND MINE BLOOD DOES!” Swallowing the GUARDIAN stepped back and moved down some stairs. He stared to the side from where steps sounded up. He held his breath when a figure stepped out of the shadow. Light gleaming on many spikes and studs. A tall guy stepped to the side banister, leaning his arms on them, his hands closing around the banisters metal "GUARDIAN! YOU KEPT ME WAITING QUIET LONG FOR YOU! EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!! Ocean blue eyes gleaming with a hint of silver stared him down, the lips a hard thin line. The priest swallowed again. Unable to answer, unable to hide his fear, unable to express anything.

(Soooo…ist getting exciting….O.O)

47. ZEUS be praised

The MALL RATS and members of ELITE stared just like the guardian, who luckily was so busy with keeping his eyes on the man that he didn’t realize their own wonder. Bray held his gaze. His eyes seemed to have a cold silver shimmer. He was dressed in a way they had never seen on him, but seemed familiar to most of them. He wore a dark blue biker cargo that was stuck into knee-length shining military boots. Then he wore a tight fitting smokingvest that let you see his naked musuclar chest, over that he wore one of his galas jackets that had been adorned with spikes and gleaming studs. The epaulettes on the shoulders adorned with three arrow sings each. The old MALL RATS then realized. It looked mighty like ZOOTS jacket. It seemingly was aiming at that look. On his head Bray wore that familiar navy cap with the googles that had been kind of a hallmark for the early LOCOS leader. Around his neck was his thin necklace with his ELITE mark, Ambers ring and their sons fashioned pendant. But there was another necklace. A strong one. One the old ones at last all knew. ZOOTS bull necklace. It was shock to see Bray with it. The arms of his jacket were chopped high in an easy way and on his hands were black biker gloves made from strong leather, a ring gleamed on his finger. An impressive one. His high comander ring. All generals in ELITE had a sealing ring, but they usually only kept them save for they were so heavy. From his chest high is neck were tattoes, looking like lightnings.

Bray let go of the banister and walked over to his family. He stopped at Amber and touched her face softly “Trust me…” he breathed almost unhearable. Then he turned back to the man “I AM STILL WAITING!” “I…we…well…you…” “IS THAT HOW YOU GREET A GOD? IS THAT HOW YOU EXPECT TO GAIN OUR WELL WISHING? I ASK MYSELF WHAT MY BROTHER EVER SAW IN YOU!” Bray stared down, closed his eyes short and then sneered “You’re right ZOOT…just lets get lost of that scum!” “ZOOT? WAIT…ZOOT? ARE YOU…ARE YOU…DOES HE TALK TO YOU?!” “HE IS MY BROTHER! WHAT DO YOU THINK? YOU DISSAPOINTED HIM!” “But…I…I don’t…” "“KNEEL DOWN AND I MIGHT FIND IT IN ME TO EXPLAIN!” Scared the GUARDIAN followed Brays command. Bray stepped closer and grabbed the GUARDIAN by his hair, pulling his face hard back he whispered in a still loud voice “I know EVERYTHING…I know KRONOS sent you here to form me after his wishes…” “I…what…don’t know what you’re talking of…” “Don’t lie to me…I know everything…” “How?” He let go of the Guardian hair and pushed him forward, so that he kneeled ever closer to the stairs “I have got ZOOTS eyes keeping lookout for me…” “ZOOTS looks out for you? But you…you…he is the TRUE GOD!” A manic gleam appeared in the GUARDIANS eyes looking up “AND WHO MADE HIM ONE, YOU UNWORTHY PIECE OF DIRT?” “He…you…I…don’t…” “Oh GUARDIAN…are you really THAT stupid? Look at me…where am I? I lead the mightiest force possible…I can control them all. The world follows me! For I bring order and structure in a world lost to power and chaos…” The priest shrieked for Bray using those words “Yes…my borther fullfilled his role. He brought POWER & CHAOS and when he died he took over reign in afterlife, therefor meeting and deciding who is worthy to join heaven. I stayed on. It was my duty to change the world for real, you know? To make people realize that they want order and rules, they first had to fall into chaos and fear. The worlds ready now…” “But…are you saying…are you saying you…you let yourself be kidnapped by the TECHNOS?” “NO OF COURSE NOT YOU IDIOT!” Bray kicked him down and some of the other flinched for they had never seen him that way. Heartless. Cruel. Cold. “I wasn’t strong enough then. I had to grow. I had to suffer to raise to new glory. You wouldn’t know that…you never got glory for yourself. You don’t know bravery. You’re some coward who hid behind my brothers glory! But did you win for him? NO! You can call yourself lucky that I never was against him for real. Him and me are one. We are two sides of the same coin you could phrase it. We both fullfilled our roles. So congratulations GUARDIAN, you fullfilled a part aswell. You helped POWER & CHAOS to rule a while. That is the true reason why I didn’t kill you back then. I knew you maybe would be of use again. People love some prayers. So now let them pray to me AND my brother…light and darkness” “You…huh?” Now absolutely shocked the GUARDIAN looked high “You say…all that was kind of…a plan from you? Your brothers death?” “Of course I didn’t plan his death!” He grabbed him around the neck “I loved my brother and I still love him. But it was destiny. He should have brought POWER & CHAOS for a while, but then I had to relay on Ebony and later you to do that. Thats why I honor Lex, for he took up his role without doubt. RHYS is honored for he took up his destiny to be there for my brothers daughter and her mother. Ebony has fullfilled her role as enemy and follower, she has shown she can be both and so my trust is hers. OUR trust is hers. You see ZOOTS necklace around my neck. How would I come by it, of he wouldn’t have shown me where it waited for me? You see Amber?” He let go off him again and walked up to her and placed a hand on her belly “She loves me and I love her. She is my godess. She has given me a son and expects my second child. Do you think I would let a woman I feel unworthy be my childrens mother?. HELENA does what I ask her too. The bitch doesn’t deserve better for what she dared doing to me. I wouldn’t touch her if she was the last on earth. She is scum. I maybe had nothing then to set against her, but now I can make her pay. And thats whats waiting for KRONOS. He will pay. Pay for the try to stop me. Pay for trying to use me.” “You really know…what he…you…I had no idea!” The GUARDIAN wailed “Please Bray…I…I was wondering about the videos, believe me I was. I thought it was so unlike you. But he had me in his hands…he threatened to kill me…” “THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE LET HIM KILL YOU! NO! YOU WENT AND WANTED TO BETRAY ME!” Brays voice was loud and full of disgust. “You came here to help him fullfill his plan…but now you will help me or you will meet ZOOT again. Believe me…I am outright friendly considering how HE thinks about you. You will better think if you will stay and be of use to me insetad of dying.” “You think you can threat me?” Collecting together the last of his dignitiy the GUARDIAN got up “You don’t know what KRONOS …” Laughing dryly Bray shook his head “You set your trust in that guy? He is an ursupator. Nothing more! A weak man who wants to use me to earn glory…for he is too lazy to earn himself. Too ugly. Think …or try at last. I am the man people love. I have the look, I have the brain, I have the power. What is he compared to me? Sitting on TARTAOS playing his games and not even realizing I have seen through him? You want to set trust in that guy? If he has not use for you anymore he won’t wait to throw in to the bin, whereas I am able of forgiveness at last. If you make yourself worthy you still can earn your place in afterlife…” “You think you can beat him?” “Well…” on a sign of Bray from all sides of the mall privates came out. “…look at those men…that is only a small part of my dear followers. My privates trust me. They’ll give their life for me and know I will honor them for it. WHO COULD BE STRONGER THEN ME? I have got ZOOTS watch out. I have devine power just like he had…” And to the GUARDIANS horror a kind of electric blizzard was running over Brays skin and clothes “What…?” “I AM ZEUS and my signs the LIGHTNING …It can light your way and burn your soul…and now…now go! Go and take a good thought about what you do…but I warn you…babble to KRONOS and…” Bray pointed his hand to one of his privates, lightnings seemed to fly from his hand and the private broke down with a scream. The GUARDIAN stumbled down the stairs “I…I…” “I’ll expect your answer till tomorrows sun set…” Bray spoke in a bored voice “…and now…leave…I can’t watch you anymore. You make my eyes sore you filthy douchbag!” The GUARDIAN ran from the mall, like the devil in person was chasing him off. Outside his followers ran after him, confused about his behavior. He had let them wait outside for he had been aware that Bray would sure not welcome them warmly and he wanted to meake sure his CHOOSEN stayed in line and wouldn’t start doubting. But now he would have to explain a lot to them.

The private who had been shot jumped off grinning “How was I?” His comrads clapped for him “Exellent Dave…” “What the hell was THAT?” Lex breathed, speaking out what many of the others were thinking. They turned their eyes to Bray who was leaning his arms on the banister, his breath ragged all of sudden. “Bray…” Rhys moved careful closer, looking a little scared “D-don’t come cl-closer…the energy has to die down f-first…” They saw him fiddling with a controller and the electric lightnings around him died. “Bray…what did you just…how did you…?” Realizing the scared tone in Ambers voice, realizing he had scared her, realizing his son looking at him like he was a stranger made Bray feel even worse. Beside the pain he felt running over his skin. His inside burnt with more then guilt and with only a muttered ‘Sorry…’ he turned and ran up to the roof. “Let me speak to him…” Slade muttered to Amber and followed Bray up the stairs.

He found the general breathing hard, his arms leant wide forward onto the roofs banister, looking down to the ground seemingly fighting against throwing up. Loosing the fight Bray was able in the last moment to use some paper bin, they had set up here for anyone who was on the roof and needed something for garbage, to vomit into. “Hey…come…its okay…breath…breath through your nose…” Slade stroked his back comforting. Feeling sheepish for the other having seen his weakness Bray turned away “Sorry…” “Hey…I understand you. That must have been hard…speak that way about your baby brother…like he is just some chess figure that was used to fullfill your own shining destiny…but fuck Bray! You made me so scared for a moment! I am pretty sure you’ve got him! I knew you were good at acting…but that…that was…hollywood man!” “You will understand that doesn’t charm me…” Bray huffed sliding down along the banister. Exhausted he leant his head back “I had to be fast…I couldn’t speak with all of you…Amber…Will…” he burried his face “Will is scared of me. I scared my own son away from me…” His tears were silent but through that even more heartbreaking. “Ah no…he might be a little scared…but…he is so clever…he will understand that you did something special there. Something that ensures us to be ahead of KRONOS still. Something that might help us win that battle.” “I can’t go on if he…if he…I told him not to be violent and then I let him see that…how should he understand? Even when he is clever…his heart will hurt. He is sensitive. How could I do that? Why even? I should have taken my family and just…just…” “BRAY!” Slade grabbed his shoulders hard “You knew there would be troubles and sacrifices. But is your faith in Will so short? Get up and talk to him and the others…tell us how that worked all there…you know understanding softens fear!” “Hmmm…you…you think?” “Yes…and I also think you are dehydrated and almost sure low sugared now…you should drink and eat and will feel well again!” He pulled Bray high with him, who smirked a bit “You sound like one of the girls…” “Well our girls are dead clever, aren’t they?” “Hmmm…” Together they went down going for the cafe from where the sounds of the others came.

By entering he remembered the navy cap and pulled it off his head, he moved a hand through his hair, suddenly looking quiet more like good looking, good hearted Bray. Will walked slowly up to him and Bray stood still, fearing his boy might shy away or even worse: run away. But Will just looked high to him. Taking in his fathers face. His eyes. Those eyes that spoke of love most of the time and did so now too. A little shy he walked up and hugged Bray around the legs, looking high “Daddy up?” That question meant so much to the young father, that he felt down in his knees and hugged the boy close to him “I am sorry my little hero…I am so sorry…but …I…there was no…” “Daddy…me okay.” Will cuddled closely up “You`?” “Hmmm…no I am not okay, but I am way better now…you know I always want to explain things to you, but I had no time now…that man is really dangerous. Especially to Brady, Trudy, you and mommy…because you are my and ZOOTS family. Its crazy, really. There is no reason to believe we are some special humans, but he does and that makes him dangerous for he has the wrong ideas about us and our destiny. I had to use that to tame him. I didn’t hurt Dave for real…it was a magic trick…” “Me saw…Dave show me…” Bray looked over to the private who had been asked from Amber to stay and eat and drink something. The private grinned good natured “Your boy is dead clever…he just asked me how I was and I explained to him and all was okay to him.” “Me know you daddy…me know you the best!” Will whispered in his father ear, his little arms closig around his neck. “Yes…yes you do!” Bray whispered back, holding him tightly. The little body pressed on his chest comforting him in a way that he never expected possible. He stood up, holding him safely and looked at Amber “I…” she stepped forward, laid her finger on his lips and shook her head “Its ME who has to apologize , not you again! I am sorry that I reacted that way. But then I realized how much that must have cost you…how despised you must feel…” she moved on her tiptoes “Don’t feel that way …” she kissed him softly “You decided to go that way to control him…for you don’t want Solaris to do that chip implant again…?!” He nodded and looked at his sister in law “I knew what that operation on HELENA did to you…I know it pains you to know that you used your knowledge to kind of mistreat a human. I don’t want you to feel that way again. You want to help people and save lifes. So do that. And Ram…” His eyes drift to the ex TECHNO leader “You’re controlling so much already…and that guy is far from wonderland anyway. I am not sure if a chip would even work with him. If visions and paradise would work with him.” “So…you planned that here all along?” Lex asked with suspicion in his dark eyes. “Not at all…I hoped to have some time till he dared to come. But surely KRONOS thinks programing me one night was enough. I didn’t think of his arrogance. I am sorry. I had planned to take the GUARDIAN alone. To speak to him in private. I wanted to take ACHILL with me to met him on the boarders when he would be seen entering. But his group is quiet big. Thats why our guards let them pass and only informed us then. I told them on no account they should start a fight. We can’t risk people loosing life or health for that. But now it got me unexpected. I had to react fast. When I looked at KC I remembered his idea back the CHOOSEN time. Remember? I dressed like ZOOT and screamed POWER& CHAOS from the banister. The GUARDIAN broke about it. I thought why not go a step farer even? Be my own god. Be ZEUS the other part of the devine brothers. Its what the GUARDIAN once wanted from me. Step in. Stand on his side. Be a semi god, hailing my little brother. But now I made us the devine brothers, both fullfilling a role. I let him believe I hear ZOOT and that he watches out for me. Gel and KC both helped me to make up a dress. Gel has sewn faster then I could even imagine possible…” Gel shrugged “It were only studs and spikes…no big deal…luckily you had those new boots and that cargo…” “But…were did you…” Ebony stared at the necklace, she once had gotten it from him to make it look like ZOOT had left it and leadership about the LOCOS to her. “My people found it in Megas private rooms. I guess he had gotten hands on it maybe after the CHOOSEN time. Might be that its even only a copy. I…kept it hidden. I know its…” he grabbed the bulls head tightly “…its maybe inapprobiate…but I have left nothing of Martin…so at last I have something left of ZOOT…” “Bray…oh come here…” Amber hugged him, while he hid his face on her neck, their son struggling his hair “You have him in heart daddy…he is there…” Brady tucked on Brays jacket, who looked then down on his niece “Oh princess…come here…” he went down on his knees and took her in his arms “He won’t touch you! EVER!” “Is that the man who stole me from mommy? Why mommy went ill?” “Yes he is…” He grabbed her face “You and your mother won’t be alone with him! You, your mother, Amber, Will, Rhys and Lucy…you’ll be proclaimed to him as my family. If all works he will kiss the ground you walk on…I will permit him to even look at you if you wish it. And…if you think you rather want to be away…” He looked high at Trudy who nodded “We could go away Brady…Bray has enough at hand to bring us far away…” “And Rhys?” Rhys looked disstressed “Brady…I love you and your mother…but…I love Bray aswell. He is my brother. I can’t just turn my back and ignore the trouble he has running here. And I need to make this world save again. For you, Lucy, Will and all the other kids…but if you two would decide to go…I would ask you to…well…” His eyes fell on Lucy, who stubbornly shook her head “Me not go! Me stay daddy!” “No my sweet princess…if Trudy and Brady leave you must go too…I must know someone is there to hold you when I fight…with them gone…Bray will be fighting too…there will be no one who…I…” Bradys eyes filled with tears. Her new little stephsister should leave her dad alone to go with her and her mother if they left. She couldn’t even imagine to leave without her mother and leave her behind. Tearful she looked at Amber, who took Brays hand “Will and me will stay Brady. I am scared too. But…the thought to be away from Bray…is even more scary to me and to Will. But I can understand if you decide differently. If you want to go, you’ll go with our love and hopefully we will see you again.” The little girl looked at her tribe. At all the people she new so well. At Lizzie who was her good friend by now. At Lex who often was so grumpy with the kids, but now looked quiet emotional. At last her eyes met her cousins eyes. He was younger then her, but still she listenend to his words often. The little boy stepped close to her “Don’t go Brady…we can do…we are family…daddy promises man keeps away and then daddy keeps. We are strong. Because we love…” he hugged her “We protect you!” Brady hugged him tightly and cried “I don’t want to go…but I am scared…I don’t want mommy to get hurt…” Trudy kneeled down “My sweetheart…I won’t…I am way stronger now. He won’t ever be able to do that again to me, okay? Bray is in control. But when we notice we can’t control him anymore…” “I’ll finish him off once and for all if I must!” Bray said silent but determined. All looked surprised at him. Till then he had more spoken about giving the GUARDIAN to a trial. “I am not planning on that…but if he dares to step one toe out of line…I have got not time for fairness and trials right now. You’ve seen him…he is still…still…” he shook his head. Ambers warm hand moved into his “Come…you should eat something…and drink…” “Hmmm…” he sat down with her and took Will on his lap, needing the safe feeling of his little boy close to him. Will leant trustfully onto his chest, letting himself be wrapped up in the strong arms. Amber kissed Brays head and went to prepare something for him. Brady sat down beside Lizzie who hugged her, happily that her friend would stay. Trudy sat down to Rhys beside whom Bray had sat down. Lucy was on Rhys lap, cuddled up alomst the same way like Will to Bray. Lucy had only had her dad for two years, so it was natural that she was still more focused on him. But Will didn’t even know Bray for a year now, but already he searched him more then his mother. But Amber wasn’t concerned for that. It was more easy that way. If Will would always cuddle up to her she would feel a little unwell with the baby inside. Bray could hold him closer. And she knew Bray needed as much as their son. Those two years that had been stolen from them, had left deep wounds in their souls and only they could heal them for each other. Looking at them now, she knew Will wouldn’t let be sent away. He would cry and scream and fight stubborn for being allowed to stay with his father. And the much she feared that might happen, the much she knew Bray would fight for them to go. He would probably close them up in a plane if necessary. He would risk they would hate him forever, only to make sure they would survive. Meeting Brays eyes while she returned to them, she knew he was thinking the same. Both held each others stare. They knew the hardest fight would be with each other and not against KRONOS at all. His eyes softenend up, telling her that he would first fight against anything and anyone what and who tried to seperate them, but that he would also fight her and Will if necessary. And it made her love him even more. How much she wished right now she could rush in his arms and cry. Simply cry for the unfairness of everything. Was she about to lose him again? If not for him dying, but for being mad at him that he decided to send them away one day? Would they survive it if Bray would take such a decision? Would she and Will be able to forgive that? She sat down a plate in front of him and a bottle of water sitting then down in a distance.


Pride was standing in front of her. Trudy was sitting on a chair. They had just brought her to the mall after rescuing her from the TECHNOS. Her son was sleeping peacefully. She told them of the visions she had been forced into. “I’ve seen him…it was Bray…I am sure…” “But…Amber we don’t know anything about that tribe and those programs…it could also be…well…that they use memories or dreams of the ones they keep held…” “No…No I know it was him. They have Bray somewhere…what if…what if tehy do even worse things to him? I…must save him…I must search him…” “Be sensible…you have a new born son who needs you. Bray would expect you to make your common son your first priority!” Trudy whispered “You…how can you say that? I don’t know how to go on without him! He…he is not just my sons father, he is the love of my life! He…” Tears had shuddered her “I can’t just live on and forget about him…” “We are not asking that Amber…” Pride had spoken in his calm voice “…but we need to …well…find out what to do. How we can get all those people back. Its not only you who now sits there crying for someone they love you know? Bray is strong. If he is alive, he will…” “You’ve got no idea! I don’t care what others go through anymore! Its always us who gets hit right into the face as soon as we are happy. I am…” “Amber…come…” Trudy tried to hug her but she pushed her away “NO! GO! LEAVE ME! LEAVE US ALONE!” Her two friends had left, both looking torn between sadness and anger. She had taken her son on her arms and cradled him “I am sorry…my sweet boy. But without your father…what should we do? Where will we be safe?” She had cried herself into sleep, her son pressed close to her…


She didn’t notice that Bray had sat down their son and kneeled down in front of her. “Amber?” His soft touch brought her back into the now and then “Bray…” He kissed her hands in his “Whats wrong my heart?” “Its…its…” shacking her head she tried hard to voice how scared she was. But she couldn’t. He was worried enough, had enough running already. She couldn’t tore him even more apart. “Only…thinking…” she mumbled “Don’t lie to me…” he whispered, moving a little so that he was closer, his arms embracing her “Its okay really…” “No its not. I can read it in your eyes. Something is scaring you…” “I…I am only…pretty tired…I think I should lay down a while…really…I’ll be fine in a while.” “Okay…” he helped her up “I’ll bring you…” “No Bray…really…talk to the others…you can tell me later everything. I really need some rest…” She kissed him softly “Really…everything okay…only the usual pregnancy stuff, okay?” “Okay…” confused he let her go and sat down again. Claire stood up “I’ll take the kids…we will take our minds off and play something okay kiddies?” Lizzie and Brady jumped up, fllowed by Lucy and Will. Will looked at Bray before he left “Its okay little hero…go and be my little boy for a while okay? Its all I want for you. Be a child!” “Hmmm…” the little boy rushed back and kissed him heartily by hoping a bit up “Love you daddy…” “I love you too…” How much he loved him wasn’t to phrase anymore at all. With a sigh he then finally bite into his sandwhich and devoured in seemingly only minutes. Then he drunk the waterbottle empty and Rhys had to smirk “Better?” “Hmmm…you can smirk…thats electric trick is not to fancy…it takes much energy…” “Whats it anyway?” Jack leant forward, again all in all the science geek he was “Its something IQ made…I…well…I told you I had planned to be able to talk to the GUARDIAN alone when he comes. I thought it might be useful to show him some impression of a weapon. But I didn’t want to just use a laser tag on him. I just can’t. I can’t imagine to even shot on someone without being in a fight or defend someone. Thats why I always had problems with shooting trainings. Its just not my school. I told her I would need something that looks dangerous but wouldn’t be. She came up with that here. Its a soft form of electric charge that runs visible about my skin and clothes. I have to use a certain spray before, press the control button and it runs about me. In the first moment it tickles, but when used too long it gets hot and feels burning. It forces your body to use energy for it things its attacked. its like a soft lightning running through you. The charge moves with me. I have trained it for a while now, so it looked like I was shooting lightnings. Dave knew what he had to do. He has a controller himself, pressed it when my lightning reached him and the charger ran over him. He simply played hurt, cried and felt down.” “Thats a ingenious idea from IQ!” Jack blushed a bit catching Ellies look “Sorry darling but it is!” She grinned “Its okay…its really billiant!” Ellie still didn’t like IQ for she still tried to charm Jack and Ram, who most of the time just ignored the leader of DAIDALOS.

Ares coughed “Me and the other generals go back into the hotel now and tell the troop about what went on here…they will be waiting on news. It was quiet shocking when you stormed in today and called everyone avaible out of their usual routine…” he looked at PROMETHEUS “You can stay here, so Rhys has some help in any case. Bray should take the rest of the evening off…” he looked at the high comander “Don’t get me wrong…he did a hell of a show! But that can’t have been easy. Rest. You’ll need to be mighty ZEUS to that freak again tomorrow.” That Bray didn’t argue showed them how deeply shaken he was. The other generals left and Trudy reached for Brays hand “Its okay Bray…like you would protect us, we all protect you.” “Thank you…” he sighed and laughed then head shacking “I am only shocked about myself. I…just went in me and…found that way. Its…probably really what I have taken on from KRONOS programming, that I know how to act that way…” Ebony grabbed for his other hand “Bray…you are ZOOTS brother afterall. You are able of the same hardness like him. You only went another way. You can do that. That TITAN won’t know what hit him when you’re done with him!” “Its not about revenge…” “Tell that to someone who is interested…” she grinned “Don’t worry. Your good heart still is stronger or you would have just told me you crave the day to kick his ass! And now go…its probably good for all of us to come down a while and do something else then planning…” She looked at the others “But its only the mall or the hotel for any of us tonight okay? We can’t afford someone getting in that guys hands…” Lex huffed “H-E-L-L-O? I believe security IS my business?” Alice hit him softly “Urm…H-E-L-L-O I believe security of the mall is MY business!” The three bickered about who had got the higher positon what made Bray rolling his eyes in such an annoyed way that Rhys chuckled “Go Bray…you can’t do anything here anyway…” “Hmmm…” “We take care for the little ones…” Trudy promised “Okay…” he got up and with another eyeroll about the other three discussing he left for their room.

Before entering he laid his ear onto the door. Asking himself why. But he felt nervous all out of sudden. Nervous if he might find Amber in a state. He didn’t know if he could take a discussion with her now. Breathing out, he openend the door and entered. She seemed to be resting and it was just too tempting not to lay down to her and snuggle up. Embracing her from behind he placed a kiss on her neck “You’re not sleeping…” “Hmmm…” “Whats troubling you my heart? Are you…angry? Mad at me? I could understand. I let our son see something he shouldn’t ever see…I didn’t warn you…but please if you want to rage and scream at me…could you please do tomorrow? Can I hold you in my arms tonight and just ignore for a moment?” He felt her shuddering and moved a bit away, confused. Was she so hurt? That angry? “Or…do you want some distance from me?” Slowly she turned and shook her head. There were unshed tears glimmering in her eyes “Amber…” Softly caressing her face with a finger, he realized he was still wearing that biker gloves. Fast he dressed them out and rested his hand softly on her cheek, his thumb moved tenderly along , stroking it over her lips “I am sorry…sorry I set that on you…” “No…its not because of…of what you did. Bray you were great! I agree that that might be the safest way to hold him. When he believes you are in league with ZOOT. If there is someone he feels respect to its your dead brother. The weird the thought is, we must use it. No…I am…I remembered something…from the time you were kidnapped. Will was only new born. They had just saved me from that machine the TECHNOS had got me in…I told you already about that…” “Hmmm…when we both saw each other in those visions…” “Yes…I remebered I sat on my bed. Will was sleeping. Trudy and Pride were with me and I told them I had seen you. They told me it might be part of the prgram. That it uses dreams or memories maybe. But I knew it was you. I told them I needed to find you, search you, save you…for…for…I couldn’t imagine to go on without you…” He closed one arm around her, his hand struggling along her neck “My heart…thats a normal feeling…don’t be ashamed …honestly I would feel…well…hurt if you wouldn’t have felt that!” He tried a little joke and kissed her nose and she laughed beside herself in a shacky way. “They argued that there were many people missing and that not only I was missing someone I love…I told them it didn’t interest me.” “I told Lex that aswell, when he said the tribe would need me. After he told me you were dead on EAGLE MOUNTAIN. You know I stayed on your grave then. It took me a while to realize that I had to go on. Thats…okay. When we mounr we can’t be taken too serious in what we say. No one will hold that still against you, no one will have ever done!” “I know…its not that…Bray…I had really forgotten that. You know? Not my mourning and sadness and fear…but what I almost did that night…” “What are you talking about…?” She looked steadily on his chest, grabbing for the ring around his neck, not able to look in his eyes. “I had cried myself to sleep. Will woke up and I feeded him, rocked him back to sleep. Watched him. Imagined him to grow up. Without ever knowing you. How should I be able to raise him alone? It had been you who had ensured me again and again. And suddenly I felt so lost. I thought it would be have been better with me lost and you be left with him. I loved him, yes. But I just knew I would always think of you when I looked at him. Would I be able to face that? Would I be able to face my son one day maybe accusing me for not having done a thing to save his father? I felt sick. I felt outdone. Like I would never be happy again. I wished myself back into that vision. If only I could still look in your eyes. My head throbbed. And then…there were those pills…” Shock cursed through him, while she mumbled on “It were left overs…I couldn’t even be sure if they would still work…or maybe even be too hard after all that time…but it seemed so tempting suddenly. Sleep. Forever. Maybe I would meet you again. I thought…I thought…” She cried finally and leant her forehead onto his chest “What if you were dead? Would you get me? Would you wait for me to join you if I…if I…” she sobbed silently and he only caressed her spine unable to voice his horror. His ever so strong Amber. He had known she had mourned him. But after all she had went on with Jay one day. She was the more logical part of them. The part of them that not always only went with the heart. “I took some alcohol…Lex had offered me some before, for shock and I had screamed at him how he could be so stupid for I was a mother that breastfeeded. He must have left the flask. I took it…the tablets in one hand, the flask in the other. It seemed so easy. But then…then…” He moved a finger under her chin, to make her look in his eyes. His eyes full of love and worry, without any reprimand. "…Will moved in his sleep. He cuddled together and scrunched his little nose. And…and…he looked so much like you then. You do that too often before you wake up. Like fighting against waking up for its so comfortable right now…and …and it was so cute. I smiled and my heart burst with love. I hadn’t lost you completely. You were in him. I emptied the bottle over the sink in the cafe and destroyed the pills. Then I went back and took Will close. I was still broken. I was still unsure, but I also knew I had a reason to go on and that you would want me to be there for our son. That if you would be dead…you would wait also years and years for me, till we one day would be united again. " She sobbed again “I really had forgotten that …it just came to me in the cafe…when I thought if I would lose you again. If you would one day force me and Will to leave you. If we would be able to forgive you that. If I could go on another time…I know people would say I have even more reason now with a second child…but I doubt I can. I can’t and don’t WANT to lose you. I know you will want me to go if you think me and our children will be in danger…but…” “My heart…” His voice was hoarse with movement “Don’t…don’t let your mind circle around that all the time…it only makes you crazy. I feel the same. Right now only the thought seems impossible and unbearable. We have to go with the happenings. We can only decide when such a moment comes.” “But you would fight for us leaving?” He looked deeply in her eyes “Yes I would. I accept you and Will are against that, so you will have to accept that I still have that in my mind. Call it the only archaic thought I posses. Its my role as man and father to protect my family. Even against your wishes. But…” he touched her nose with his “We both know I often have to eat my own words when my heart wins over me…its sure possible I will be egoistic then and keep you close, even if I would know it would be better to sent you away. But we have a plan for it. You agreed to that plan. Will did too. I need that knowledge that there at last is a PLAN. A plan doesn’t always come into action…see my plan I had actually for the GUARDIAN. I had to improvise once again…” he rolled his eyes and it made her giggle “You are good in that…it was really impressive…” she struggled her finger over his chest “I only don’t understand why you have to be half naked!” “I told Gel you would be angry about that!” “Hmpf!” "She wanted me to show how trained I am. How hard my body is. Give away my bodies strength. But…see it that way…when I run around like that…every female will envy you, for its you who sees even more of me… " “BRAY!” she giggled “Don’t become a show off now!” “Hmmm…why not? You all say I should be more arrogant sometimes…you confuse me. Should I or should I not be proud about my body? Hmmm?” “You can be damn proud of it…but still…its mine!” “Its yours alone my heart…” he breathed and kissed her then gently. Hungrily for his passion she kissed him back, with a breathless grin he parted from her “Urm…” “What?” “Its only…that lightnings are made with fast make up…we need to redo them tomorrow again…and right now…” She giggled noticing the make up on her fingers that had smeared the lightnings on his torso “Oppps!” She sat up “And now?” He tenderly struggled her face “Why we don’t have look if Will is ready to sleep? Then we could bring him to sleep and get you some diner and then…” he nibbled gently on her earlobe “…we could go on where we were stopped when this impertinent maniac decided to come…” She laid her arms around his neck “You enjoyed a little to be hard on him or? For disturbing us?” “Hmmm…Indeed. I know I should not think that way…but I could just hit everyone down who dares to interupt us! I am just addicted to you and when I don’t get my drugs regulary I get really turkey…and a little mad…” “Bray…hihi…” Giggling under his little bites in her neck she grabbed into his hair “You’re really…” “Really what?” he mumbled, having changed his bites to soft kisses. Closing her eyes she sighed about the soft arousal “…im-impossible…so-sometimes…” “Do you want me to be different?” His voice was barely a whisper but sent shivers all over her “Not at all…hmmm…god…oh…stop that…now or…” “I can’t…” he sighed nibbling her earlobe with feeling “Bray…please…lets just be good parents…it only takes us a short while …and then…” She smiled about his playful pout and kissed his nose “You won’t regret to be a good boy, you know?” “I won’t?” He let her pull him up “Okay…I will be an absolute nice and goooooood boy then!” She giggled again and he hugged her and whirled around with her “God I so much love your laughter and giggles! I wish you had more reason too!” She stroked about his hair, looking down in his eyes, for he had lifted her up a bit. “There will be more reason in our future!” “Promise?” “SWEAR!” She moved her face down and pressed her lips on his. With a moan full of desire he let her gently back on her feet, kissing her back with devotion. “You shoul-should be a-ashamed…” she gasped breathess “Huh?” “Making a pregnant woman addicted…” She grinned and bopped his nose before she left the room “AMBER!” grinning he followed her “Bleeeh!” Playfully she stuck her tongue out to him and laughed then when he chased her to the childrens room. Tribe members stuck their heads out of the cafe or their own rooms, wondering about the couples laughter.

“Help me my little knight!” Amber sat down to her son and hid her face on him. Will looked up confused, but grinned when his father came in , looking like he was always when he played the ticklemonster “Me protect you mommy!” he stepped in front “Ticklemontser won’t get you!” “Haha…ticklemonster? Pfff! Don’t affront me…you tiny knight! For I am the mighty tickleDRAGON…roaaar…” Wills laughter filled the air when Bray grabbed him and tickled him “Hihi…but me strong!” he pulled softly on Brays hair who played the hurt one “Auauauaaaaaa…” “Hihi…” Will pushed him a little into the stomach and Bray plopped down into the soft cushions, acting like Will had hit him deadly “Oh dear me…I am dying…” He rolled his eyes funnily. But Will didn’t giggle anymore “Not die…” Brady jumped up “I am the good fairy and I make all good…abacadabra…the mighty tickleDRAGON is a prince charming for real who was cursed by a baaaaaaaaad man…we can lift the curse…” Amber smiled about how thoughtful Brady had reacted to her cousins distress “Oh good fairy how can we lift the curse?” “You must help princess! It needs a kiss of true love!” Trudy giggled from the door “Really princess…you should KNOW that…ts!” “True…but kiss an ugly dragon? Hmpf!” Bray hid a grin, his eyes closed “But the prince is good looking you naughty princess!” Brady reprimanded her. Will looked at her “You now kiss the dragon…we not want him die!” “Okayokayokayyyy…” she played the annoyed spoiled princess and leant over Bray to place her lips softly on his. He stayed motionless a moment, but really only a moment and then kissed her back also softly. When she parted from him he yawned like he had waken up, rubbing his eyes “Where am I? And who are you you beautiful lady?” he kissed her hand and she giggled amused. Will clapped his hand “Hihi…” “Ohhhhh…my handsome prince…I am the princess who saved you from the curse!” Amber fluttered her eyeslashes at him “Then…I just have to ask you to marry me and follow me to my castle!” She made a thoughtful face “Hmmmm…oh my dear friend lady Trudy…what do you think? Should I say yes?” “Hmmmm…hmmmhmmmhmmm…” Trudy looked Bray up and down “Oh well…he is quiet acceptable…nothing like my prince…but well…better then no prince at all!” Rhys grinned , standing behind Trudy in the door. “Hmmm…but I dreamt a prince would SAFE me and not the other way around…” Amber made a cute pout “Lady of my heart…be mine and I will fullfill your dreams. Those you have and those you will have in the future. I will be devoted to you in every possible way…but push me away and I will be heartbroken and roam the earth alone for I will never be able to feel happy again…” His words weren’t so much only for the play, but held a deeper truth for her. “I would be happy to be your wife when you speak so lovingly and romantical for all our life…” “I will my heart…” he breathed, letting aside the play and kissed her gentle, but still very passionately. The kids clapped their hands and so did Trudy, Rhys and now almost all of the tribe who had sneaked closer all the while trying to listen and watch was going on in there. With a smile Bray parted from her only a short distance “I like that fairytale…” “Me too!” she kissed him again and he felt his heart doing kind of funny flips of happiness. They parted again and their son cuddled up between them “Me like too!” “Sorry my little one…I forgot you don’t like it when someone dies in a fairytale…” Bray whispered, stroking the little nose gently “Hmmm…okay…some must die…but not you…” “Awww…my sensitive little hero…come here…” Bray got up with him and hugged him closely, whispering gentle and comforting to him. “We have faith in each other okay? We won’t give in and we won’t lose hope, okay?” “Okay…” Will yawned “Where do you want to sleep tonight hmmm?” “Here…Rhys sing us…you go on story tomorrow” The little boy yawned again and Bray laid him gently down into the hammock. Their son loved sleeping there. He helped Lucy up to him and covered them with the blanket. He kissed both softly and then turned to give Brady a goodnight kiss and stroke over Lizzies head. Angel and Joshua were not sleeping there. Angel for she sometimes still threw tantrums and Joshua for he had developed a slight cold and was therefore sleeping in Slades and Rubys room till he was healthy again. Amber said goodnight too and hand in hand they then left the room while Rhys played the guitar with a soft melody…

“That was funny…playing the princess…” Bray grinned, dressing out his jacket and vest. “Hmmm…” He sat down next to her and feeded her with a grape “But next time its me who saves you, mind?!” “Hihi…pfff…conservative macho!” “Wha…you said you want a prince who saves you!” Grinning she took another grape “That was my role as spoiled princess. Like I told you once…I am a modern woman. I can save my man aswell! And I don’t need a protector…” “Oho…well…then…I am just for your amusement?” A mischievious grin played around his lips when he moved closer and kissed her neck gently. Giggling she pushed him a little away “No way mister…first you wash that make up away…you won’t ruin our beedsheets!” “Pfff…” playing the annoyed one he took up the soft sponge and dunked it into the soap water he had gotten for himself while Amber had got herself something to eat. He had used hot water and now it had cooled down to a nice warm temperature. The water drops running along his perfect torso tempted her to get up and take the sponge from him “Let me…” She stared in his eyes while she moved the sponge gently over his shoulders, his neck front and chest, cleaning all the make up off him. Her eyes held him captivated and he didn’t move an inch, enjoying when she moved then a towel along his skin to dry it. “Hmmm…its good you didn’t look that way already in the CHOOSEN time…” she mumbled, stroking a finger gently along the lines of his abs “Why?” Stroking softly along her cheek with a finger, he made her look back high in his eyes “For I wouldn’t have been able to leave…I wouldn’t have been able to leave my hands off you for weeks…it would have driven me insane to only think of you…” Her words ran down like honey about him. He had never cared what females thought about his look. His body had always been a useful thing only. Not something to spoil someones eyes or fantasy. He had always hated girls just crushing on him for his face or eyes or look. But that she looked that way at him, that she thought about him that way…it let his blood rush excited through his veins. That she desired his body had given him a new way to look at himself. After all he had went through, all the torture, he had had a disturbed relation to his body. He had mistrusted it for the way HELENA had sometimes aroused him without him wanting it. A time after his rescue he had not been able to really feel his bodies needs. He had trained hard and ignored when his body had been outdone and tired. In the beginning he had driven it way too far. The members of the council had called him into a meeting and reprimanded him hard for it. They told him it was respectless to his rescuers to be that way now. That he should honor the possibility to have a healthy body. He had taken their words and had taken it more serious to follow the real training plan and take care for a good nutrion status. Having a good basic musculature he had soon developed a body he would have maybe developed in the old days when he once would have been in a college basketball team. His shoulders had always been broad, but with the worked out athletic musculature now his torso had that perfect V-shape the so called ideal manly body should have. It belonged to their regular tests to also look at their shape in general. He knew that Rhys and him were what they called “model status”. None of them cared for that. Well Rhys had sure used his good looks to charm ladies, but Bray put lot of his sucess also to his humor and charme. Rhys was just such a guy, women felt good with. But having returned he had realized he was such a guy somehow too. Females seemed to appreciate his looks sure, but even more the way he acted with them. And so he still sometimes felt like digging himself into the ground when a woman just stared at him. He would never really get used to that. It just was his nature. But when Amber looked that way at him, that soft desire…it was more then nice. It didn’t feel like she ONLY wanted his body, but sometimes was just hot for him and to feel his skin and muscles under her fingers. He felt the same. She maybe thought he wouldn’t find her attractive in her pregnancy, but he simply did. She had attracted him from the start and it seemed to him that that attraction had only gotten stronger over the years. No other woman had made him feel that way. That way to want to hid with her in their bed for days, loving her in every way his mind could come up with. Not even Danni, when he had decided to go on and live for real. Not even then when his body the first time ever had told him to use his youth while it was still possible. Now he appreciated not only his bodies strength, but also the way it looked. He had good genes for sure. He couldn’t hid a grin when she moved her hands high his body to lay them around his neck “Whats so amusing?” “Hmmm…I just thought I am a quiet a real good catch …” Surprised she looked at him “What…?” “Oh well…I am the high comander…I’ll be a very important man in in the future to come…I am still a rebel…I can offer you the world…I am quiet good looking and I …” he wriggled his brows “…have a good hit rate like Lex said…aaaaand…I am quiet the talented lover…or?” Gaping she looked at him “Bray…?!” “What? I am only honest!” he bite her nose playfully and she giggled hugging him around the neck “Hihi…and you’re soooooo modest!” “Well…I just proclaimed myself to be a god…modesty is in holiday right now…” “Hmmm…you’re telling me you’re changing in some vain heartbreaker? Using your looks to charm females?” Shacking his head he moved his face closer to hers “Only you my heart…only your heart should beat for me…” “Oh well you’re lucky there is no one better in sight right now…you heard Trudy…better you then no one at all…” She laughed when he grabbed her and whirled around with her “Careful Mrs. General…or I’ll have to be a strict husband!” “A strict husband? What would you do?” she fluttered her eyes, acting shy “Hmmm…I could sent you to bed without a kiss!” “You would never do so…that would be torture…to me and you!” She pressed her lips tightly on his and with a soft moan he gave in to her tongue that tipped teasingly onto his closed lips. Kissing her hungrily he placed her safely onto the dresser that Rhys and him had saved and restored from his families home. They had needed more space for clothes, blankets and towels, now that they were living more and more time as real family. When they parted they were both breathing slightly harder “I love when you call yourself my husband…and when you call me your wife…it gave me a thrill when you told the guardian to step away from your son and wife…” “You’re my wife. It doesn’t matter that no one witnessed our vows. It was our private decision. It doesn’t matter to me that others might be hurt for that. I am not willed to call you just my future wife or fiancee anymore. Your status is way safer with being my wife…” “But…will it count to ELITE without any official ceremony?” “It will my heart…because I say so…it has got some use to be the high comander and being able to make the rules…the given situation forced us to it aswell. There will be a ceremony for people to witness later on.” he nibbled softly along her neck “Even…when we wear no…outer sign?” “You wear my engagement ring and I wear your bracelet…those hold our promises to each other. Our rings will follow when the official ceremony is…” “Hmmm…” They had contacted the jewel maker from whom Bray had gotten her necklace, earrings and ring all that time back, before he even had thought seeing her ever again, before he even had remembered him and her and their child. Together they had spoken how they imagined their rings to look, to hold a meaning and showing that in their apperance. Of course they weren’t ready. Making rings wasn’t done in a few days time and not even weeks. They hadn’t even could have named him a date and so he had thought to have some time to fashion them. But somehow there was missing something to a real married couple without the same rings on their hands to her. He grabbed her face “Its important to you? To have some outer sign…?” Shrugging she sighed “It maybe is only my pregnancy…I am usually not conservative…but somehow…I love that we did that. That we made promises then…for we will always carry it with us. Its comforting. But…” she shrugged again. Her melancolic sadness flooded him. He hugged her gently and rubbed her back softly. His eyes fell on some left over wire that he had used to repair one of Wills little toy cars. He let go of her and grabbed for it “Bray?” Confused she watched how he twisted the wire in his fingers, seemingly aimless, but gasped when it turned out to be a ring shaped form. After some minutes he had formed two different sized rings, which were stable for he had rounded each several time in whole. Thoughtful he looked at the two bands and grabed then two of the little silver pins that she used sometimes to put some of her hair back or when she made a bun. They had little silver plated feathers on their top. He broke the feathers of the two pins and adorned one to each of the rings. “There we are…” he whispered and looked then from his handwork up in her eyes. He stepped close to her again, touching her cheek “Its nothing really fancy…but…” he took her hand higher “…to give the world a sign of our state as married couple…will you take that ring from me and let yourself be named my wife?” She could only nod, for she was so emotional taken by it. He slided the ring gently along her right forefinger and it fit perfectly. Swallowing she took hold of the other ring “Will you take that ring, so that everyone will be able to realize our state and let yourself be named my husband?” “There is nothing I want more…” he breathed and when she had slided the ring over his finger he searched her lips for a loving kiss. She sighed when his kiss filled up with demand and stroke her nails along his strong shoulders, giving him a thrill with it. His lips roamed down her neck, to her shoulders, driving down the carmen neck of her long dress. His hands moved under the long skirt, caressing her legs gently. Giving her then hold with one hand he let her lean back a little so that he could spoil her upper body with soft kisses after moving down the dresses top. Her belly was without any pressure that way and still she felt him in the way she felt him when he was on top of her. He kissed and struggled her till she was breathless sighing his name in almost desperation. Her body tensed and relaxed again and again while he used nothing more then lips and fingers. Unable to move, for he held her safely, but also kind of a little caged, her feelings took her over completely. Her cheeks flushed in that aroused soft rose color, her eyelids half closed for she enjoyed so much, she was a sight for him that was stimulating just like he was already one with her. Her lips were so tempting and plump that he kissed her full of desire. She shuddered in his arms, leaning then breathless foward, resting her head on his shoulder. His fingers danced along her spine. Up and down. Gently but still arousing somehow. She wanted him for real. But she didn’t want him only gentle and also didn’t want to only reign him. Her fingers fiddled along his waistband “Bray…would you…would you try out something with me?” “I…” confused he looked at her, her voice with that earnest note, not going along with the way his mind was in hirewire right then. “…try out?” She nibbled his earlobe “My sister has some very interesting books…I looked up some pregnancy knowledge and young mother stuff…and there were also tips for…” She twirled a strand of his hair softly between her fingers and looked deeply in his eyes from her a bit higher postion. “Hmmm…o-okay…” He helped her down again and let her undress him. She made him sit down cross legged and enjoyed his a little asking eyes, when she stroke through his hair and placed her lips softly on his. When she parted she stared intently at him, dressing herself out. She always enjoyed it when he watched her. Of course it was arousing when he dressed her out, but sometimes she loved to watch how arousing it was to him when she let him watch her only. Then she let herself down on him, closing her legs around his hips. A moan of pleasure left his lips while he melt into her, his hands grabbed her back , stabling her and to the same time leading the pace a little. Her breasts were just in the perfect position for his lips that way and she closed her eyes when he latched them gently around her nipple. Softly she roamed her hands through his hair, grabbing it harder whenever she felt him being more one with her. The feeling relaxed when his hands leaded her away a bit, and got stronger when he leaded her closer. His lips roamed back to hers, kissing all the way high. Both sighed joyful when their lips found each other, their tomgues dancing playfully but ever so soft and intense. They could look into each others eyes and watch the want and desire overroll each other. It was soft and gentle, but still so intense for both. She sighed delighted when he licked along her neck, down to her shoulder he planted soft butterfly kisses and then back high to her ear. The mix of soft touches of his lips and gentle tips of his tongue drove her even higher “You taste so wonderful…” he breathed into her ear, in his deep velvet like voice she only knew from their intimatest moments alone “Hmmm…please don’t stop…ever…it feels so good…” She stuttered a little, hugging him tighter to her, crawling his neck gently. He watched her intently, while he let her move a little more intense on him, giving her more freedom so that she was the one deciding now. How could she ever doubt? How could she even think he might have ever enough of her? It would never be enough! “I want this here…for the rest of my life!” He mumbled wistfully, his eyes glossing over with lust, before he kissed her so slow and intense that she felt like burning up with lust and desire. Grabbing his hair tightly, she pressed her lips even closer and that way they held each other kissing, moving more intense, reaching their common heaven together.

The GUARDIAN sat praying in a little cave. “ZOOT…why don’t you talk to me? Why…why did you leave me? Why didn’t you ever let me know that Bray and you follow a devine plan of destiny? Is that why you ignore me? For you’re mad that I didn’t realize? Because I …” he rocked himseklf for- and backward “Please…please tell me what to do…give me a sign…please…”

The new CHOOSEN didn’t notice a dark figure sneaking along. The hooded figure placed himself close to the caves entrance and pressed a button on a little device “GUAAAARDIAAAAAN…” aneary silent voice sounded up. Confused and scared the priest looked around “Z-ZOOT?” “GUAAAAARDIAAAAN…it took you a long way to come back to me and my brother…why did you ignore my tries to reach you? " “You…you tried to…speak to me?” “Of course…my brother needs you…that TITAN needs to be thrown down…he will suffer for all he did and dared…torturing my brther…stealing him time with his boy…stealing him away from my daughter who needs her uncle to protect her…it was always him who was the up builder with us…” “But…your death…” 2Was only a necessary happening…destiny…my brother and me are one. Betraying one of us is betraying the othe rnow. So I warn you…” “No ZOOT…I never would…I…” The hodded figure ended the sound and hurried away again. The GUARDIAN mumbled disstressed to himself, rocking for - and backward again.

Closely cuddled up they laid on their bed, each stroking the others neck and spine softly. It was silent between them, boths physical desire satisfied, both relaxed and filled with that soft tiredness after loving each other. “I think thats my new favorite way…” he broke the silence finally, a loop sided lazy smile on his lips, moving closer to kiss her nose softly “Hmmm…its called the Lotus position…” She whispered, moving a little closer still, so that they really laid body on body. “And you saw that in an book of Sol? What books does she have there? Might be worth to have a closer look…” “BRAY!” she pinched him grinning “It was really in a book about tips for mothers. She has pure medical books of course, but also such guidebooks. The last weeks whenever I had time I read a little. Of course I have a child already and we have here some expereince with now two babies having grown up here and again two babies here now…but it can’t do a harm to read up a little. I learned some pretty handy tricks to fling a towel around you to carry your baby. I am definetively will try those! I read alot about colics and could help Ruby already with it. Or for Angel for example…you all say she is just temperamental. But Bray…really…most of the time she is like her name: an angel. Sweet. Silent. She only makes the nights to horrors somehow. I read about so called crybabies. And I think that fits to her. She cries for hours along, for more then three days a week. Without any real reason. I think she has been through much after her birth. Her mind can’t grab all of that. She probably was born under terrible circumstances thinking only how her father has went and killed her mother just for she wanted to be away from him. It sounded like the father lost it even more for Angel already cried much then. I think she felt the disstress and fear of her mother. If you’re unsure and feel unwell, your baby feels that and expresses your own fear by crying loud if you don’t show the baby that it is still safe with you. I noticed when Ebony takes her, being pissed off and tired, or stressed off and nearly crying herself…Angel cries even more. Ebony is her mommy to her. She was the first person where she maybe ever has felt safe with. Her and Jay. So when the two are away from her she cries her little heart out. She is scared Bray. Its so deep in her and only time and a safe feeling will heal that.” “You…think? And how…can we help?” “We do the right thing already. I know some people say its better not to take up a baby all the time and let it cry…and sure its right not to ALWAYS jump to every little sob. But Angel needs closeness. Its good when Ebony gives her that, when Jay walks with her, May and Salene like a second pair of parents…we others aswell…Trudy and me have a feeling for that already…being moms ourselves…and you…I think you know you’ve got a hand to calm children…” “Hmmm…its about to let them feel safe. Cuddle them and hold them tight. Even when you are stressed a bit, or sad yourself. Its nothing worse to let the child see that, but show that you still are there. …” “Yes…I talked with Solaris about such things. That it would be maybe good to also speak about that things with expecting parents. It can save us many trouble with breaking up parents or children going hirewire later.” “Hmmm…true. And in those clever books, where also things about sex? How does that fit?” “Well…sex belongs to any adult relation! It doesn’t stop only for expecting a baby. The parents are also still lovers and that needs room. If you go and be only parents for too long it can take away a lot of you as lovers. You maybe never find back to each other. Nine months without physical closeness seems undesireable to most couples. Of course there are women who don’t feel so much after it. Or some only like it in the start and not later, some only really crave it even later…its all hormonal based again. Trudy told me she is more the mixed type…sometimes she wants Rhys and sometimes she only wants to cuddle. Ruby told me she didn’t feel different in the first months, but then Slade got more unsure and careful but she felt like her hormons were burning her up. Actually she had to take lead a lot…” Bray chuckled “Really? Cool Slade being that way?” “Don’t tell him you know! Its confidential marriage knowledge between us okay?” “Okay…confidential marriage knowledge…” his eyes sparkled happy while he let that words run over his tongue. “So…there were then tips for a satisfying love live? For different types of couples?” “Hmmm…I am seemingly more the type whos…urm…well…” she blushed, looking away from his eyes “…libido spills over with all the hormons flodding me…” “Hey…” he took her chin softly between thumb and forefinger “…I am sure not complaining you know? I consider myself lucky…” He pressed his lips on hers and kissed her long and breathtaking. With a happy sigh she cuddled back to him “I read up what you told me about better not laying on my back anymore while we…well. Its really not good for the baby at all. So its good we followed my sisters advice in that. But there were now also explainations thats its okay to want to feel more and deeper. That some women only want gentle, but some still crave deepth and some…well…unbridleness sometimes. Some postions like spoon style…is something we felt natural into. Ideas we came to by our own desire. Or when you let me reign you. But when I am on top its mostly me who is active, of course it good then for I decide the depth and the rythm. But I so much enjoyed the night after the barbecue, when you were slow but still the active part. It was so intense. I…I need that sometimes.” She kissed his chest , while he played with her hair “Hmmm…but there is nothing wrong with that…” “No of course not. There were pictures aswell and the Lotus position dared itself to me. I read and felt like that would be perfect. You and me, absolutely close, being able to look in each others eyes. Your lips able to spoil me, your hands holding and guiding me, but also I can take over and decide the way. Its called the perfect postion for people who felt freshly in love. Its called one of the closest and most intimate positions, but its also called comfortable and relaxing. Especially good for pregnant women who crave more …sexual penetration then those gentle ways can give…we have grown up way faster in many things, many people around here sure have sex way more early then they would have had in the old days. Sexuality is something each human has to live out him or herself. Its mostly learning by doing.” He grinned about that “But still if I would have been pregnant one day in our old world…I would have visited mother education courses, I would have my gyn to talk to, other older women…but…actually Trudy and me, are called the experienced ones, only for we have one child already. But we have seen with me how different things can be. How dangerous even without gyn checks up. We have not members of ASCLEPIOS everywhere and also Sol can’t be everywhere. Women help each other, true but sometimes there can be complications. If you wouldn’t have knowledge from your trainings you would have not been able to help Ruby. If Tai-San and Sol would have not reached her then in time, both could be dead. So while I read I got more and more consumed…and realized how important that is. Humanity will grow. People get older. We already have now ten younger kids in the kindergarden and with Trudy and me there are seven women aroudn expecting children. That will only get more with time. We shouldn’t only concentrate on kindergarden and school to give the kids education. No we must take care that pregnancy and contradiction, birth and even safe abortion are topics we can provide help for.” “You sound like…Amber…is that what you want to do in the future? Be a mix of midwife and gyn?” “Solaris told me I could educate on the medical side…she would speak up for me with the council of ASCLEPIOS. They always search people who take over medical postions in their home towns. I would have to do a test, but Sol thinks I will can manage that. I could learn over distance. Sol has certain knowledge but you know she was orgianlly sent for Claire, her specific branch are chronical illnesses. Tai-San has knowedge, but also not specific int hat branch. She has more knowledge for wounds and making own medicines. You went and had that training to help Tai-San, for she complained that not enough ELITE people qualify in that specific branch. We are a new society so we can built up new ways. Instead of having gyns and doctors and midwifes working seperately I could train up on all of it and then start to train midwifes. I could educate youths in sexual education lessons. I could advice girls AND guys on contradiction. I could even imagine to learn up on urological things…” He scrunched his nose “You want to examine men? In that way?” “What? Before the virus I had a male gyn…and? Don’t you think I can seperate that? Ts!” She kissed him grinning “There isn’t a man who can even put up with you in ANY way…” Smirking he hugged her closer even “Hmmm…are you just crawling my ego to make me agree with you?” “Must I? Do you think its a…stupid idea?” Her voice held some insecurness and he looked surprised at her. Touching he rnose with his, he looked deeply in her eyes “I think its an absolute fantastic idea! If thats what you want to do in the future I am with you! You’ll have all the time you need to learn…I can watch the kids!” “Really? But you’ll have lot to do for sure…” “We’ll find a way Amber. Really. We will have to organize with each other, but thats what working parents have to do. It wouldn’t have been different in our old world. You support me and my dreams and so I support you and your dreams! And for sure when its such an ambitious and important thing!” “Even when I look at naked men?” She teased him grinning “Well…I just will have to make sure I keep in shape so that you won’t ever find anyone more attractive…” he breathed in her ear, nibbling it softly “Hmmm…those guys will have probably serious issues when they will search help…Sol told me its always a problem with guys. Most search help quiet late in such things…” Grinning sheepishly he looked again at her “Urm…I can understand THAT…its not…urm…” “BRAY!TS! Did Ruby shy away when you undressed her and looked at her giving birth or even when you put your hands IN her…really. MEN! So you guys rather walk around with serious pain or worries instead of searching help for its a woman who provides the help!?” “Urm…” “How does that fit with all that stuff for not pressing each other into roles? You guys have to learn finally that women…” she stopped when he kissed her passionately “…Bray…what…” “You’re right…absolutely…” he mumbled kissing her even more passionately. With a moan she gave in to his soft pressure and openend her lips for him. After some long minutes he parted from her and looked kind of baffled himself “Sorry…but…you being that way…speaking so passionately…it just…pulls a cord in me…” “Oh well…I know that feeling…” she whispered nibbling now high from his chest to his adam’s apple. He hissed aroused about her soft tongue spoiling him there. Where did she get all that ideas from? “You…you do?” he forced out, biting then on his lip for she was driving him quiet insane. “Hmmm…” she blew softly onto his neck, what she knew made him even more jittery now “…when you speak passionately…for example when you spoke to the town…all I wanted was to take your hand and get away with you…to…” He held his breath excited when she softly stroke her tongue along his neck. “…do some things to you…” “Hmmm…well…you…could do…some things now…? Please…?” “Hmm…but you sure should rest…it won’t be easy for you tomorrow…” She teased him, only softly kissing him under his ear and then parting a bit from him. Confused he looked at her and she ruffled his hair “So its goodnight for you now …” she giggled when he pulled her closer “Not at all! You’re not flinging me high that way and then let me hanging…not at all! I may remind you…it are marital duties now!” She stared surprised at him for he had used a quiet strict tone, but she noticed the joking flicker in his eyes and the twitch in his lips “Oho…its my duty to fool around with you now?” “Yes!” “Whenever you want?” “Absolutely!” “So you have to do that whenever I want it aswell?” “Yes!” “Hmmmm…I must have missed that point in the contract…how can I get a divorce? Fooling around with you all the time…ts…who would want that?” She laughed when he growled softly, hugging her even closer “Amber…you evil woman…maybe its me who should get a divorce…for acting heartless with me!” “Hihi…awwww…sorry but it was you who kind of wanted to force me to fool around…” “As if it needs forcing…” he grinned, sucking her earlobe “No one would believe you anyway…they know how crazy we BOTH are about each other…” “Hmmm…true…oh…hmmm…I…I thought you wanted ME to spoil YOU?” she breathed excited about his soft sucking “Hmmm…can we spoil each other?” Stroking his nose softly along her neck he mumbled “Can we kiss and cuddle till we fall asleep with each other? Just being close?” His mood had changed somehow and she stroke his hair softly, while he planted butterfly kisses on her neck "Bray…there is no reason for you to be scared of tomorrow…you can fool that maniac. We all support you. " “I know…its only…when I think of it…its creepy somehow. And…I wonder what Martin might think of me…and my parents…” “They will see that you are a man of a cunning mind who uses all that he got to save the future! They will see that you make sacrifces. Your brother - if he really was like you said, if he really showed feelings towards Brady in his last moments…- will be grateful you try to protect his little girl and make a better world for her! POINT! And now my dear husband…do your duty…” she whispered biting his earlobe softly. Crawling his neck she made him move in to one those kisses that made both always feel like leaving the world behind.

Nervously Bray walked up and down the cafe “BRAY! Sit down or I knock you out!” Lex growled “You can be maybe relaxed Lex…but…” “IT WAS YOUR FUCKING PLAN, SO NOW YOU’VE GOT TO LIVE WITH IT!” “DON’T USE THAT TONE ON ME!” “WHY NOT? IT’S NOT LIKE YOU ACT THE INTIMATING LEADER RIGHT NOW. IF YOU GO LIKE THAT IN FRONT OF THE GUARDIAN WE CAN SAY GOODBYE TO THE WORLD WE DREAM OFF RIGHT NOW!” “Lex…” Rhys stood up warningly, but Bray held him back “Don’t…he is right…” Bray sat down “What did I think? I…I can’t do this…” he moved his hands through his hair “Bray…you can and you must!” Rhys looked angry at Lex like did some others too. “Making Bray even more nervous was not a clever move idiot!” Jack hissed hitting him on the head “WHAT? OH I see…sensitive Bray…MR SOFTY NEEDS SOMEONE TO HOLD HIS HAND…HONESTLY! WE’RE GOING INTO WAR HERE AND NOT ON ONLY SOME FRIENDLY DISSCUSSION! ITS NOT THE TIME TO FALL BACK INTO YOUR EVER SO SOFT AND UNDERSTANDING NATURE! THAT WOULD MAYBE OF USE IF THE GUARDIAN WOULD BE A WOMAN WITH A SOFT SPOT FOR UNSURE BOYS…” Lex choked when Bray grabbed him hard with one hand, pulling him high on his collar “DON’T USE THAT TONE ON ME! GOT THAT NOW OR DO NEED AN OWN SHOW OF WHAT I AM ABLE OF?!” Lex grinned when others jumped off to help him “Stay back all of you…haha…thats the fucking spirit Bray…feel better now?” Bray let go of him, ruffling his hair “Urm…yes…a …a bit…” Friendly Lex clapped his shoulder “I know you man…being the asshole is hard on you…you need some motivation…so when you need to find anger in you to act that way…just think of you me!” Lex blew him a kiss and Bray rolled his eyes but grinned. Then Amber and Trudy came in the cafe and Bray got the surprise of his live. His little boy was wearing a jacket a little pimped up like his “Oh…what…” “Gels idea…she also made Brady and Trudy dresses like mine…and made hys jacket look more like yours aswell…so that we look family like…” Gel followed in and gave Rhys his jacket "Exactly…I noticed yesterday…the GUARDIAN himself is dressed in your colours…I believe he is a visual person. Means what he sees impresses him much. Will looking like that makes him look a bit more toughened up. And it pronounces his similarity to you again. Trudy, Amber and Brady dressed in the same tyle pronounces their status as godlike females. Rhys being dressed a bit like you, lets him look different to the other generals and gives him an extra status. It underlines your friendship. “Oh…okay…” Bray took Will on his lap “You feel okay with that?” “Must be careful a bit…but mommy says I can wear for halloween later…” “Halloween? Are we celebrating that?” “Rhys told us of it…of course we will celebrate it!” Brady stated “I want to go as vampire!” Rhys laughed “There you go…it will do you folk some good! Halloween is hell of fun!” “Okayokayokayyyyy…” Bray smirked “The long I don’t have to wear a costume myself…” “But you must daddy!” “I must?” His son nodded “And why must I?” “Because I say!” Will looked strict and Bray chuckled softly, hugging him close “Okay little man…if you say it that way…” He touched his forehead to the boys “The GUARDIAN will soon be here. Are you sure you want to be here? You still could be safely in the hotel…Sebastian would go with you…” “No daddy…me stay. We stay together!” Will laid his little arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Bray burried his face a little on his son, enjoying the still baby like scent his soft skin posessed. “My little hero…you’re so much braver then I ever will be…” He ignored the others looks, ignored that there were moved faces, ignored that it wasn’t anything but a private moment. He simply made it one. Closing his eyes he felt the little heart beating a little faster then usual, sensing that his boy was way more scared then he let on. And he knew that his son felt his fathers heart beating some beats faster then usual. And in this moment his heart pained not for the thought that he could lose life and never see his son grow up, but for his sons pain about it. The pain his son would suffer if Bray died, tore his heart into pieces. For he knew that pain so well. He had visited his father a last time before he died. And even then, seeing him so weak he had still hoped. Hoped a miracle would happen. That his father would survive and still be his hero. That he would be able to be a boy for only a while longer. When he died that very day, Bray had cried himself into sleep, hiding in his treehouse that they had built up together many years back, when he had barely been able to lift a hammer. It was the only time he had allowed himself to break about it, for the world was changing rapidly and he needed to keep it together. Would Will be that way? Even when so way younger? Would he close up his little heart and keep try to be strong? How would he even grow up, without him? Of course he had grown in a good way without him before, but that had been without knowing him even. Would it have been maybe even better if they would have never meet? Or if Bray would have never remembered? Hadn’t he be selfish for letting their bound get so strong only for maybe making his son devastavated if he died?


“BRAY! Whats that for a school report?” His father had strode into his room where he had laid on his bed “What do you mean?” “What I mean young man? You never had such marks…you lost points everywhere…” “And? I am still in the top ranges…” “Is that your attitude? Whats going on?! Sit up when I speak to you!” Rolling his eyes he had sat up “Dad! Calm down will you?! I had to train a bit more…so…well…” “Don’t talk rubbish! You’re in you’re second year only and have been made captain of varsity…you sure needed not to train up. Your coach wouldn’t announce you to captain even older players when you wouldn’t be the best! I am going to talk to coach Spencer…you won’t play if your marks…” “DAD! I’ve got b+ mostly and some b’s and one c in algebra, thats sure no reason to get that way. I fullfill the marks the coach asks of us.” “I don’t care for the marks you should fullfill…you’re better then that! You’re spoiling your college chances with that…you must be on top to…” “Not if I get a basketball scholarchip…” “You know its too risky to set your card on only one chance…what if basketball isn’t your thing anymore one day? What if you get hurt bad and can never play again? What if you’re not talented enough? Maybe one day you just stop elvolving in the game and others run you over…no Bray. You’ve got a clever brain. You need to relay on that! I won’t stand by and watch you become some arrogant jerk that strolls the school for being the so called height of coolness only for being the basketball teams captain. None of my sons will be such a clichee!” “DAD!” “NO BRAY. NOT ‘DAD’…not pouting or anything. Its getting your books out now and get back your good marks!” “Other parents would be proud for such marks already and you act like I am an absolute loser! Someoneelses father would be proud his son being captain of the varsity team in my age! And what do you do? Permiting me to play for losing some points only?” “You know I am proud of you. I am proud of you for your own mind. For your ambtion. For your stubborn will. And not for playing basketball alone. You’ve got fun with it and thats the most important to me. And I know you’ve got fun in learning too. I know you just lost a little sight and try to act the cool guy. Cool guys don’t learn so much, hmmm?” Bray had fleed his fathers eyes, for of course he had hit the nail with that. All that talking about being among the cool ones and girls dreaming of him, even when that scared him more then thrilling him, had gotten to his head a bit. He had felt worse himself seeing his marks. But still, wasn’t that his life? “You won’t play that way…” “But dad…how will that look? Do you have any idea how they will laugh about me then? I worked so hard for the next game…its my first as captain…you can’t just take me off the team…” “I can and I will young man! You knew the rules. I told you I expect you to keep your marks higher then your coach expects them too!” " You’re ruining my life and you care not at all!" he had flared at his father, who had sighed and grabbed his shoulders “I know you hate me right now…but one day…maybe even only when you’ve got a son of yourself, you’ll understand. I take your anger and hate. Even when it breaks my heart to see you look that way at me…” He had looked away from his father, who had then grabbed his chin “Okay…heres the deal…take it or keep your mouth forever shut…in a week there is a algebra test…that seems to be your weakest point…you will need to leanr quiet a lot…but do an A+ and I let you play…” Bray had swallowed. Algebra had always been the hardest for him. He usually had to work really hard to scratch a B+ there. It had always been his lowest mark, though people laughed about him calling a b+ low. “But…” “Are you a man or a whining baby? Its the only chance Bray…I can be stubborn like you…so…do we have a deal or not?” His dad had looked hard at him and he had finally nodded, looking hard back. “DEAL!” They had shaken hands before his father had left him.


Only a week later he had managed an A and his dad had smiled prouldy, ruffle dhis hair and allowed him to play. Even when the deal had said he needed an A+. His father had only wanted to wake up his own pride and ambition again. Seeing the A had made Bray proud, for he had known what work it had cost him. His father had risked Bray to hate him. What of course he hadn’t done. And after his fathers death he had been thankful that he had always wanted him to give his best. He had never spoiled him. He had shown him love and given him respect but also had reprimanded him when necessary. Yes he wouldn’t be the man he was without his dad. And maybe Amber was right that Will only had evolved the way he was for Bray being there and being his dad. So maybe he had already given Will things to hold onto. Lessons to remember. Will looked at him, a little questioning, his head crooked a little and Bray smiled warmly. This innocence. He wished it would never leave. “Sometimes when I need a miracle, I just have to look into your eyes and realize…I have already created one…” He pressed his lips gently onto Wills forehead “It will be you and me forever…in our hearts and souls…deal?” He held out his hand and Will clapped his into it “DEAL!” In that moment the little boy in his arms was the only human in existence to him. He didn’t even realize they were watched. Did’t see Ambers tears, Trudy hugging her or Rhys hugging Lucy close, his heart clenching painfully for he knew where Brays mind was traveling.

When the malls entrance door alarm went off they all got up and went into the galery. Bray stayed a little behind “Daddy?” “Hmmm?” “Why do we greet the man like a …a…good friend?” Bray stopped looking dumbfolded. Yes why even? Why did they all wait on tenderhooks and collect around like the Guardian was some honorable guest? “You’re right little man…so right!” He made a sign to Rhys and whispered “Come back in…tell the others to appear where they want…stand just where they want…we don’t want him to think we might be nervous about him coming…” “Oh fuck…good thinking!” Rhys dashed around before they openend the door. Bray sat down again and to fit into his role he laid his feet comfortable on one of the tables. His son goggled and he smirked “Its only for the show okay? on no account we do that normally! Mommy would make me a head shorter okay?” He took his boy on his lap, the GUARDIAN should realize that Bray would kill for his son. Like he knew inside, his brother would have killed for Brady. He just knew that. Amber joined them and let her eyes drift confused over him “I am the careless god…” he explained and she grinned “Okay as long as the ‘careless’ god, takes care later to clean the table?” “Of course my heart…come here…” he pulled her in a chair close to his so that he could lay a hand on her legs a little posessive. It was what the GUARDIAN would register at once. It was so much ZOOT behavior. But Amber grinned only a bit and laid a hand over his, lacing her fingers through his “He can see I am not just your accesory…” He grinned back and leant over to her kissing her softly.

The GUARDIAN entered the cafe, stopping dead by seeing Bray kiss Amber. He didn’t even register him being there. He coughed silently, but the couple still took its time to end the kiss. Unimpressed Bray looked finally at him “I thought already you are too cowardly to come…you’re quiet late…” His voice drawled a little bored “I…you told me to come at sun set…thats not an exact time…” “It is GUARDIAN it is. We in ELITE now when the sun dawns and when it sets. We have clocks you know?” “But I have not …I don’t have such features or knowledge…” “Thats not my problem! I ask you to do something and you find a way to do it, got that?” Brays voice clipped like a scissor and the GUARDIAN stiffened up “Of course…so…urm…I…thought about your…offer. I talked to ZOOT about it…” Bray eyed him. What should he say now? If he acted like he knew for his brother had let him kne wof it and the GUARDIAN hadn’t done that, he would know Bray was layinng. If he said he didn’t know it. “And? Did he warn you from me?” Bray finally said rolling his eyes like he made a joke about the GUARDIANS words “No…why would he?” “You tell me!” The GUARDIAN lifted an eyebrow “So you don’t know what he told me?” “ZOOT can decide for himself who he honors to contact. I can’t forbid him anything, like he can’t forbid me anything. If you say he talked to you, then it will be that way.” Bray shrugged “His business if he speaks to some tiny praying whiner…” “YOU…YOU ARROGANT…” Rhys stepped a step forward like being about to slap the man, but Bray lazily lifted his hand to stop him “MANNERS GUARDIAN. MANNERS…or you’ll spend some time in a cell…” The GUARDIAN swallowed. There were those lightnings dancing over Brays fingers again and he had no intention to feel them. He asked himself why ZOOT never had used that. Maybe Bray was really the more mighty one. Or was it because he was older? “So…I…whats your plan then? What can I do to…to help you ZEUS?” Hiding his jubilation Bray explained “You will get people from us who will act like believers…you will be filmed leading masses to hail me and my brother…you will tell KRONOS how good I welcomed you. You will make him believe I am still his puppet.” “But…but why? Why don’t you just…terar TARTAROS apart…with your lightnings?” “Are you asking if I am coward?” Bray thundered standing up, after reaching Will to Amber “No…no…I am just wondering…” “I am only one…this here is my home. When he comes here we have advantage. He will feel my lightnigs. Be sure of that. But it will be after my idea not yours.” Bray gave a sign to ACHILL and AJAX who grabbed the GUARDIANS arms “WHAT NOW?” “You will no be examined if there is no bug on or in you…or some chip…if not I will talk things more through with you…” The two men leaded the GUARDIAN out and Bray bent down to kiss Will and Amber “See you both later…I don’t know how long it takes. So don’t wait if you’re tired. Okay?” “Okay…bye daddy…” “Take care Bray…” “I have got ACHILL with me…don’t worry…”

Some hours later he smiled, finding Amber and Will sleeping closely snuggled up. He had taken a shower directly after finally having placed everything with the GUARDIAN. He moved over to them, lifted the blanket and slided careful not to wake them up, into the bed. He snuggled up to Ambers back and moved his arm over to lay it on Wills back who was sleeping with with his head pressed on her baby belly. Sleepily the boy openend his eyes “Daddy?” “Oh sorry my little one…” Bray smiled lovingly “I am here now…lets sleep…” “Hmmm…nighty daddy…” “Goodnight …” It didn’t take Bray long to fall into peaceful sleep for himself.

The next day Bray was wearing an interface, watched closely by Ram, Jack, Ved and IQ. The GUARDIAN had given him that special interface referring that there was someone helping him on TARTAROS. Of course he was nervous but after the last training the yhad already the idea there was someone else working against KRONOS. But still it might be just another trick of KRONOS. Bray found himself sitting on a simple desk strewn with many reports. Looking around he saw no one and finally started to read.


It were startling things. Was that with Pandora a fluke? A fluke to hide that there had been someone blackmailing the goverments all over the world? To blackmail them to make an space program working? But why? What was the sense? Finally he came to a report that differed from the others. About a fire in a scientists home. Telling that the son had been badly hurt. He swallowed looking at the picture of a man in a white plain scienticsts coat, a young boy close to him. His face still unharmed, his eyes already held that certain coldness. “Prof. DR. Sharpe and his nine year old son Albert, before the fire.” he read the line under the photograph. Seemingly Prof Sharp was one of those ambitional scientists who wanted to proof life was possible on other planets. He swallowed again.


He found out the vision by himself and sat up, dressing off the mask nd looked in the shocked faces of Ram, Jack and Ved. Even IQ looked a little troubled.

Bray tried hard for the next days to give not too much to that news. It didn’t change their situation anyway. He played the mighty general to KRONOS, watched the GUARDIAN talk to him. Even showed himself with the GUARDIAN. He kept on acting as PHOENIX and in front of KRONOS he showed his worry because of the rebels. In the evenings he laid all that down to be Ambers husband and Wills loving dad. He felt like living only for the evenings. Somne precious hours there wasn’t anything more important then their family. The evening of his next training he entered his rooms alone. Will had been a little moody for having had no nap today and so both had decided it was better for Amber and him to stay in the mall. Bray had promised to come when his training was over.

He entered his living room a cup of hot coffee in his hand. Just half an hour chilling before the trainign was all he wanted. “Good evening general ZEUS…” a clipping cold voice drawled over to him. Bray looked to his desk. On the desk was sitting an intimating looking man. A face all his hate had concentrated on for months. His fingers getting slippery the cup slided out of his hand and shattered with a thud on the livings rooms floor, spilling hot coffee into a small puddle…

(Good morning my dears. So here we go…I know the next chapters will maybe a bit packed with things Happening, but I like that way of writing. First built up slowly, take time to write about characters and how they manage life in such a time and then…boooom “evil laughter” Be ready for some action and some heartbreaking scenes to come…I am still debating with myself if someone might die…?!)

**48. KRONOS **

Bray eyed the TITAN motionless. How did he come here? “Don’t you want to clean that? That carpet looks precious?!” KRONOS eyed him with a soft reprimand. Bray hurried to get a towel and took the remains of the cup, even it was the wrong moment he was thankful he hadn’t used the precious cup Will had made for him. That was safely in the mall. He cleaned everything up and looked then back to the TITAN. He sure wouldn’t watch Bray cleaning away coffee and a broken cup if he would have looked through him, or? “Did I shock you?” “Shock? No…erm…suprise…I didn’t get noticed you’re here…I had a long day, you know? I am extremly tired” “I didn’t tell anyone…you should maybe set high security. It was way too easy to walk in the hotel and break through your safety measures here…” “Well…thanks for warning me then. May I still ask what…you do here?” “Oh your words about PHOENIX yesterday…that rebel is really getting out of hand. The NEW WORLD council thinks so too.” That was a lie, for Bray and the council were working alongside already. So he knew he was there without anyone knowing what made clear why his warning systems hadn’t worked. He cursed himself for having not thought about KRONOS being so secretive that he simply worked all alone in secret. “Indeed…urm…yes…its sure annoying …” In his mind he heard a voice much like his brothers telling him to face the other strong and cool. Not to give away himself by acting nervous. Setting on a hard mask he leant back onto the wall, crossing his arms “Its still not your or any TITANS business how I act here. I got things in hand. Its just a little rebel group.” "And that GUARDIAN?"KRONOS asked seemingly off handly. The council and all in ELITE and the other NEW WORLD tribes knew now of Brays plan to get KRONOS into a safe feeling with him acting like he liked being a god. KRONOS should think Bray had been so deeply brain washed that he believed himself to be superior to everyone. They had let the GUARDIAN speak with KRONOS, the priest acting like ZEUS was absolutely loving to be hailed and telling that he could do like he wanted. What wasn’t true of course. Bra yhad let them be filmed by a staged holy mass for him and his brother. Sitting on a kind of throne above all others. HELENA had been forced to stand beside him. Bray had been so sick after that charade that he had trained himself so tired that he had felt asleep tiredly in the gym that night. It was necessary but it didn’t meant it was better to handle that way. So Bray was curious now. “Whats with him?” He flung himself onto one of the sofas, looking like being at absolute ease with the TITAN being in his rooms. Secretly his mind was working in high speed to find a way to alarm all the others. “I…heard he hails you officially now too?” “Hmm…” “And you just accept that?” “Its practical…there were still people mistrusting me and ELITE like you see on the rebels, having an own religion helps people feeling bound to me…and to ELITE at that”

KRONOS watched the general appraising. He had kept himself in great shape and seemed not to doubt him in any way. “Where is the lovely HELENA?” “HELENA…urm…she…she…is in her own room” “She has an own room? Doesn’t she live here? I saw female accesories in your bathroom…” Bray grinded his teeth. Sure the man had raided his rooms. Maybe even touched the clothes that were Ambers. His mind made a note to throw them all away. He wouldn’t let her even dress something that that bastard had touched. “Oh she does…but sometimes she needs time off…” He sat on a smirk and rolled his eyes “You know women…she says it keeps me interested if I can’t have her all the time…” “Ah yes…females and their ideas of a man or? If you are jumping on them all the time they complain and if you don’t do it, they are even more mad…” “You tell me about it! Actually she is a little mad for my work against the rebels has shorten her time with me…” “Ah now…we can’t have that now! Lets go and see her!” “What now?” “Of course…anything speaking against that?” “No…no of course…lets go…” In the elevator Bray prayed they wouldn’t come along anyone and that HELENA would keep her role.

Something was off with the GENERAL. He seemed not so at ease anymore. Had there been a serious row with HELENA? That made him angry. He had told her to be to ZEUS leisure and follow every wish of him. And not make him worrying for her love or whatever. “Do you…well…do you love her?” Taken cold by the question Bray coughed “L-love? Thats…quiet a big word. I don’t think so. I appreciate her. But nothing more.” “Hmmm…and how does she think about that?” “I don’t know…” “Whenever I talked to her, she talked to me about you…how crazy you are for her…” “Thats only physical…you know how she looks…what man could say no to that body?” “Hmmm…true…” KRONOS followed ZEUS, watching his back. His shoulders were slightly tensed. What was going on? HELENA was a TITAN. It would called be normal the leader of the TITANS wanting to meet a member when he was there for a visit. Especially if she was with the high comander. They entered and HELENA raised from her bed surprised “What…?” her mouth felt shut when she realized KRONOS “We have a guest…darling…” his voice was without any warmth and even if KRONOS didn’t want him to be some softie, that seemed inapproiate to him “Nanana…I knew it. You two have been fighting? That won’t do…you are the new dream couple of new world. The most beautiful female of all and the stunnning looking high comander…I praise myself to have been your amor. So…make up you two…go on…kiss!” It was a command. Bray swallowed. HELENA looked superior and stepped closer “Its not my fault…I would kiss him all the time if possible…” she gurred. Her eyes burnt in his. She was up again.

HELENAS mind jubilated. Bray was hers now. If he didn’t want to spoil his plan to fool KRONOS directly he had to kiss her. Kiss her for real. She would force him to do even more with her tonight. If he wouldn’t get her in his bed tonight, she would simply tell KRONOS everything. Even that Bray had let plant a chip in her to be able to control her in talks with KRONOS. Deep inside she had admired what Bray had done. That there were indeed things or more persons he did everything for. But Amber sure was the wrong one. It should be her, HELENA, he did such things for. Oh he would pay a little tonight. She could be very hard with a man. She liked to dominate what had been a reason why KRONOS had asked her to try on Bray while he had been captured. But honestly she had thought at once that it was a shame to be too harsh on such a beau. If he would be nice she would be all he wanted. But first he needed to learn his lesson. She stroke her hand through his hair, like she had seen Amber doing all the time. But of course he didn’t look at her with endless love or devotion.

His mind recoiled. He couldn’t stand her touch. In a reflex he grabbed her hand tightly “DON’T!” he pushed her away. “ZEUS! Whats that now?” KRONOS flared up “Yes Darling…whats wrong?” HELENA looked wicked and came closer again “Its not the right time and company to play the hard to get man…” she grinned devilish and leant to his ear “I play your mistress…whats wrong? You only have to play along…” He had sworn it. Sworn to Amber that he would never ever sink that low and kiss her. His eyes felt on the ring from wire that he hadn’t taken off since she had put it on his finger. He should just do it. Save them a little time. Maybe they could take KRONOS simply prisoner and all would be done? Without even a fight? He swallowed again when HELENA stroked through his hair again. That was Ambers gesture. It should be her and only her doing that. He closed his eyes a short moment. A simple kiss won’t do. But he couldn’t do more. Not for anyone or anything on the world. Not even for Will. His boy. What would he think seeing his dad kiss another woman? He would hate him even if Bray would do it for their sake. No. There were things that were too much against your own principles. He had done so many things already that he despised. Not that too. He recoiled when she moved her lips onto his “I won’t kiss you EVER and you know that full well!” “What…?!” HELENA rounded back to the TITAN “Well you got it coming darling…he is been fooling you all the time KRONOS…he knows everything…he knows it was me who tortured him and he knows it was you who asked me too…he is fooling you since months and you’re just as arrogant as him! You both are just some fucking assholes and you deserve each other!” she spied out hateful “How could you not see that it was not really me speaking all that weeks…he controlled me. You sent me here and didn’t care a daim for me…I was your puppet…” she turned to Bray whos eyes where wide with fear “And you weren’t better…I am out of here now…play your war alone!” “What…but I saw…you and him…I saw you both…” She laughed dryly “You think yourself high eh? There are people with brain here…they made VIDEOS. Sadly he never took me…he rather fucked that MALL RAT bitch and made her a second child…” She sighed dramatically “Our babies could have been so stunningly Bray…but well…I sure will find someone who appreciates me…bye bye…” Before any of them could react she was gone from the room.

Bray swallowed again when the TITAN moved closer to him “Well,well…” Was there something like admiration in the TITANS eyes? “You looked through? You’ve got your memories back?” “Yes!” It was time to pack out. The Titan sighed soflty “I underestimaned your mind. I knew you were great, but that…I am impressed. Fooling me like that…I take it PHOENIX was a fluke? To make me nervous and come here?” “Yes” “And the GUARDIAN? You’re not letting him pray for you because you want but because you wanted me to believe my programming works?” “Yes” “Ah!” KRONOS applauded. “Thats really something…without your heart now going against you, you would have fooled me! I was only doubting a little for you had been nervous about going to HELENA. Thats why I thought you two had fought…you just had to kiss her!” “There are things that are asked too much…” “Even if it would have meant to safe your family?” “You won’t do anything to them…” “Says who?” KRONOS stared in his eyes, they were almost standing nose on nose “I say so. You’re done for. In the name of ELITE and the council of NEW WORLD I take you into custody. You will face trial for your betrayal…” “Big words!” KRONOS smirked “But foolish ones…” That pain that he had almost forgotten, grabbed after his brain. Helpless he sunk down in his knees “You thought I came here without safety measures…fool!” KRONOS slapped him hard and he sunk down into darkness.

“Whats up darling?” Ryan sat down to Tara who was brooding about some papers “Oh only the usual…resource checks…training plans…working plans…” “Na you won’t look that way for only something usual, so…whats wrong?” “You know me too well…” she sighed “Its a message I got from my spy. No one has seen KRONOS for two days now.” “And thats untypical?” “Hmmm…I don’t know. It might be that he only enjoys some of his luxury but its also possible he broods about some plan…” “Darling…you brooding about that won’t help anyone. It only makes you crazy and takes away your concentration on the things here…” When he kissed her in her neck she grinned “You mean it takes away my concentration from you?” “That too…” he grinned against her neck, embracing her “Don’t you miss me? Not a bit? You’re working all the time…” “You’re too…we all are…” “But every couple takes time to be a couple aswell…” He grabbed her face “I know you feel like you own it to Bray…and you’re right we should take what we can off his shoulders. But I also know he would reprimand you for ignoring your needs…its what we fight for…our world, our future, our love…all of us. And we never know…we can’t be sure if all of us survive that fight…” “Ryan…” “No hear me out! Please! I know we all try to be positive all the time…but…its just outright foolish to believe if there will be really a fight that none of us might die…or be hurt severe. Its what Bray worries the most. He knows its not only his life at stake. He fears he leads us into a battle where some might never come back from and he would have that on his responsibility…thats why he gives us all the time off…thats why he advices us to take all time together we can. And I think we should appreciate that. We should honor the time we have. For maybe, only maybe we one day look back and mourn for lost time we can never get back. Lets be happy even if only some precious moments. Lets give each other more reason to fight.” “Oh my sweet Ryan…” she whispered, stroking his cheek “You’re right…and I should tell you way more often that I love you…” and kissed him gently. He embraced her tightly and gave back her kiss in a way that made her sigh against his lips.

His eyes fluttered open and he moaned painfully. Noticing he was bounded sittting on a chair he looked confused around “What?” “Ah…you’re awake already…well…strong mind…” Brays heart froze looking at himself, dressed in his Mall clothes. “How…?” “Well…its all technique…I tell you…it was hard work to train my body in the way you do yours…I needed indeed some clincial help…sadly I have not your genes concerning built up musculature like you…but well…I guess …I have succeded…” “You…?!” “Ah…I see…you didn’t know EVERYTHING, hmm? I was wondering watching your plans…” Bray looked to his table, shocked to see all his so carefully thought out plans laying across. KRONOS knew everything of their researches and troops and plans? He bite his tongue when KRONOS grabbed his hair tightly and pulled back his head “You had no idea I wanted to take over your place?” “You…that was you who spoke to KC?” “Hmmm…I found a prisoner who had been a MALL RAT and wanted to test if that high tech mask and voice transmitter works…well…I studied all your memories…that was a pain. You are sure some emotional soul…I had to fine tune you a bit…but now where you started to show your other side…it will be easy to fit in. I can act like you in the military way…and then I simply will change you…persons change or?” “No one will believe you are me! NO ONE!” “Oh I wouldn’t be so sure of it…if they see me with your lady. Thats the way you fooled me. You showed me what I wanted to see and only that I saw. I never looked deeper. I was arrogant” he grinned a bit devilish “Thats a serious flaw of me, you know? So thanks for teaching me a lesson why its not good to trust anyone, not even to oneself. And now…” he slapped him hard again “You’ll get that stupid heart of yours broken. You just watch…I have got a camera adorned to my watch. .I let you watch when I fuck hell out of her…” The grin on the other mans mask let Brays face look anything else then handsome. The door smashed closed and Bray looked hardly breathing to the laptop, scared if he would see something that would sure break everything in him.

“Oh hi Bray…Rams going mad already for you let him waiting in PARADISE, what happenend?” He stared at the young guy, who the fuck was that? He wore an ELITE uniform so he would be one of the cadetts? “Urm…yes…well…I will talk to him…” He hurried up the malls stairs, wondering where to go. But then he grinned. The MALL RATS made it easy by having nice signs beside the doors telling who lived in which room! He walked confident to the room that bore Brays and Ambers names and entered the room.

In the hotel Bray was fighting against his boundaries. Panic flodded him when he saw KRONOS entering their room and walking up to Amber who stood up, seemingly happy to already see him. “No Amber…please…please run…”

“Bray…” Looking in his eyes she stopped. Something inside warned her. That weren’t Brays eyes. They were looking just hungry at her. She loved when Bray looked hungry at her and it was a high feeling when he simply pulled her in his arms and kissed her senseless. But the way he looked now, made her feel unwell “Whats…? Training already over?” “Somehow he didn’t do anything tonight…or I didn’t notice…maybe I am too weak…” Her eyes lost a little of the doubt and got softer “Oh no you’re not…” She touched his cheek and wondered why that felt so weird. When he laid his hand over hers, she felt like stepping back. Where was that usual thrill when his hand touched hers? Where was that soft prickling that ran over her skin everytime they touched?

KRONOS studied her interested. Damn she sure was worth a fuck. Even when pregnant. Or maybe because of it? Her breasts sure were inviting, she seemed to be one of thatb women who only got a belly but didn’t put on much weight, her hair was long, smooth with some soft waves and shining… Her dark grey-blue eyes had dark long lashes and she had perfect lips. And she posessed a warmth that none of the women he used to have in TARTAROS posessed. The girls he had usually either liked him being mighty, or even liked to be dominated, or they were innocent and screamed all the time while he had fun with them. But he never had a woman that maybe could really stand on his side. Seeing the papers she had worked on, he realized she had also brain and understanding of leadership. Maybe he would keep her. If she was good in bed that was. Normally he had planned to get lost of Amber at once when he had taken over Brays place. He wanted to sent her and the boy away, telling people it would be necessary to keep his godess HELENA happy. But with HELENA gone the place on his side was free. He wouldn’t run after the female TITAN, should she care herself to survive outside. She was a spoiled princess and sure would not do a week alone outside without someone taking care for her. But that women here knew how to survive without a man. That sure was attractive.

“Bray…were is your ring?” “My ring?” His eyes fell on her hands. She wore a beautiful amber ring and on her other hand some delicate braided one. It looked kind of selfmade. Was the true Bray wearing such a thing?

In the hotel Bray noticed that his selfmade wedding ring still was on his finger. His bracelet and necklace were gone, but seemingly KRONOS had overseen the fragile wire band. A part of him jubilated, another part was scared for Amber. When he saw Amber recoil from KRONOS and the guy grabbing her wrist in a hard way he pulled another time on his bounds and succeeded. Like the night he had fought the ex leader of the ROOSTERS, strength was cursing through him. The TITAN would pay for having ever dared to touch her.

“Bray…let me go…” “Go? Not at all my darling…you’re going to be mine now…” Amber froze. DARLING? She tore her hand away. “Who are you?” she screamed and ran out of the room. “AMBER! COME BACK HERE!” “NO!” Tribemembers came running ““Whats up here?” Solaris shouted, Ram followed her “BRAY! Couldn’t you tell me you were save? I am worrying since two hours where you are!” Amber ran to Solaris “Help me…” “Help you? Huh?” “She is only a little mad at me…because I lost that ring…” “Hello? Do I get an answer?” Ram positioned himself in front of the women “Step aside you loser…” “RAM!” Solaris shouted outraged when Bray pushed Ram hard aside and grabbed Ambers arm again. “Are you insane Bray?” “Thats not Bray…” Amber wriggled against him “Rhys…Lex…” The guys stepped forward “Bray…let go of her…whats got into you?” “Thats a couple thing here…you come back with me now…you don’t have to get our problems out of our room…” “Let me go!” “Please guys…help me a little…tell her she should speak to me…I only don’t want to discuss in public…” Lex eyed him suspicious. “He is not wearing his ring…” “Heavens sake…here is it are you blind?” He grabbed her ring around his neck, remembering the necklace he had taken off from the generals neck. With surprising strength she pulled her arm from him and fleed towards Trudy “See? He thinks I am speaking about my ring…but I am speaking about the rings he made for us…” KRONOS cursed inwardly, so the true Bray was really also wearing a ring on his finger. Damn the man. Rhys eyed him “Will? Come here!” The little boy came running out of the children room where Rhys had told them to stay when the screams had started “Yes?” he looked shyly at the outraged adults, his eyes fastened on Bray. The tribemembers tensed when the boy instead running up into Brays arms, ran up to Amber and looked scared over to the man “Who is that mommy? Where is my daddy?” Rhys flied forward and grabbed the guy “Okay…slowly now…” He screamed when an electric shock ran through him “Fuck…” “RHYS!” Trudy and Amber screamed scared when the wrong Bray packed him by his neck “What’s got into you my friend? Attacking me? Only for a stupid little boy and his mother try to fool me? Only because I am not like they want me to be?” “You’re not Bray…he would never speak that way about them…” “But maybe…” Ellie whispered “Maybe its really Bray…what if KRONOS manipulatipon has taken place…what if…he succeeded…” “Don’t say that…” Jack whispered. “If the manipulation is that good we lost Bray forever…look…he doesn’t even react to Will crying…” the little boy was sobbing broken “Where is my daddy?” " I am your dad you little brat!” The other Bray flared and in one fast move had grabbed him hard. Amber screamed scared and tried to follow, but Trudy held her back whispering “Think about your baby…” “He has my baby!” Tears ran down her face “Give him back…please…please…I do…I do whatever…don’t hurt him…if you’re really my Bray…please…please…” She pulled herself away and stepped closer “Please…” “You will come with me and we will speak…and you will accept me the way I am or you’ll will get to know my not so nice side…” “I…”

Tara shook slightly beside Ryan, for an emphatic person like her that was the most terrible situation to watch. “Is that Bray? What happened to him?” Ryan voice was hoarse “Do you think he acted all the time on us and snapped now?” “No…I don’t know whats got into him…but I fear we lost him…oh god how could we have let him do that? We should have stopped him doing those trainings…” Ryan hugged her, watching helpless. They couldn’t just run up. Bray could control them, if he wanted.

Looking quiet defeated Amber nodded “Okay…I will do…just…just let him down…” “No mommy…mommy go!” Will fought bravely against the grab “Mommy…save our baby! Mommy…go!” He hit Bray “Let go…you not daddy!” “I fear I am…you’ll learn some respect now!” The tribe members screamed outraged, when Bray slapped the boys face hard and Lex roared “I care the fuck if you’re Bray or not…you’re going to pay for that!” Slade and Tai-San grabbed his arms hard. "Stay put Lex…we can’t risk he does more to Will…"Amber broke down crying “Please…please…don’t hurt him anymore…please…” “I do whatever I want with my son…”

A small military knife came flying and strifed the mans hair in a way that it kind of scalped him. They looked confused when the face wavered a little . They stared into the direction of the knife. His wrists bleeding a little, his face looking like he had suffered a hit, but his eyes burning dangerously Bray was staring high “TAKE YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF MY SON!!!” “Whats…?” Rhys staggered high confused “Bray?” “Its him Rhys…its the same he used to let HELENA look like one of the girls…” “DADDY!” “Keep still you brat…” KRONOS hissed, but seeing his dad ready to fight made Will brave, he bit strongly into the mans hand who let go of him with a scream. The little boy tore away into the arms of his crying mother. Seeing that it was a lost fight now, Kronos tore down the stairs and pushed Trudy hard out of the way so that she staggered and nearly felt down. Lex could grab her in the last moment. But couldn’t also help Ruby who was also then pushed down, holding Joshua tightly to herself. Bray had ran up the stairs to met KRONOS, but he ignored him then to save Ruby and her baby boy. And so KRONOS succeeded to flee.

“You’re okay?” Ruby nodded, Slade took over “Thanks Bray. I owe you, but now go to your family Bray…they need you” Slade hugged the shocked Ruby and his boy to him. Bray ran up and felt down on is knees hugging both to him “I am sorry…god…If anything would have really happened to you both…” he kissed Amber onto her hair “Shh my heart…I am here…shhhh…come here Will…” he took his boy closer “You brave little hero…its okay…its okay…” Desperately he hugged both, trying to give them safety and comfort. “Bray…what happened?” Her voice was weak from crying, but he felt her heart was calming down already by the feeling of his heart beating against hers. “We talk in some moments…but now I have to look at Will first…show me your face…” He carefully touched the red cheek “I am so sorry my little hero…” “Daddy that was not you…not you must say sorry…” The boy cuddled closer and sobbed a little broken, sure not understanding why anyone would even hit him. Bray hugged him completely, letting go of Amber. One hand holding his sons head, the other struggling slowly up and and down the boys back.

When Solaris kneeled down and touched them, Bray recoiled from her, pressing Will closer to him “Bray…let me look at both of you…your wrists are bleeding…your face is hurt aswell…you both need some healing gel…it will be alright…” “Nothing will be alright ever again!” Crying desperately he hid his face in Wills hair “I am sorry…I didn’t keep my word that you won’t be touched …I won’t let you ever out of my arms again…never!” he whsipered to his sobbing son “Bray…its alright…we are all here…Ryan is right now postioning guards around the mall…” Tai-San spoke in a calming and quiet voice. Standing up Bray stepped back, holding his boy safely “How could he even slip through all of your safety measures? Ryan? Lex? Ebony? Alice? I trusted you…I gave up a little control to have more time…to not outdo myself…and what got that to me now? Look at me! Look at my son!” Even when tears were shacking him his eyes burnt with anger “None of you will take him away from me…I won’t trust his saftey to anyone else then me ever again!” “Bray…” Rhys moved carefully closer “Bray…shhh…calm down…you’re scaring Will that way…I understand. Oh you know I do…I would tear apart the place if Lucy would have been handled that way…but its of no use…come…come…think of Amber…look at her…” Holding up his hands he stepped closer. Brays eyes felt on Amber who was watching him crying herself. “She has watched KRONOS holding Will in a violent way…hitting him without being able to help…and now she has to watch you holding him and not letting go of him…think of her…she is pregnant…its too much for her…calm down…come…” He recoiled another time “Don’t come closer!” “Bray really…” getting angry Rhys made another step foward “What do you think I do? I am his godfather. I am shocked as you. His tears get to me aswell. You’re not acting comforting to him that way…let him to his mommy! You’re in not in a state to help him now!” “Big words…its not your family …not your child being taken by a man looking like you…I…” “Daddy…” Will touched his face softly “Daddy…we must go mommy…me not want mommy cry…you?” Looking at his boys tearful face, his heart shattered into a million pieces. An unbearable pain grabbed after him, breathing was hard suddenly and he sunk down into his knees again “Y-you’re right…go-go to your mother…l-litte he-hero…” He let go off Will who stepped back looking confused why his father didn’t just go to Amber with him, but Bray felt like his mind was collapsing right now. He grabbed his hair, tears shacking him, trying hard not to scream. Memories flashed around. His mother crying for the news. Crying for her boys would be let alone. His father crying silently in the kitchen after his mother had died already. His brother hiding his tears in his pillow, not wanting to speak to Bray. The day his dad then died. When he held the telephone. His brother toring from the house when he realized it. Bray letting the receiver fall without ending the call. Walking back to his treehouse. Climbing it. Breaking down finally about his fathers death. Crying finally for his mother too. Crying for his brother who didn’t want him to be his brother. Ambers ‘death’ on EAGLE MOUNTAIN. Then the news when she was supossed to be dead because he hadn’t exchanged the GUARDIAN for her. His capture. Torture. Nights alone when nigthmares chased him and he stuck his fist into his mouth so Rhys wouldn’t hear him cry all the time. “Daddy?!” Will tried to touch him but he recolied from him, “Go to mommy…I am not good for you or anyone…go…everywhere I am I bring only misery and tears…”

They watched helpless when all strength seemed to leave Bray and he just cried desperately like all pain in the world would unite in him. “Whats…?” Lex looked at the others “Whats going on? Thats not normal there…Bray is emotional and sure he is in shock now…but that there?” “I think…” Ram looked sorrowful “It might be his chip…all that mind controlling had to take a toll on him…maybe it breaks out now…maybe now he feels everything he has only felt slightly or drop by drop before. We know he was still trying to remember things from the time before the virus hit. There were moments the last weeks when he had times like that…when memories flashed back and the pain he has already lived through added to his new pain…I think that might be happening now.” “What and he has to live out all pain he ever felt? All what ever made him cry and lost it in his life?” Lex looked striken “Can’t we help him? That will kill him!” “No it won’t!” Amber spoke detemined and got up. She moved out of her sisters way when she tried to hold her back and walked over to Bray. She sat down next to him, but not to close “Come here Will…” her little boy stepped in her arms and she took hold of one his hands. Slowly she moved their hands to Bray to lay them on his head. “You’re so amazingly strong Bray…you have gotten through much sorrows and tears in your life already. You have survived all that pain. It made you the man you are now…don’t break now about pain that is already gone. It are memories. You remember your pain. And thats necessary so we are respectful. But there is no need to feel it again. You have ovecome each of that pains and have been happy again. You still believe in a good world. A world where everyone has a place and home. You believe in our family. In our own little happiness. Even in all that mess here, we are happy!” His tears seemed to ease a bit and he let them come closer. Will leant trustfully onto his chest “Look at our wonderful little boy Bray…he is your happiness. He is brighter and stronger then any darkness or sadness can be. He has been my light all that time I missed you. There is no perfect happiness and you know that. There will always be something to cry for or to be angry about. But there will also always be so many reasons to be happy for.” She took one of his hands and laid it over her belly. There was a little fluttering feeling and then a stronger hit. Brays lips twitched, like did hers. That baby sure was temperamental. Their baby. Their second child. Soon he would be able to hold and cuddle it. He looked at Will. Their first born. His pride and joy. His precious little boy. His little hero. And warmth flooded him. Good memories overflooded his mind chasing away those dark ones. He closed his eyes, sighing contently about the light that filled him. The first time they kissed each other. How they kissed each other on EAGLE MOUNTAIN. The night she came to him. Her return from the woods. How she cuddled in his arms after her kidnap. That ever so shy and soft first kiss on the beach after his return. The moment he realized Will was his son. Christmas when his boy had called him ‘daddy’ the first time. When she had said ‘yes’ to him. The moments when his son had cried in his arms, trusting his father to comfort him and make the world good again. The night after her recovery where they not only celebrated their own unit, but also the life of their new baby. Each time they watched their little pea on the ultrasonic or listenend to its heartbeats. The many moments of laughter and joy. The times Rhys had joked around with him. His friendship had been his only light for a long while. And it shone even brigther since they both were with their girls. Brady who he had helped into the world and who was a big part of his life. His little godson who he had luckily been able to safe right now. His goddaughter. His old friends. His new friends. His privates. Yes there were way more reasons to be happy and hope. He could overcome sadness. He always had been able too. There was no reason to break now. He took a deep breath. The malls scent. Home. The first place he had felt something like safety and yes…happiness after the virus. Positive thoughts filled him and he felt like a wall was cracking in his mind. Good and bad memories flooded around each other and suddenly all felt in place. His mind ordered things and could place them right. When a sad memory flooded up a fitting happy one battled it. Suddenly the feelings he had been fighting all those months to be able to hold, felt at home. He had found it easy to love and show his love, but the other many emotions often had battled him kind of down. He sighed opening his eyes “I…I think…I have broken the chips mind control function…once and for all. I never had acess to all at once.” “How do you mean that?” Amber asked gently stroking a finger along his cheek, he grabbed her hand and kissed its palm “I always had the feeling when too much emotions battled inside that I lost control. I couldn’t order it. I couldn’t find what was the most important and what was counting then. When Will comforted me on my birthday it was my love for him that finally helped me. KRONOS additional features caged me often in. I tore those walls apart over the last months. But there was still that one. That one I never was able to break. I…feel like being completely me again…” “You…never told me you still feel strange…” “I couldn’t. How should I phrase something I had no clue of? There was only sometimes that feeling to not be able to grab something at all. Like watching me from the outside and asking why I acted that way. Why a certain situation made me so over emotionally while there were memories I knew must be emotional but didn’t feel like it…” he shook his head “That fucking bastard has caged me in…” “DADDY!” Will pulled his braids a little and Bray grinned apologizing “Sorry…I know not appropiate language!” He hugged him tightly “I am only really,really,reaaaaaaaally angry at that man!” “Me too!” Will pouted and Bray took his face in for real now “Show me…” he touched his cheek softly “Does it hurt much?” Will shrugged “A bit…you?” His son touched Brays cheek who shrugged too “A bit…” Both smiled at each other. “Come you both…please let Sol look at you…” Bray nodded, stood up and pulled Amber up in his arms, laying one arm supportive around her “And we will check you too…” “Okay if you feel better, then we will do that…”

It was a whole while later when they entered the cafe. Wills and Brays faces looking way better already. Wills cheek wasn’t so angry red anymore and Brays temple already looked like having healed a few days. Brays wrists both bandaged freshly. Will grabbed hungrily for one of the hot dogs Salene and May had knocked off in a hurry. Bray smiled warmly and with radiant happiness seeing his little boy eating with the same good appetite like usual. His little body needed seemingly way more food then the average boy only to keep his normal weight. He was still a little light for his height and that was why he sometimes seemed even more vunerable. But Bray knew of his strength. His son was way stronger in his mind, then even many adults were. He was stubborn and already wasn’t afraid to defend himself and the ones he loved. “Daddy here…” Surprised Bray hurried to take a bite when his son stuck the hot dog into his mouth and chewed. His son giggled “Hihi…” Bray swallowed at grinned at him “Playing the daddy again?” “Hmmm…someone must take care for you!” Will said earnestly, feeding him again. Rhys chuckled “Ah…see…its Bray we need to cuddle and protect and not Will…” “Rhys…” “Not talk daddy you eat!” Will feeded him again and then looked at Rhys “You not annoy my daddy…he is eating now!” “Woa…sorry little comander…” Rhys rolled his eyes and huffed “Pfff…thats sure a side he has from Amber…pfff…” Trudy giggled and hit him softly “Well…and its not a bad side, mind! Give Bray some rest…he must be in awful shock!” “No I am not…” he ate again when his son feeded him more “…actually I feel angry yes. But also…energetic for it finally can come to an end. I don’t have to act anymore…and thats such a huge lift. What just happened out there was the last straw somehow…you…hmph…its hard to explain. I know I never was the exptremly outgoing person to all of you and kept a lot of hurt to myself. But still all of you know I am more the emotional person. Urm…or sensitive like Lex would phrase it…” Lex grinned " When I joined ELITE I only was that way with Rhys and Lucy and a bit with the others. But there were moments were I didn’t know how to act. I felt there was something needed but I just couldn’t grab the fitting emotion. When I sometimes tried to feel myself into someone I had no fitting memory. So I often only copied the actions of others. Since coming here those walls around me have melted more and more. I had acess to long lost emotions. But not only happy ones. Suddenly I felt desperation like the time when KRONOS manipulation drove me to break with Amber for good. I fought myself free for my love towards her and my joy to be Wills father where so way stronger in the end. But of course that freed my fear aswell. Fear for the people I love. More and more emotions flooded in me and I had no real udnerstanding anymore. I felt sometimes like bursting. On my birthday it was the first time I thought I might break for good. I was scared of HELENA, mad at all of you for asking me to act good with her, hate on her and KRONOS, guilt for that hate I felt. Shame for that I let that still hurt me. It seemed too much. I wasn’t used to that anymore and to the same time I KNEW I had once been able to handle many emotions to the same time. I always had been able to order my emotions. But not anymore. Will helped me then to concentrate on my love for him and Amber and my happiness to be home with all of you. The last weeks I realized that I got more and more order in me. I learned to accept and love myself and I really do that. I think I am a good person. I do my best at last. And I think no one can say I never not give my all for the important things. I am a good leader and also a good normal tribe member that takes care to fullfill duties for the tribe. I can handle and balance that different roles. I try my best for being a good father and I think I don’t mess up completely…" He kissed Wills head affectionately “When I see my little one I think I do at last one or two things right! That now…did it…KRONOS threw me in a situation out of my control. I was in panic, felt anger and hate and so much fear…but I could supress to be strong and fight…fight for my family. Hate was cursing through me when I threw that knife but I also aimed only high for I was scared to hit Will. I…I am not proud of it but I was ready to kill when he came down the stairs. But then Ruby stumbled and my emotions sat right. Her and Joshuas life meant more then my revenge. When I came to Will and Amber it suddenly crashed all. Fear, hurt, shame, guilt, panic, love, anger…I was watching myself and didn’t know what was important anymore. You all felt wrong to me. Like enemies. Only Will felt safe. My hurt little boy that I had to protect at all costs. But then…well…I…I let it it happen…I always have fought in the last weeks. Tried to keep control, fought my own feelings. When dark thoughts grabbed me I literally tried to fight myself. But now…it was just like my innerself told me it was okay to finally lose control. And with losing it, I got control back…I can’t explain better. But I really feel good now. Like…like…” “Like a reboot…” Ram nodded “Thats what I always thought the last weeks…when I saw you so down sometimes in paradise…I thought your brain needed a reboot…” “And you couldn’t tell me?” Bray smirked “Would you have understood what I meant?” “No maybe not…but now my ways clear. There won’t be too many emotions at once anymore. I will be able to keep them apart. Actually I was scared when we would go into battle that I would not be able to order things…it all seemed going so fast sometimes. My own evolvement aswell…but now I am settled. I first time feel like my body, soul and mind are on the same step!” he kissed Will again “And you my little hero helped me quiet a lot with that…thank you!” “No problem daddy!” Will said non chalant as if understanding completely what his dad was talking about. Brays laughter washed over them like balm. If Bray could still feel that way, there was no reason to lose hope.

“So will you please tell us now what happened? How did he come here?” Lex lost patience a bit “Well…seemingly my last report about PHOENIX made him so worried he decided to come. Actually I haven’t thought about him being that secretive that he wouldn’t inform new world. I am sorry about that. I underestimanted him. Or more got the wrong line about him. I thought he would go and make me bad looking…but actually as you saw now thats not what he aimed at.” “He wanted to be…you?” Jack crooked his head asking “Hmmm…somehow yes. He wanted to fill in my place. I actually still don’t understand why at all…I mean…why didn’t he use his intelligence to make himself a loved person? He told me he had operations to let his body look like mine. Can you believe that? Who would do that?” “Urm…some maniac?” Ebony offered “Hmph…” “So wait…he wanted the GUARDIAN to not only built up a religion to maybe control you better but to take your place in it one day…to be the hailed new good…?” “Hmmm…” “But what about that panel he trained you on? What about EAGLE MOUNTAIN?” “I don’t know…I maybe could have found out if I would have stayed put, but I couldn’t. He was advancing on my family…” “Wait…from where…what…please start again!” Rhy sshook his head confused. “Well…I came back into my rooms and wanted to rest before I would have trained again. He was waiting for me already. Told me he came to check , being worried because of PHOENIX…he aske dme where HELENA was. I told him she was in her room. That made him wonder…he…he…” Bray looked at Amber “He had raided my rooms a bit and had seen your things…I am pretty sure he has seen your clothes and so on…” She shuddered “I am throwing everything away…ewwww!” He pulled her onto him with one arm, to drop a kiss on her forehead "I told him she has an own room for she wants to keep me interested…he sensed we maybe have trouble…I had to bring him to her and could only hope she would play along. But actually…she sensed my weakness. " He closed his eyes ashamed “She wanted to play along…to kiss me…but I…I couldn’t…” He opened his eyes “I am sorry…but its just not possible to me…I could have maybe saved us that way…but…but…I couldn’t…” “No Bray…don’t apologize for that. You would have given yourself in her hands that way. She would have probably blackmailed you as long as he would have stayed. She would have blackmailed you to take her to your room. To maybe…well…you know…” Ebony looked careful at Will “She knew too much that way. It was a risk what we took with her. Always. It is good you didn’t follow her wish…one time giving in to pressure and blackmailing means only to give in again and again…I know all about it. I operated often like that…” He raised his brows at her and she shrugged "What? I know I am not qualifying for the sameritan angel…we all know that…but I have the advantage that I understand such peoples way of thinking. “Hmmm…well when I recoiled from her she told him everything…then she fleed. He knocked me out and when I woke up I was bounded and he was wearing that high technical mask or whatever it is…he told me he would go into the mall and that he had a camera adorned to himself so that I would be able to watch when he…he…” He swallowed looking down on Amber “…I saw him entering…saw that you were happy first…but then…you looked confused…you noticed my ring missing…” “Can anyone please explain THAT?” Ellie asked “When he showed Amber the ring on his neck I was all devastavated for there was the ring…but Amber…” Amber lifted her hand a bit and they stared at the delicate ring from silver wire with the little silver feather on it “Bray and me…we…” “You married without any of us?” Salene asked a little accusing “It was a private ceremony…promises only face to face…for…for we don’t know…if…if we both…Bray made us that rings after we already had made promises for I felt like it wasn’t meaning much without a common sign…I…” “Shhh…my heart…shhh…” he hugged her tightly “My ring’s here…he didn’t take it. Its good we did that. He took my other things…and I will get them back from him!” He laced the hand with his own self made wedding band through her hand with her band. Their rings laid beside each other that way “I knew that couldn’t be you…” she whispered “The eyes were wrong too…not the colour or so…but the expression…that just felt wrong. When he touched me…there wasn’t that feeling I have whenever you touch me…” “I know what you mean…” he breathed “I could feel its you, even when I would lose my eyesight…no ones touch could feel like yours…” He kissed her gently “I broke myself free and headed here. I came just in when he hit Will…I threw my knife…but I couldn’t truly aim for real for I was scared to hit Will…”

The malls entrance openend and most of them jumped up, ready in fight positions “Hey? Don’t be shocked…its us…” Bray sighed, sitting down again. the other generals had arrived from their different places they had been working in today. HERA came in and hugged Bray and Amber “Oh my god…what happened…?” “Rhys could you tell them? I really need to eat something…” Bray didn’t wait for an answer but took a hot dog for himself now and his son did the same. Rhys recounted and the generals goggled. “That fucking bastard…” “ARES!” HERA reprimanded him and he looked sheepish at the kids “Oh sorry…” “I am sorry that I messed up the chance to get him…” Ruby mumbled “NO Ruby…thats not your fault…I should have thought about his secretive manner…I should have sent a warning about my advice at once…but I thought I could turn it for us. Then I thought I could take him out and we wouldn’t have even to fight. Ts. I am sorry for being arrogant!” “Bray no…if someone should be sorry its us security chiefs…I just don’t get how he could pass the many controls…” Ryan mumbled “Maybe he used Brays face before? Who would control the high comander?” Lottie mused and they all looked surprised “But sure…yeah…thats how he must have done it!” Bray hit his head “But…thats also means…he can use that anytime to collect privates now…damn!” Bray hit his fist on the table “Not with me…Ryan…give out check words…whenever meeting me they should check with me…that will be hell annoying to me but…its easy…” “Okay…” “And then we should…” His boy yawned wide and Bray looked down on him. His eyes showing love “Awwww…I should bring you to sleep first hmm?” “No…me wanna stay daddy!” Will cuddled deeper onto him “You talk…me sleep here…” His eyes shining with love Bray shook his head “Thats not good for you Will…you need a restful sleep…” Amber stroke Wills hair “Daddy is right…you kids can sleep all in your common room and Sebastian and Lottie stay with you…nothing can happen to you…” “I’ll keep guard too!” AJAX reassured the little boy. The other kids seemed to be satisfied with that, especially for AJAX usually entertained them with stories from his orginal heritage being of cheerokee descent. Will usually loved those stories, but now he only hid more on his father “No…stay with daddy…” he looked high into Brays eyes “Please daddy…” His voice was barely a whisper and sounded so scared and young that Bray felt he should go and tore the world apart to find that maniac and make him pay for what he did to his little boy. He hugged him comforting to himself. Maybe other fathers would be strict now and tell their son what to do. But Bray had only done that one time, when he had to leave the mall for a training and had told Will to stay with Rhys till Amber returned to the mall. The crying of Will when he had just left had haunted his nigthmares quiet a while. He wasn’t never asking anything of Will and he reprimanded him for sure if he acted wrong. But always in a gentle way. He always tried to explaint to Will what he had done wrong. But hurt him now after his little heart was hurting already? No way. He needed that bound between them stay intact. He still was scared he might not survive and then at last Will should always have the safe knowledge that his father had loved him deeply and unconditionally. “Okay my little hero…come…” He got up and people looked at him confused “Sorry…but we can’t do anything at all right now anyway. Security is tightened up…all we can do now is wait he shows up again. Musing the whole night won’t bring us more I guess. I can understand you’re all uptight now and feel restless…I do too to a point…but this little guy here needs me now the most! Maybe I can’t always put him first like I would like to, but I can do tonight.” He reached Amber his hand “And you and our other baby too…come…your sister wanted you to rest soon anyway…” “Okay…” She let him pull her up and looked at the others “You all should try to get rest too…think about all the times we were scared and on the edge about something awaiting us…and we got through. Together. We’ll keep the dream alive. Goodnight.” “Goodnight…” everyone whispered while the leader couple went away to their room.

“She is right!” Salene nodded. “Some people would maybe say we lost today for we didn’t manage to overthrow him. But look at it that way: none of us has died or been hurt really bad. Okay we lost our advantage of him not knowing that we know he is not the nice TITAN, but we would have lost that anyway as soon as he would have showed up here. We all would have joined the fight against him anyway. We’re warne dof him as much as he is warned of us. I bet anything he sits now somewhere , working out a stratedgy, that will take some while…so no reason for us to sit here on tenderhooks. That won’t us help fighting better! So lets finsih diner and then up to bed for everyone here!” It was the first time since being leader that Salene had to do a pep talk and the others had to agree that she did quiet well.

Bray was watching Will sleeping tightly snuggled up to his chest. He had sat down on the bed and leant back against the headboard for somehow he had felt that his boy needed more then only sleep on his chest like usual. He needed his fathers arms around him, needed to be kind of caged into that safety that only his father could provide. Amber watched them sitting close by, her heart aching for the hurt of her little boy but also the pain she knew Bray felt. “He will be okay…look at what Brady has gotten through…she was taken away from Trudy and had to be without her alone with the CHOOSEN quiet some while …when we give our love to the children they can overcome.” “Amber this here is not over now…I am pretty sure KRONOS isn’t all alone now out there helpless…no he would have never came here only by himself. We have still no clue what he is aiming at…I destroyed his insane idea somehow now. He wanted to take over my place…I just don’t understand. Who wants to be me?” “Bray…he wants your place…” “But thats the point…why hasn’t he just taken up leadership when the organsiation rose after the virus? It seems like he is the son of the man who had the idea in the first place…only his father didn’t have good intentons but only wanted to fullfill his idea of conquering a new planet for humanity. if I understand that things I was shown by that stranger right, his father unleashed the first virus…he tried to blackmail the goverments of earth and when they didn’t give in…well…if thats true and his father was that way…I am scared of what he even might be ready to do. I wish I could hold Will in my arms till all is over…I feel like he isn’t safe with anyone else…but…but…” He took a breath to stop himself from sobbing. “You’re going to sent us away?” “I don’t want to Amber…but…thats not about me and my stupid heart…its about you and him and our second baby having a chance to survive. You haven’t seen his eyes when he spoke about…well…taking you. He wouldn’t care if you scream and fight and whatever…maybe he wouldn’t even care Will seeing it or hearing it. I am not letting you stay to risk that I lose you both and …Amber…if I would die…that wouldn’t be the worst ! The worst would be to know I leave you behind. Without protection.” “Where do you want to sent us?” “The GAIANS…Hawk has knowledge to bring you to a secret plane…its big enough to take all GAIANS, all the kids here and those we said would join you…it will bring you to…my place at headquarters. ELITE will do anything to keep you safe. I know it doesn’t give all peace, but I think if he gets through with whatever he wants there won’t be a real safe place anymore. There at last you have protection and resources…” “Thats what you talked to Hawk about all that times?” “Hmmm…I am sorry. I know he will hate me if I sent you away now…but…” Finally a sob left him and he cuddled the boy closer “My dad couldn’t provide such things to me before he died, but with his upbringing he made sure I was able to survive. He has taught me useful things all my life and taught me to be careful and respect life. And so…I won’t maybe not be able anymore to teach him many things…so at last I can provide the last safe haven I know of. There he will might be able to find education. Maybe he will see the day KRONOS fails. And you…” he looked at her his eyes suddenly hard "You know what you have to do. You survived without me several times already. Our children have to be your first priority. And if its too hard to think about me…ask Sol to help you…they might be able to …to…program down the pain …I had forgotten about our love at all. I am sure Ram could find a way for that…just live on. " “Bray…you…you’re not meaning that!” She grabbed his face “Okay…I’ll go , but only for I now have seen what he is ready to do and I agree we can’t let the kids be here anymore. I will hide and trust ELITE. But I will trust you aswell. Trust that you beat him, that you find a way and that we can return to you. But if you die…I will never forget you. You can’t ask THAT of me. You’re the love of my life. Forgetting you would mean to kill you in a way. The long we will remember you, you will not have truly left. I will raise our children and tell them all about you and one day…one day…when I die myself…you will wait for me and…and…” She cuddled up to him and he couldn’t do else then fling an arm around her aswell. Her silent tears made him shudder along her. Was their love always damned to end up in such pain and misery? When she had cried herself to sleep Bray just sat there. Unable to sleep. Knowing that in some hours only, his heart would be splintered in more then million pieces when his love and life would leave him, for maybe never see him again.

“How could he break through? HOW?” KRONOS smashed one of the pc monitors in the secret hideout. CERBERUS watched him cooly “I told you it was wrong to sent him here…” “One word more and you’re done for you arrogant bastard! Well,well…in the end it only make sit more statisfying that way…we will sent a message to him. I am pretty sure he will come if I ask him to come to EAGLE MOUNTAIN…” “And then?” “Then we will sent him up like planned…his team is already here…their tubes are waiting…I only need to find a way without big battle. He should go quiet and leave his place for me. He will beg me too!” The maniac gleam in his eyes wahes away every intelligence CERBERUS had ever seen in him. It was creepy and scary.

The tribe watched the group of their loved ones leave. Slade was leading Ruby, Solaris, Trudy, Amber, Gel, Ellie, Jack, Lottie, Sebastian, KC, Claire and all the kids away to meet up with the GAIANS. They then would be leaded deeper into the woods by HAWK close to where they could air the plane whenever needed. Some privates and the younger cadetts were with them aswell, carrying resources, two of them being able to fly the plane. The kids were sobbing for having said goodbye to those who were either their parents or friends. Trudy had shown amazingly strength by rounding them up after saying goodbye and was now already walking through the rows comforting and spreading hope. Rhys watched her while she carried Lucy who waved sadly back at them all. Ebony watched feeling like she had never thought being able to. Her heart was beating painfully fast,seeing Angel being carried away by Lottie. Lizzie had put on a brave face and told them to hurry up the fight for she wanted not to stay in the boring woods too long. A little sob left her and Jay laid his arms comforting around her “We’ll see them again…we’ll have to believe that.” “I know…I only didn’t expect it to hurt so much…I have gotten quiet weak eh?” “Not weak darling…even stronger!” He mumbled pressing his lips against her temple. The most heartbreaking sight to them was Will who was looking back every few steps, like expecting his father running up to them and taking him back home. It had been a heartbreaking scene when they had explained at breakfast and Will had realized the moment his father asked him to leave was there. Just after the shock of the day before it had been way too much for the boy to grab. He had screamed and fought and refused to pack anything together. He had smashed the crayons his mother then had packed and stated he didn’t want to take anything of Bray with him. He had even pulled away his necklace and taken away all books his mother had tried to pack. He didn’t want anything that Bray had ever read to him. He couldn’t understand why now was the dangerous time. He had seen his father win about the man in the end and so his mind maybe would still be able to grab the danger, but his heart wasn’t. In the end Amber had really left all of his favorite things behind for at last Will had stopped crying and wore only a hard face then. When Bray had tried to talk to him, he had pushed him away and so they hadn’t even said goodbye. Amber had kissed him and cried in his arms, reassuing him Will would come around, but Bray had just told her that it maybe was better that way. He had reached her a little bag, in which he had secretely put all the crayons and books and also the necklace in the hope his son would one day appreciate it. There was also a letter captured “To my son” which he told Amber he should read when he was older and could do by himself. He then had vanished so that everyone elses goodbye wasn’t tarnished by the tension between Will and him. After the vanishing group were only tiny dots anymore, Rhys sighed and turned back to the mall. Slow he walked up all the way to the place he knew his best friend was sure in deep sadness and misery.

Bray was staring out in the far, tears just dried on his face “Hey…” softly Rhys stroke above his head “I am sorry it was that way…I never expected him to react that hard…” "I did…thats why I feared that day…he promised to go and thats what he did…he would never not do anything he promised, like me. But he will hate me for it. And…and …thats good in a way. Hate and anger can be way more productive in such situations. Sadness and tears keep you back from doing what you need to focus on …he will focus on Amber and the new baby…thats more important now. " “Bray…you don’t have to put a hard face in front of me okay? I just sent my family away just like you…don’t play the lord of the ice towards me…please…how should that make me feel?” He laid an arm around Brays shoulders “I know your hearts broken right now…” he whispered “Its hurts so much that you wish you could scream, but you don’t for you know its for the best. But that doesn’t make it easier…” Bray shrugged “Crying doesn’t help either…its nice you want to comfort me…but…nothing can comfort me. Nothing can ease that pain…so please just don’t talk about it. Talk to the others if you need to…but not to me…I need to safe myself right now…” Rhys watched him go and understood. Bray had moved back. Back to before coming here. Built up that walls around him. The distance. He had usually not had it with Rhys and the other higher ups, but seemingly he had now built them up towards all of them.

“That is very interesting…thats a part of his people there…hmmm…lets see where they will go…” KRONOS adjusted his cameras and followed the procession of people into the woods. There was the little boy and his mother. Both looking broken. “GUARDS!” He called and some of his muscular guards showed up “Take a troop and get those people…ALIVE…but you can hurt them it they fight…well…I don’t care for the lives of the adults too much…only the two pregnant women should really be alive…if the other older ones fight, kill them!” “Yes Master KRONOS…” the guards left and CERBERUS watched horrified how the highly trained troop sneaked up to the fleeing people.

When Bray finally entered his room, he stared a moment at the bed that seemed way to big and empty without Amber waiting for him. He had debated with himself to go into the hotel and stay there but the tribe had suffered and even when Amber had laid down leadership and he was just a ‘normal’ MALL RAT anymore, it had felt wrong to leave Salene alone with so many heartbroken people. He had worked on security with Lex, checked his privates, lead a long discussion with the city of whom many would now sent their kids the way to the ECOS too. It was enough place for those in the safe hide out aswell. All in all he felt prepared. His fighters were all excellent and even those of the city had been trained up well from Ebony over the last weeks. All they now could do was waiting and that sure would kill him. If he only knew where to turn he would collect his forces and walk up towards KRONOS. End it to the good or the worse. Only end it. It had been a wrong safety to all of them that KRONOS had taken so long to take a move. So right now it seemed too hard and too fast. They had started to believe there would never happen anything at all and now they were shocked and hurt. After another look on the bed he only took Ambers pillow and her blanket. He walked over to the childrens room that was way too empty too. He dropped himself into the hammock and put the blanket and pillow there. That way he would have Ambers scent with him and be in a place he felt close to his son. His eyes fell on the little table that stood beside the hammock and took up the book that rested there. He had just started to read out of it to him. Therefore he had forgotten to pack it in the bag. With a sigh he openend it and a folded paper felt out. He bent down and took it up, folding it open. There was drawn a red heart, captured with Wills still unsure letters. It was amazing still that he already was able to write some words, so neither Amber nor him cared for things like artful writing for him, they wanted him to discover himself and do only what he liked for a long while still. “Daddy I love you still” The heart looked carefully painted and so he knew it probably had been prepared by his son for anything else, or a present or maybe even to be at hand in a time like now. He had no real time to got into the situation. The packing had started when breakfast hadn’t been over for real. His little one must have grabbed his pencils then and written that words. He couldn’t write fast already and so he must have been stressed. His heart clenched painfully remembering how Amber had reprimanded Will for holding them off and not doing what he was told to do. And with that he had only wanted to leave him a message. His eyes burnt when he pressed the picture to himself. When he once thought the worst pain was to think Amber was dead, he could only laugh dryly about that now. That pain , EVERY pain he had ever endured couldn’t be compared to the pain he felt now. His little boy somewhere out there. Heartbroken but determined still to fullfill his promise to him. “We’ll see each other again Will…” he whispered looking out to the starful sky, hoping that his son looked at them too. “…I will do everything for it…I swear…” Then he cuddled together under Ambers blanket, his face snuggled into her pillow, the picture pressed to him. A little misery was allowed. Even to him, he realized. For the night he could let go of the cool strength he had forced to show today outwards to all others. Tonight he could and should cry.

“BRAY?” voices were ringing through the Mall, panicked, worried. The general slept cuddled into a ball in the hammock, a small smile showing that he was actually far away in a better reality. “HERE! HE IS HERE!” Alice yelled through the mall, rushing into the children room and shacking Bray not to softly awake “Whassamatter?” he asked groggily. He had only fallen asleep very late and the crying before hadn’t help to find a really restful sleep. Alice looked worried, realizing how pale he was. “I…Bray I am really sorry…but,but…” Noticing her panic he jumped off “Whats going on?TELL ME!” “Its Hawk…he is downstairs…they never arrived in the camp…” Understanding her panic now, Bray ran out and down. Alice sister was with the group and so of course she could feel the shock that was now also cursing through his veins “HAWK! WHAT HAPPENED?” Bray grabbed the shoulders of the GAIAN leader quiet strong and only his disciplined mind kept him from losing it completely and shook the other. “They never arrived Bray…when they weren’t there around the afternoon we searched for them. Thinking they might have lost step somewhere…I tried to reach Ambers device…nothing…we searched till the evening and then…I found this…” He held out Ambers engagement ring. “I am sorry Bray…I don’t know …there was no one…I mean they were quiet a big group…Slades a fighter and Ram and Jack and Ellie aren’t unable to fight. Trudy and Amber can fight too, even when pregnant…Solaris sure isn’t all unable herself too…so…I should have called you directly but I only thought Amber and Trudy might show the others some things or so…make it easier for the kids to come here or whatever…or that they maybe had taken rest a while…but Amber would never just ‘lose’ that ring…” Bray sat down on the stairs, shacking his head “No she wouldn’t. But…she would give me a sign with it…where was the ring?” “A…a sign?” “When I got kidnapped…I tore my necklace away, letting her ring fall into the gras with the hope one might find it. And look around and find her and our child then…I couldn’t do else…so…she maybe…left the ring…to give me a slight area…where did you find it?” “On that rock…” “That on the parting to EAGLE MOUNTAIN?” “Hmmm…” “Back the days of the CHOOSEN time Amber told me she went to that rock to sit there sometimes and stared high at the dome, remembering our last kiss up there, remembering me…” “So that rock holds kind of a meaning to you?” Rhys shouted “That its sure a sign of her…they are on that godforsaken hill…come…come up you get!” Rhys pulled him high. But Hawk stepped in between “If thats the case we need a plan…just running there…might be suicid and doesn’t help anyone…and for now…look at Bray…he can’t fight a fluffy pillow that way!” Rhys looked for real at his friend, taking in the paleness, the dark circles under the eyes and his worry for Bray added up to the worry for Trudy and his girls. “Fuck…boy you look like you have partied hard at last two weeks non stop…” “Hmmm…if only…” Bray whispered hoarsly standing up. “I only need a shower and some coffeee…for infusion if possible?” Shacking his head Rhys looked at the others “So…thats business now…breakfast in half an hour…alarm ACHILL and his team. Get the generals here…I take care that Bray looks living at last then…”

“Whats going on here?” Trudy whispered, staring at the privates of EAGLE MOUNTAIN who looked like Zombies “I fear he is controlling them…” “But…what are we doing here? Why did he bring us here?” “KEEP QUIET!” A guard yelled at them and they kept their mouths shut. Amber ambraced Will tighter, who leant his head softly onto her belly. “Mommy…” “Shhh…it will be okay again. Daddy will find us. We only have to be careful now…” “I said ‘KEEP QUIET!’” Tjhe guard roared and oulled Amber high on her hair. Trudy stood up outraged “Let her go you bastard…she is pregnant! She has done nothing! Talking to her boy sure won’t kill your peace!” The guard advanced his whip in Trudys direction and she shrieked together in fear. But Slade had jumped up and caught the hit with his own arm “What for a sad figure are you? Hitting a pregnant girl?” He moaned when another hit him down “Slade!” Ruby kneeled down to him, their son pressed close to her “I am okay…don’t worry…” When the guard stepped up again Amber stepped in between “You let off all of them!” “Says who?” “ME!” “And I should listen to you?!” “Yes you should for I am general ZEUS wife and that boy is his son! I am pretty sure you weren’t ordered to hurt us in any way!” “Thats right…” a cold voice drawled towards them and a man with a scarred face stepped up to them. He hit the guard hard “I told you actually to act with repect towards them didn’t I? Where are your manners? There are women and children…and some very important women at that!” He grabbed Ambers hand and kissed it. “I am sure imressed by your attitude…you’ll make a good first lady after all…” “If you’re speaking about being YOUR first lady you must be insane…I am Brays wife…this are HIS children.” She touched her belly and her sons head “We are his family and sure won’t betray him to you!” “Awww…how heartwarming…pure loyalism! Wonderful. Exactly what I need…but I can be Bray to you…I have his face…” he changed his face into Brays “But I could also give any other nice face you want…imagine…your man would always look after your newest desire…” He flipped his face through many good looking faces and Amber watched dizzled. It was scary, but sure an impressive technic at all. “Why are you doing this? You’re so smart…seemingly at last. You could have conquered the world without that charade…” “Ah well…its not the time to speak about me now…we should give your lover a message or? Before he starts collecting all forces and spoils my plan for real…” Her held out a device “If you think I might help you to get Bray here you’re on the wrong track!” She closed her lips tightly. “Awwww…you’ve got fire…” he breathed, coming closer to her face “I sure will enjoy to see that fire in your eyes burn up, when I finally have my go on you…but right now…there is sadly no time for that…so…” he grabbed Will hard and pressed the button of his device “KRONOS calling ZEUS…”

Nibbling on a bread, unable to eat for real Bray sat among the discussing people in the cafe. That just couldn’t happen. His family missing just when he himself had sent them away thinking they would be safer that way. He felt Rhys look at him “I know. I know. Its my fault okay? I’ve sent them away…okay…you can kill me or whatever when…when…” Rhys hugged him “You idiot! You really think I think that way? I was sure that was the best too…we all were. If I would look like you do right now, you would stare at me too…I can’t afford that you get ill now!” “But…no…Rhys…really…” when his device beeped he got hold of it in one move, somehow changing into the general again "ZEUS speaking. Whats the matter? Did you find anything? " “Oha…already on tenderhooks there…” Bray stared at the device when KRONOS voice dropped oily out of it “WHERE IS MY FAMILY? WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY PEOPLE? THEY’VE GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT…LET THEM GO!” “Sure…” "Taken aback about the others easiness Bray stared at the device in his hand “What?” “I said ‘sure’, they can go as soon as you’re here…most of them anyway…honestly I don’t need that little family with their baby boy or that girl that thinks she is a doctor…and sure not that coughing girlie…” Tara bite her lips and Bray understood her too good “Claire has cystic fibrosis…I ask you not to make breathing too hard for her and let her drink enough…” “Sure…like said I am not interested in them anyway…its your family I needed…” “How can I be sure they are with you and well?” They heard struggling and then a soft cry “Daddy…” “WILL! Will its alright…I am coming…” they heard another struggle “He bit me again…he sure is a little warrior…impressive. But he has a soft heart like you. I just have to tell him I will hurt his mommy and the other brat in her and he gets all nice. Well…you will come here. But don’t be stupid and let me believe you come alone. Sure take your privates and people with you…I am not alone here aswell…” Confused Bray looked at the others “Hurry…tomorrow at dawn…here is a lot to be done…” the connection ended and Lex spoke out what everyone thought “WHAT THE FUCK?”

Nonetheless Bray entered the dome by himself. The others were waiting a little away. He was still scared that there was a weapon or bomb here and it just wasn’t right to risk all lifes at once. They had called together as much people as possible. The city was saved by the tribe leaders and tribes. And some privates that they had left back. He had informed the council but of course on such short notice there would be no other able to help even if tribes like the MUSES or ASCLEPIOS had own parts ot troops who sure could have helped. The privates of EAGLE MOUNTAIN didn’t even react to him, they stepped around, going their chores, looking like empty shells. “Ah…there you are…” Bray looked around having just entered the old control room. KRONOS was sitting lazily on a chair “We were waiting yearningly…or Amber? Will?” “Daddy!” Brays heart did a flip seeing them well at last. His eyes drifted along “Where are the others?” “Oh those of no need are outside…” Bray saw them standing in a panel, showed on a monitor “They will be safe there…they will join those followers you brought…I only kept your family and of course those that mean something to POSEIDON, whats easy then for its also your family or?” He saw Trudy, Brady and Lucy on the other side of KRONOS. He tried to look reassuring. “What are you doing here? Whats your plan? Why did you do all this to me? It just makes no sense at all…” “Oh you will see now…you remember that door for sure?” KRONOS pointed to an other monitor and Bray swallowed realizing that the mysterious door stood ajar “You could open it?” “I am the only person living who could…” "But…that message… " “What?” “I open to eternal light and endless darkness…I hold your future or your present. There can only be one of you on earth at once or the world might burn!” KRONOS grinned “That was one of my more poetical ideas. I had to make sure you would respect the place and restore EAGLE MOUNTAIN. Clean it of debris after having banned the seeminlgy danger…and would be more open to the last programming, when I would start to train you up for your mission…” “But the nuclear bomb…” “Was a real one, yes. But It would have never donated. It was little trick of mine…” "ARE YOU ABSOLUTE INSANE? The nights I couldn’t sleep…for…for…a show that amused you? " “Nanana…wasn’t it cool to be the hero? I have given you so many chances to raise to a hero the last years…I let you operate free and watched with grinded teeth when you did again something foolish like risking your life for your high ranks…but I accepted that was just you and that I needed you to be you. To win peoples hearts and trust. Something that always has been a mistery to me. When I now take over your place I can slowly work on changing …people will think that the fight against the evil TITAN has hardenend you up a bit…and with time I will be able to plant control in all those who are dangerous to me to control them. Luckily POSEIDON has given me even more control about him for loving that woman here. Imagine my shock when I tried to control little Lucy and had to realize my chip in her has been destroyed…Only Ambers pleading stopped me to kill Ram and Jack for that impertinence…” Bray swallowed when KRONOS leant over to her and grabbed her chin “She will do me some good for that later, right honey?” Amber didn’t look in his eyes and he grinned “I bet anything she is entertaining in bed or? You must have fucked around a while already again for seeing how far pregnant she is. I guess she is so good that that pushed you up even more to fool me that long…” Bray clinched his hands to fist, how much he longed to just beat that guy into an oozing bloddy pulp. “You were talking about the door…” he remembered him, grinding his teeth “Oh yes…the door held the entrance to that…” he pressed a button on the paneöl and the white dome or more the rest of it, openend up to two sides. Under a loud noise a platform went into motion. Disbelieve filled Bray.

Outside the others googled confused “Fuck…you know what that means?” Lex whispered confused , when all looked at him he joked feebly “I owe Ram a bottle of the finest whiskey I can find…” Together they stared at the gigantic space rocket that was slowly descending into the air from under EAGLE MOUNTAIN.

“You will see the enternal darkness of the space and the enternal light of the stars…this is your future and my past and present. There can only one ZEUS here and one there…one god…you will journey to ELISION while I will be god on earth…” Bray gaped at him. His eyes met Ambers, hers full of wonder and fear. His eyes fell on Will who stared amazed on the rocket and he looked so cute even when there was happening something that held the biggest danger to Bray himself, that Bray wished he could simply take him up in his arms and watch and awe at the rocket. As little boy he had dreamed to witness a start one day. Or maybe be an astronaunt. He had had the same dreams like many little adventures boys had had. “Thats impressive or little man?” KRONOS asked in a voice that tried to sound warm, but he just seemed cold as ice. Will looked up shyly and nodded a little “That will be an adventure for your father…to fly away in that…” “NO! Daddy not go away!” With a feat of surprising strength Will was able to free himself from KRONOS grib and tore off towards Bray who felt down in his knees and embraced him safely “Oh my little hero…you better shouldn’t have done that!” he sighed but hugged him nonetheless, feeling alive for real the first time since hours.

( Hello to you all. Be warned that chapter is quiet dramatic and I cried my eyes out on some parts. I just felt after that. Writing that way, crying a litte about the what the characters have to go through, can even help. In those troubled times we all have to go through now, it can feel refreshing to cry about something fictional. Pouring in our own sadness in the tears, may clear our mind and make it ready to be positive again. I hope it entertains you. Stay safe)

49. Brays sacrifice

“You taught your son quiet respectless behavior towards authorities!” “I taught my son that respect is something someone has to earn from him. He differs not between leaders or normal tribe members, homeless, nomads, privates or workers. He differs not between young and older. He gives respect when he feels someone deserves it!” Bray rose, holding Will safely in his arms. “Ah…and there it is again…that manners I thought I had taken from you…I remember your guards telling me how proud you were even when having suffered hits and have been deprived of food and water…we only could keep you in check by giving you drugs. I was sometimes fearing if that wouldn’t kill your liver and kidneys…” “It nearly did…” “And still…you would do it that way again, or? If you could go back in time…you would still fight and rebel …” “YES I WOULD!” “We offered you deals…do you remember? When my faked TECHNOS sent you into cyber space…they tried to tempt you with deals…that if you would go along and become my servant…” “You would let me go back to my family straight…” His eyes met Ambers “But I didn’t buy that…and you wouldn’t have done that!” “What makes you so sure about that? Maybe I only wanted a friend?” “Friend? You don’t know the meaning of that word! And what makes me sure? You needed me to become the general, or? I wasn’t educated that way. I wasn’t trained that way. Maybe I have always been quiet fit, but not the way I am now. You wanted me to become a force. The seemingly mightiest man around. To take then over to be the biggest bully…” Again KRONOS applauded “I am indeed impressed…you are able to think yourself into others minds…well done!” “Don’t talk to me like I am your good little boy!” “But you are Bray…you are. You were sure hard to tame…your mind is a force indeed. But I needed a man like that…other men cracked under the programming. Their minds couldn’t take it. They went gaga. But you…imagine my wonder when they told me you tore apart the boarders of cyber space and fought yourself free…imagine my joy when they told me you still were rebellious even when they took away all your memories…even that you never gave in to HELENA! It made everything a little complicated…true…but it showed how loyal you are. I had then to let her really torture you…but again…that didn’t work anymore when you came back here or? You had never let a woman close to you before…” “No I haven’t. The thought only was despisable…you took away all my physcial feelings…or…more made them despisable to me. Whenever I only found a woman attractive I got sick…my mind told me that love and lust are foolish…But when I met Amber all of that got softer…she healt me. Our love is stronger then that sick idea of you. You will never destroy it.” “Even not when I do this?” KRONOS grabbed Amber hard and pressed his lips onto hers. She wriggled in his grab, tried to recoil, but he pressed a hand strongly in her neck and the other close to her belly. Bray could feel her panic that he would do anything to her baby, if she would truly fight him. Sick to his bones he watched her soften against the others lips and slowly open her lips for him. KRONOS kissed her so violently that Trudy had to control herself to not make a wrong move now. “Ahh now…next time you kiss me back honey…” “I am not your honey you sick bastard!” Amber screamed and spied into his face. Before KRONOS could do anything to her, Bray had flied between. He wondered himself a little, but thought that all his fighting training finally added up. He reached Will to her “Take him…” he stepped before the both “And you won’t touch them ever again!” “Sure and you big mighty general are going to stop me or what? It was me who made you who you are!” “No it wasn’t. My parents raised me sixteen years. My father taught me surviving skills and to use my brain. He taught me to be careful and keep others in eyesight. My parents taught me its not wrong to show emotions and to love. Amber taught me what love really means. My tribe taught me its not wrong to set trust in people and to dream. My niece taught me to appreciate new life. To honor the wonder of a child. Rhys taught me what true friendship is. Even when you blackmailed him, he tried to find a way around. he was ready to risk himself and his daughter in the end to free me of your manipulation. My son taught me how much love I can feel. How unconditionally I am able to love. He is the best I ever achieved. You have maybe straighten my way…maybe you brought me to the education I never had acess too. But my sucess in it is not of your doing. I still had to learn and keep it in my brain. Without me being that good, you wouldn’t have come that far. You want to phrase you made me sucessful? No…its ME who makes YOU sucessful. I didn’t need you to become happy or a leader. Thats what was always in me. But you needed me…because you are just some tiny ego that chases after a weird idea of his father!” Taken aback KRONOS stepped back “What are you talking there?” “Oh? No idea? Not at all? How dissapointing…” Now absolutely switching into his superior mood Bray even grinned devilish at him “It was your fathers discovery or? He discovered a planet years before the virus. A planet he thought was earthlike…he pleaded with goverments to get money for a project. Project ‘ELYSION’. Thats who he called the planet. Quiet big thinking or? Call an unkown planet after the greeks mythologian heaven?! Well, goverments denied. Too much money and resources for a project that would maybe never come into fruitation. A journey over five years. How even make humans fit for that? How to keep contact. How bring people there even if the astronauts would be sucessful with building up a new home for mankind there? But your father was fixed on it, wasn’t he? He felt he was robbed of fame and admiration the deserved for that. So when he realized there would be never given money to him, he took measures in hand. He wanted to make goverments realize how necessay a new planet was. He used his connections to scientists and fooled around with them. They planted dangerous little bacterias into the safe laboratory where Dannis father was really working on a all natural based anti ageing formula. He knew that this would be kind of nobelprize stuff, if the man would suceed to stop ageing for mankind or? And hateful like he was that seemed the perfect victim. The virus spread and it psread fast. Your father had tried to blackmail goverments but when they still didn’t react he unleashed the virus. But he had to eat his own medicine then or? It spread too fast. He couldn’t stop it anymore. He gave you all at hand before he died. He died very soon or? For he was the one who constructed the virus. He had contact way too long and much. All went out of hand. Goverments started roaming up hopeful youths to ensure knowledge to mankind. Some scientists founded the NEW WORLD and you acted completely perfect. All for it. Your fathers plan had be to have NEW WORLD ensuring him to get enough well educated people to sent into space, or? And you followed that idea…” “If you know all that…how could you be surprised by the space rocket?” KRONOS whispered, not able to contain the shock he felt for Bray knowing all that “Because I wouldn’t have thought you ARE that insane. I already thought my idea you wanting to make me the enemy to be able to beat me and get the most loved man on earth seemed insane, true be spoken. But against your real plan it almost sounds sensible now. Really. Why sent people to space? Why KRONOS? Your father destroyed the mankind we knew…but if we can say that it had one good side, it were the changes on enviroment. Earths nearly restored. You know that. The air is clean. Animals have returned and grown in number. Those humans that are alive, have learnt to work together. Even the new ressource exchange we have is well. We use alternative energies. We have no money, but use the ressources we can provide to exchange for other things. We educate those who want. Everyone can find a place. A work he or she cherishes. The last two years have taught me that humans learnt to accept each other for real. To appreciate each other. Why do you want to hold on that insane idea?” “INSANE? My father was not insane! They didn’t give him the respect he deserved! he wanted to save humanity!” KRONOS growled “SAVING HUMANITY BY WIPING MOST OF IT AWAY? What with all the ill kids? Kids like Claire? Do you have any idea how many chronical ill children died, because there was no medicine for them? No therapy avaible anymore? Still NEW WORLD hasn’t succeeded to find all who need help from ASCLEPIOS…” “Its only natural selection!” “You call it natural selection when ill kids have to die because a artificial made virus killed off all adults? Are you listening to yourself? KRONOS! There is no reason…no reason to follow that plan. Go into yourself…you’re clever…you could do so much good…” “Sure and you’ll be my new best buddy…” “I would try…” Bray whispered “Huh?” “I said I would try…I would try to forgive…I would try to give you a chance…I gave a chance to Ram for example…he hasn’t dissapointed me. Ebony has used her chance too. We work together. We are…yes we are friends.” “Friends…” The TITAN sneered “I don’t need friends. I can make the world how I want to…” “Maybe you can…but why you then want to …” “Sent you away? I want to proof my fathers idea…I want to show that he was RIGHT. ELYSION can be our new home. Mankind will grow again. Earth will be going under sooner or later.” “What about using the chance we have now? Maybe we make the same mistakes, yes…but we can work to not make them. We can make this world a good place to live, but you rather think it will go the old way again and sent people to space to conquer a new planet…what for? So that some can settle there and destroy that planet then too? And then the next and next and next? Is THAT how you think humanity should live? If you do, I say : lets rather end humanity at all right now! You want humans to be the universes locusts? Not with me! If you think you get me into that rocket…you sure have lost it!”

Outside the MALL RATS and members of ELITE were staring in disbelieve. Bray had used his devices mircophone and camera to let them all listen and watch “I am having enough of that!” Rhys growled “I’ll get in there now and free my family!”

“You will enter that rocket and you will do what you were trained too…” KRONOS spoke lazily “Otherwise…” he twiddled with a controller and pressed it softly. Will winced in Ambers arms “Mommy…” Amber looked shocked at him and so did Bray “What…?” “Oh did you really think I set myself without a measure to make you obey?” Bray grabbed Wills face “He can’t have set a chip in him…its way to less time for that…he…he…” He froze realizing a little round wound in Wills neck “See? Its not a full useable chip of course…but its some useful little thing to give pain…and…if I use it too hard…well…I don’t know what it does to little kids. Its only tested with adults…”

Outside Rhys looked horrified on the others around. Had KRONOS done something to his baby too? Or Trudy and Brady?

“You…if you do something to him…I…I…” “What? Stutter at me? Or…more dramatic…KILL me? That won’t help you if your son dies through my hand. Even if you kill me, he will stay dead!” His eyes fixed on his little boy Bray took a decision. A decision that maybe would decide about all the other peoples lives changing to the worse, but he couldn’t do anything else. On no account his son would die for he stayed rebellious. But he wouldn’t simply give in either. “I am sorry my heart…” he whispered and turned then, ran away a little and turned back to KRONOS who watched confused “What now?” “You say it won’t change if I kill you when you killed my son first…and you’re right…but…that lets me think…WHAT IF I KILL ME FIRST?” They could even hear the people from outside gasping when Bray pulled a shootgun and held it straight to his temple. “BRAY NO!” Ambers shout was full of panic, Will watched with wide eyes. KRONOS looked unsure “Nice show…” “No show…” Bray fired the gun at the wall, where was left a big hole from it “You see…its a high efficient one…If you force me to shot myself, my brain will be lost to you. " “You won’t do that…lay that down or your son is dead…” LET MY FAMILY GO OR I AM DEAD!” “Why should you killing yourself stop me from killing them?” “You sure could still kill them, but your daring plan would be destroyed forever. You can’t win by killing my family…and I can’t win by killing myself…but if I die first…I can await them and we would be united in afterlife…” “And if you kill yourself and I let them live?” “I would still wait for them till their time has come…but if I …if I follow your plan…if I…enter that rocket…I want your promise that my family and friends…will be safe…” “Of course they will be…most are high and good trained people…if they …” “ITS NOT YOU WHO MAKES CONDITIONS HERE. ITS ME!” Bray thundered, pressing the gun tighter to his temple, his eyes flaming “Okay…okay…what are your conditions then?” “I follow your plan and my people will accept it. Amber will accept it and you let her and my son live in peace…” “I will take over your place…” “You will only do so to the outside…let the world believe what you want …but you won’t touch her for real…you won’t touch him or my new child for real…you keep away physcially from all of them. You won’t control their minds…” “And how will you make sure of that if you are once gone to space…really…ts…” Bray grinned loopsided “You still think I am stupid somehow or? I know you must have a strong comunication way…you will check on me regulary or? You want to know how all will go…you will let me talk to them regulary…not only voices…eye to eye…you’ve seen Amber and my son will always know me and so I will always realize if its really them. I know all about mind control thanks to you. I will notice if anything is off.” “And if? You can’t just return and …” “No that not…but…I can ALWAYS kill me…imagine…being in space…with that precious rocket…that people you trained so carefully…and then…I get mad at you…and zapp…end of story. Believe me…I’ll find a way…gun or not…your precious project would be destroyed…your dear dads work…gone with the next shooting star…” KRONOS eyed the general. Took in the hard and determined blaze of his eyes. His strong postion. Every inch of that trained body tensed. And he had no doubt Bray would kill himself. He clapped again “Well done…you got me. I can’t wriggle out of that…you’re right. I will check on you often. I am hoping to see that new planet flowerishing and find a way to sent more humans up of course…all of it would be senseless without that dream. But how will you ensure that your friends and family won’t rebel against me?” “Because they…” Brays eyes met Ambers, who whispered “Because we will want to have contact with him at last…” Her eyes burnt with tears, realizing that Bray was ready to kill himself and even if he would live, he would give his live away for all their sakes that way. “Ts…you tell me you would accept my leadership and me playing Brays role if I only let you and your kids contact him regulary?” “You do have no clue about love, do you?” “Hmmm…”

HELIOS marched up and down in front “No matter what deal they do…ELITE won’t take it. We won’t watch the high comander giving himself away…and dealing us all in to live service. I know its the only way open to him…but we are still here! We can fight…fight for our lives, for his live, for his family! COMRADS!” He yelled at the untied rebels “ARE WE LITTLE CHILDREN THAT NEED PROTECTION? CAN’T WE PROTECT WHAT WE BELIEVE IN FOR OURSELVES? DO WE REALLY HAVE TO WATCH HELPLESS WHEN THIS BRAVE MAN GIVES UP ALL HIS DREAMS, ONLY TO ENSURE OUR SAFETY? WE ALL LET KRONOS USE AND FOOL US, BUT NOT ANYMORE!” Many nodded “So when they come out…POSEIDON and PROMETHEUS will take responsibilty to get Trudy and the girls in safety, while ACHILL and his team will concentrate on the generals wife and son! With them in safety I am sure the general will feel free to unleash his deadly skills…that TITAN is not match for our united forces!”

“So…what do you say?” Bray asked, sharpening the guns trigger. “Okayokay…hold your fire…hell all that drama…well…go…you lead the way…” Bray walked a little aside “We will walk outside together…” As soon as they stepped outside a war cry was to be heard and a wave of attackers flooded around. KRONOS programmed privates fought, but KRONOS hadn’t taken care them being careful for their lives and so soon some were lying dead around. Bray registered it from the corner of his eyes, fighting himself. His skills had switched in as soon as he had realized what was going on and that his family was save in the rows of the rebels. First he had been in panic for Will but Ebony had twirled in a fight with the TITAN and stolen the controller cunningly from him. Jack was now taking it apart and suddenly breathing seemed so way more easy.

Ebony and Jay took over the one he fought. “Check up Bray!” Jay shouted. Bray closed his eyes and switched on that weird thing in his mind. Suddenly he watched the battle form all sides. ARES and HERA were fighting seemingly flawless together, even succeding not to kill, but rather make prisoners. Checking on EIDOS he realized the generals was fighting in unit with team ULYSSES. Alice was fighting among them too. Rhys and PROMETHEUS had saved Trudy and the girls and brought them to a place where Gel, Ellie, Jack, Ram, Solaris, Slade and Ruby were protecting the others kids. Lottie was crying over Sebastians motionless body and bray felt like screaming. Was the young guy dead? KC was bleeding profundly, but still seemed to be able to protect Lottie, Claire and Sebastians body. His mind journeyed over the battle field, taking in the other generals sights. He saw Lex and Tai-San fighting side on side. Ryan taking out as many mindless privates as possible. Tara trying more to talk them round, helping them to break the mind control in them. Some privates laid down on the ground. He couldn’t check if they were his or KRONOS. And he didn’t care. Every live given her, was one too much. But he had to accept. It wouldn’t end without a fight and so he had to accept people would die here. He only could hope it wouldn’t be any of his dear ones.

“Stop them!” KRONOS shouted at him “Why should I?” Waking out of his mind watching, he looked hard at the TITAN " Its your own fault that your guards and troop isn’t good enough…you only control them, but my people respect me and give their live for all our future. They have a reason to fight! You’re just a sad figure…you underestimated us all. I maybe promised you to follow…but did you let THEM promise? Have they sworn? NO. THAT’S THE ADVANTAGE OF A FREE MIND!" Bray stepped up to him “Come if you’re brave enough…or aren’t you even able to fight? Are those muscles you show really only artificial ones, made by plastic surgeons? Is anything of you real at all?” “You sure think a lot of yourself” “YES I DO!” Bray answered selfsure. Doubts would maybe come later, but not now. “You will stop them now…or…” KRONOS held up another controller, different to that of Wills chip, but still Bray searched in panic for his son. KRONOS grinned “Ah don’t worry…its no second controller for your ever so precious little boy…but it can still kill him…” “I…” “You remember that nuclear bomb? The safe you closed it in?” KRONOS stroked the controller almost lovingly. Bray froze “You’re lying…activating a nuclear bomb would kill you too… it would destroy all here…” “Yes it would…the countdown would ensure me to flee…” he pointed on a high tech helicopter waiting in some distance “My fathers heritage would be gone, but so would all of you…you would watch me fly away and the only thing you could do is search the ones you care for and share one last breath together…before…boooom…” Bray stood still, his eyes traveling along the fighting mass of people. All for nothing. Was to die free, worth to kill even off the innocent kids? Those who hadn’t been able to decide to fight? Nature here would die too. The animals would die. A part of the world would die. “You maybe are more trained and sure would beat me eye to eye…but I am the one who worked that plan out for YEARS. I am prepared for such situations. So tell me Bray…are you? Are you able to face death here with all that people? Watch their despair when the countdown will tick down and tell you when life ends?” No he wasn’t. He would never be able to do that. Taking defeat Bray closed his eyes. He traveled down in his mind. He found the switch. He switched it


“Bray…what…why…?” He felt the other generals confusion “I am sorry Rhys…but don’t worry…I planted all in your mind…you’ll know how to safe you all if necessary…” “Bray whats going on?” PROMETHEUS mind was in turmoil “What are you doing?” Hera shouted “We are winning…let us concentrate back on the fight…” “We won’t fight now anymore…I am sorry…forgive me…” He felt Rhys mind crushing against his “Bray…please…what do you mean…what…” The voices of the generals died when he thought one mightful thought. It was louder like a scream, when his mind took over the generals and all the privates “STOP THE FIGHT RIGHT NOW!”


All members of ELITE stopped in their moves and the fighters of the MALL RATS and rebels looked confused around. “What…?” Bray let go of the control of their minds and only kept their bodies motionless. It was pain for he had never even tried to control so many people. There were those who fought him and he felt like he deserved every hit. “Please stop…all of you!” He shouted , his heart beating painfully fast for catching his old tribes looks of disbelief. His eyes fastened on them "KRONOS will unleash a nuclear bomb if we don’t stop…my life is not worth that…our lives are not worth the destroying of nature and a whole area. Out there are people who have no clue of that fight…they have not taken the decision to fight. " Hateful he looked at the TITAN “Even KRONOS life will end one day and then this area here will still be unharmed…and so…so…I will do what he wants me to do and I ask you to follow…” “Bray…no…” “I told you there would come a time were I won’t discuss…” he closed his eyes, composing himself a moment “That moment is now. Please…don’t throw away your chance on a considerable good life…” “A good life with that bastard acting as my best friend? Watching him taking over your role? NOT AT ALL!” Rhys roared freeing his body out of Brays control. He looked a little surprised for he had never won over Brays mind before and he understood. His friend was scared and hopeless. Their eyes meet and Rhys felt his heart breaking for the unfairness of it. But what had Bray meant at all? That Rhys would know what to do? Then he sighed feeling Brays mind joining his again. It was like Bray was hugging him in reality. He shuddered when plans constructed up in his mind.


“We have to hurry…I don’t know how long I can keep that without him realizing…” “Bray whats going on here?” “Rhys…I am going to end it completely. On no account I let him sent me to space…death would be better at all. Last night…I…I am sorry…but I planted something in you. I alarmed all of NEW WORLD, before we went to the fight…they are on the way…they will know everything. I made sure they will see what happened here…you only will have to battle till they are here…he probably thinks with me out of the way he can battle the generals down…for its me who keeps control…but not anymore then…you will be able to do that. When I…when I am dead…” “Bray…no…what are you saying there? Is…is that why you were so adamant that you would kill you…? For you knew I would…what? Take over from you?” “You must take over Rhys…please…if I can’t kill him along…keep fighting…he doesn’t know that all in the city and over the world have witnessed that here. He thinks he can just take over my role and all will take him for me. He doesn’t know how far our rebelllion group grew. He still thinks its only us and the town…please Rhys. Its…my last and only wish…be free. Live a real live. For me.” “Bray…” “Don’t…I can’t hold the connection too long…tell Amber…that I didn’t take that decision light hearted…and that I love her and Will…tell him…tell him that those months were I was his dad were my most precious time on earth. Tell Brady I will be with her father again and that we will watch you all together…Give Lucy one last kiss from me and tell Trudy I am proud of her” “I can’t…there must be another…” “There isn’t…like I say, I try to take him with me…so you’ll be free…but if I don’t succeed…keep the fight going only a while. Rhys…I know what I am asking of you. I wish there was another way and we two could spent our lives side on side, becoming ripe old men who complain about the silly respectless young men around. I wish we could watch our kids grow up together…I know my death will pain you like yours would pain me. But I also know you can get over. I always admired the way you could find something to joke about in all times. I will listen to your jokes in heaven and laugh there. We will see each other again my brother…take care…”


Rhys blinked, hurrriedly stroking away a tear. “Rhys…whats with you?” Trudy asked confused, he hugged her, happy that she wasn’t hurt. “We can’t fight on…” “But…” Lex goggled at him “Are you for real? We’re giving up?” “DO YOU WANT A NUCLEAR DISASTER OR WHAT?” Rhys asked sharply and Lex closed his mouth. Of course he didn’t want that.

KRONOS smirked “So then…let me show you that adorable new home of yours…” Bray followed him and understood that his trainign really had been quiet accurate. he suddenly knew the space, knew how to move, knew the control panels functions suddenly. “There is your team…” Wordless Bray saw the tubes in which rested humans “You will be the only one awake during start…and the journey. So you better eat enough…the autopilot will do the most, you will have only to control the system…there are enough things here to keep you entertained. All in all the journey will take five years. So you will probably look forward to the days I talk to you.” Bray gave him a look of disgust. But didn’t say anything. He just tried to take in the panel. His mind searching a way to safe the people from KRONOS reign. Anger cursed through him. Did that maniac really think he was going to leave the people without hope to get lost of him? Idiot. Bastard. He closed his eyes. Anger didn’t help to order your thoughts, but it helped to ease the pain. A bit at last. When he had seen everything KRONOS sent him away to dress into a space suit. When he came back it felt unreal. He had only seen such things in movies. The crowd was facing him.

“Watch your hero!” KRONOS laughed “He is going on the worlds most important mission…no reason to look that way…give us a smile Bray!” Bray kept his face straight and ignored him. KRONOS sighed “Oh well…if you don’t want a heroic goodbye…then…enter the rocket please…”

Sending Rhys a last look, Bray then turned with KRONOS, but Rhys stepped forward “Let him at last say goodbye to his family you arrogant motherfucking bastard…” People gasped unsure how KRONOS would take such words, but he only shrugged with a lazy smile “Sure…why not…if you people need some more drama…” He looked at Bray “Go…say goodbye…but think of that here…” he wriggled the controller threateningly. Bray was unsure. Would he be able to step away from them again? Would he be able to leave them? Wouldn’t it be better not to get into physcial closeness to them? But then his feet were already carriing him towards them. Amber felt into his arms sobbing “Bray…don’t…there has to be a way…” she mumbled desperately “There isn’t my heart…you and me know we can’t let that happen…we can’t damn all those people to death for holding each other some minutes more. Even our love isn’t worth peoples deaths…” He kissed her only lightly not to make it harder, but Amber grabbed his collar and kissed him full of passion and love, desperately pouring all her feelings in it “I love you. Forever…” he whispered, tears lingering in his voice " And always…" she finished. He let go of her and went into his knees to face his son “Take care of mommy and your silbling. I will be always in your heart. Remember to look at the stars when you miss me. I will miss you for sure my little one…” Unable to contain all his feelings Bray hugged him tightly and whispered “You and mommy have to trust Rhys…you’ll be free of KRONOS…I swear! You will have a great life. If there is something I am proud of in my life…its you. Goodbye my little hero” he kissed him softly onto his forehead and couldn’t stop a sob escaping from him, when Will hugged him tightly around the neck “Don’t go daddy…me sorry…” And Bray understood that his son said sorry for his behaviour when he was sent away. “You don’t have to be sorry…Its me who must be sorry…I hope you understand one day…” He prised the little arms away and reached him to Rhys who held him strongly. Will struggled “No daddy…please…don’t go…fight…you promised!” Tears were shuddering the little boy and his eyes blinded by tears Bray tried to walk upright towards KRONOS. He knew each tear would probably give huge satisfaction to KRONOS, but he couldn’t care anymore. Amber and Will didn’t know that he would not only leave them to journey into space, but that he would fight the TITAN till death. It had been no goodbye to maybe speak over an high technic comuncation channel in the future. It had been a goodbye for the rest of their lives. Facing his own death wasn’t so heroic how he had imagined it at all. All he wanted to do was run away and hide somewhere.

When he reached the rocket a young man he didn’t know, reached him a little white towel. Thankful he took it to stroke it over his eyes. “Thank you…” “I am sorry…I didn’t know of that bomb…” Bray looked wondering at the guy, something seemed familiar in that younger mans eyes and voice “You…” “Aww yes…do you recognize him Bray? He was a big help in the beginning…he knew an awful lot about you all…sure his knowledge wasn’t up to date…but still…” Brays eyes widened, taking in the hearing aids “PAUL?” “Awwww…how heartwarming…after all that time he still knows you…aren’t you flattered?” KRONOS patted Pauls head “My watchdog CEREBERUS…he watched the training of your group…he watched your dreams …he helped me programing…” Disbelieving Bray looked at the old MALL RAT. “I didn’t know at first…I…I was angry…you all left me …you let Patsy die…I…but…” Paul rounded suddenly on the TITAN “I know you programmed me too…in the beginning…you made me believe all that shit about them…that dark thoughts…here…want it back?” he snipped a little chip at KRONOS who looked dumbfolded “You…you knew? A shame but then…” KRONOS pushed him more into the rocket “Well Bray seems like you won’t be alone after all…you will have some company though I don’t know if he survives the start without a suit …it heats up quiet a lot…” Bray caught the younger guy in his arms “Trust me…I get you out here…play along…” Then he said louder “You unthankful brat…I searched for you…I cared for you …and then you do this? Betray your tribe like that?” He shook Paul and slapped him. KRONOS was so suprised that he didn’t realize that the slap wasn’t hard at all. “Hey…what…now…” “You searched me how long? Two weeks? Three?” Paul fired back, understanding that Bray was taking away KRONOS concentration by shouting accusations. They stumbled around hiting at each other but more even telling each other harsh words “You could have helped me!” “You didn’t deserve help…you’re just an egomaniac like him!” Bray gave him an appraising grin for that accusation made KRONOS mad “I am no egomaniac…world will be thankful one day for that I ensure a future!” Bray succeeded to push Paul out of the still open door. The younger guy jumped up , hurrying to the outer control panel. KRONOS realized his mistake “NO…” Paul reached his hand in “BRAY…come!” “Close the door Paul!” Bray held KRONOS back from leaving “CLOSE IT!” “Let me out you…” KRONOS could fight for sure, for his hit let Bray go down into his knees. But he held onto the other legs tightly “CLOSE THE DOOR! NOW!” Looking sorry Paul let the door close “I am sorry Bray…” The door felt close.

“You…” KRONOS jumped up in panic, rushing over the control panel. “You can’t open it from inside…” “I know that…but I can make it stop again before it starts the dangerous height…and then you will you all will pay…” " START COUNTDOWN…10…" “What?” Panicked the TITAN looked round “Oh well…I guess you forgot your own programmation? How was that? In my trainings…mission will start as soon the comander is in? Well…I am in. The door is closed. Welcome on board!” Bray smirked, his own death seeming more welcomed when that arrogant bastard would die too. “But…but…no…Program stop…” he swifleled hurriedly along the panel, tiping in codes. Bray watched him. Maybe only maybe he would stay alive till they reached space. Seeing earth one time from space and then sentence them to death seemed worth at last. Yes he would try for that. And then find a way to make the system overheat and let the rocket explode.

“Its starting…I can believe it…” Jack shouted. Amber was blinded by tears “Goodbye my love…” she whispered and sobbed then on Trudy shoulder who was crying herself. A young guy came running up to them “I am sorry…I couldn’t…Bray…kept KRONOS with him…when they are gone we will be free…” “What? Who…?” Salene looked carefully and gasped then “PAUL? Is that really you?” “I…” the countdown ended and the rocket left under noise. Will stopped crying a moment, confused and scared and still also full of awe. “Oh Please Ram…please tell me you know how to stop that…or get it back to earth!” Solaris pleaded tearful, her sisters crying , her nephews sobs seeming unbearable to her. “I am sorry Solaris…but if Bray can take hold of KRONOS there…maybe we can find a way to keep the rocket in earths closeness. Break the way it is programmed. Maybe with time we can find a way to lead it back…I don’t know…thats more big then all I ever dared even dreaming of…”

In the rocket Bray and KRONOS were eyeing each other “Getting warm already?” Bray asked seemingly at ease, leaning into his chair “I would at last take on a bound…you know? But maybe melting is a better death to you then getting crushed…” “Dress out your suit!” “What for?” “I want to have it!” “Make me dress it out!” “You dress that out or…” “OR WHAT? You can’t threaten me anymore…my family and friends are safe…” “I can still kill you…” “Ah wait…just die or spend a life in space being bored and lonely and…ooooppps…death sounds sure tempting you know?” “You…aren’t meaning that…” “Thats the difference between us…I give my life glady to free world of you…so you want that suit? Get it…” Bray openend the zipper and dressed the haeavy suit out, feeling somehow way better in only his normal clothes that he had kept under it in the hurry. He sure was sweaten through, but somehow dieing as himself made him feel better. “Here…take your precious tokens for death!” The TITAN sneered respectless and threw aside Brays bracelet and necklace. The general took them up and moved his wrist through the bracelet and took on the necklace. Feeling his loved ones close. Protected by their love. Not protected from death, but from too much fear at last. Watching the TITAN dress on he felt the heat getting harder. But then his eyes unfocused


“I don’t know if that works…I don’t know if we need it…but if you ever find yourself in that rocket…there is a rescue way… a rescue capsule…but it only is reachable when selfdestruction started…I hope the rocket is like that. I can’t be sure. I found those plans and hid them from him. Good luck Bray if you ever need it”


His heart racing Bray staggered to the panel.There was that red tiny button that never had been there in the trainings. Sending his prayers to all lords above he pressed it. “SELFDESTRUCTION STARTED…thirty seconds till selfdestruction…” “WHAT DID YOU DO?” KRONOS roared outraged. Bray ignored and checked the many monitors. There. One had only switched on now. RESCUE CAPSULE. “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?” KRONOS demanded to know , half dressed. He was closer to the door. Bray took a breath. If it ever was all or nothing it was now. “I will greet your family from you…” KRONOS laughed when he hit the helmet hard at him. Bray staggered, but stayed upright “…and don’t worry…Amber will enjoy me…” And Bray decided it was time to let anger rule him for once when he threw himself back into the door.

“We sure can stop that…or bring it down…or Paul?” Jack shook him “You know something or? SPEAK!” “I…its…” in that moment there was a loud explosion and they all stared high in disbelief when the rocket burnt up and seemed to break into million little pieces.

“NOOOOO!” Amber screamed, taking a step forward and breaking down in her knees “Bray…no…no…noooooooo!” Rhys went down beside her and took her in his arms “I am sorry…I am sorry Amber…it was…his idea…he…he wanted to free us of KRONOS…I…he…ordered us to…fight on if necessary…but he told me he would try to end it…I am sorry…I…he told me he would find a way to end it…a live out in space wouldn’t have been a live at all…” tears shuddered him and so Amber only cried in his arms, there wasn’t anything to say anyway. “Come here…sweetheart…” she grabbed Will who looked shocked and confused “Mommy…” when he realized his mothers face for real, he seemed to understand and burried himself deeply in her arms, his new sobs mixing up with Ambers, their desperation filling all people around. Brady sobbed in her mother arms “Mommy…why Bray? Why did that happen? Why do all people we love die?” “Oh sweetie…no…oh come here…” Unable to explain Trudy hugged her, tears running over her face she watched the pieces of debris falling to earth. May took up little Lucy who looked heartbroken at her father and Will “Bray gone to heaven?” “I am…am sure he will be save in heaven sweetie…” May mumbled tears rolling down her checks, nonetheless drying the girls tears. “Why did it explode?” Ellie chocked on her words “Maybe an error in the programmation…or too old…” Jack hugged her to himself, tears glimmering in his eyes aswell. “Selfdestruction…” Paul muttered “What?” Lex asked sharply and shook him again. Tears of anger and sadness were blinding the ex sherrifs eyes. That was just a little too much right now. “Tell me you traitor!” Salene stepped in “Don’t Lex…we just lost Bray…you’re not going to make people pay now. There will be time to explain later…now is the time to…to…” Tai-San hugged her and stared Lex down “There was a selfdestruction on board…I…told Bray. I programmed it right after one of KRONOS seesions last time. He would only remember when there was no way anymore…I…its…” he searched the sky “And why are you staring high?” Lex flared at him “Hoping Bray might have taken a parachute…?” Suddenly Paul laughed “No…but something even better!” he pointed at the sky where a quiet big looking piece rushed to earth from where the rocket had been. “What…?” “Is that a capsule?” Ram looked high “Had that rocket a rescue system?” “I couldn’t be sure…but I planted it in him anyway…now we only must hope its Bray inside…” Rhys got on his feet, swaying a little. “Okay…privates…you know KRONOS can wear his face…keep the weapons at the ready…I rather don’t want to realize we had wrong hopes and still have that bastard among us…” The capsule slowed and crushed then into the lake. All watched on tenderhooks. It opened slowly and of course they knew the face emerging. The privates held their weapons at the ready. The man inside only took a deep breath and closed his eyes a moment as if not believing he was still alive. Then he climbed out, splashing into the water. Almost joyful he splashed water into his face. Rhys watched confused. Was that his friend or not? Would he hug that guy or kill him?

The man moved closer careful. Holding his hands up. Coughing a little. He looked like he had gotten some sooth on him. His clothes were torn. He wore no space suit and Rhys hope vanished. He made a sign to the privates to sharpen the weapons “Don’t move you bastard! Or I gladly kill you without any trial!” But before he had reached a decision Will had ran pass him “DADDY!” his voice so full of happiness and joy that Rhys dared hoping again. “WILL!” Bray coughed again and sunk down into his knees as soon as he reached the height for that. Crying he embraced his little boy “I am back…its all okay…oh god I have you back…my little hero…I survived…” He kissed the boys face all over “My brave, brave little hero…” “Daddy…my daddy…” unable to voice more, the boy cuddled close up, crying like his father. “Bray?” Rhys stepped unsure closer “Who else? The man in the moon? Would you please tell them to lower their weapons? I have no control right now to tell them with my mind force. I am too tired for that. I feel a little edgy seeing my son in their shooting lines you know? I am sure you realize I am a little stressed right now” “Oh god! I never thought I would one day be happy to have you being sarcastic on me!” Rhys sunk down and hugged Bray with Will at once. He dropped a hard kiss on his head “How did you…?” Bray laughed weakly “Rhys…I am really of no strength for long explanations now…” he coughed again. The privates let sink their weapons “Its the high comander…he survived…” One shouted back to the others. The shout was taken up from many others and joy erupted among the people. “Amber…Amber did you hear?” Trudy shook her a little, but Amber still sat on her knees. Eyes closed, crying silent tears. She shook her head “No. I can’t take that. No” “But Amber…its him…really…do you think Will wouldn’t know his real dad? Amber…open you eyes!” “NO!” she hid her face in her hands, crying even harder. Confused Trudy looked at Bray who was walking slowly towards them, Will in his arms, Rhys supporting him. She moved up and ran to hug him “She doesn’t believe…she is in shock…” she whispered “Oh god Bray…thank heaven we have you back…” he smiled and kissed her forehead “I am happy too Trudy…” He moved closer to Amber and sat slowly down in front of her.

“A moment please my little hero…” he whispered, placing Will safely beside him, who just held onto his shoulder, but let him move his arms freely. “My heart…” he whispered stroking a finger softly along her cheek after prying her hands softly away “Please look at me…” She shook her head and shuddered when he laid his hand gently completely over her cheek “No…when I open my eyes I either wake up from a long wonderful dream with a bad ending, sitting on that trader boat or I wake up laying in Solaris medical ward, being pregnant and a widow, realizing the love of my life is gone and…” “Amber…” he breathed and placed his lips softly on hers “Please open your eyes…its real…I am here…” he whispered placing his lips back on hers. Still with closed eyes her lips melted to the touches of his lips. He grabbed her hands and laid them onto his chest, one right above his beating heart. She recognized the so trusted feeling, her hands traveled high, closing around his neck. When he parted only a few inches she slowly opened her eyes. Tears still glimmering in them. “Its real?” “It is…no dream could be like that…” he breathed his forehead touched to hers. She took one hand away from his neck to gently place it on his face. He laid his other hand over hers, the ring of wire still safely on his finger. A thrill ran through her, telling her it had to be real. His touch felt like it always had. He moved his face a little and kissed her palm “I am sorry my heart…I didn’t know what else to do…I had to make sure you all would be safe from him. That you would be free and have a real live…” “I understand…” she whispered “There was only one flaw in that plan…” Tears, this time of happiness, shuddered her a little when she moved her lips close to his “…there is no real live without you for me…” and kissed him lovingly. Feeling their son coming closer from Brays side, both interrupted the kiss and Bray pulled the little one close to them “Its all okay …we are together…all will be fine now…” he whispered placing a soft kiss on Wills hair.

He hugged both close and looked then at the people around “You may forgive me…that I am not in the state to do a round of hugs now. I want to thank you…thank you for your bravery. And I am sorry for the shock I gave you. But we succeeded.” His eyes met those of the other generals “I am happy you all are well at last…that fight would have gone quiet bad without the strength of your leading skills. And…I…I know there were victims…I…saw while I tried to get a picture of the fight when Ebony and Jay tried to protect me a little…” “Not on our side…” Lex shook his head “Okay…some scratches…” he showed him a slash on his arm “Jays got some crackes rips…Hectors got a broken leg, but still fought with it…there are some dead ones I fear among those privates he controlled…” “But Sebastian…I saw him…laying motionless…” “He has a concussion…he will have to rest a while I fear…but the overlock I have, lets me hope there isn’t anything worse…” Solaris spoke gently, stroking over his head “Losing you would have sure been our greatest loss and the only death on our side…” Relief flooded him. So he could really be happy now. He wouldn’t have to mourn others while holding his family safely in his arms. He coughed a bit and Amber looked worried at him “Solaris should look after you!” Coughing again he nodded “The rocket was on fire before it even exploded…I fought with him…there were only thirty seconds. I entered the capsule just in time…oh no…” he got pale “That…people in tubes…I have forgotten about them…oh no…they…” “They are safe Bray…” Paul spoke silently “What you saw was a video from me. Those people are still safe on TARTAROS. I don’t know if we ever can free them of their control. He used way more regular programs on them. They are empty shells I fear.” “But how did you…?” “KRONOS was arrogant from head to toe. Different to you he believed his people were so dutifully to him that they just did what he told them. He told me to transport them here and just believed I did. While you trsut people, but still control on their doings and even help along with work, he only gave orders and didn’t care if there would show up problems. He expected people to fullfill their given tasks without asking even. I…have followed him way too long. But watching you the last years, more even since you’re back here…not only you…but also all other MALL RATS…I realized if I would just go on…Patsy would have died in vain.” A little weak in the knees Bray got up “Paul…” laying his hands on the younger guys shoulders he looked intently at him “It was you who helped me? You were that stranger in that vision…you made me write down my memories back those months or?! You gave me knowledge to escape…thank you for that. It was a risk to work against him. And be sure…Patsys death hurt all of us. Especially Cloe and Salene. We missed her and we missed you. I searched you a long while. It only got dangerous after a while. I couldn’t sneak around for weeks or leave the city. We were in serious trouble when the second virus outbreak happened…” “I know Bray…it was my own decision after all. I thought Patsy might be better off without having to defend me all the time…I never had spent so much time around people who couldn’t comunicate with me. I felt lost. Not at home. I wanted to return realizing it was insane to go away, but then I was already caputred by some slave traders and KRONOS found me…he gave me hearing…and I was thankful. TARTAROS has been my home. It still is. The other TITANS didn’t know of his doings…really. They are those kids of parents who gave money back the days before all adults were dead. They made sure with their donations there would be camps. Thats why those kids ended up in the TITANS. KRONOS hid among them. I even felt a little flattered that he took so many time on me. Educated me. Trained me…I…thought I owe him loyality…I am sorry…” “Its okay…” Bray hugged him “Welcome home Paul. I am happy you are alive and I am happy you took that decision. You will have a chance on a new life. Don’t be afraid.” Paul awed at him, amazed by that easiness with that Bray forgave him. Amber then hugged him too “Thank you Paul…thank you for giving Bray a way to rescue himself…I will never forget that. NEVER!” He hugged her back and grinned then a little looking on her belly “That feels funny…” She giggled “Imagine how it feels from inside!” Bray took her in his arms, resting a hand protectively over her belly “We should look after the baby…and check you up…and you too little man” he spoke to Will who stood close to his leg “Hmmm…but not shot!” His little boy said suspicious. He had had several vaccinations since ELITE had arrived and he hated it fullhearted. Laughing Bray bent down and got him high in his arms “You are so brave…and then you are afraid from syringes?” “Not afraid…” Will shook his head “…but not like!” He snuggled up close and Bray stroke his hair “No worry…only a check up, okay? Mommy and me will be with you. We three will rest together okay? You two won’t leave my arms for the next time…hmmm? I promise!” “Okay…” Rhys took a breath “Well then…those of you who have maybe injuries that need a look before traveling back, collect in that area over there. Those of you who are fit and well, help those who have some minor injuries that can be taken care of back in the hotel. The transport vans will be used by the mothers and kids. Sebastian will be transported too. One van is for the general and his family. Those who will really able to please stay with me so we can care for the dead bodies. Those privates mostly didn’t follow KRONOS from free will and they deserve a true resting place. But take care not to use the space around the domes side. Its the honored resting place of Lex first wife. Don’t disturb her eternal rest.” Bray raised a brow at him “Well,well…look who is a true general now!” “Pfff…only because you’re weak right now…soon you can comand again and I am more the joking backround mind. Standing that way in the spotlight for shouting orders…not my school!” he ruffled Brays hair who growled “When I am on height again I am going to teach you some more respect…” Laughing Rhys hugged him short “Can’t wait you teaching me respect for the rest of our lives…but now…let you bring home and check you up…” Rhys kissed Trudy short “Please join them darling…let you and the girls check up too okay?” “Yes…take care…” Trudy then entered the van with the girls. Bray and Amber follwed, Will then snuggling up between them.

After having cleaned themselves and dressed in comfortable pyjamas they let Solaris check them up. Bray held Will on his lap while she tested the boys reflexes and scanned his body “There is that microchip…Jack has destroyed the controller…I rather have some more research before deciding if we have to operate it or can just leave it. Its close to his neckspine. I don’t want to risk anything. If the chip is harmless that way, an operation would be too much risk…” Bray nodded hugging his boy closer “All will be fine with you my little hero…” “And daddy?” Solaris smiled warmly “We’re going to check now…come help me…” she made the boy use the reflexion tests, who giggled when they worked “Hihi…daddy is okay…” “Now we check his heart and lungue…” Will listenend to the stethoscope “Sounds good daddy…” His aunt giggled “He will become a doctor maybe!” “No…” the boy shook his head disgusted “Not shot people…no!” Grinning his father took him close again “There is years and years for you to find out what you want to do…and I will be on your side while you search your way…” he dropped a kiss on the boys head “And now we check on mommy and our baby, hmm?” “Yes we do!” “All fine with you…” Solaris said satisfied after checking Ambers states “Maybe your heart and pulse are a little up, but thats okay after that ordeal today. A little rest with your boys should calm that. And now…lets check on the little one…” she pulled the ultrasonic closer, moved Ambers shirt a little up and placed the controller onto her belly “Awww…there she is…perfect…heart beating regular and calm. Good. Wonderful. A true warrior.” “SHE?” Amber whispered touching her little peas form on the monitor. Solaris paled “Oh no! I am sorry! I didn’t want to spoil it…damn all that weeks I managed to keep my mouth…and now…I am sorry…” “You knew?” “There was one moment where I could see it for real. You two were so adamant about it being a surprise …that I kept my mouth. Even when it was hard…” Amber smiled at Bray who laid his forehead onto hers “A girl…you get your little princess to spoil…” she breathed and kissed him happily. Bray then took Will closer “You get a little sister…is that okay?” Will shrugged “Girls play with cars too…” Laughing again Bray ruffled his hair “Yes they do…and you will always have me to play when no one better is around, hmm?” “You are the best to play daddy…” Will mumbled snuggling closer in his arms. Bray stroke over his small back when he felt his boy crying silently “Shhh…its okay…I am here…we got through…I could keep my promise…” “He is in shock…” Solaris whispered “But thats normal…we all are a little…just stay close tonight…and maybe some nights more…children get over that with love…rest now…I’ll bring you something to eat…” “Hmmm…and…” She stopped him “No comands now Bray. No check ups on the situation. You’ve done sure enough today. Let others do the work now. Trust us. Care for your family. We can call ourselves lucky that you all got out of it without too much harm, okay?” “Aye ma’am…” Bray mumbled surprised about her strict tone. When she had left Amber giggled a little “Well…what did you expect her to say? Go out and be the mighty general again…all fine? She is our doctor!” Sighing he leant a bit back and pulled her closer “I only feel bad for not being out there and helping…” “You and your all responsible side…” she sighed “I know…annoying…can you live with it?” “Well seems I have too…” she rolled her eyes and grinned then a little. Pouting playfully Bray tipped his sons back “Hey…mommy is bad to me!” Sniffling Will looked up and dried his eyes “Mommy you be nice! You kiss daddy and we cuddle! NOW!” She giggled “Hihi…okay you little comander…okaaaaay…” She gave Bray a short soft kiss, who sighed complaining and held her close by laying a hand in her neck “That won’t do my heart!” He pressed his mouth on hers and she couldn’t hold back a little moan about his passionate kiss. Absolutely at ease with his parents sharing such a moment, Will snuggled back into their closeness and felt asleep, basking into the safety of his parents holding him.

“Now…I envy that sooooo much!” Bray sighed “I wish I could fall asleep like that…” “Me too…I hope he will feel that safe with us for a long time…” “Hmmm…” He smiled “Well…now we know at last on which name list we have to concentrate…” “Hmmm…girl names…” Both sighed annoyed. Grinning they looked at each other. Girl names had been their problem from the start. The only one they both agreed with would be Christina. All other ideas each of them had come up with in those quiet moments when they had had time to think about names, had always not agreed with the other. “Robyn can be used for a girl…” she mused “Ah no…I thought about that Robin stuff…we named our boy Will…people who have knowledge about literature will maybe joke about us naming our kids after chracters from Robin Hood…” “Hmpf. I like such a name like Angel…its so…don’t know…I love that name. But of course we can’t name our girl like that too. Hmpf.” “Maybe…Hope?” “Will and Hope?” She raised her brows at him “Hmmm…maybe…” “Ts…look at us…we survive that…we got through so much and can’t then even find a name for our girl…” “Hihi…Bray we still have time for ideas…maybe we can even first decide when we hold her…” she kissed him lovingly “I have faith that we will find the perfect name!” “Faith…” he mumbled, the word spreading warmth through his body. “Hmmm…” she cuddled deeper up on his chest and struggled her boys back. Their little one was nibbling a little on his thumb. Something she usually always had stopped, but tonight she would allow it. He had been through much. They all had been. She yawned “I am tired…you not?” When he didn’t answer she looked up to his face again “Bray?” “Amber…thats her name!” “I…huh? What name…whos name…?” “Amber…FAITH! Its our faith in each other what brought us here…why we got through all that…faith in us and our love and happiness. Your faith, Wills faith made me so strong. Without faith in each other we wouldn’t be here like that. You had faith in me even when I didn’t remember. Our decision for her life has brought us closer still, our faith in each other grew even more…” “FAITH…” she whispered stroking a hand softly over her belly, a safe and warm knowledge filling her. She giggled when she felt a soft bumb “She agrees with it.” Bray smiled laying his hand over hers “Hello Faith…my little pincess…I promise you mommy won’t have a reason to worry again the next months…you can grow now safe and sure…you’re all safe with me…” A tear rolled down her face which he kissed away softly. She snuggled up again and soon was sleeping too. Bray just laid quiet, feeling their heartbeats, listening to their breathing. Slowly he felt that the tension of the day left him. His mind didn’t react with panic to the noises from outside anymore. He was able to relax slowly. He had succeeded. And that even without victims on his side. His eyes got heavy.


*“Well done big brother…” *


A soft smile on his lips he felt into deeper sleep, finding the so much needed rest.

Solaris smiled about the little family when she brought in a try. She placed it silently onto the little table in the little ward room she had made them stay for tonight and left then again. Ram was waiting for her and took her hand “Now its end of day for you too…” he breathed and placed his lips longily on hers. With a sigh she grabbed his collar and pulled him towards her room “Not at all my sexy nerd…” She grinned when she pushed him into her room and kissed him them with even more demand. They sunk down in her bed, kissing with a fire that made them feel like burning up.

Soft touches made the high comander wake up “Hmmm…who is disturbing my sleep?” he whispered in a little playful growl “Hihi…me mighty tickledragon…” Grinning Bray openend his eyes “Good morning little knight…and why do you disturb the mighty tickledragons sleep?” “Daddy…me bathroom?!” “Ohh…thats a serious matter then!” He realized that Will was kind of caged between them and gently helped him to get free of Ambers arm around him “So…” he helped him down “Do you want my help?” “No…me big!” His son rolled his eyes and Bray grinned when he stepped confidently to the rooms door but looked then confused. It were different doors to those he was used to and so his trick in opening them wouldn’t work here. He waited patiently. His son had to accept that there were indeed things he couldn’t do all by himself. No matter how clever he was. And he should learn that it was no weakness to ask for help. “Hmm…daddy can you help me, please?” “Of course…” Bray opened the door for him and walked with him to the wards bathroom to help him with that door too. He waited outside and was then confused when the door openend without having heard the tap running. Ready to reprimand his boy he stopped himself as soon he got hold of his boys face “Daddy…no soap!?” “Oh…urm…not?” He walked into the bathroom and looked a little around “Ah…maybe here…” he opened a little cupboard and reached him a new soap bar. Those were selfmade from Tai-San who did regular schooling on hygienic. Will sniffed “Hmmm…honey!” “Hmmm…like mommys shampoo!” Bray sighed dreamily and coughed then a little embarrassed, for his son grinned at him like he knew exactly what was playing through his father mind. What he of course didn’t. But then he laughed hearing his boys stomach rumbling “Aha…honey makes you hungry?” “We not eat diner…” his son answered with dignity “Oh…now you say it…” Will laughed when his dads stomach rumbled too and Bray took him high into his arms to whirl one time round with him. just out of pure happiness to be able too. “Lets go and wake mommy up and then we go into the cantine…there will sure be a big breakfast buffett today!” “YAY!”

In good spirits the little family went into the cantine only a while later, where they were greeted with applause and cheers. Will looked a little confused and Amber smiled “Daddy is a hero…” “Hmmm…” Bray smiled warmly feeling his boy grabbing his shirt tighter “Don’t you worry…I promised you and mommy are going to stay close to me for a while now. I am not going into long talks or anything. There is much to do, sure, but we aren’t in any hurry. The world won’t fall apart for me taking a little time with you okay?” “Hmmm…” They sat down next to Rhys, Trudy and the girls. Brady directly moved on the chair next to Bray and hugged him tightly “Sorry princess…we didn’t take time for that yesterday hmmm?” He hugged her tightly “Are you okay Bray?” “I am fine. Really. There is no need to worry anymore. Are you okay?” “Hmmm…I am happy you didn’t die…” she sobbed and he hugged her back to himself “Its okay…I am here…and I will stay here…we will be a happy family…all of us.” “GOOD!” She then sat back down and made space for Lucy who looked a little shy “Oh hey sweetheart…I am sorry I didn’t really …” surprised he stopped when she nearly jumped up to hug him around the neck “Me happy” she simply stated and kissed him heartily on his lips. Startled he looked at her and grinned then a little when he noticed his son scrunching his eyes in kind of dissaproval “I am not stealing your girl little hero…” he whispered and looked then dumbfolded when his boy looked at him saying “You better not!” Amber giggled, watching her son sitting down next to Bray and Lucy , so he was able to seperate his father from his sweetheart. He kissed the girls cheek heartily who giggled then hugging him tightly. “Oho…hihi…you better don’t come in between them…” Bray grinned at her “Well…thats for sure…jealous like us!” “Did you expect something else of a child of us?” “Hmmm…not at all…” And while people around ate and chatted in a good mood, Bray moved in for one of those kisses that made the world stop turning for them.

Someone coughed and a little annoyed Bray stopped the kiss, looking at HERMES “I …urm…sorry…” “Speak HERMES…” Bray sighed "I’ve got news…good ones…HELENA was captured and is taken into hold on the OLYMPUS so she can face trial. The GUARDIAN is brought there too. There were some hurt people in the city but nothing dangerous. For all wounded on the EAGLE MOUNTAIN battle was cared and also for the wounded from the city. " “Thats great! Thank you for telling me directly!” “No problem…and…urm…there is also…” “Hmmm?” “There will be coming someone…of…NEW WORLD…” “And? I alarmed them…I am pretty surprised they come so late…”

“I am more surprised you only get to know now!” A sniding voice sounded up. A guy dressed in a classic grey suit, looking like right some laywer out of the old times stepped into the cantine. Bray jumped up from his seat “COUNCIL JAMESON…I had no clue you would come in person…” He threw an angry look at HERMES who blushed “I had too…you will understand that all that happenings cause uproar…KRONOS dead…a space rocket…secret projects…mind control…we have to make the world see that we take that serious and take responsibility when needed” “Of course…I…” “I was told and could witness over screen and micophone…but still there are questions to be answered. Till now KRONOS was a respected and helpful member. I fear your word alone that all that happened yesterday was his doing alone won’t do. People know you and many can’t believe a strong minded person like you was fooled for such a long while…” “But…I am telling the truth since months…I contacted people…I…” The council held a hand up “Its not me you must convince. I know the depths the human mind can fall into…but because I know that I have to act that way now…” “What…what way?” “GENERAL ZEUS, high comander of ELITE, you are therefore suspended from your post and will be taken into custody till you have laid down your story to a trial and convinced people of your honesty.” “WHAT?” Amber raised from her chair and along did others “You can’t do that!” “Whose idea is that?” “Whats that for a shit?” “What the fuck are you trying to say?” “The high comander is a hero!” “He gave his life for all of us!” “How dare you not believe him…” “QUIET!” the council roared “All will have a say in that. Its just the correct way to go. No ones above the law. We can’t hear KRONOS anymore. He can’t speak for himself anymore. But I just have to make sure it was really him alone. I have to make sure ZEUS is honorable and honest. Thats about the future of ELITE.” His eyes met Brays who nodded “Okay…” “WHAT? Bray you can’t let that be done to you!” Rhys stepped between “You won’t take him away!” “Rhys please…yesterday I nearly died to save all of you…to save ELITE…I can’t now duck out and watch all fall apart for people not trusting…I am honest. I’ve got nothing to fear from a trial” He stood proudly “So…do what you must!” Appraising the council looked at him “I would let you stay in your rooms…but…” Its okay…I am coming with you…only…" he kneeled down to his son “I have to do this Will…nothing will happen to me…its necessary for our new world in which we can be a happy family. Laws account for everyone. No one is above the law. But we will be together. You, your silbling, mommy and me…okay? I am sorry…” He looked to the council “When will the trial be?” “We need to hear people…proof things…a week at last…we will hold it here of course…” The grey eyes of the man getting softer by seeing the unhappy look of the boy he spoke to him “Your father will be safe. I will make sure of that. I only have to go the right way about it. Its about more then only one man and his family. But…I…you can see him everyday. You and your mother can visit him an hour each day. And I can give him a coded safe laptop so that you can talk and see each other…thats all I can do…” “Thats okay or little hero?” Will cuddled up “All will be good?” “Yes…thats the last time ever someone seperates us!” He stood up by kissing his sons head and then kissing Amber softly. His eyes hard he looked at the council “I will let you hold that trial. I have got nothing to fear. But be sure I won’t take a defeat. I will spend my life with my family. Not matter what the trial decides!” The privates stood up when Bray strode past the council “We are on your side comander…” “You’ll show them…” “Thats outrageous nonsense…” “We will tell them what we know…” “Be strong Bray!” “Your tribe is on your side!” He looked to the MALL RATS who all looked at him. Brays eyes met Pauls who sat among the MALL RATS. And all his hope concentrated on the young man. Paul nodded. Bray nodded. And went then away with the council.

Amber watched, anger cursing through her. How dared they act that way on her husband? Hadn’t he sacrificed enough already? “Mommy…” Will cuddled up to her “When can we speak to daddy?” “Oh sweetheart…thats sure will take a while…” Ram shook his head “NO it won’t! I am following that idiot…he will give Bray that laptop as soon as he is in that cell. Honestly…I am not sure if I like that new world!” Angrily he stormed off and Rhys goggled after him “Hell I think I might fall in love with him…” Beside herself Amber giggled a little and hugged Will closer “You can soon talk to daddy okay? I allow you to talk the whole day to him…”

I love this story. :smiley: I am so glad Bray was okay. I am happy to read that him and Amber are expecting a baby girl, and i love how Solaris knew for weeks, that it was a girl.

Thank you :blush: Actually writing the last two chapter was a little hard for I cried so much while writing :see_no_evil: And I was angry after that chapter now dmfor the council took Bray… Lol… I sometimes surprise myself and then I wonder why my mind made it up that way.

Yes… Both were like “Oh we don’t need to know…” and so Sol kept her mouth shut. It are only three parts now… It will be weird to say goodbye to them

(Hello my dears, so here we go….ist only three parts left. The Story has 52 chapters, like each series has 52 episodes. But this chapter here now is the real ending. The story around KRONOS Comes to a closure. The Young People know now that KRONOS father brought in the original virus to press Money from goverments for his Dream of conquering ELYSION. That idea surprised me myself. Never has writing a story kept me that curious, for I never knew what my mind would come up with.
The last two chapters are a two part epilogue for a glimpse of the future. But now enjoy the closure of the story. Stay safe)

50. We don’t need another hero (inspired by the song ‘We don’t need another hero’ by Tina Turner)

“How are you my heart?” “I am okay” “No you’re not…” “Bray…honestly do we have to go through that talk every evening? Of course I am not okay. My husband sits in a cell since five days. My little son doesn’t understand why his father who saved us all and acted pure heroic is kept like he has done a crime. We can only see you around lunch time…even all that talking over the laptop doesn’t change that. I need you HERE. With me. With us. Honestly…what are they doing? I saw that council people strolling through the city like some laywers…questioning people. People are outright confused.” “Amber…it will be all right. Technically spoken I am responsible for a respected TITANS death. Not any TITANS, the leader even. Of course its hard to grab what he did. Its better when all is laid open, without me enterfering. No one can say then I turned something round for me. Its what…well…we always wanted. The same rules for everyone. Sure I could use the chip and chase them away using my privates. But then? They would just use their side of the chip and I would…” She touched the monitor “I know Bray…but…its just…unfair…” “Its only some days more…you’ll soon will chase me away from you because I won’t stop kissing and holding you…” “Pfff…you think?” she smiled lovingly at him. “Hmmm…” Sighing a little he laid his hand onto the monitor on his laptop so that she saw his palm “…I wish I could hold you know…I wish I could feel you…” “Me too…” she mumbled and laid down, laying her hand against the monitor like they would touch each other. “Sleep my heart…its soon over…” “Hmmm…goodnight Bray…” “Goodnight…”

But Bray was far from sleeping. He hadn’t slept since he had been taken from council. Nightmares had chased his first try on sleep. It was impossible to find rest without Amber and Will. But no one seemed to even think that the shock he suffered was maybe even more severe then that of the others. Of course they had seen him giving himself away, they saw the rocket explode thinking he was dead. But it had been him in that rocket. Him who had given away his life to safe others. Him who had faced KRONOS. Who had taken the decision to take that TITAN to death with him. He hadn’t thought it would hit him so hard himself. But it did. And he couldn’t tell anyone. Amber would fret even more and he wanted her not to worry. Tai-San would freak out. She and Sol would probably start a rebellion telling the council acted inhuman. No, when they checked on him each day he told them that his dark circled eyes only showed how uncomfortable the cells were. His only light was that Will talked often over the laptop with him. His little one would take it all through the mall, so that Bray could talk with all the kids when they played. Or he sat down with crayons and painted things letting Bray guess what he did. But sometimes Bray acted like he was tired and had to sleep so that his boy left the laptop alone and played like a real child. Without thinking on his dad watching all the time. Around lunch time Amber and Will visited and they ate together. And then he couldn’t talk freely. His son shouldn’t think his dad had a too hard time. He wasn’t allowed to talk to other adult members of his tribe and troop and so he also missed that. “Only a few days more Bray…” he whispered to himself, switching of the laptop finally. Watching Amber was painful. Knowing that when he would be with her, he would snuggle up to her and sleep restful. He walked over to the little window and leant his head against the glass. The sky. The stars. He shuddered a bit. He almost had been damned to see them from space. Close up. Once such a tempting dream, it now held the biggest horror he ever faced. Would he ever again be able to just look at the sky at night and think how beautiful it was?

“Its tommorow!” Tara yelled through the mall, breathless. She had just left the long talk with the council members who meanwhile had arrived all. The tribe members dropped in from all sides “Really? The trial?” “Yes…the interrogations are over…” “Thanks heaven…” Tara hugged Amber who had gotten up hearing her shout “It will be good…you’ll have him with you tomorrow…” “I hope you’re right…” “Really…its more kind of…represantive…pure formality…” Amber wished nothing more then that being right. The rest of the night she laid awake. Wondering what Bray was doing right now. He sure would have been woken up to be told that the trial would be tomorrow. Or maybe he even hadn’t slept. She knew he was trying to act strong. She knew he wasn’t sleeping well. But she understood that he needed to have the save feeling that she wasn’t worrying for him. Telling her how hurt he was or how angry or how much that what happened had gotten to him, would make it only realer right now. Something he couldn’t need, when he needed to keep it together and appear like the man who would be able to reform ELITE.

The town hall had been too small and so the trial would be hold on the place in front of the building. The members of the organistaions council sat on a swiftly built up stage. It were five members. Each of one of the five most important tribes of the organisation. ASCLEPIOS,DAIDALOS,MUSES,TITANS and ELITE. The council who had taken hold of Bray was sitting in the middle, being a part of ELITE. People gaped when Bray appeared. The generals were all wearing their galas and all privates wore their uniform well cared for, boots shining, shirts wrinkless, jackets gleaming with their ornaments. Bray was wearing gala too, but not the simple usual way. He had decided to not use the gala trouser but the cargo he had worn to play god for the GUARDIAN. He also wore that boots with it. His shirt was white, but not closed up till his neck, but open on the top buttons. He also wore a gala jacket that Gel seemed to have styled up once more. He wore the arms chopped high. The eaupalettes gleaming silver and golden in the sun. The chains that decorated the jacket now held additional pendants. Looking like little medals. People awed realizing that all those pendants held a meaning to the general. There was a pentagram showing his belonging to the MALL RATS, a lighnting for his loyality to his troop ALPHA, a planet earth for his loyalitly to the organistation NEW WORLD. One looking like a brush and one like a book fashioned together, standing for his support to the MUSES. A little silver staff of Asclepius, showing his respect for the medical tribe. A little bulb of light, referring to his respect to the inventor tribe DAIDALOS. A ear of wheat showing his honoring of those who worked with agriculture. There were many more all showing in a way whose work he respected and honored. Gel watched satisfied. She had worked on that since Bray was taken. Amber admired her thinking. Bray looked at ease. He looked kind of rebellious. But still respectful by wearing that jacket. Noone could name him respectless for not wearing the gala like usual, when he showed deep respect and honoring by wearing exactly that jacket. He showed that he was ready to have changes in ELITE and that he was the man to bring them about. And to the same time it told ‘if you don’t want me to, watch my back’. He even walked lazily, one hand in a pocket “Good morning…” he greeted them seemingly all at once. He looked even refreshed and she knew he must have drunk at last dozen strong coffees and taken a real cold shower to appear that fresh. “Good morning general ZEUS…the last days we had many interviews with people around. All in all we got the impression that people think you’re honest and straight out forward. We were told you even openend up about that torture you suffered and of course we take that earnest. We have done so the frist time we were told of it. But you know we were told of it exactly from KRONOS. He was the one who alarmed us to that camp and telling us of indespisable things being done to two prisoners there. How do you expain that?” "Well…easy or? He had done all the could to us and wanted us to take our place. So he then alarmed you. Rather ask yourself why he only alarmed you then and not way sooner! " “Can you proof that?” “No” “Hmmm so can you proof at all that KRONOS did that things? We have HELENA in capivity and she already testified she has tortured you…” “So ask her!” “We have already. She told us she just wanted to have you and acted out of her own…” “No. Thats not true!” “Well…we asked her all…she told all five of us the same story.” Bray took a breath “So she is good at lieing…then the GUARDIAN…ask him!” “We have done that already aswell. He told us you searched him after two members of your old tribe, that you saved before coming here, have told you they had met him in that camp. He told us you searched him. so that he would make you a god in peoples eyes…” “Thats…thats…” Alice and KC looked horrified at each other “Thats not true…I would never do such a thing. I fought AGAINST the CHOOSEN. Why would I search him? I don’t want to be a god…” The council interrupted him in a sniding voice “We also talked to that privates that worked on EAGLE MOUNTAIN. They told us you knew of the space rocket for a while. They told us you had read those papers of KRONOS father and have blackmailed him to come here, so you won’t go telling around who he really is. They told us he had given up on that idea long ago, realizing it was nonsense to sent people to space because earth had a new chance…” “What? Thats utter nonsense…it was ME who told HIM that! I asked him to give up…to use his brain for good things…senseful things…” Amber grabbed Solaris hand “Sol…Sol whats happening here? He is talking like he wants to say that Bray will be convicted…” “I don’t understand myself…how can that happen?” “Didn’t you tell your troop and all members of ELITE you would change ELITE?” “I did…but…” “So you like being the high comander?” “I do but…” “You even told everyone of your special chip functions?” “Yes but that only shows that…” “STOP! You will understand that on one side we believe that you are a good leader. You have charisma. But we also have to believe that you hold history that doesn’t endear you to that position. In our many interviews we filtered out that you have always searched leaderhsip about the city…” “What? No…that…okay…I…” Bray shook his head, looking around “Whats going on here? What the hell did you all tell them?” “We only interviewed the people. Like I said most spoke really respectful and nice about you. But we have to read between the lines…” “Read between the lines? What…what does that mean?” “I mean that I am really sorry about the judgement we had to take” JAMESON took breath and looked like he was unwilled to voice it “GENERAL ZEUS you are banned from ELITE and that town. You aren’t allowed to keep contact to anyone in leadership. You will be brought to one of the small islands NEW WORLD has posses of where you will be allowed to live freely. ALONE.” “WHAT?” When two stony looking guards grabbed after his arms, Bray swifeled around “Are you insane? I told you I wouldn’t accept defeat…where is my chance to speak for myself…?” “We heard enough…” “Thats a joke right? I just risked my life for you messed up figures! I took care of that maniac! Look into my mind, if you must!” “That decision won’t be changed! You hold too much power and therefore …” “Is it that? Are you scared I actually will suceed in changing ELITE? Well…then go…take back that chip…I don’t care. If you fear changes…may it be.” The guards tried to grab him again and he fleed again. The MALL RATS tried to get to him, but other guards were holding them back “Bray!” “Amber…stay there…keep your hands off my wife and son!” "You are not in the postion to make conditions. You killed an honourable member of our organisation to have a little more power…thats despisable. You should consider our punishment soft. " “Soft? Banning me from my family? You must be insane!” He looked at his privates “Comander…we stand at your side…” “NO! I don’t know whats going on here but we don’t need a new fight…please Jameson…please…listen to me…let me speak. Let me explain. Hear me out. You can’t just do that…look at the people here…no one understands…no one seems to agree with your judgement!” “BRAY!” a yell let him turn around, Paul was moving to him “I think I know…I think it might be a progammation of KRONOS…that made sure whenever someone finds out about him…or maybe if you find out…that he would still be safe. Look at them…their eyes…” Bray watched the council members “You think something triggered that?” “Yes…when they interrogated me yesterday they seemed pretty convinced of your rightness…of KRONOS being the evil one…and now?” The MALL RATS broke through the row of guards with the help of ACHILL and team ULYSSES “Whats up with you guys up there? If that the way NEW WORLD acts to rescuers : WE ARE OUT!” ACHILL shouted leading Amber and Will over towards Bray. She felt in his arms and Bray hugged both safely towards him “I won’t accept that you two…” “Bray…if thats how they handle you…” she gave Will to him and stepped a little forward “If thats the way you pay back loyality and faith …you can aswell grab your troops and leave. I tell you that city won’t accept strangers deciding who can live here and who not. That town is Brays home. He was born here. Its not up to you to decide who lives here. We survived without your organisation and we will do so again!” she looked at the privates around “Any of you who prefers to stay is invited to…” “How dare you speak that way?” JAMESON asked her outraged “How dare YOU speak that way towards my husband? Is it because realizing what KRONOS did might mean to accept your own mistakes? To accept you turned a blind eye on one of you high ups?” “One word more and we take away your council speaker status…” “You can’t take away that. Its US people living here, who voted her. Its not your business!” The leader of the DREAMERS shouted “Let them…you take away my status…oh god I am scared! Tell you what…I don’t a postion to speak my mind! I won’t accept. I won’t watch you doing that to the man I love more then my life! Or anyone else come to it!” PROMETHEUS stepped beside her “Please…think over…look at that people…none here wants Bray to be gone…all privates want him as the high comander…we generals want him. He isn’t only our leader. He is our friend. Do you want to risk a true rebellion?” “IS THAT A THREAT?” “WHY? YES I GUESS IT IS!” PROMETHEUS shouted back, now getting angry. Sensing anger from all sides Bray realized that this was the hour were he either could let people fight for and over him or step up and show WHY people would take on a fight for his sake. It was the time to show those people that he wasn’t going for any kind of domination. That he wouldn’t accept anymore fights. “Paul…please tell me you can lift that progamming?” “I can do something…you only must tame the masses here so we can bring that to an peaceful end!” “On to it…”

The councilleader was hitting on the table in front “Quiet…stop that you rebellious mop! Or you all…” “You’ve got nothing to tell us…just get lost you dictator!” May yelled “Yes we have faced way more intimating guys then you in your old suits…where did you get them anyway? Stole from your dads cupboard? Or even from their dead bodies after the virus?” A DEMON DOG sneered. The guards of the councils rounded closer around them, clear at loss how to fight “Hit them down…” “It are civilists…we can’t just…” “You do what you’re told or you face trial yourself…I my remind you…HADES is no place to fancy!” Bray gaped at the man. Was he really telling his trained guards to attack untrained people, maybe even kids or be sent to the prison for it? His heart went out to the guards who were clearly torn between their sworn duty and their sense of justice. Catching Claires eyes, he fought himself through to her “Claire, Lottie…you stay here with the kids…here…” He reached Will to them “Will…this is scary I know. I am going to end it. Stay with the others. Trust me!” “Okay daddy…” “I keep my promise to you…we will stay together!” he kissed the little nose softly “I am not accepting this here…we will have peace!” he promised and then turned, running up to the old fountain that stood in the middle of the place. It once had held the figure of a old historian politician, whose head had been taken off by the LOCOS quiet after the break down of the old world. He used that now to hold himself over the masses. This was near pandemonium. He had to surprise them and take their attention. Closing his eyes he remembered a summer day long ago


“My brother is going to make you pay for that!” “Thats what you do or? Shout your mouth off and then hide behind your brothers back!” Bray had sighed, somehow that wasn’t so far from truth. He had looked at his little brother beside him “What have you done to them Martin?” he mumbled to him “Nothing…really Bray…those guys showed up and had a go on our basketball court…its OURS. Dad made it for US! My friends and me told them to go…” “But your friends seem to be among them…” “They told them they could play with them as long as they get lost of me…” Martin hissed outraged, but he had felt the deep sadness and hurt in his younger brothers voice. Hell. The little one was only six years! Such traitors! Taking a breath he had stepped closer “This is OUR home…you can play in any open place to the public, but that here is private property so I ask you to get lost…” “Ah what a cute one…you’re the hero in the family then?” The older guy had tapped his finger against Brays forehead and then ruffled through his brown wavy hair “Little Robin Hood you are, heh?” Bray had eyed the guy who was sure in high school already while Bray was still not nine years already. But he was a big brother. “Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor…sorry but you don’t seem very rich to me, especially in brain…” The friends of the older guy had chuckled a little “That guy has balls…” Bray had swallowed nervousily, but held the stare. His mother would so go to kill him if he would brawl around. If those guys wouldn’t kill him before. "“Lets see how brave you are…” the older guy had grabbed his hair and pulled his head back with it. Then he had grabbed his collar and he had hung helplessy in the so way stronger hands. He had kicked out aimless. Martin had watched in horror. “Martin…go into the house…” “No I won’t let you alone…let him down you asshole!” “What did you call me you dwarf?” Martin had jumped out of reach and climbed high their treehouse. “SHOUT. SHOUT and let it all out! We’ve got something to scream about…” Martin had yelled down on them and Bray had watched confused why he was shouting a war cry like in a rugby game. But his loud shout had somehow shocked the guys and the leader had let go off him. Bray had joined his bother on the tree and they had pulled up the ladder. The tree had stood a little lonely and without their ladder it wasn’t to reach. They had waited comfortable with drinks and cookies that Bray had always stored there, till their father had returned home and taught those bunch of guys some lesson.


Bray smiled beside himself remembering that now. Maretin had always gotten them into trouble somehow. But they had also always had fun in that time, before he had joined high school. He grinned, took a breath, closed his eyes short and then shouted loudly “SHOUT.SHOUT. BECAUSE WE’VE GOT SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT…” Movement stopped and people looked to him, confusion written all over their faces. “What? Thats not a rugby match here?” Bray asked seemingly amused, having succeded to now sit on top of the old figure. “Sorry but the noise…propelled me back somehow…” he spoke more silent and like he wanted it, it got even more silent and people came closer to hear him. “But we actually have something to scream about. True. But…screaming never helps for real. Look at our children…we’re the fucking adults!” People goggled for Bray usually never used such language, and for sure not in speeches or pep talks to the puplic. “But we’re acting here like some kids fighting over toys…but its our FUTURE, our WORLD, our LIVES…we’re talking about. I am honored that so many of you are on my side, but I don’t want a fight. I had enough of those to last me ten lives, mind. Councils…you were all voted by your tribes to represent them in the organisations council. You are trusted people. Trust in each other is something we built up on. I know to face the realitly and realize you were fooled from KRONOS is hurting. It hurt me too. Its hurting your egos aswell. But do you want people think you rather stick with a lie to keep your clean faces? Do you want people to think that you not care if they have doubts? Don’t you want people to give their trust to you out of heart? I learned that if I stand by my own faults and mistakes people take me for more real. They realize I am just a human like all of them. And that I can’t achieve anything without them working alongside me. I can expect them to give their all, as long as I give MY all. Thats what I did…I was ready to end my life. I agreed to be sent in space, to keep KRONOS off from letting that bomb donate. My life, my and my families happiness for the live and happiness of hundreds or maybe even thousands of people. For nature. For the animals. For the world. I would do it like that with every repeat. It was the right thing to do. Yes I gave out secrets, but it hasn’'t fired back to me. People respect me more. Trust me more. Why should we keep things away from mankind? Its not like we are the parents and have to savfe our kids hearts for a while. This town here has had many fights and gotten through a lot of rough times. And now? I see DEMON DOGS and JACKALLS. TRIBE CIRCUS, ROOSTERS, DOVES, MOSQUITOS, DREAMERS, STARGAZERS, GAIANS, GLAMS, MALL RATS…united like never before. And that not to beat down some enemy. No. They stand here to plead for me. To tell you to just leave here. They tell you that they don’t want you here, if you sent me away. If you not hear my word. They want you to be fair and real.” His eyes were shining and he hemmed a bit, for movement grabbed for him, realizing that the people really would fight FOR him. “Back some years…months even…that would have been impossible…there were enough people who thought nothing of me…” Some people in the crowd grinned “Tribes here were often more busy with who got the biggest slice of the cake. But now they have started to believe in the new possibilites. They appreciate energy and medical help. They appreciate education and still they would tell you to take it all, as long as I can be free here with them. But of course I won’t accept that. I want those people to have all chances. I want us to be a part of NEW WORLD. I am not about being some hailed hero, sitting far above all others on some throne. People here have told you good things about me…why do you not believe them? Ask yourself that…what makes you doubt me? Have I ever given reason to doubt me?” JAMESON looked troubled “I…” he looked at the other councils and rubbed then his head a bit “I don’t know…” “BUT I DO!” Pauls voice echoed over the place. Maybe a little unstable for he wasn’t used to speak loud. “I was KRONOS watchdog…he taught me and later used me to programm Bray…I told you everything yesterday and you were outraged and full of sorrow for Bray…go into yourself. How does your behaviour today fit? What happened to change your opinion?” The councils looked at each, shrugging “Does it FEEL right to you to convict Bray? To ban him? Right in your hearts?” JAMESON shrugged unsure again, two of the others shook their heads sheepish. “See? Shouldn’t you stand by your judgement? How can you judge with unsureness? I show you…” he beamed a picture onto a white wall of one the old buildings around. He used his laptop for it “The picture is not high qualitly but still…” The place went still when he showed them memories of him with KRONOS. How the guy had found him, given him hearing and told him again and again how bad the MALL RATS were. How he had educated him and Paul had become a talented programmer. How KRONOS had used him to search suitable men. How they had found Bray and Rhys. How shocked he had been about that, but also still full of hate somehow to his old tribe. He showed them Brays torture what let many flinch again. He showed them how that had hunted him. How bad he had felt for his former leader. How he had slowly realized what KRONOS was really doing. That be destroyed everything people in the organisation had worked on so carefully and hard. How much he had admired, when he realized that Bray was breaking through for his love towards Amber and her little boy. That he had helped Bray at last to safe some memories. How he had protected him when he noticed that there was something of with that videos Ram and the others had played along. How he had discovered who KRONOS really was. The plan of KRONOS father. That KRONOS father had been the one who brought the virus about. How he had used the GUARDIAN to warn Bray once more. How he had planted the knowledge about the rescue capsule in Bray so that the guy could flee. How shocked he had been when Bray had saved his lfe by pushing him out and that he had risked his life for all of them. He showed memories of the left behind people. How he had watched the heartbroken people. Ambers and Wills sobs sounding so real that people got goosebumps. Bray swallowed. He hadn’t seen that before of course. He had been in the rocket, fighting for his life. And then the joy that Bray survived. How Bray had embraced him, welcomed him back home. “That is the man you’re doubting! Go in you…those doubts…are they coming from you? Would you or would you not follow such a leader?!” Paul asked them and the councils looked dumbfolded. “No…yes…I…” JAMESON looked at the others “Thats weird somehow…I want to believe THAT. ZEUS is a good man…not only the people here tell me that…but…” The represantive of the MUSES nodded “Chantal speaks highly of him…she will kill me if I convict him…but…I…” “I see Solaris standing on his side…she is a respected member. Her knowledge of chronical illnesses is outstanding. She has sworn to save mankind, she would never…its weird…” “See? You feel off convicting Bray…I ask you…did you ever have contact with KRONOS for real?” All nodded “He sometimes met us when we had council meetings…we always would ask him why he wasn’t a member himself…” “I bet anything he planted something in you…such a light chip version like he had set into Will to threaten Bray…that would be enough to program you. Program you to convict Bray.” “But why?” “He was clever. He maybe prepared for the case that Bray would ever look through. I think he believed Bray would just step up to you and tell you and you would hold a trial about him…so he made sure you would doubt Bray. That in any case KRONOS himself would come out as poor victim. He even seemed to have porgrammed HELENA the way that she took over all responsibilty. But I ask you…HELENA? The spoiled little princess? She can’t even program a recorder! And the GUARDIAN? Why would Bray relay on that fool? He doesn’t need to be a god. He is loved and respected for who he is already.” “But how…can we be sure…?” “You can break through…Bray could do too! It only asks a little strength of mind. And I am sure you in your responsible position hold that!” JAMESON looked from Paul to Bray , he remembered the broken guy ELITE had saved. Only a hint of his charisma had shown in him. They had watched him pretty closely and after some trouble in the start with him not caring for his body enough, he had cracked the programs and risen up ranks so fast. True. Why should such a man need to be called a god? “Okay…how…how do we do this?” “Couldn’t you help us?” one of the other members asked a little unsure “No if we help from outside one could say we manipulated you…its essential you break through by yourself.” PROMETHEUS stepped closer “Close your eyes, breath regulary and travel inside. Remember the interviews and you will find the place that switched the trigger. And then switch it back. Knock it out.”

Brays eyes met Ambers. If they would still convict him he would run up to her, grab her and Will and jump on the LIGHTNING ARROW. The thought to leave that way was painful, but on no account they would spent their lives apart from each other. Never again. In her eyes he read she was thinking in the same lines. She smiled a little sad, but still her eyes full of love. She would give away her live here, her friends, family, sister…for him and their family. That knowledge warmed his from head to toe. Every live was imaginable. As long she would be in it. As long they would have their boy with them and get that second child safely into that world. Into their arms. It was werid. Having an own family had been a far away picture in his mind before the adults died. Something when college was over. When was thirty or so. And now? Being twenty two having his family was the most important thing to him. They were his luck, happiness and safety. And the reason to take on the even most impossible fights.

“THAT BASTARD!” JAMESON growled with closed eyes, he was pale and his fist were clinched painfully. He openend his eyes “I want a scan…I want to see that chips in the others with my own eyes!” The other council members openend their eyes all looking thunderstruck “I…that…” Tai-San and Solaris hurried over with the scanner they usually only used on ELITE members, for those were the ones who had. chips. It beeped warningly about each member. They left out JAMESON who as member of ELITE of course had a real chip. He growled “I found that switch…he must have hacked into one of my trainings…I am sure going to let check all of them…what an embarrassment! I am sorry ZEUS…or Bray…how…do you want to be called anyway?” “ZEUS is okay…” Bray grinned “Does that mean I…?” “Of course you’re free! Even if the others wouldn’t agree with me. You’re true ELITE and we ALL stand beside our high comander!” JAMESON hopped down the stage and walked over to the fountain, reaching Bray his hand “ELITE stands united like we always have!” Bray took his hand and let himself be pulled down and being embraced in a comradely way. People erupted in cheers. His tribe and friends collected around Bray and for once he couldn’t flee from being hugged by seemingly everyone. He had shyed out of it after the battle, not facnying hugs from each and everyone, but now he had to take them. “LET OFF MY DADDY!” Wills voice sounded up. People looked confused at the little boy who looked quiet strict. They made space and Bray went down in his knees “Come here my little hero!” Happily laughing Will ran into his arms and both laughed joyfully while Bray whirled them around. Amber watched with tears in her eyes. It was over. They had done it. All would be good now. But suddenly there was pain in her that let her hunch over a bit “AMBER!” Salene yelled. Bray stopped whirling around, taking in the scene. He was with them in a swift and reached Will towards Salene “Amber…what…?” “I don’t…” she sobbed painfully “I…” Bray reached down and took her on his arms “SOL! TAI-SAN!” And ran off already way tot he hotel where was the medical equipment they might need. Salene followed and so did many of the tribe. Rhys helped Trudy back and so a while later the MALL RATS and their close friends of ELITE waited tensed in the hotel hall.

“Can a baby surive if it…is born that early?” KC asked hoarseley “Usually the chances were good after twenty eight weeks…Amber is in the thirty week…so…theoretical spoken: yes. I only don’t know if they have such knowledge saved and such good incubators…” Ram mumbled and all looked surprised at him “What? You should know by now I am interested in medical knowledge…and…after all…that baby is…well…” Slade put an arm around his shoulders “It will be kind of your niece…” “Hmmm…and it would be a shame! I have worked so hard to keep it alive when we put Amber out those weeks!” He spoke harshly trying to wash off the feeling of him being emotional. Slade rolled his eyes at Ruby who sat down on his other side “It will be okay…there can be many reasons for that pain…it musn’t be something dangerous…” Some while later Tai-San came rushing up to them “Its all okay…she only has really intense Braxton HICKs contradictions…” “Excuse me?” Jack goggled at her “It are kind of training contradictions…they start around week twenty and prepare the body for the birth…but Amber already has a baby and so she went well with that. Just like Trudy. But those now have been quiet intense. But its all okay. Probably the stress made her a bit more senstive. She really needs time off. Bray does too. I thought he would faint in there!” Lex raised his brows “WHAT? BRAY?” Rhys hit him “IDIOT! How do you think should he feel having to fear that his second child would be born so early? How would YOU feel then? After all what he has been through?!” “Hey…okayyyy…don’t go defending him again…I am not laughing or joking okay? Of course I understand his worry. He only seemed so strong right now, just taking her and off he was…I would have maybe already then broken together…” Rhys patted his shoulder “No…No Lex you wouldn’t have. Sure not. You’ve got a strong heart aswell. You often hide it behind a big mouth…but…you must know : months back when I wasn’t here already and spoke to Bray about the ELITE network. It was the day were you did that round through the tribes. Short after they arrived here. You showed up in the hotel and Bray grinned at me that there his security was. I had pleaded him to not go alone or with only Ryan through the city. I was surprised that he wanted to trust a stranger more then some privates, but he just told me you were a respected member of town and the MALL RATS and that he would trust his life to you…” “Really? Bray said that?” “Why would I lie?” “Wow!” Lex seemed to grow some inches. “Did you hear that babe?” “Did you doubt Bray feels that way about you? I know you think the same about him!” She whispered, sitting down on his lap “You two are maybe quiet different in many points, you like to haggle with each other and sure sometimes feel like hit the other cold out, but you’re still friends. Unusual ones maybe, but still and simply friends. Most of us would have never spent a day with each other way before the virus…” she looked at the others around. “Coming from different society stages…different backrounds…having different sights on live…and we are here. A tribe, friends, family.” They smiled at each other. Those words were true. They had come a long way and they would walk on together.

“Amber you really should rest…” “I will rest in our bed…I really have seen the medical ward too often now…” “Please…my…” They saw Amber stopping, turning to Bray and laying a finger on his lips “Please Bray…there are injuries that are still cared for there…all those medical scents and the monitors…I want to rest without feeling like a patient. I am not ill. Our daughter needs peace…and safety. She can’t feel well, if I don’t feel well.” He sighed “Okay…okay. But its up to our floor and up on the sofa with you!” “Aye general…luckily I have a sexy husband who can cook quiet acceptable…” “ACCEPTABLE?” he growled, hugging her to him “Ts!” and kissed her gently but with passion. Will jumped off to their tribe “Mommy is okay…her body only trains for the baby!” he whispered “Mommies have to do lot for a baby!” Ruby giggled “Yes thats true little man…but we do it glady you know?” They were taken into the midsts of their tribe and Amber looked really a little sheepish “Sorry I made you worry…the last days were maybe simply a little too much…I am okay and I will be a good girl and rest now.” Lex raised a brow “But not only for a day missy…thats a MALL RAT there in you…we all want it born well and safe okay? Thats your first and only priority now!” “Are you giving me orders Lex?” “Yes I am!” “Bray…what do you say to that?” “I say I quiet agree with him!” Searching for help she looked at Trudy, who grinned “Better a bit too careful then the other way round or?” “Hmmm…” Amber leant into Brays arms “But then I want to be spoiled aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day long. With massages and good food and sweets and …” Grinning he moved his face close to hers “And?” “Breathtaking kisses all day long!” she breathed so silently that only he could hear “Hmmm…I think I could do that…especially the kisses…” he whispered also only for her to hear and kissed her in exactly that way. Trudy leant onto Rhys shoulder “Hmmm…I think I could go with being spoiled all day long too…” “Hmmmhmmmhmmm…well…do you deserve that?” He grinned “Hey…ts…did you hear that Sal? What for a man did you let me take?!” “Me? Amber is your best friend , ask her!” Salene played the annoyed one. “Well…if Amber EVER surfaces out of that kiss…” Trudy huffed, making Rhys and Salene laugh with that. Amber ignored them and moved her hands into Brays neck, pulling him even closer. She had lost again precious days with him and she wouldn’t take another lost SECOND. Bray seemingly agreed with that feeling, letting the kiss grow in intensity. They first pulled away from each other when they heard a cough from a voice unfamiliar to them. Staying close, they looked around, finding the council members standing a bit away. Their friends faced the council members, building a safe wall kind of “No worries…really…we’re not here to take him away again. Bray is free. He is the hero in the story and KRONOS the evil part. We wanted to apologize and look after Amber. I am happy she is well…” JAMESON explained “And we…wanted to let you know…” He looked Bray straight in the eyes "ELITE took that speech that you held very serious. I mean that after that training. It was brave to let it be heard to every member. You’re the best high comander we could ask for. The generals trust you. The privates trust you. Habitants of every place you have been, trust you. Please…please stay with us. Stay Zeus. Stay the high comander. You can make the changes. Without you we sure can’t achieve half of what we can achieve WITH you. " “Of course he stays…” Rhys shook his head “What brings you to the idea he …” Bray stopped him with laying a hand on his shoulder “Thank you JAMESON. It means a lot to me. Only…I need some time. I can’t just jump off now doing business and change…the world or whatever.” “BRAY!” Rhys mouth clapped down “You were the one who wanted to bring the change! You can’t duck out now!” JAMESON sighed “I understand…how long will you need?” “Maybe…two weeks?” “Okay…that will work…in that time we can let check ups be done on every chip implanted…we will see each other then?!” “Okay…” they shook hands and the council members left to board the plane and fly back to their bases.

“Bray…?” Amber moved a bit out of his arms “You…what does that mean?” “I just can’t say ‘yes’ fullhearted. It was too much. Not only the KRONOS thing…the mistrust…I know they were programmed too, but still…I first have to think a bit…if I really want to spend my life with that…if its the best for my family…” “Bray…” she stroke through his hair “…its okay if you say you have to think because its your future…your work…or job, but don’t dare saying you have to think because of your family. Me and our children will be on your side, either what you do. May you be a general, a pilote, a farmer or whatever. Don’t think we will be unhappy with anything you choose. We will be happy with whatever makes you happy. It would be a shame if you give up ELITE, but if you say its what you need, if you say you don’t feel good being ZEUS…then it is that way.” she kissed him softly “Bray…I think…its a good idea to take a thought…you’re on a foark in the road just now. And its your decision which way you take.” Tara whispered, her emphatic mind grabbing Brays confused emotions about ELITE. Claire nodded “But I think you should take off for real…it won’t be easy to take a decision for yourself while being here. Privates around. Work going on. You’re such a responsible person that you would ignore your voice inside. I think you should take your family and be away a while…” “Away?” “We could take the LIGHTNING ARROW and go to the isle we were after christmas…” Amber mused “Hmmm…you…you think?” “Hell Bray…everyone else would be packing bags already!” Lex rolled his eyes “Off you get…work will be here still when you return. If you need some mediation or whatever to decide what work you want to do…off you get…it will be good for Amber and Will too.” Bray looked unsure at the other around but nodded then “Okay…yes maybe thats what I need…Will?” “Yes daddy?” Bray took him high in his arms “What about a holiday on our isle? Only mommy, you and me?” “Hmmm…with plane?” Will asked critical. Bray grinned. Will often talked about their holiday and always stated flying wasn’t cool. He hadn’t forgotten the earpain. “Ahhh shame I think you’re not made for a pilote, hmm? No we go with the LIGHTNING ARROW!” “Oh yay!” Different to flying Will loved the being on the boat. “So then…lets pack…”

It didn’t take long and they took off “Isn’t that dangerous for Amber?” Gel mused a little worried “No…with plane its only up and almost directly down again, with the LIGHTNING ARROW it will take them only some hours more. Its a safe way there. Safe waters. Its nice weather…” Rhys stretched “And I think we all deserve some celebration now…so …Cloe do you think a barbecue could be arranged from us on the beach? So that the city people could party along?” “Of course…great idea!” “I only have great ideas!” The second in command joked and laughing they all went off, looking forward to finally celebrate their victory a bit.

Torches were lightning up the beach. People were still celebrating. Music was played. It only showed now how many people in town could play an instrument or had a nice singing voice. Rhys sure would have formed a band after tonight. Watching the second in command playing the guitar with some over guys who played saxophon and trumpets, he felt her arms close around his neck “Here you are…” “Hmmm…” he sighed a little when she kissed him under his ear “I needed a little quietness…” “Hmmm…you’re actually becoming a little softie!” “HEY!” He looked affronted at his wife “I only want some peace sometimes too…no reason to…” Giggling she laid her hand over his lips. Stroking a finger along she came closer to him “I like that…I like that you felt so much with Bray and Amber. That you cried aswell when we thought he is dead. That you spoke up for him. That yopu told him to go on holiday to find his own way. That you told Amber to take care of the baby for we all want it to be born safely among our tribe. I watched how you comforted Lottie when she worried for Sebastian. Its nothing to be ashamed of Lex…please keep that. Show your emotions…not only to me. You have always hid that side. People never got to see the real you most of the time. But now they do. Its good you can be more open and also speak more about emotions…its essential for becoming father. When it happens to us I want to be sure you can really handle emotional tantrums!” “Oh I just give it to Bray then…he can handle…” “LEX!” she pinched him and he grinned wickedly, grabbing her hands to kiss both “Sorry…To be honest I am afraid of emotional tantrums, but I never shy out of a challenge…” “Hmmm…” she sighed delighted when he moved his lips along her neck high to her lips. She waited for his kiss. That never came. He stood up instead of kissing her and pulled her high to him “Lex what…?” “Lets walk a bit…” he breathed into her ear, her skin heating up by the sexy tone of his voice. But still she was confused of that behaviour. Lex never had a problem to kiss with other people around. Hand in hand they walked a little, till they reached a little hidden bay. “Someone offered me a cocktail…but I didn’t take one…” “I am proud…but you could also ask for alocohol free…” “The mixer is of that DEMON DOG bar…don’t trust him that way!” "Oh okay… " “One seemed tempting indeed…” “Which one?” He laid his arms around her hips “Sex on the beach…” he breathed hoarsley his mouth swifeling along her shoulders “Hmmm…so,so,so…sex on the beach?” She pulled him closer on his collar “I think I could mix you one…” Slowly she pulled up his shirt, stroking her fingernails over his skin. Stroking his hands down to grab the dress she was wearing to undress her, he grinned sexy “I am pretty sure you can mix the best one babe…” They kissed passionately stroking away each others clothes, sinking down in the still a little warm sand. She moaned softly when he kissed her all over her body his tongue playing teasingly over her. It seemed to her that stars were dancing in front of her eyes, she couldn’t help against moaning in near helpless delight. His hands massaged her breasts, his tongue danced along that places that had always made her go crazy. He took all the time in the world and made her reach heaven several times, before he kissed back to her lips. “I love when you are that way…” he breathed, moaning when she closed her legs around his hips “Love me long and slow…” she breathed biting her lips, pulling him closer “And kiss me all the time!” He moaned again when she pulled his mouth to hers, catching for his lips. They melted together, both feeling like they never had been closer. Kissing they lost each other in the other one and still found themselves in each other…

Amber woke up in the middle of the night and was surprised to feel only her little boy closely snuggled up to her. Wondering she looked around and found a little note with his writing “I couldn’t sleep. Don’t worry. If you need me, just call me” he had placed her device directly at hand and so she knew he had his with him. Sighing a little she looked at their son “If your daddy will ever learn that he can wake me up when he is troubled?” Will crunched his little nose cutely and she smiled. “You won your fathers heart completely before he could even remember…your love to him means the world to him. But who couldn’t love you my sweet little heartbreaker, hmm?” she kissed his hair softly and let him snuggle up a little closer. His head rested on her upper belly and she stroke his hair gently. Weirdly her little girl inside, from whose kicks she had woken up, calmed down then. Did that baby already feel the safety and love Will and Bray provided? Will was still little, sure. But he had that same aura about him. Even Angel and Joshua seemed always to calm down as soon her little son spoke softly with them and comforted them with just a touch of his little hands. That their new baby calmed down when Bray laid a hand over her belly was quiet clear. Amber was sure babies could feel the father or at last that there was someone who cared as much about them as their mother. But the silbling? She had spoken to Trudy about that once when it was new that Will called the baby ‘our’ baby. Lucy and Brady didn’t do that with Trudys new baby. They called it their baby brother. What of course was right for it was a boy. The girls liked to feel the baby aswell and sometimes spoke to it. But not like Will did. Ruby had told her that while she had been recovering from her hormonial disorder, Will had often sat with Riby when she visited and let her stroke his hair, read to him and leant his head on her belly feeling the kicks of Joshua. He was full of interest and wonder about life. She hoped he would keep that with him, like Bray seemed to have done all his life. Her thoughts wandered to her daughter. FAITH. A warm feeling filled her again. “Your dad found the perfect name for you…” Her eyes felt close and her sons regular breathing lulled her back into a deep sleep.

Max and Moritz were joyfully barking while splashing through the soft waves that rolled onto the beach. Sometimes they would ran back to their master, slop his hands, pull playfully on his trosuer to make him come with them, sometimes whine a little for him giving them attention. But the man just struggled them a little absently and then they always trotted back playing in the water. They were still young, not even a year old. But they had grown big and strong. Black guard dogs with the heritage of sheperds dog and labrador. They hadn’t been there when KRONOS had entered the mall wearing Brays face, and the general still felt like kicking himself for it. Those two would have sniffed that at once. But maybe they would then have been killed by the TITAN. His son would have been heartbroken then. A soft breeze tumbled his hair while he stared out of the ocean. It was so endless and wide. Just like the sky above. He still felt that pull towards both. It was what he had loved the most on being ELITE for a long while. Traveling over the ocean. Seeing different places. Something that he had always dreamed of for his life. But had put way deep down into his soul after the virus. He still had then thought he could elave the city at last and be some lone walker over the country till he maybe would have found a place to stay. Ironical that place had then be just that shopping mall were he had spent boring times before whenever his mother had come to the conclusion that her sons needed a dress up. It had been the only times when he had been annoyed with her. And now he watched his son often being annoyed with Amber if she dressed their little one up. He remembered the many nights he had sat on the malls roof, debating that he could leave. His brother being dead. Trudy surely better off without him too, so she could find a life as mother and not fling her longing at him all the time. But always when he had reached the point to leave for freedom he had thought of her. Amber. Could he leave her in that mess? Alone with Lex? Salene, Ryan, Trudy hadn’t been strong enough to that time to really step up towards the other guy. Tai-San and Zandra wouldn’t always back her up too. Dal and Jack were too young to be taken a serious threat by the older guy. KC had adored Lex. He had told himself he couldn’t leave because she needed help. He had told himself all kind of reasons why he should take responsibilty only to not face that he stayed because he was in love with her. “Yeah I have been quiet some idiot…” he whispered, laying his head onto his arms, that rested on his pulled up knees. But now it wasn’t only love that kept him. He was a father and as that carried responsbility. And that was the reason why he was thinking so much. Could he stay who he was? Could he trust the organisation still? It wasn’t only risking himself, it was risking them to a part. How would they be, if anyone would control him again? On the other hand, could he step back and maybe be just a pilote? Sent to missions? But what would be then with his family? And being anormal private after being the high comander? Maybe only being a dad? Supporting only Amber with her council speaker duties and her ambition to train up as gyn and midwife? Or maybe…he would join that? But that would feel like steeling it from her. The kids would go on to kindergarden and school later, and then? Of course he could let himself be educated in many other branches. But only concentrate on one thing forever? He liked his far stretched education now. Back before the virus he had found it hard when his father had adviced him to take some thoughts for a careeer. There was so much he was interested in. It still was that way. But staying general only for being able to train up on whatever interested him? That seemed a weak reason.


“What are you reading now Bray?” “A book about Ernesto „Che“ Guevara” “Oha…don’t let your mother hear you’re now into rebellions…” “DAD! That man was so much more then just a rebel…he was a dotcor and author, highly educated…” “And he leaded people into a marxism rebellion…you know that many people in cuba suffer from poverty and are not free to say and do what they want?” “Hmmm…yes I do. I am not saying all they did was great and wonderful…but its still fascinating. I can understand that he thought its unfair how some people seem to have just everything while others suffer having way too less even when they work hard…” “Bray…” his father had looked troubled and he had grinned “Dad don’t worry I am not speaking about us. Okay we’re not wealthy, but we aren’t poor either. There is always enough food, our clothes look good. We have enough to live of. But there ARE people in the world who have literally nothing. Kids who search food in garbage bins. Kids who never even SAW a piece of chocolate , not speaking of even having eaten one. I agree with the thought that there should be more fairness.” “Would you fight for it? Grab a weapon and hurt those who support or more work for the actual leaders?” “No…I am not agreeing with that. He was obvisouily not fussing about to kill of people who were against him. Thats kind of like how it was in the french rebellion. The people rebelled against the aristrocacy and in the end they often even killed the young ones and children of them. Saying that one time aristrocat would always stay that way. Thats wrong. People can change. If we go and just kill off those who are not agreeing with us…well…world would be quiet empty or more on constant war…” His father had stroked his hair “Bray you’re sure making me ashamed…” “Huh? Why?” “You’re only thirteen years old and read about all those things and really THINK about them. You not just put a picture of Guevara on your bag, like so many young ones do to show rellion behaviour. No you study about those people. You see their good and bad sides. Many adults, including me, miss that point often. To see at things from different sides.” “But its essential …even people like Mandela did wrong things. Ghandi too. Actually I told our religious educator that even Jesus had bad sides.” “You did what? Must I expect our priest coming here and giving me a lesson how to teach my sons respect to religion?” His fathers eyes had twinkled, they weren’t really religious. “Well…Jesus went and got violent on those sellers in the temple. Sure he was right kind of asking respect of them for gods house. But he showed no respect for those humans. They maybe needed the money. They sure worked for their products. He could have gone and tried to talk to them. Be diplomatic. If I step low and act wrong just because others act even more wrong…that won’t do, or?” “Hmmm…so you would say its never right to fight?” “Hmmm…there are times were you have to, sadly. Second world war. The germans just stormed into other countries. Hitler killed of jews just for they didn’t fit in his stupid ideas of how a human should be and look like. It sure was right to fight that. But still there killed so many people. We should never forget about them. That peace then came with a high prize for the whole world. And somehow we haven’t really learned from it…there are still those stupid rascists…people who accuse other people of crimes just for belonging to the ‘wrong’ religion…no human choses where he or she is born…” “Thats right Bray…we can only chose who we will become…our birth and heritage doesn’t make us a human. Our behaviour and actions show who we are. I hope there are more young people like you in this world…people who want to change the world! But now …off to bed with you. And I mean sleeping! If your mother catches you one time more reading still after midnight she will not only have your head, but mine too for not being strict enough about your reading…” Bray had grinned at his father. “Okay dad…goodnight…” “Goodnight…” his father had struggled over his hair another time “…I still remember when you surprised us, barely of kindergarden age, reading out a book to us…I thought then I could never be prouder…but still you suceed with that all the time…I am curious about the man you will become…” He had taken away the book with a wink “But I better take that now, for I know you won’t stop reading otherwise…” His teenageself had rolled his eyes, especially when his father had even dropped a kiss on his forehead. But the little boy in him had even wanted to cuddle up to the man. When his dad had left he had stared out of the window from his bed. Thinking about who he wanted to become…


He could now understand his father. He was endless curious and excited about Will growing up, but a part of him wanted him to stay his little boy still. Would Will trust him that way one day too? Tell his thoughts and ideas to him? He could only hope. With a sigh he looked high “Who do I want to be…? If I only would know…” He closed his eyes, enjoying the ocean breeze wafting around him. Freedom. Peace. Change. He wanted all that.


“MOM! Really? Bananas in plastic? Must you buy such things?” “Young man…I take care that my family has everything …your father works hard to provide us with good and healthy food…” “Mom I am not saying don’t buy bananas. You know I like them! But must you take those in plastic wrappings? All that stuff…there is unnessary package material…” “Bray you can change the world when you’re old enough! You don’t need to start now with it!” “Change starts with oneself! How can I stand up for clean enviroment and equalitly and females being handled with respect if I don’t do it now? Because I am young? Whats that for a reason? Everyone counts the same in those things mom. Its our world! Our planet! And our society. We can’t wait for someone waving a magic wand and solve all problems. We have to step up ourselves and start the change. In our home. With our behaviour. Like you when you started that petition about getting abortion made legal. You have two children, buts till you stepped up for the right of women to choose if they carry out a child. You argued that a child should be loved and welcomed and not only being born for the mother had no other choice. You said parenting is a responsibility and that you love children, but that you see so many kids in foster care. That it would be inhuman to damn more children to it…that was inspiring mom!” She had beamed at him “You think? Oh…” flustered she had stroke her hair a bit “Oh well…yes…you’re right. Of course you are! Its quiet ridiclous to pack even fruits who have a natural wrapper in plastic. I should take care to notice such things. I want my grandchildren to have a nice enviroment to grow up in …” “Grandchildren?” She had ruffled his hair “I expect you to make me a grandmother one day…you’ll become a stunning young man and girls will fight over you…” “MOOOOOOOM! I am thirteen! THIRTEEN!” Laughing she had hugged him “I am not saying start already…but one day…” He had rolled his eyes “Okay…one day…” ‘Maybe’ he had thought to himself ‘when I am thirty’ He had then helped her packing out and place the gorceries where they belonged and then his mother had cooked her lasagna, while he had sat reading in the living room, sniffing deeply when the delicious smell filled their home…


He still could smell it somehow. “There you go mom…already your second grandchild on the way from me. Your third in general. If only you could meet them…” Max and Moritz barked at a seagull and he grinned. He had made a change for those two. If he wouldn’t have taken them with him in that storm they maybe would be dead. They would be homeless for sure. Strays. He had made many changes already. Some small. Some bigger. Yes if you wanted changes you had to start them and not lean back and wait for them. He couldn’t duck out. And suddenly it felt like a veil was taken off from his mind and it went of in its usual pace contstruncting a plan how he could manage his family and his duty.

“Amber? We’re about to reach you soon…” “I’ll see you already Rhys…” “Okay…” she watched the plane dipping lower “Mommy…don’t we get daddy?” “I guess daddy will come when he realizes the plane…” She wouldn’t tell Will she was nervous about Brays reaction. She had called Rhys. Since they had come here a week ago, Bray had made many walks by himself and spent much time alone. He had also played with Will of course. He had laughed with their little one and cuddled whenever the boy wanted. He had snuggled up to her every night. He had rested his head on her belly and talked to Faith. He had massaged her and made sure she had the nicest thins to eat. But she felt like he wasn’t fully there. He didn’t even think of kissing her. Of course he had been through much, but shouldn’t he be overjoyed to have that time of leisure now? Before their baby would be born? When she woke up in the mornings he was mostly up already, sometimes since night. Worried sick she had decided to call his best friend. Rhys had taken things in hand, grabbed Trudy, Lucy and Brady and decided to come to them. What would Bray say to that?

The plane landed and after the usual short minutes of opening the doors, Trudy appeared with both girls on her hand “LU! Brady!” Her son ran up happily dancing kind of around with both girls. Trudy giggled “Seems like Will is bored with only mommy and daddy?” “Hihi…I think not. But he loves them both…” They hugged each other “Bray doesn’t know where coming or?” “No…I hope he won’t be mad at me…” “No he won’t. You’ll just tell him you were worried.” “AMBER?! She hid a bit behind Trudy when Bray came running up, he stopped breathless “What…whats going on…? Has anything happened? Are you okay?” Rhys jumped down to them “RHYS! What happened? Why you’re here? Anythign wrong with my troop? The councils? Has anything happenend in the mall? Why didn’t you call me? I…” “WHOOOOOAAAA! Slowly man, slooooowly. And now we breath a little okay…in and ouuuut…iiiiiiin and ouuuuuut!” " Don’t make fun of me! Why you’re here?” “Amber called us…” “Amber?” he looked at her and grabbed her shoulders “Whats wrong? Is something with Faith? With Will?” “No…” “WHATS THEN?” “BRAY!” Trudy pulled him not too gentle on his braids “Let her speak!” “I…sorry…my heart…whats…?” “I was worried for you!” “For…for me? Why?” She stepped closer and gently stroke his cheek “You’re spending so much time all alone…always in thoughts…sometimes you stared out of the ocean for hours…I…didn’t know how…well…you’re coping…” His eyes got soft “Oh…oh no my heart…come here…” embracing her close he whispered “I am sorry…but why didn’t you just speak to me? I lost myself a bit in worrying about my about our future. I needed a while to straighten everything out. But I didn’t want to give you the feeling I am unhappy or anything like that. I …thought you might need some time to cope yourself too. You seemed to be okay with us only gently cuddling and me concentrating on Will and on myself …” “So…when I would have …kissed you more then only gentle…” “I would have went along…hell! Of course I would have! I love you Amber…I crave you…I only…my mind…was a little…busy…” Embarrassed he looked at Rhys “I am sorry you felt like needing to hurry here…” “Ah…no…it wasn’t much of a sacrifice…some holiday is welcomed…” WHY?" Bray raised a brow and his friend grinned sheepish"All the administrative work I have now…being the commissinary leader of ELITE for thw time you’re away…urm…" Bray rolled his eyes and sighed “So you’re telling me when I am back there will be waiting mountains of papers on my desk I have to work through?” “Urm…I fear…wait? Your desk? Means that…means that …you?” He nodded “I am staying. I started the change and I will be a part of it. I can’t watch overs do the work. I want to be a part of it. I HAVE to be a part of it.” Surprised he laughed when his friend hugged him tightly “Oh thats great! I was worried! I suck at that suff!” “No you’re just a lazy fool!” Bray grinned knocking his head softly “And who says you would become permanent high comander, hmmm?” “What wouldn’t you have told them my name if they would have asked you who should follow you?” “NO! With you leading the troops we soon would have chaos all over…no way! I won’t watch you ruining my work…” “WHAT? Boa you …you…arrogant dumbhead!” Rhys tried to hit Bray on his shoulder, but he jumped out of reach “Nanana general POSEIDON…remember I can make you peel potatoes…” “Nanana Mr High Comander, remember your wife is a friend of my lady…and so…I can ask her to tell you off for me!” The friends looked at each other, searching each others eyes and broke then out into a free and loud laughter. Trudy rolled her eyes “IDIOTS!” “Big ones at that!” Amber agreed. Pointing his thumb at the girls Rhys huffed “Can you believe them? Every woman would be delighted to have a guy like us and they call us idiots!” “Indeed…maybe we should think about searching other ones…” The guys turned and walked a little away “BRAY!” “RHYS!” Both turned back to their girls “Yes?” and laughed when both their girls looked angrily at them, their hands stuck on their hips. Bray reached Amber his hand and pulled her close “Its so nice you still are jealous…” He tried to kiss her but she moved her face away “No…pfff…first you make me worry for you the whole week and hardly fullfill your marital obligations and then you make fun about me…pff…go and search yourself someone else to kiss…” “Never…” he mumbled, driving his lips along her neck high to her ear “…you maybe weren’t the first I kissed…but you’ll sure be the last!” “Do you swear that?” She breathed and he nodded moving closer to her face “With all my heart and soul…” and kissed her then the way she had missed him doing the last days. Realizing himself just how starved he was, he deepened the kiss which she welcomed delighted. Rhys hemmed softly “Huhu…heellooooooo…you’re not aloooooone!” “Rhys shut up and get some kissing done for yourself!” Bray mumbled shortly towards him and continued then kissing his wife. “The kids are playing …” Trudy whispered to him and he realized the little ones were really busy playing in the sand with the digs jumping around a little away and so he grinned “Oh well…then…” and kissed Trudy then with a similiar passion.

The little campfire was cracking merily, the stars were twinkling brightly, the soft breeze gently struggling over them, the waves of the ocean producing a natural melody. The four friends sat in content silence, only happy to be together still. “We’ve gone through much since having been here…” Trudy whispered, leaning her head on Rhys shoulder. Amber smiled when Bray kissed her neck, placing his hands over her belly from behind “Thats for sure. Engaged, both of us expecting, gone through battle and injustice…” “Engaged? Sorry but Bray and you aren’t engaged anymore…you decided to change that state!” Trudy wriggled her finger. “Okay okay okaaaaaaay…have your go…you both never really did that on us…so go and throw the 'we are your best friends and you haven’t told us about it” drama!" Bray huffed and Rhys grinned “Na. We won’t. Its okay. Only now I understand completely HOW you actually have felt…what pressure you had on you. I am happy you two took measures in hand and did that the way you felt and wanted it. I somehow…well…always thought a silent marriage is more fitting to you both.” “Hmmm…thanks, but don’t go thinking we won’t marry alongside you both! There is already so much happy expectation about it…and…” One hand gently stroking high her arm, Bray made Amber turn her face a bit to him “…I really don’t want to miss seeing you in whatever spectacular dress Gel comes up with…” “Oh?! Didn’t I tell you? I decided for deepest black with skulls going along…gothic style you know? Always wanted to try that…” The other three laughed about Brays little crestfallen look and he blushed embarrassed “Pfff…thats my wife now…can you believe? I escaped death only to be handled like that…pfff…” “Awwww…hihi…oh Bray…you’re so cute when you’re that way!” Her arms closed around his neck “Hmmm…a little unsureness will always be a part of me I fear…” “You’re just someone who is used to think through much…and a little unsureness in a relation is never wrong for it makes us always think about our significant other and take care to be a good partner.” She kissed him softly “I don’t want you to be all cool and clarified with me…” Chuckling Rhys leant closer to Trudys ear “Bray being cool with her…haha…he for sure is only and always HOT with her…” Bray heard him and had moved around so fast that Rhys yelped surprised when his friend grabbed him tightly around the neck, by laying his arm around it “Are you joking about me general POSEIDON? About your high comander?” “Urm…urm…no…I…” a little taken aback Rhys spluttered " “…I…am joking about…about my best friend?” “Good answer!” Bray let go of him and touched his shoulder to him “Its funny that I can take you by surprise…” “You are a good actor…you can appear all strict and then you get joking and nice all of sudden!” Rhys pouted a bit what made Bray laugh “Ohhhhh…pooooooor litte Rhys. I am such a baaaaaaad best friend!” “NO YOU’RE NOT!” Now Bray was the one looking surprised when Rhys hugged him tightly “Do you have any idea at all how broken I was? Holding Amber when she cried for you, both of us thinking you were gone forever…” “Oh hey…Rhys…I am sorry…really…I can imagine. I would feel the same…but I had no other way…I had to take emasures in hand…” “I know…but still…” Grabbing Brays neck and laying his forehead against the others, just like Bray had done on him all those months back after he had talked him through the emergency landing behind the mall, Rhys looked him straight in the eyes and told him the words Bray had then used on him"Never , NEVER do that again to me, you idiot!" “Sorry mate…” Bray mumbled just like Rhys had done that day. They closed their eyes moment, resting in the safe feeling that there would always that other guy that could understand them completely and would stand on their side no matter what. “And now…” Rhys let go of him “…will you tell us?” Taken a back about the sudden businesslike tone Bray sat back “Tell you what?” “What you planned out? How you want to structure ELITE now?” Bray looked at the three “NO!” “NO? You won’t tell us?” “Indeed I won’t. I will tell it to tall at once. For now I am on holiday. No worrying and thinking for the rest of it!” Rhys grinned “Okaaaay…thats a word man!” He leant closer to him to whisper “Then you should enjoy the night with your beautiful wife. Will is safely sleeping with Brady and Lucy…he is safe with us. If he needs you I can still alarm you through the devices. Go…you two haven’t celebrated that victory…that you’re still here. That you will be a family. You even missed the victory party with coming here…so go now…be happy and enjoy each other…” Bray looked to the hut where his son was now sleeping like back in their holidays in one big bed with the two girls. Will had slept the last nights close to them. Only one night he had waken up crying from a nightmare. He also had taken naps over the day without trouble, mostly just cuddled up to either the dogs or sometimes in Brays arms or with resting his head on Ambers belly. Considering the shock he had went through, his little one was doing really fine. But just go and leave him alone? Maybe not being there if he woke up from a bad dream? Rhys sighed “Amber…take your husband and take his mind off a while, will you? His head otherwise will one day explaode from all the constant worrying and being responsible stuff…” But Amber hestitated just like Bray “I don’t know…” “AMBER!” Trudy laid her hand on Ambers belly “The time our little ones are born we won’t be much more then busy moms for quiet a while…you tow need space as couple aswell. For sure even more after what you’ve been through now!” Bray stood up “Okayokay you two nuisances…we’re going…” laced his fingers through Ambers “Come…lets give those two time ALONE…” “HEY!” Both their friends shouted affronted after them, when the couple walked off down to the beach.

Amber giggled “You think they only acted so nice advising us to enjoy a bit time together so that they can be alone?” “Hmmm…a bit maybe…” she swung their hands a little while they walked slowly along the calm ocean “So you don’t want to be alone with me?” Stopping he pulled her tightly onto his chest “What do you think?” and kissed her long and gently. Cuddling up in his arms, she rested her head against his shoulder “You’re really okay or? I mean…I know you were more shocked about all that then you let us see. You hid it when the council took you. You didn’t want me to worry or? And the others aswell…but I know you. Facing KRONOS in that way - realizing that that rumurs about the space programm Ram has told us of, where true and that you should be a part of it then - giving yourself away for all our sakes, knowing you left Will and me devastavated, fighting with him in that rocket, damning him to death…I just know that can’t have been easy for you. And then taken into custody by those people you had set in trust and hope…I know you’re hurt about that. Even when you know they were manipulated too.” “You just know me too well…” he dipped his forehead on hers “I couldn’t let that out …I had to keep myself together kind of. But…yes…it got to me way harder then I let you all see. I haven’t slept a second since they took me into custody …till the night we came here. When we cuddled up that first night here…my mind found peace and rest. Really. Its not like I didn’tt hink about all that the moments I walked around here alone…but mostly I thought about our future. About what I want for ME. Of course I also had to think about our family. Thats just normal for parents, both of us would rather not do something even if we really like it, if it would mean harm to our children. But all in all I really took time for myself. Think about what I want and need. How I want to spend my life besides being your husband and a father. I haven’t sat around and been all hurt and sad if you might think that…” he kissed her softly “And I dreamt a bit…just staring out on the ocean…my mind played possibilities of our common future…when Faith is born, how she might be. It will be the first time I really will hold a new born of you and me. I missed that time with Will and its still hurting. Knowing now I succeeded to make sure I will be here for Faiths birth…and for all our future…I…well…I think its okay to be a bit proud of that, or?” “Of course! We’re proud of you too! So you really…thought a little egoistic the last days…thats good Bray. But next time…just tell me that okay? Tell me you need time for yourself…I was really worried you might drown in worries and guilt…thats why I alarmed them…I am in no state to have fights with you…” “My heart…I am sorry…that was stupid of me. But…urm…I thought you might time to get over for yourself. And rest. After all…” he struggled her belly softly and she sighed “Oh you thought because of the mor eintense pain I suffered I might…” “Hmmm…I thought it might be too much if I…well…urm…” “Hihi…Bray…there is more we could do…we could have only kissed and cuddled…or…” “I didn’t trust me in that!” he blurted out a little frustrated “Huh?” “Amber…after all that…you think I might be satisfied with only a nice kiss? With only cuddling? It was a luck that way that I could concentrate on Will and his feelings for a while or I would have maybe just…” Closing his eyes he sighed delighted when she struggled her hands down his chest “…you don’t have a clue how much I long to have you…to feel you…to lose myself in you…but…I…was so worried. Faith is the most important right now. You needed rest…you needed to calm down. I thought it was what you wanted…and so I…well…kept a little distance…” “For you were scared if we would be closer you would throw cautions to the wind?” “Hmmm…” The fire that now burnt in his eyes made her skin prickle “Hmmm…would you maybe throw them now to the wind?” Pulling him closer by grabbig his collar she pressed herself closer to him “I’d love to…” he breathed placing his lips again on hers for a long a kiss. Her hands traveled down on him, but he stopped them by grabbing for them “Bray…what?” “My heart…the much I want to be with you…not here! Its not the place for you anymore…the beach is tempting and the sand warm, but sure not the place were a pregnant woman in your state should…well…” Grinning she kissed his nose “So…you want to sneak back? But maybe we find them kissing …do you really want to disturb them?” “No…” “There you go…” she freed herself and openend the buttons of his shirt, kissing his collarbone softly. He enjoyed a while, but then grabbed her hands again “Now Bray…really? Do you think its wise to deprive me of my husbands adorable body and abilities as lover?!” She pouted seducingly and he laughed softly “Adorable body? Hmmm…” “BRAY! If you only want to joke about me then…let go off me…then I rather try to sleep!” He stopped her from freeing herself from him “And maybe walk in on them?” He kissed her nose “Don’t be mad my queen…I only want to take care its comfortable for you…so…come…” Confused she let him pull her with him and smiled then realizing he was pulling her over where the LIGHNTING ARROW set safely bounded in the little bay. Helping her on board he embraced her directly tightly “Good idea?” “Wonderful idea!” she whispered and kissed him softly. He laid a hand in her neck and nibbled along her lips, till she openend them for be counquered with his tongue. Moaning softly she continued to undress him from his shirt, stroking her nails over his skin.

Bray felt like his body and soul were burning. It seemed so long since they had been that way, even when it was only a little more then two weeks ago. Hungrily his mouth journeyd over her skin when he had undressed her from her the babydoll dress she had decided to wear now again, for it was comfortable because it would grow with her belly. They kissed and struggled each other till there was only desire filling them. Everything else seemd unreal suddenly. Nothing could be more important then each other. When they loved each other holding each other tightly in the Lotus position, stars shining bright above them, they whispered sweet words in each others ears, declaring their love towards each other with words and body.

After another week on the isle, they were awaited for their return. Rhys and his girls had flied before hand and Bray, Amber and Will had followed with the boat. The welcome in the mall was happy and loud. But Bray said goodbye soon for he needed to take up duties and call in a meeting to tell about his decision for the future of ELITE. That night Amber couldn’t really sleep for she was so curious what he would tell them. He laughed about her pouting when he wouldn’t tell her and just kissed her so long till she forgot to be annoyed with him.

Bray had decided to take place in front f the towns halls again for the meeting. The twon people were invited too. Like kind of witnesses that ELITE and with them the whole organisation was able to change. People were now staring at him, dressed in the gala, but wearing the jacket he had worn for the trial. Bray had decided that this would be now the official one for him, whenenver he needed to dress up in that military way. The things Gel had fahsioned for him to intimate the guardian were now resting safely in a cloth bag, together with ZOOTS old necklace. You never knew if they wouldn’t be needed again. Or to be used on Halloween like his son had pointed out to him. Bray had smirked about that idea. Will and him dressed up those jackets with spikes and stubds and maybe painted a bit Zombie like…his brother would have been all for it. Taking a last breath he entered the stage, his eyes traveling along all the people. Privates. Habitants of the city. Generals. Represants of the NEW WOLD tribes. The councils.

“Good day to all of you. I know many are curious about my decision …and so I am not hopping around the spot, but let you know: I am staying. I am staying in my place as ZEUS and therefore stay the high comander of ELITE” Cheers erupted from the privates , which stopped when he lifted one hand “Thanks. But there have to be changes. Usually the high comander used to lead troop ALPHA and has comand about the biggest aircraft carrier we posses. The OLYMPUS has been my home near two years that way. We rarely stayed in headquarters what was lead by general HERA. She has been kind of the mother of the company sending out resources, privates and cadetts. She never could travel the world like we others have and sometimes people forgot about her being a general at all. They saw us five male generals leading the troops and tended to see only our achievements. But we knew what leading headquarters held. It is the place we knew we could always turn to and expect help from. But I know HERA often wasn’t too happy. She wanted to travel too and see some of the things we told her of. She has the same training like we have and imagine, the battle now was the first time EVER she could use any of it. Its a shame that such a bright women should be kind of damned to sit in a place where privates and cadetts only flit in an out, sometimes only housting her own troop EPSILON, which barely contains of twenty people. I meanwhile long to be settled. I need to be settled. I am not only madly in love and sure don’t want to be seperated from my wife, I am a father too. I can’t travel the world and see my kids like every third month or anything like that. And therefore I took a thought…headquarters will be recolated over here. From now on the high comander will lead headquarters. I will sent out forces and resouces without first checking with HERA what I usually had to do. Its way more effiecient that way. Every private who rather wants a more settled live will be stationed here. Its still a lot to do here and the whole country needs still to be contaced and asked to join NEW WORLD. So it won’t get boring even with being permanently settled. Those who had their family back at headquarters can of course decide which place they want to live, but I hope many will decide to settle here. Its a good place to live and the weather here is sure nicer then at our original headquarter…” Some privates chuckled and Rhys nodded whispering to Trudy “Thats for sure…it often rains cats and dogs at headquarter area …” “My troop will stay troop ALPHA, but those who prefer to journey and see some more of the world are entitled to join troop EPSILON.” He looked at HERA who was gaping at him “General HERA…considering your own entaglement with general ARES…” Bray winked at the other general “I decided to pull the two troops together. Troops BETA and EPSILON will work alongside. Giving the privates there the oppurtunities to share work and give each other more freedom for time for education. General ARES is excellent in battle tactis and will therefore held responsibility that ELITE has enough privates who are able to join battles whenever needed. The much we all want a peaceful future, we have to face realitly. There will always be a reason for fights. Food resources, people thinking they deserve more of certain things. When world will grow and when society grows, the desire to own more then others will grow to. All we can do is stand together then and show that we don’t want to fall back into the old ways. We want people to have what they need. We share what we have. We raise our children up to new chances and dreams. The OLYMPUS will stay here. You all know I am an able pilote and I think we hold a high responsibility and advatage by keeping the ability of flying hightech jets and planes to ELITE. In the future those who aren’t ELITE but dream to become a pilote - there will be needed more to transport people and resources, fly helicopters for harvesting, fire fights, medical needs- can join up for training. There is no reason why someone who is not a full private, shouldn’t learn flying for the civilisational needs. Only jet flying will be only avaiable to ELITE members. Therefore people who dream of that will need to think over if they are ready to join. It is a high and hard education. GENERAL POSEIDON…” Rhys tensed excited, pressing Trudys hand in his so tighlty, that she stepped on his foot, making him soften his grib again “…will be settling here of course too. He has a family to care for and his former job of jumping his plane to spy out a certain area or scout a place where we might be needed isn’t doable for him anymore. I want him to become a new postion. He is the best pilote we have even those who had a way longer training them him, say so. And so he will be working on the OLYMPUS from now , where will be the center of our pilote training from now on. Pilotes who wish to be educaters are asked to give in their wishes to him and he will be able to built up his team of educators. It is his responsibilty alone who will be able to train up as pilote for the different types of planes we possess.” “Wow…” Rhys sighed softly, staring at his best friend, whose eyes then fastened on his. Bray smiled “I hope he sometimes lets me fly…” Especially the privates grinned about that, knowing all too well how passionate their high comander was about flying. “Maybe he even will train me up to fly more variety…” Rhys grinned broadly, he had always told Bray its a shame he couldn’t fly something else. “Troop DELTA and TROOP GAMMA will stay unchanged. But of course generals PROMETHEUS and EIDOS are interested for more then only one reason to be here often and so they will give up the places they were given at headquarters by ELITE and are asked to find a place around here they want to own and call home. My own place near the old headquarters will be given free alongside to be changed into whatever is needed by those who decide to go on living in the old area. We will help to find a good settlement there for those who prefer that place. It will be still our aim to unite more and more places and areas so that one day the survivors of the pandemic will be united in a new world society, interchanging resources when needed, helping each other with knowledge of agriculture, educating people on clean ways of energy resourcing. When the virus hit, only some youths had acess to knowledge, enough food and medical help. Its the duty of ELITE to share that with the world and make sure to the same time that no one misuses it. We have to make sure people won’t repeat the old mistakes. We don’t want to fall back in a world were only money counted. We want a world were it doesn’t count where you come from, but WHO you are and who you can become! That will be another big duty of me. Keep it all together. Keep the tribes of NEW WORLD connected by checking with the leaders, interacting as the point were all runs together. I will be able to make contacts of to gifted people and amog the tribes for common projects. Like I said on that trial, I don’t aim for being a hailed hero. World doesn’t need another hero. We are all heroes. We have it in our souls. I want to work with my hands and brain, use all I have to make this world take another turn. I always believed I can change the world, that humans can change their ways and find a better way to live together. I believe that even more now. All of us have survived more then only the virus. Everywhere on our world, young people start to realize its not only about surviving anymore. Its about living. Living a good live. A worthwhile live. A new generation is already born. Those who never knew the time before the virus. I look at my niece and son and all those little children…” he smiled at his tribes children “…and see they possess the same adventures minds, the same dreams and the same innocence we once possessed. They are our responsibility. I want them to have a good live, a happy live. A live where everything is possible for all of them. That will be my first priority. Built up educational systems that aren’t stiff and straightlined but can be fit on the child, instead of the child being pressed in one form of education. I want to collect those who are able of arts like playing instruments, dance ballet and all that together so that everywhere in the world those things can find a place again. The MUSES have saved up many art and literature and I will make sure everyone of the world gets a chance to see and read …but I know there are still people who can write wonderful books…or those who have voices that should be heard all over the world…people that can dance in a way that only makes us rub our eyes in disbelieve for the beauty it posseses. Its time for all of that. Time to realize what live is about. Its about…” Realizing the silence and that everyones eyes were intently staring at him, Bray felt a soft prickle running over his skin. Taking a moment of compusre he breathed deeply “…you and me…” He gave the feeling of only speaking to each person alone. Like he was alone with each of them to the same time. Pulling them all in his dream. “…about all of us and what we dream and can achieve together. We will suceed together and we will fail together. We will be there for each other and help each other whenever someone needs it. Everyone will be worth the same. The privates, the pilotes, the people who train up on medical branches, the educaters, the farmers, those who are able to clothes, different daily needed things or arts. We have the chance to built up that world. I will do everything to achieve that world, but I won’t be able to do it alone. I need you with me. All and each of you. So…that are my plans and ideas so far. The only question now is: are you in with me in that dream?” It stayed silent and Bray swallowed. He sure had never imaged THAT for his later live. Holding a speech about kind of forming a new world. Taking up serious leadership. Not only about a little group, but somehow about the worlds unit. Solaris had grabbed for her sisters hand, pressing it softly. She felt that her little sister was nervous. But in her eyes there was no reason too. She was sure they had witnessed a moment of historical significance right now. Bray was writing world history. And then hands clapped together so strongly and in such a unison that Bray nearly jumped a little scared. Applaus thundered through the air, cheers and whistleing making his ears ring. Not knowing what to do then, for he had not really planned anything he looked over the crowd. He had only concentrated to get those words out. To make quiet sure what he wanted to say. What he dreamt of. His eyes met Ambers and he knew what he had to do. He jumped down the stage and hurried over to embrace her and kiss her in a way he had never done in such a big puplic before. Only since they were together again they had slowly let fall their former restraints about showing too much passion to their tribe and friends. They had always kept their passion about each other a little private, though everyone knew they loved each other deeply. It just hadn’t been their way. Having been leaders and those with responsibility right from the start had always made them feel like not being allowed to show such feelings. Like people expected them to keep a cool head to all times and never put themselves and their needs about those of the people they lead. But now they kissed each other without holding back. It was passionate and devoted, soft and demanding to the same time.

Ebony fanned herself grinning at Jay “WOOOOAAAAAA…its getting hot in here!” “Hmmmm…it might be getting even hotter…” he whispered moving in to kiss her aswell. They were standing a little outside for Angel had been a bit edgy and they had wanted to make sure to be able to get away with her if needed. The little girl was gargling in Ebonys arms and pulled a little on her braids “OUCH!” she complained pulling away from Jays lips “Hey little missy…Jay is MINE and if I want to kiss him I will do that!” She tipped her nose softly and Angel giggled. Jay wrapped an arm around her shoulders “You don’t regret we took her or?” “No…its still weird to me sometimes. But I wouldn’t change it. In a way I would say she has saved me just like I saved her.” “Saved?” “Saved from again messing up with you, from going the wrong way again. From telling myself on a point I would lose everything anyway…thats what I always did in the past when I was really happy. I told myself again and again that I didn’t deserve and that I would lose again and then I went and destroyed my luck for myself…before I could lose it. But thanks to her I stayed. I concentrated on her, Lizzie and you…I concentrated to take part in the rebellion and help Bray…and look now…the battles over and I am still happy. Happiness isn’t something that you can hold on by pressure…you must work for it and make others happy. Then it will stay with you and grow even!” “Hmmm…” he kissed her cheek “…then she saved us both…” Together they looked at Angel who looked back with that sweet baby smile on her little face.

Will stepped closer to his parents “Mommmmyyyy…daddyyyyyy…enough now! Can kiss later!” Bray pulled out of the kiss with a little regret. That had been quiet some kiss. Grinning he got his son high in his arms “Aw …I think I have to do something about that comanding tone little mister!” But Will just cuddled up to him yawning “Oh…you’re tired…” he struggled Wills back and kissed his head softly. “Come…give him to me…I will lay him down a bit…” “No…I want to…” “Bray…you should probably talk some more here…” Bray shook his head “No I have said what I wanted to say. And now I am going to make quiet clear that I was for real when I said my family will be always come first…” He reached her one hand, while he held Will safely in his other arms. With a smile she took his hand and they laced their fingers into each other. Full of confidence he walked off into the direction of the hotel, pulling her with him. Over his shoulder he let the people know “So just that you know…there will be much work waiting the next days. Thats why I choose the weekend to tell you. Now everyone can enjoy some freetime and spend time with their loved ones before the work starts …use it well!”

Trudy goggled “He holds such a speech and then he is off to lay his son to rest? Can you believe that?” Rhys smirked “Yes I can…thats my friend. And thats…” he showed her his device on which was a message that told them that he expected the tribe and generals to dinner later" …him too!" “Hihi…that will be something for a history book…and after his world changing speech the high comander laid his son to sleep and went to cook a fancy dinner for his friends…” “Haha…darling thats epic!” he kissed her softly “And now…lets go…I could do with some chilling and rest too to be true…” He yawned wide “You have devoured me maybe a little too much the last nights…” “RHYS! You’re impossible…when anyone hears you” Trudy hit softly after him, what made him embrace her grinnig “Then anyone will envy me for sure…” laughing she let him pull her away, their girls following with the rest of the tribe.

That evening Brays rooms in the hotel were full. He had moved a side the sofas and built up a buffet again. He had asked the troops cooks for help who had went out of their way, knowing their general hadn’t had a real victory celebration till then. The generals congratulated him to his speech and let him know they agreed completely. HERA actually kissed him quiet stormingly onto both cheeks what had made Bray a little bashful. Rhys had hugged him till he had complained his friend was suffocating him. EIDOS and PROMETHEUS had thanked him to give them the chance to have places in the area so both could continue their relations to AJAX and Gel without too much seperation. Team ULYSSES had independedly decided to stay aswell. They wanted their leader to be able to stay with Alice. It was a lively evening everyone having ideas for the new society, for education programs and they way their life could be. The kids enjoyed that Bray after a while again retreaded from the adults talk to spend time with them, telling stories and doing magic tricks.

The sun was dawning powerful and warmed their room softly. With a soft yawn Bray woke up. They had missed to draw the curtains before going to sleep. Well they hadn’t thought about it for real, for sleeping had been the last on their list, last evening. When everyone had left, they had both felt magical drawn towards each other and kissed in the same way that had been interupted by their son in the afternoon. Will had been already sleeping. Their little boy had closed his eyes the moment he had touched his bed. They had been fierce and gentle, soft and passionate …all at once. He looked at her and smiled, by stroking a strand of her hair back. This here was his life. He got up and closed the curtains a bit. It was still early and no reason to get up already. It was weekend and he would enjoy the quietness with his family before he had to throw himself into work. He walked silently out to check on Will. Their boy slept deep and peaceful. “Sweet dreams my little hero…” he whispered, stroking his hair and kissing his forehead softly . A soft smile appeared on the boys face and Brays heart dwelled with love. Sneaking back to their room he took care not to wake his son from his dreams. “Hmmm…Bray…?” she mumbled sleepily when he laid back down to her “I am here my heart…” “Forever?” “And always…” he breathed before her lips found his for a soft kiss