Tribe Fan Art by Ash


Kate & Zoot


The Locusts


Do you like it better in black and white?


The Locusts terrorize the city


Loving this, so many interesting manips and stuff.


Thank you! I love doing this stuff


Not my best work, she is like ghost TaiSan, but its fun


The new TaiSan



That second image :heart:


Thank you. I’m super excited about how these turned out :heart_eyes:


I wanted her hair darker…but it wasn’t happening


Ebony has gone for a new look


A new look and breast implants :rofl: Patch my dear you are one lucky man.

Ahhh but I absolutely loved the coloured version of Tai San with the pipe, too. :slight_smile:

What program do you use? These are good.


Posture is everything when it comes to making your bodice appear more full…lol

I use a combination of programs.

A cut and paste program, and then for different filters I use an app called photo overlays.

How do I screen shot the app?



I like the red on Ebony. She always had a little i. There anyhow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and yea Amber Patch is very lucky.

These are cool manips.


Here is the full pic, not too big in the chest, it’s just that her stomach in this pic was so light in complexion, I cropped it out of the shot


TaiSan on a spiritual out of body journey…travelling the nevernever