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Occasionally when I’m not suffering from exhaustion/extreme laziness, I get creative. To get us started, I’ll share some of the best of my creations in more recent history.

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love it <3


Lovely artwork Ann! Would you mind making me little something please? Maybe a rainbow banner of Trudy and Amber with their babies saying something like best friends first and mothers’ second on it?


I haven’t created anything new in awhile. I’m generally busy, but I’ll see if I can make you something whenever I get a day off work.


Okay thanks Ann.:slight_smile:



There you go @littezandra our member @Ash has you covered.

And wow, I should really update this when my life is rearranged.


Sometimes my characters abuse me til I acknowledge them. Today was one of those days Amphion (from another rpg) was especially broody about having nothing to do so I reminded him why :stuck_out_tongue: he didn’t even love her but he’s possessive and obsessive. Gosh darn the flu

Amphion/Katya | Lyrics: “Fingerprints” by Kari Kimmel

Of course now, Sapphire is abusing me bc how dare I memorialize Katya? she hates her and is secretly glad her archenemisis has perished with the flu.


Harlow is Falcon’s treasure and it took her a long time and a break-up between them, to finally accept it, but he’s her treasure too.

Falcon is not my character but the nickname came from “Treasure” by Bruno Mars a typical Falcon pov, however Harlow’s POV is coming more from “Treasure” by Tori Kelly.


@Flamekeeper Oh no! Silas is just now (in my head) finding out that Katya died and he is so sadddddddddddd :sob:


Lol oh Silas, sorry man. Hopefully Moyna will give you a proper hug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: