Who had this Tribal Marking?

Was it Moz perhaps :mosquito:

Ooh… Can we have Moz for @Trudy? Fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers::relieved: … Is it Moz?!

:x: BA-BOW! :x:

… Negative for Moz!

Is it Amber?

@Ellsbells says Amber! Could it be Amber? Drumroll please… Amber, Amber, Amber, Amber

:x: BA-BOW! :x:

… It is notttttt Amber!

Alright. One more wrong guess and I’ll drop a clue cos I’m getting tired of my own routine here. :joy:

what about Bray ???

@Lottie wants to know if it’s Bray! Could it be Bray? Let’s find out…

:x: BA-BOW! :x:

… Looks like a no to me!

Okay, here’s a clue - This marking was seen on a character during season 4.

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Was it Patch

Could be pride

I guess again…it’s Hawk

Patch, Pride and Hawk, huh…? Oooh, look out! Here’s comes a triple combo!

:x: BA-BOW! :x:
:sparkles: :x: BA-BOW! :x::sparkles:
:sparkles: :star: :x: BA-BOW! :x::star::sparkles: +1:mushroom:

Wrong, wrong, WRONG! Sorryyyyy! :smirk:

… Keep on guess-guess-guessing, guys! You can do it! I believe in you! :star_struck:

thats a really hard one … what about Cloe? and can we have another hint if i am wrong ? please :wink:

The worse bit about it is I know who it is but just cant place them… I recognise it, i can see it but can’t see the face and its annoying

Since Sal called it annoying… my next guess is… Ellie!

:x: BA-BOW! :x: … Not Cloe!
and… :x: BA-BOW! :x: … Not Ellie either! :smirk:

I’m surprised this one’s taking so long, to be honest! I promise it’s not an obscure charcter or a one-off marking on a character who usually wouldn’t wear it! As requested, however… Here’s a hint:

I can confirm that the character who wore this mark is a Mall Rat. :penta:

Is it lex???

Quite sure it isn’t but… is it Brady :rofl::rofl:

Trudy perhaps???

Luke perhaps

what about Salene ?

Was it The Guardian?