A Tribe Christmas Fanfict

It was the day before Christmas and the Christmas tree had just been decorated with sparkly glitter in the colors of blue and silver with some decorations that the kids had made the last weeks before Christmas. Amber looked up hearing Bray entering the cafe after walking through several of boxes that was placed all over the place. ‘You look lovely’ He said as he placed his hands around her and kissed her cheek. Amber smiled hearing his voice.
‘Oh Bray! Perfect timing, why don’t you help Trudy and Lex with the gingerbreads,’ Amber suggested to Bray, no one could be in the cafe unless they were working. Meaning Salene and Slade was sitting at a table testing the lights for the balcony. Each year Amber had managed to talk the boys into placing the white lights up on the balcony so it would be nicely decorated.

Closing his eyes Bray thought back to the first time he had met Amber and their son after he had been sent away. Brayden was now a seven year old, who loved his cars and his fathers skateboard. Seeing Brayden was all tucked up in bed Amber had decided that it was all safe too get the Gingerbread all decorated and placed out all around the mall. That way it would be magic for the kids when they woke up, too see that Santa had been there, that the tree was decorated and that the gingerbread was all around as decorations. While the gingerbread the kids had helped make was waiting for them to eat.

By the looks on Lex’s face Amber could tell that this was something Lex did not like to be doing, she couldn’t help but smile. Just the thoughts of Lex decorating gingerbreads was funny enough. But to actually see Lex helping Trudy and bray with the decorating was something special. She walked over to Salene and Slade with the lights. ‘Need any help?’ She asked looking at them, Salene nodded ‘yes please’ Salene said with a smile, just to hear Slade laughing. ‘No, please one girl to help with this is too much already’ he said shaking his head. ‘Ey! I’ve already sorted out one pair of lights!’ Salene snapped shaking her head. ‘Your still on the first one!’ She added shaking her head. Amber would do anything to get away from the pair of them. Biting her lips she walked over to the table with the gingerbread.

Amber turned to Bray with a smile on her face. ‘Hows the gingerbread coming along?’ She asked Bray with a smile. Looking up from decorating a gingerbread he shakes his head. He stood up taking her hand before he leaded the way out of the cafe. He leaded the way all the way up on the roof. It was a lovely night, you could see all the stars there. And a cool freeze was going through the air. In the middle of the roof, there was a blanket, with a basket and a red rose. Walking closer to the basket Amber could see how lovely it was decorated, not only was there a red rose there, but a several of candles. It was perfect, they were finally all together, for their third Christmas together. She couldn’t wait, Christmas after Bray had returned had been amazing and had felt so much like a family Christmas.

Bray bent down and picked up the red rose and looked at Amber with a charming smile. ‘Ever since I first laid my eyes on you, I never doubted my feelings for you’ Bray started handing her the rose. ‘Every time I look into your lovely blue eyes I know in my heart that, that’s the girl I want to be my wife’ Bray said softly taking hands into his as he sat down on one knee and took up a box and opened it up. ‘Amber Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?’ he asked and held the sapphire ring out to her.

Amber stood there admiring the romantic blanket and the view when Bray started talking. Was he really? Was this really true? She didn’t want to pinch herself to find out. ‘yes Bray! YES! I would love to me your wife!’ Amber said excitedly, and let Bray stand up as he placed the sapphire ring onto her finger. She looked at the beautiful ring before she kissed Bray. This was really happening, after all these years! She was finally engaged to the man of her dreams. She couldn’t believe it, everything was perfect now. Their own little family, a marriage to plan, a lovely Christmas that couldn’t be planned better if she had tried. Everything was perfect.

Reaching the balcony, the pair of them stopped and looked around at the decorated mall. The white lights was up, the Christmas tree was standing right next to the fountain, and gingerbread was hanging around as garnish. Everything was already for Christmas too come. The gifts was nicely placed under the tree, the mistletoe was hanging in the entrance to the cafe. Amber and Bray walked down the stairs and Amber stopped just before she walked into the cafe. ‘I love you Bray’ Amber said and kissed Bray’s lips, Bray kissed her back and when he pulled away he took some of her hair behind her ear and whispered. ‘I love you too’ and kissed her once more, as they were standing right below the mistletoe. He pulled away as he heard a loud noise of something hitting on metal. Walking around the corner they saw Lex standing there trying to hit the nail into the wall to put some of the last decorations up. Shaking her head amber turned to Bray. ‘lets go to the cafe’

Amber woke up looking around in her room, she had been woken by a loud noise. The baby was still sleeping and there was no Bray next too her anymore. She rubbed her eyes, to make sure that her eyes wasn’t playing her a trick. But there was no one there and the corridors outside of her room wasn’t filled with white lights. The Christmas tree wasn’t there. All that was there was Lex who was on guard duty and was playing bowling with the grill. Amber sighed and walked back into her room and went back to bed.