A Tribal Christmas Eve

‘Eeek! That’s so cold!’ Trudy shouts as she runs to hide and brushes the cold snow from her neck.
She grabs some snow and shapes it into a ball, she then quickly jumps up from behind the car and throws it right in Jack’s face. ‘Gotchya!’ She shouts at him as she runs to find cover again.
Trudy peeks from behind a wall but she can?t see Jack anywhere. She makes another snowball and just as she is about to run to find another spot, Jack throws some snow over her.
‘Jack! Aaah!’ Trudy shrieks. Jack laughs at her as he watches her trying to get the snow out of her coat.

‘Hey guys! Won’t you come on in! You must be freezing!’ Salene shouts at Trudy at Jack.
Trudy runs inside and gets her coat off quickly; ‘Oh, that’s so cold!’ She laughs.
Salene brings a blanket and places it over Trudy’s shoulders; ‘Come sit by the fire, I’ll make us some hot coca.’ She says smiling.
Ryan moves from the couch so Trudy can sit closely by the fire; ‘Had fun did you?’ He asks smiling.
Trudy points at Jack; ‘He threw a box of snow all over me, and it came in my coat. It was so cold.’
Jack laughs; ‘I won then?’ He asks. Trudy lifts one eyebrow; ‘Was it a competition then? Sure, you won.’ She says smiling.
‘Here’s the hot cocoa.’ Salene says as she walks in with a tray on which are placed 6 cups of cocoa and a bag of marshmallows. ‘Ryan, won’t you go and get Lex and Danni down here please’ We should be all together on Christmas Eve.’ Ryan nods and leaves.

knock knock Ryan knocks on the door; ‘Lex, Danni. Come sit with us by the fire, Salene made hot cocoa.’ Danni opens the door; ‘Jummy! We’ll be right there, thanks Ryan.’ She says smiling.
Danni turns to Lex; ‘Come on Lexy, it’s Christmas Eve.’ She says to him.
Lex lifts his shoulders; ‘So what?’ Danni walks over to him and pulls him up from the bed; ‘Come on! Don’t be a downer!’ She says smirking. She takes him by the hand and pulls him out of the room, down to the fireplace.

‘There you are.’ Salene says smiling; ‘Here’s a cocoa.’ She says as she hands them a cup.
‘We also have marshmallows.’ Jack says as he puts a marshmallow on a stick and holds it above the fire. He then notices that Trudy is still a little cold and places his other arm around her; ‘Here, I’ll warm you up.’ Trudy smiles; ‘Thank you Jack.’ She says as she looks at him. He’s so sweet, she thinks to herself and blushes a little.
'Jack! You’re melting your marshmallow!? Danni shouts as she points to the marshmallow above the fire. Jack quickly pulls back the stick and tries to not let the melted marshmallow fall on the floor.
‘Guys, look what I made.’ Salene says smiling as she grabs a big box from next to the couch.
She takes off the lid and takes out a Santa Hat; ‘I made one for all of us.’ She says as she passes them around. Danni puts hers on right away; ‘Sexy Santa helper huh.’ Lex says with a wink.
‘You put yours on babe!’ Danni says as she tries to put the hat on Lex’s head.
‘No! I don’t want to wear a hat!’ He says as he pushes her hand away again. Danni sighs; ‘You’re such a downer Lex?’

Trudy places her now empty cup on the table and stands up; ‘I’m exhausted, I’m going to take a hot shower and then off to bed.’ She says. ‘Thanks for the cocoa Salene, it was really good.’ Trudy says smiling and then walks away.
Jack places another marshmallow above the fire and watches it closely this time so it doesn’t melt.

‘Sal, you did a great job sweety.’ Ryan says to Salene and kisses her.
‘Thank you.’ Salene says blushing. Ryan gets up from the couch and takes Salene’s hand; ‘Come, I’ve got a surprise for you.’ He says smiling as he leads her away.

Jack takes the marshmallow from the stick and eats it; ‘Right, I’ll be going to bed aswell then, goodnight guys.’ He says to Lex and Danni, who are now the only people in the room.

‘Hmm, we’re alone now.’ Lex says smirking and he strokes Danni?s cheek.
'Yes we are Lex.'Danni says sarcastically. She moves closer to him and kisses him on his cheek.
He turns his face and turns the cheek kiss into a mouth to mouth kiss and kisses her passionately.
Lex lifts her up and places her on the couch on her back and lays on top of her, kissing and stroking her…

Just as Jack wants to enter his room, he sees Trudy coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel and still looking wet. ‘T-T-Trudy?’ he says blushing. ‘Jack!’ Trudy says surprised; ‘I thought you’d still be by the fire.’ She says blushing a little aswell now. ‘Uhm, everyone kind of left, went to do their own thing, so I decided to go to bed?’ Jack looks away from Trudy, she looks drop dead sexy wearing that towel and he?s scared he might say something wrong.
Trudy moves closer to Jack; ‘By yourself? All alone?’ She asks smiling.
‘I wish it could be different…’ Jack replies as he looks up at Trudy again. ‘Different?’ She says blushing, she has something in mind. Trudy moves closer to Jack; ‘Different like this?’ She says as she gently kisses Jack on his lips. Jack kisses her back and moves his hands to her hips and holds her.
She takes him by the hand and pulls him into his bedroom…

Ryan covers Salene’s eyes as they enter their bedroom; ‘Ryan, are we there yet?’ She asks him unpatiently. ‘Yes, I hope you like it.’ He says as he uncovers her eyes.
‘Oh my! Ryan! It’s beautiful!’ She says smiling bright and she jumps into his arms and kisses him.
Before her stands a large, beautifully decorated Christmas Tree, with shiny presents under it. Rose petals on the bed and 2 glasses and a bottle of wine next to the bed.
Ryan opens the bottle and fills the glasses, and gives a glass to Salene.
‘Merry Christmas sweetheart.’ He says. ‘Merry Christmas.’ Salene says smiling as they bring their glasses together for a toast.