A very Tribal Christmas - Secret Santa 2010

Six months… Trudy couldn’t believe how fast the time had gone. It had been only six months ago that life had been so normal. She had been a normal teenager, not the most popular, not the most hated, just an average girl, who lived in a nice neighborhood with nice, loving parents. At the thought of her parents a tear escaped her eyes. She missed them so much, longed for them so often, but still, some days she felt glad they didn’t have to see her now. Their one and only daughter, six months pregnant at the age of 14. They would be so disappointed. The only reason Trudy still had a sense of time was the fact that she had kept her diary and had written in it every day. Long letters written to her parents, about how much she missed them and how scared she was. As she opened her diary to write another entry, she noticed something. It was just two days before Christmas…

Martin was restless. Something big was coming, he could feel it in his bones. Though he did not know what was to come, he knew tomorrow night would enlighten him, it would guide him to the path of the future.
He had tried everything, but Trudy had refused to tell him why she was so sad today. Even more then he wanted to admit to himself, it hurt him that she didn’t want to talk to him about it. Sure, he wasn’t the most sensitive person on earth, but surely she would tell him what was wrong. Afterall, he was Zoot, the all powerful, and she was pregnant with his child. Though he detested the idea, he knew he had but one way to find out what was bothering Trudy; he’d have to ask his brother for advice, for if there was anyone that Trudy would have told what was wrong, it would be Bray.

Ebony watched amused as she saw Luke giving orders to the bunch of losers that wanted to join the Locos. Luke had been put in charge of this by Zoot himself, because he was able to gain peoples trust easily. The people respected him, and that’s why they listened. But training them for combat? Clearly that wasn’t his thing. ‘Awell, guess the bedroom isn’t gonna be the only place where I can teach him something’, Ebony said to herself. She walked up to him, with a grin on her face. “Hey lover, need a hand?” Luke smiled when he saw her face, her braids bouncing around her pretty face. Just when he was about to accept her offer, he saw someone coming. “No, that’s ok, Spike’s been send to help me train up these guys” he said while gesturing to the boy who had just arrived. Luke started to feel all giddy, he had no idea why, but the presence of Spike always made him feel so nervous. It was a feeling he could not describe, it felt so new and strange to him. He watched Ebony stride away, clearly she felt insulted by the fact that she wasn’t allowed to train the guys, but it wasn’t his fault. Zoot had clearly stated that his man should not be instructed by a woman, not even if that woman was Ebony. Luke shook his head, what was it with that girl. He really liked her a lot, but sometimes she could seem so full of hate that it scared him.

Somehow, Bray had not seen this coming. Ofcourse he knew his brother was madly in love with Trudy, but still, his little brother coming here to see him, to ask him what on earth was going on with his own girlfriend wasn’t one of the things Bray had expected. Could Martin really be so clueless? Had he forgotten so easily what time of the year it was? Apparently so, because Martin had looked slightly shocked when Bray told him that Trudy was upset because she had realized they would never really celebrate Christmas again. No one was happy about that idea, but due to her pregnancy, Trudy’s hormones where making her be upset much easier. He smiled, knowing that Martin would do the right thing for once, for he had sworn him that he would give Trudy the best Christmas ever…

Back in the Loco’s headquarters Zoot came across Ebony. “Ah, Ebony, just the girl I need” he said to her. “You are gonna get me the perfect present for Trudy for Christmas” Ebony grimaced. “Christmas? Your out of your mind! If you think I am gonna spend my time looking for a gift for that spoiled little brat, you got it all wrong mister!” Ebony walked away and slammed the door in Zoot’s face. Zoot went after her and yelled “You WILL do as I say Ebony, unless you wanna try your luck on the streets… on your own!” Ebony shrugged, it was always the same with that man, no matter how much she tried to please him, he always put that whining little cow first.

Luke and Spike smiled to eachother, Zoot had send them both on a special mission, one they where not to tell anyone else about, because it would ruin Zoot’s image if everyone knew that he had a nice side aswell. They had raided quite a few houses already, gathering all the stuff Zoot wanted for his big surprise tonight. A fake Christmas tree, real tree candles, that they had found in the house of an old lady, shiny decorations and lots and lots of fake snow. When they returned to the hotel they made their way to one of the empty rooms and turned it into a Christmas dream room, decorated perfectly for Christmas, the room even had a fireplace and a floor that looked like it had snowed inside the building. It was then that Luke realized “I can’t imagine ever doing something like this with Ebony…” he sighed, he liked the girl, she had seemed nice enough when he first met her, and sexy as could be, but she just wasn’t for him. Spike grimaced “That witch isn’t right for you, she’s pure evil! Why are you even with her?!” Luke looked sad “Everyday I loved her, the claws went in a little bit deeper… she’s… got a hold on me…” Spike laughed… “So? Just dump her!” “I don’t know… I… I have to think about it…” Luke said before he walked out the door.

Ebony had been going through the city, looking for a present for that stupid Trudy. Not because she wanted to, but she knew what Zoot would do to her if she returned empty handed. But no matter where she looked, she couldn’t find anything that would do. Suddenly she felt a wet nose against her leg, a bundle of soft brown fur that was trying to hug her leg. “You’re long way from home, boy… Aren’t you the cutest thing ever!” she said when she saw the little puppy. She petted the little rascal and got a great idea. “You can be Trudy’s present! You can pee and poo all over her room, but she wouldn’t dare to say anything because Zoot gave you to her” Ebony grinned, this might turn out to be fun after all.

It was the night before Christmas. In the party room, a fire was burning brightly in the fireplace, and Trudy was anxious. Zoot had persuaded her to leave her room, eventhough she didn’t want to at first, but she did not dare to refuse him, so she followed him to another room…

Wolf had been searching all day long. Jaffa had told him that Zoot wished to eat something special tonight, because he was having a private party. And Wolf, well he was the right man for the job, he had always helped his father in the kitchens of his parents restaurant, so he knew how to make a great meal with little to work with. That was why Zoot kept him around, because he was able to give him what no other in the city had, a decent meal. But something special for today, Christmas, that was a different problem. Wolf didn’t know what to do, he wished for some meat, but that was hard to come by these days. He was left without hope to manage something special for tonight, until he heard something barking in one of the storage rooms. Unknowing that this was the puppy that was meant as a present for Trudy, which Ebony had locked away there until it was time to bring it into the room, Wolf smiled and said to himself “Well… I guess we’re eating ‘hotdog’ tonight…”

As Zoot opened the door, Trudy was overwelmed, the floor appeared to be covered in snow and next to the fire place stood the most colorful Christmas tree she had ever seen. Filled with bright purple ornaments and lots of candles. “Oh Martin, thank you so much!” Trudy said as she hugged him tight, for a moment forgetting the fact that she swore never to call him that again.
Zoot led her to a table, which was set with two plates. Not long after, Jaffa entered, carrying two plates of food. on them laid a small portion of baked beans, mashed potatoes and several sausages. Though Trudy did not really like to eat meat, this looked so perfect she could not refuse, besides, she could hardly offend Zoot after all the trouble he went through arranging this for her. They shared their delicious meal, and it was at this moment, Trudy remembered what she had seen in Martin in the first place.

Jaffa smiled when he left the room. So that was it! How could he have missed it?! This was exactly what he should have realized all along! Zoot was not just a man, he was divine, but now Jaffa realized it, the light of Christmas had made it all clear. This was how it was supposed to be. Zoot… the Mother… and soon… the baby… the Divine Family!
Zoot looked around anxiously, he was quite sure that Ebony had told him the perfect present would be in the room before dinner. He excused himself to Trudy for a moment before he left the room in search of Ebony, assuring Trudy he would be back in a moment.

Ebony was freaking out, how on earth could the puppy have left the small storage room, she was so sure she closed the door firmly, there was no way it could have come out on it’s own. When Zoot came storming up to her, demanding to know where the promised present was, she had no chance but to come clean. “I… I really did have it… I got her a puppy… it was locked away right here, but it most have broken loose… I… I will look for it…” she said, shaking with fear, for she knew what the wrath of Zoot would be if she failed this task.

“You make sure you do! Or else…” Zoot had never been more annoyed before, and slammed the door behind him when he entered his own room. Now what was he supposed to do? He couldn’t stay away from the room he left Trudy in for long; but what on earth could his excuse be? Suddenly something glimmering on his pillow caught his attention. It seemed like a small jewelery box, with a note next to it. As he unfolded the note, a smile appeared around his mouth. Though he hated the fact that Bray had managed to outsmart him once again, at this moment he could not help but be glad he had such a brother.

“I thought you might need this… a little something to give to Trudy.
Merry Christmas, Bray”

Zoot placed the note under his bed and quickly took the box back to Trudy. How come Bray always knew exactly what to do? No matter, he could make Trudy happy for tonight, afterall, he loved her to bits. He sat down next to Trudy, and handed her the box. “You my woman Trudes, I want you to have this…”

She did not know what to expect when Zoot gave her the box, but this was not it. The gift was amazing, the most perfect gift ever… As Trudy opened the box she found a small locket inside, shaped like a heart, with the words “Forever” engraved in it… but even better, when she opened it, she saw it contained two small pictures. One of her mother, and on of her father. “Oh Martin…” she sighed “I love you…”

Just as they where about to kiss, Ebony came barging into the room, dragging Wolf with her. “I know what happened to the puppy! It became hotdogs! It’s all his fault!” she yelled in her defense… oblivious to the fact that Zoot did not seem to show any specific interest in her at the moment. But Trudy had heard it, and was disgusted. So that was why the sausages had tasted so odd? It hadn’t been her ever changing taste during her pregnancy? She ate a puppy?! Trudy was disgusted with herself, and felt sick to her stomach. Never, ever ever again would she eat meat!

Just as Ebony was about to try and make a quick escape before Zoot would harm her, Luke and Spike entered the room, carrying steaming mugs filled with hot choco. Luke looked at her in shock “You killed a puppy?! I knew you where bad Ebony, but I never would have thought you’d be like Cruella de Ville!” He shivered. “You know what Ebony… Drop dead! I don’t ever wanna see you again… it’s over!” It was as if he had waited for something like this to happen to finally see the light. Above the door he spotted some mistletoe that Spike had placed there earlier. “You know what Ebony…It’s funny, I always thought of myself as a ladies man… but you just made me see what really matters…” Luke took one big step forward and took hold of Spike’s face. “I should have done this long ago…” he said before he kissed Spike on the lips…

Watching this scene was the last drop, Ebony couldn’t handle it anymore, first seeing Zoot comfort that cow Trudy over the ‘hotdogs’ and now her own boytoy turning gay on her? She ran out into the night, tears streaming down her face. This surely was the worst Christmas ever…