Annie's Creative Attempts


Hello, Annie! I am so glad to have found this hole in the wall of a site! I kept looking for the old message board then realized while I was off having a mental issue it went away. But no worries I am okay now and much better. :slight_smile: I just got back last monday from going on a road trip with my husband and daughter. We had a blaster seeing his side of the family in his home town and old friend’s of his who have become mine too…hehe And lovely artwork as always!

I plan to put up my stuff soon! :sunglasses:


Hey! Good to see you found us again :smiley: Glad to hear you’re doing better. Thanks, hon. Hopefully I might have some new stuff to put up soon!


Thanks Annie! I’m glad to be back! I have a art thread up…but sadly all my old art work I lost and did not save on my computer. I might have it somewhere on the net though…I glad to be better too!(hugs)


So thanks to photobucket deciding to no longer allow hotlinking on free accounts, I’m in the process of moving all my stuff over to (which so far has been amazing, recommend it to anyone looking for a new host!). I’ve gone through the first post in this thread to update the images, so they should all be working even when i close my photobucket account.

Also, going through old folders on there and downloading stuff, I have so much art haha! If anyone is interested, I can upload some of it? Just let me know if there’s any specific characters or couples or something like that and I can do themed posts. :slight_smile:

But! I also have a couple new things. All in tumblr style. One general TT, one Life In The Tribe, and one football/Liverpool one. The football one was a birthday present for a friend of mine. The first one technically isn’t new, cause it was posted on the old site, but I forgot to include it in the first post, so you get it here anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the new stuff Annie! And when you get a chance I have my art thread up with all new a stuff and old stuff please look at it. Again love the new stuff!:)And Ive been watching my tribe dads since the day before yesterday and now on season two of the show. Its as good as I remember it being!:slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, Annie. I desperately need a new less obnoxious service to host my stuff at.

Loving the ryalene piece, obviously.


I’m so freaking in love with that Zudy (Trudin?) piece, like I just can’t even with that. I just can’t. :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:


I’m so bad at replying, honestly. Sorry guys. I’ve just been really demotivated lately cause uni has been so stressful the last couple semesters and I’m struggling to find the time and energy for any creative outlet, and I miss it. Thanks you guys :heartpulse:

I do have a few signatures for Life in the tribe that I can post. I came in here to look for inspiration though, cause now that I’m on summer holidays and have a few weeks to myself (I love my family but going on holiday with them doesn’t leave me much me-time haha) I want to try and get a bit creative again while I can.

My sig for Jet, including Dal (yes they both have new faces) .

For my character Beetle (aka Paul). Although I guess this could just as well be Toby in Pretty Little Liars art lol

Amber runs the library in the city now…hence the bookshelves

Cloe (and her Alex)

For Ryan’s I went with one symbolising his family; Danni and their adopted son Kyle.

Poodle, featuring Lani

And lastly a wallpaper I did for our secret santa, featuring my character Moyna, and Maggie’s Silas.




Hi, yes, I approve of Amber’s life choices. :heart_eyes:
That is all.

Well actually Kyle is adorable too and all that art, as always, top coloring. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha, so do I. :kissing_heart:

Thank youuuu! :sparkling_heart:


Lovely new stuff Annie.