Age of the Technos

With the Chosen defeated and the Guardian on the run, it seems like the time for fear has passed… This is not the case, however, and new threat is already on its way… Arriving by the skies in airplanes and bringing with them technology that has not been seen since before the virus, now comes The Age of the Technos…

This RPG takes place during an alternate season four with several notable changes from the events of the show. These differences are outlined below:

Jack and Patch - Instead of setting out from the mines alone, Jack departed alongside fellow Chosen prisoner, Patch. Travelling an alternate route, the pair never encountered Cloe and instead found themselves taken in by a team of Technos. Through testing, their talents were quickly recognised and they were offered the rare opportunity to join the organisation. With the alternative bleak, both boys accepted the offer and were welcomed as brand new Technos.

Danni - When Danni was found to contain Techno potential, she was given the choice to join the organisation or to remain a virt. A shrewd survivor, she chose in her best interest and donned the black uniform. Her loyalty remains to be tested…

Patsy - After she was sent away for spying she was sent to a high risk camp. After a few weeks a familiar face came. It didn’t last for long as a riot happen and Ryan was stabbed, trying to save his life she failed and Ryan’s life could not be saved. When the chosen was defeated a new tribe took over the camp and Patsy was reunited with a long lost brother.

Ryan - Being sent away by the chosen he was reunited with his “daughter”. Ever since she was taken away he was blaming himself for it. So being reunited with her again he made it his mission to protect her. Until that one day where he tried to stop a riot and a several people were killed, including him. Getting a knife into his stomach.

Cloe- Finding her way home to the mall all alone.

Paul - Of the lost Mallrats, Paul has been with the Technos the longest. After being stolen off the city streets by slave-traders, he found himself sold to tribe of nomads who were moving up north. He was poorly treated by his “owners” and, when the Technos invaded the northern region, they seemed like heroes. He passed the Techno intelligence and skill tests with flying colours and was inducted into their ranks. Much later, when his unit was tasked with taking over a Chosen prison, Paul was delighted to find his long-lost sister among its captives and the twins were reunited at last.

Bray - taken away by the technos.

Characters marked with ? has a few options, pm myself or Ram :slight_smile:


Ram - played by Ram
Jay - played by Ram
Siva -
Java -
Ved -
Mega -
Patch -
Jack - played by Elkah
Patsy - played by Patsy
Danni(?) -

Amber(?) -
Cloe -
Danni(?) - played by Jayme(?)
Ebony -played by Ness
Ellie -
KC -
Lex -
May -
Mouse -
Pride -
Salene -
Sammy -
Trudy (with Brady) - reserved
Tally -


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Ohh? who would you like to play?

(Okies after much thought and consideration I would like to Claim Ved if I may)

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I would like to play as Lex if there are no objections. Ready anytime you are :grin:

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