Annie's Creative Attempts


I always end up getting a bit carried away making the first post in these. So I’ll try to not do that. I don’t have too much very recent stuff, but I’ll start with the newest, which was made tumblr-size, inspired by the moodboard things I keep seeing on there all the time.

first one is based on a storyline from Life in the tribe rpg site, second is a post-s5 ish thing i guess.

A few more wallpapers and signatures from Life in the tribe rpg:

Some regular TT stuff:

Some tribute wallpapers I made to officers and crew members on Titanic (to the real people, but using mostly pictures from the 1997 movie)

Various fandoms:

I know you think I failed at the not getting carried away, but this is me restraining myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah I love seeing your artwork it is so amazing!


Thank youuuu :kissing_heart:


You and your Titantic obsession, lady :joy:
Still lovely work no matter how many timed I see it.


I fully support the Titanic obsession! :smiley: But Annie already knows that.

Can we get more of those moodboards whenever? Because I kinda love that stuff too.

Ahhh I know the feeling of trying not to post all the stuff, there’s so much of it, I went with “newest art only” on my art topic for these reasons.


awww always good to look at your work Annie <3


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 you know I love all of it!


@Flamekeeper I have no idea what you mean. Obsession? :innocent: Thank youuu <3

@Amber :wink: Hmm, it’s not impossible. I enjoyed making those. I’ve tried starting more, but I always get caught up in the search for images to use.
I tried going with only newest art, but…didn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

@Lottie aw, thank you <3

@Odin thank youuuu <333

I’m nearly done with lectures for the semester, so maybe there’s more chance of art going forward. I’ve got exams and stuff coming up though, so who knows haha


These are all so pretty! I love the titanic ones, did you ever make it to the Titanic Museum in Belfast? If not, you’d love it.


Thank you! No, I’ve never been, but I really want to. It sounds like a great experience.


It’s awesome, and definitely worth a visit.


damn girl! they are all so pretty! I’m gonna have to take my time for a proper look through but that is like a wall of gorgeousness right there!


@Danni I’ll put it on my list of places to visit haha.

@raindrop oh thank you so much! you’re making me blush <3


@JacksAnnie you’re welcome :slight_smile:


What a sweet collection! :smiley:

I’m loving the moodboards, the little shoes in the Ryan/Salene one killed me tbh.
Some under “Life in the tribe rpg” didn’t seem to want to load, tho :confused: Just empty boxes. Maybe the links are broken?

You’ve got a really nice mix of characters in there and I like your choice of stills. Honestly I haven’t considered Gel/Darryl before but those stills together get me imagining… :relieved:


Thank you so much! I was trying to find a screencap of Ryan holding up babyshoes to show Salene somewhere in s2, but that stock image seemed almost more fitting for what I wanted to do. Glad it had an effect I guess haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Hmm, I only noticed one broken. I don’t know what broke it, cause it seems to work on my photobucket account. I replaced it with a thumbail and that seems to work now.

Thank you! I always liked them together I guess hehe. They just seem to have a similar mindset in a way, and a kind of childlike innocence.


Yeah, I definitely agree now that you’ve brought up my interest in them, honeslty :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, I know which scene you’re talking about. The struggle is real, honestly. It’s hard finding scenes in TT if you’re not 100% sure yourself when it occured because there’s not really any archives where you can go and just look every single scene up like with many other shows. It’s all about memory lmao. :confused:

Oh, I can see more now! :smiley: I couldn’t see the Dylan O’Brien or Devon one before :heart_eyes: But there are still 2 beneath the “MOYNA” one that are invisible to me for some reason. Huh. So weird.


Oh, I know. And even if you do know when it happened, you might not be able to find screencaps of it. It’s a good thing I’ve collected a lot of screencaps through the years so I at least have a lot to pick from even if I can’t always find exactly the scene or shot that I want.

Hmm…could be photobucket messing up. Have you tried right clicking on the empty boxes and open image in new tab/window? It happens to me sometimes that photos just won’t show when they’re on photobucket. I really should find somewhere else to upload my stuff but I can just never be bothered haha!


Oh! Would you look at that, now they’re all working? I didn’t even do anything different :ok_woman:
Ah, at least I can view them all now :grinning:

Did you add the makeup on Kristen Bell or was she actually painted like that?? It looks really cool and tribal.


Oh good! Probably just photobucket acting up then. it likes to do that sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I added it! Thank you! The original manip looked awful though haha. It took me ages of colouring and adding stuff on top to make it look alright, so that makes me really happy to hear! :smiley: