A very Mall Rat Christmas (For Trudy)

Zoot be praised…“ Trudy mumbles and look at the Guardian. Another crazy ceremony is going on and she was just hoping that Brady will be ok.
„ I can’t hear you“ the Gardian shouts at her with eyes wide open „ and so the mighty Zoot won’t hear you too. And so he thinks you don’t believe in him… and us!!! So i ask you: do you believe in us? Then shout it out loud „

„ Zoot …!“ Trudy shouts out loud and open her eyes. „ What?“ she looks arround her empty bedroom. „ oh my god „ she whispers between a few deep breathes.

Bray stands outside Trudys room and does a short look inside before she walks downstairs in the cafe, where Hunter, the twins and some of the others are eating. She take herself a cup of tea and look back at her moms room.
„Again?“ Ambers sit down besides her.
„Yeah, again“ Brady answers and look at her auntie, „ can’t we do anything? She got this nightmares again and again …… It’s almost christmas, she should be happy“ Brady starts to cry
„ Shhh, she will be fine Amber answers, not really should what she could do, but at the moment she just want Brady to calm down and wrap one arm arround Brady „ she will be fine…“
In the other corner Ebony watch the scene…

In the afternoon Brady is watching the twins in the playroom, While the girls are drawning she just stares in the room, thinking about an option to help her mom, as she hear a knock on the door.
„Can i?“ Ebony looks at her.
„Sure „ Brady smiles at her
„ Look, i have heard what you have said to Amber this morning „ Ebony starts „ I’m not sure if this will work the other way but maybe i have an idea to help your mom. You will need the help of Mega… „ Ebony continue and tell Brady her idea.
And just after a few minutes Brady jumps up from her seat „ That’s it „ she shouts out load „oh please can you watch the girls for a moment“ and just before Ebony is able to nod she runs out of the playroom to find Mega.
She knocks on his door „ Mega, i need your help“ she shouts out and starts to knock again. „ Mega, please !“
A shocked Mega opens the door „ What the hell? Brady. What’s wrong? He look at her
„ I need your help, please. It’s mom“ Brady answers him
Mega wrinkle his brow, „ Ok, then come in“
Brady steps into his room and starts to tell him her and Ebonys idea. … „ and it’s almost christmas, she sould enjoy the time and don’t go throught this.“ she add on.
Mega is sitting on his chair, his head rest at one hand and looking at the computer in front of him. „ I have no clue of we could make this work again“. He starts, but as he see Bradys sad eyes he stops and take a deep breathe „ Ok, listen. I will do my best, but promise me… no word to the others and this is first and last time we do this, ok? „
Brady nod at him with a big grin „ Promise“

A few days later Mega leaves his room with a little package and walks towards Bradys room. „ Brady?“ he knocks .
„ Yeah come in“ Brady answers and watch Mega stepping in her room with the package „ That’s it? Does it work?
„ I think so, do you want to try it? He grin and open the package to show her the headset
„Yes, of course „ Brady shouts out loud and let Mega help her with the headset. As Mega switch it on she watch the scene in reality space and luckily everythings works like she wants.
„ There is a timer on it, so Trudy can fall asleep and the headset will switch off by itself
„ We need to show mummy that“ she says as she pulls off the head set.
„yes we will, in the evening“ Mega answers, he doesn’t want to let most of the others see what he das done, even when it was for a good reason… many years ago, many bad things happens in reality space and he doesn’t want to bring this back.
Later then after dinner, Brady find her mum in her room. „ Mom?“
„yes Brady?“ Trudy looks tired at her oldest one
„ i now what happened the last weeks, you can’t sleep „ she looks at her mom directly „ and i think i got something to help…“
„Brady, it’s nothing“ Trudy interrupt her
„ mum, please. Trust me „ Brady continue almost crying
„ok, ok „ Trudy tells her and wrapp one arm arround her „ what is it
„ Do don’t tell anything to anyone. Promise“

Brady stand up and open the door to let Mega in. „ Hy Trudy?“
„ What’s that all about?“ Trudy asks worried,
„ Somehting to maybe help you „Mega answers and hold out a package, wrapped in christmas paper.
Trudy looks questionly at him and take the package. „ Christmas is tomorrow, what’s that all about now?" She asks Brady while open the package. As she spot the headset, she stares at Mega
„ I know you don’t like this, but trust me, all i want is trying to help. Because of yours and Brady sake“ Mega says to her before she is able to say somehting
Trudy watch from Mega to Brady „ I don’t know…"
„Do it“ someone say from the door, Ebony „ they really want to help you, and i can stay here and watch over it if you want to
„ Trudy stares at Ebony before turn back to the headset. „ Ok, please stay here „ She say to Ebony which place herself beside the bed.

„ Trudy take a deep breathe, sit down in bed and put on the headset, which starts to work and in the first scene Truidy can see Mickey Mouse in front of a frozen castle
„ Hello Trudy, welcome to disneyland „ Mickey starts and wave at her „ Welcome to our big christmas party. You’re just in time i can already smell snow. Come on, follow me

Brady, Mega and Ebony can see a bright smile on Trudys face, so Mega nod and leave the room. Brady covers her mom and sit down on her bed. She looks at Ebony and whispers „ seems like it works“
„Yes it does „ Ebony say in relief „ i would leave you alone, you know where to find me“
Brady nods at her and so Ebony leave the room to
Brady watches her mum smiling and singing some crazy childish songs, she already knows from some old movies in the playroom, but never knows them by heart. Just her mom knows them

Trudy follows Mickey while the snow starts to fall down and all of the sudden a small shiny thing flys arround her „ Come on Tinkerbell, let’s hurry up „ a young boy with green clothes shuots at the little shiny thing.
„ Peter Pan? „ Trudy stares at him.
„ who have you expected?“ Peter Pan laughs at her „ Come on“
Trudy spot the Tinkerbell flying arround her and she can feel how her feets are leaving the ground „ Omg „ Trudy laughs and watch at the little fairy „ Thank you“,
„ Ok see you inside „ Mickey shout and continue his walk
„ Ready „Peter asks Trudy
„ Ready“ Trudy answers and together woith Tinkerbell, they made a long fly arroung the catsle and throught the snow
„ Wow that’s amazing „ Trudy laugh out loud
„ I know and now the highlight, follow me „ Peter tell her and fly thrught a big window into the castle. Trudy follows him and inside the castle she can see a big and long table with all her favorite disney stars from time before the virus. „ Do you want some tea?“ the guys next to her asks. The mad hatter
„ yes, tea !“ Trudy shouts out loud with a laugh
„ and take a cookie, you’re our guest „ a little candlestick add on
„ oh i will“ Trudy answers and take a seat on the big table. She takes the first bit from her
cookie and the first sip of tea, as she leans back and watch all the characters she knows from her childhood and always joins in the songs.

After a while the screen becomes black and Trudy realize that the little trip is over now. Oh that was wonderful Trudy says to herself as she put off the headset and seeing Brady fallen asleep on her bed. „ Oh you …“ She smile and pull her a bit higher so Brady is lying next to her
„mhmm, …. mum?.. do you like it? „ Brady mumble with closed eyes
„ I love it, the best christmas gift ever „ Trudys answers and give her a kiss on her forehead, before she wrapp one arm arround her daughter and pulls her close. Brady opens her eyes and place her head on her mums shoulder.
„ Look „ Brady tell her all of the sudden and point to the window „ snow“
„ yes, seems like we will have a white christmas this year „ Trudy answers with a smile „ that means we need to sleep now.
„ Brady nods with a smile and lay back. She doesn’t want to go now
Trudy smile at her and decided to let her stay overnight „ Good night“
„Good night“
And so both of them close their eyes and Trudy will have her first night without a nightmare.

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