Wish Upon A Star



Chapter 10: Waiting Out the Storm

What started as a promising drizzle to cool the island’s unhappy inhabitants soon became a terrible storm putting all plans of overtaking or escape to a halt. Sitting on the porch, shaving away the ends of a spear with a pocket knife he’d acquired from Trader, Lex watched his tribe mates scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off. Back and forth they went; carrying loose furniture into empty huts and looking for ways to tie close the shutters of the inhabited dwellings. He often rolled his eyes at them, thinking they were missing the bigger threat. He was incredibly on edge with the Guardian around.

Finally, the movement stopped and they headed towards a structure slightly larger than the others, Lex taking up his spear and following behind them. The Mallrats could only guess the room they’d chosen as a safe haven was at some point in time was a recreation room due to the odd games strewn about, an air hockey table, and various toys.

Lex wasted no time in announcing his distaste. “I’m not comfortable knowing he’s around,” he announced testing the tips of his weapon with his fingertips. They all know the ‘he’ their self-appointed sheriff was referring to: The Guardian.

“Funny,” it was Amber, quick to quip, rolling her eyes at the young man. “We women used to say that about you, Lex.”

Lex glared, opening his mouth to defend himself, but clamped it shut quickly. He knew all too well she was right. He’d made a pass at all the women in the tribe, except for Lottie of course.

“I, for one, have to agree with Lex,” Alice chipped in, “This man is outright loony.”

“But right now he’s helpless and unconscious and I’m going to do everything in my power to sustain his life,” Salene said firmly, with her mind made up.

Ebony scowled at her, “Yeah well just keep him away from me, otherwise all your hard work will go to waste. We all know I’m a little less forgiving than most.” Ebony was of course holding a grudge from when Jaffa had attempted to kill her and humiliated her in front of an audience.

“As many times as you were let back into this tribe, you think you would be,” May muttered loud enough to be overheard.

“Who are you to be acting high and mighty, not that I’m taking Ebony’s side, but I seem to recall you being an all around shady character not too long ago,” Trudy broke in.

“Alright, enough!” Taisan interjected. She was tired of the fuss. “We’d all do right just to let Sal do what she is doing; besides we have other matters to fuss about.”

“Exactly, like how do we get off this island when we’re being flooded around mass bodies of water?” Ellie piped in.

The room grew quiet aside from the children playing. It had been raining non-stop for five days now. They had to bail water out of Trader’s boat twice already.

Shrill screams pierced the growing silence. They were those of Gel. Nobody had even noticed she was missing. It was Lex, spear at the ready that went charging out of the room first.


“That ghostly man is awake!” Lex found Gel in a panic.

Jay, hot on Lex’s tail couldn’t take Gel and her hysterics. “Sammy, see if you can calm her down,” he suggested, his eyes pleading with the boy.

Salene pushed past the group into the room where Jaffa was sitting upright in the bed staring straight ahead and chanting some gibberish.

She spoke softly to him, coaxing him to lay back down, “You’re fine. I’ll get you some water.”

Ebony, still befuddled at the woman’s care for the Guardian said, “She has always felt the need be the ‘mother’.”

Salene shooed everyone away, shutting the door in their faces. She was going to help this man in any way she could, her future depended on it. At least she hoped she’d benefit from nursing Jaffa back to good health.


During the reunion stage, Amber and Bray had decided to take things slowly, but things were moving at a snail’s pace for Amber, who unlike everyone else didn’t go chasing after Gel’s screams. She hadn’t realized she wasn’t alone.

“You look terrible,” Taisan entered into the kitchenette of the rec room where Amber sat in a stool at the counter.

“Do I? Gosh, I hope it’s not that evident,” Amber panicked.

Tai laughed, “Relax, I was just thinking about your expression.”

Amber sighed, “Oh good, I though maybe my whole heart was displayed on my face.”

“Matters of the heart you say? Are things okay between you and Bray?”

“Oh, things are fine, sure, but…”

“But you wish things were moving at a faster pace?” Taisan finished the sentence for her.

Amber smiled, “Are you a mind reader too, medicine woman?”

Taisan played into the joke, “No, that’s what my crystal ball is for.”

After a small laugh followed by silence, Taisan spoke some more, “I know what you’re going through, it’s hard to get back to that place of ecstasy and joy that was once.”

“Exactly! Am I wrong for loving with my every whim?”

“No, we just have to give it time, though patience is running thin.”

Amber pouted, “I know you’re right, and I know we need to give it time, but I don’t know how much longer my patience will hold. He doesn’t even touch me hardly when we kiss, it’s like I’m diseased.”

“I have faith in you Amber. He’s probably thinking you took things too fast to begin with and he wants to go about things right this time. Just…”

“Give it time, I know, I know.” Amber relented, though her mind was still full of worry. She knew Bray. Something or someone else was on his mind. If she had so easily moved on with Jay, wasn’t it possible he’d have found someone?

Taisan smiled at her, breaking up her thoughts with what she said next. “I have an idea. I think its time for one of our ‘Mallrat’ parties.”

Amber was hesitant to be an enthusiast, but finally gave in to Taisan’s stares, “We may as well, right, to help wait out the storm?” She was starting to gain enthusiasm, “Just make sure there’s no paint or A.I. Zoot’s around.”

They both laughed and set in motion the plans for a party.


Chapter 11: Party

It had not been an easy feat, but Taisan had managed to get almost everyone in the mood for a party. The rainstorms had stopped, for now, and it just seemed like a party was needed. Gel, on the other hand, was hard to reason with when it came to contributing to the tribe gathering.

“Gel, please,” Jack was begging. They wanted music for the party and she was the only air-head to grab any in the event of running for their lives.

“No, no, no, no, no, and no!” She shouted, “I’m not coming and neither is any of my music, and that’s a shame cause I have darn good taste.”

Alice, who was Jack’s partner in the matter, cracked her knuckles, “Let me handle this.”

Jack smiled at the fear that swept over Gel’s face, “No Al, I got this.” He held off the threat, racking his brain for a compromise, “What if I promise you a dance with Lex?”

“He’s a pig! No!”

Alice laughed, “She’s smarter than we think.”

“I can hear you, ya know?” Gel huffed, slamming the door, which prompted more laughter from the older woman.

Jack was losing his patience, “What do you want from us?” His voice had grown whiny in his irritation.

“To be left alone!”

He grunted, his back sliding down the door and Alice smirked down at him. “You should of let me handle it.”

Jack scowled at her then a light bulb went on in his head. “Shampoo, what if I get you shampoo?!

The door opened a crack, “Well why didn’t you say so. Here!” Gel opened the door, making him catch himself before falling backwards. She handed Alice her cd case.

“Scratch one and you die.”

Alice wasn’t threatened in the least and Jack relished in their victory. Together they headed back to the Rec room. With the music, it was time to get the party started.


The last thing May wanted was a party. She was more interested in getting off the island. She was no paradise flower; she was an alley cat, a city crawler. She missed cement and tar land. The closest she got to that on the island was a strip of corroding road that she didn’t dare explore in fear of running into the Technos. She feared them more than The Guardian.

“You want something to drink?” Trader nudged her. He had noticed she was standing by herself off in a corner.

“Unless it’s some real hard stuff, which it’s not, no.” An awkward silence followed. Trader didn’t know how to tell May that what went down between them was something special to him. It wasn’t just some sleazy trade for him when it came to May. He had developed something for her. She was a plague suffocating his mind.

“You uh—want to hit the dance floor?” he swallowed his fear of rejection and asked, hopefully.

May laughed, “You and me? No, I don’t think so.” She walked off leaving him alone.

“Love Jones,” a voice helped him sober from the sting.

“What?” he asked the female voice. Turning to see her face, it was Amber.

“You’re sick with love for her. I can see it in your eyes and demeanor,” Amber smirked.

“Yeah. But some things have gone down between her and me, stuff I don’t think she can overlook, and that I know I’m guilty of.”

“You’ll never know, unless you try…why don’t you just tell her.”

“Like I’ve said, we’ve had this on and off relationship. She wanted me at one point, but now she can’t stand me. And why? Because I’m a sleazy trader. So of course using that four letter word with her is out of the question.”

“I see…” Amber nodded. At least he admitted he was a sleazy trader and that he had some faults.

Amber looked around once more for Bray who had disappeared. A pang of sadness swept over her, but quickly faded. Maybe if he saw her dancing with Trader when he reappeared he’d pay her a bit of attention.

“How about a dance? Since my date has disappeared and May isn’t interested. Let’s show them both what they’re missing out on.”

Trader smiled, “It can’t hurt,” he extended an arm grabbing the one she was offering.


Bray sat alone underneath the stars thinking.

He loved Amber, he truly did, but something or rather someone had interfered with their love. Some things he couldn’t overcome.

There was someone else who had stolen his heart while being with the Technos. His heart shouldn’t have been there on his sleeve for her to steal. It should have been drenched in Amber’s name, unaccesible and safe, but mentally he had been in a bad way, and another had began to its repair. It was sad to say, but wonderful too, that he let his heart get taken over by another woman.

What had been innocent flirting between captor and captive, a ploy for freedom, had accidentally flourished into a dangerous relationship. It’s why he was deported. She had requested it in fear of being found out and him getting hurt.

He thought being back around the Mallrats and with Amber again, seeing her, seeing his son, and being far away from Kyra would be enough. That he could play house with Amber and things would be fine. But he found himself conflicted. He windered did he really love his captor or had the acting and aching of loneliness somehow possessed him. He wondered too had his love for Amber become platonic? It’s the reason he requested the mother of his child and himself sleep in separate rooms. Bray just wasn’t sure of anything concerning relationships right now and he’d rather not dig himself a deepee hole.

“You’re missing the party.”

It was who Ebony sat down next to him, making him sigh with a groan. “You are too if you’re out here. Besides I’m not in a partying mood, I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

Ebony peered at him in the starlight, “Yeah? Neither am I,” she paused, shutting then opening her mouth again. “Like it or not, I know you Bray. You get especially broody when you’ve got a woman on your mind. Now my guess is it ain’t Amber, otherwise you’d be inside dancing with her instead of Trader. So, who is she?”

Bray tried not to react, hearing Amber was dancing with the likes of Trader, for a moment there was that spark of jealousy in him only Sasha could provoke. But quickly it deflated. How could he be upset when he’d been treating Amber like a sister rather than a lover.

Finally he turned to look at Ebony, “You’re not going to take this and crush Amber’s spirit are you?”

She pretended to be wounded, “Ouch,” she smirked. “Tonight I’m turning over a new leaf with you, no scheming. You mean a lot to me, and I just want to see you happy.”

“What have you done to Ebony?” he looked at her in mock fright.

“She’s hiding behind an enlarged abdomen, swollen feet, and an unexplainable but powerful love for something growing inside of her that she hasn’t even met yet.”

Bray chuckled, “I don’t remember Amber being this different when she was pregnant.”

“Well everybody is different,” she scoffed, annoyed at the comparison. “Besides this transformation began before the side-effects of pregnancy. Just ask the good ol Eagle. But enough about me, who’s this woman?”

She had mot been distracted by Bray trying to get out of the hot seat. He looked back at the low, crashing waves, lightly gripping a handful of sand. “Her name is Kyra. We had a fling. One all too dangerous. Kyra was a Techno and I was her prisoner.”

“Sounds like Jay and I.”

“You and him…whoa.”

“Yeah. Amber managed to steal him away from me like she did you. She got a dose of her own medicine though, well maybe double dose seeing how Trudy had him for five minutes, now Ruby’s got him. Is she going for a triple dose?” Ebony got excited.

He shook his head, disappointed in her giddiness. “I may never see Kyra again, so it doesn’t matter.”

“So you stick it out with someone you don’t love?”

“Yes. I mean, no. I don’t actually know. I mean I do love Amber, but we’ve spent too much time apart. Right now it just feels like she is only the mother of my child and the first woman I let toy with my heart next to you.”

“What does your heart tell you now?” Ebony said after some moments of silence.

“I don’t know. Kyra stole it.”

“Then you have your answer.”

“I do?” he looked at her with a quizzical expression.

“Your heart belongs to her. Or maybe you’ve finally got it back to yourself.” She was quiet again, seeming conflicted. When she spoke again, he was definitely surprised. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you can’t string Amber along any further, it’s not fair to her or your son.”

Speechless, Bray remained silent, thinking it over. Maybe his heart was truly back to him and now a little older, he could be more wise about handing it out. This Ebony beside him was so understanding and so kind. Had he never saw the real her because he never gave her a real chance? Had he been the cause of all her evil, scheming, and self-centered ways? He had to laugh at himself. Yeah, right. Still, he was thankful for this side of her.

Speaking finally, it was his turn to question her. “What really brought you out here?”

“Intuition,” she smirked, “that and the temptation.”

“Temptation?” he questioned.

“Well it’s not really a party with the Mallrats unless something goes wrong,” she smirked.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing, yet,” she smirked, rising and making her way to Slade as everyone filtered out of the boring, little Rec room. They were attracted to the beautiful night sky, one they hadn’t seen since the rains began.

Bray noticed Ebony winked at him as he gave her one last curious look. Amber then threw herself in his lap and made to kiss him when a water balloon hit her.

The culprit had been a very giggly Brady in Trudy’s arms.

Bray laughed as Amber jumped up, “Clever. She’s definitely got her father’s sense of humor,” he declared before he began to chase after Brady who had managed to escape her mother’s arms.

Ebony pitched a water balloon at him. Then suddenly there were water balloons flying everywhere, letting the good times begin. He smiled at Ebony, “I knew you were up to something. Even got the youngsters involved.”

Ebony returned the smile and went back to war with the others. She had found the balloons in the Rec room when they first cleaned it out. Three giant bags, unopened. Most of them were useless, but there were just enough to fill and scheme to have a great time.

A great time most of them hadn’t experienced since the virus hit.


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