2019 Photochallenge #TR2019


Welcome to the 2019 Tribe Revival Photochallenge!

Every month we will post a lovely new list with picture prompts for you to enjoy this year :smiley:

So join us, and post your pictures on instagram with #TR365


Wow. Oh man. This is going to be insane to keep track of, but… I’ll try.

My insta handle is same as last year - kateofmermaids



  1. Beginnings
  2. Enjoying Life
  3. Old
  4. Art
  5. Thankful
  6. Resolution
  7. Coffee
  8. Space
  9. Dreams
  10. Colour
  11. Light
  12. Bread
  13. Nuts
  14. Frozen
  15. Dance
  16. Striped
  17. Plant
  18. Lamp
  19. Necessary
  20. Whatever the hell you want
  21. Consider the background
  22. Up in the air
  23. Like a painting
  24. Stuffed animal
  25. Strong
  26. Mary Poppins
  27. in a circle
  28. Classic
  29. Letter
  30. Kitchen
  31. Music


Still Hil_snow.




You can still follow my handle anihsorna for whenever I start making art again, but _ quietspark _ is where I plan to do the photo challenge this year, to keep order to it all :kissing_heart:


I sat this out last year but, this time, I’m stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenge! I’ll be posting my daily pictures at holorecording, rather then my main account (holoprogram) so as to – as Ann said – keep everything nice and organised. :relieved::ok_hand:

So, anyway! Shoot me a follow if ya want! … Or don’t! Either way, good luck with the challenge, everyone! :v:


I’ll try my best managed until October last year My instas are whatshername87 (my private that I don’t use as often) and Hard_work_defo_pays_off (My fitness/food blog) I’ll try and use whatshername87 more


Mine is still starqueen_of_zoot :slight_smile:


Chaeonite - my instagram


Aha! I was wondering who that was who followed me! Hello, hello! :wave::grin: