Anyone interested

So I was wondering about if anyone would like to do a cross over between the tribe and the 100? I was thinking that maybe the island that the mallrats reach could be where we meet the characters from the 100?

Could be interesting.

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thought im not certain what season of the 100 it should have been set too?

Part of me just assumes that on this island is the Mt Weather base. So what season 2 or so. (Most of the seasons are one big one because I watched it in 3 days. So I could be very off.)

Yes, I think season 2 is Mt. Weather,
I think that the island would be a good place for Mt weather to be, and in season 2, there are so many people whos not dead yet :smiley: (if that makes sense) I think im going to try to get some kind of info together to see what i can make off it.

I think it could be interesting to have them interact in some way,

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I can dig this.

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So adults will exist? Or just the kids?

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Im not 100%, because the whole point of the virus was to be rid of adults, So i am a bit torn, could it have been possible for a group to have gotten away? Gone Underground?

Well, Mount Weather is a bio dome… so they could have survived. The adults of Mount Weather, I mean. But then, maybe if they try to come outside, the adults will die and the kids survive?

It could be the Virus they were trying to escape by going into Mt. Weather…

Damn that’s a puzzle. This could be fun.

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Omg can you just imagine Jack gloating!?!

“See, I told you. I knew there were adults left!”


oh jooooy! that could be sooo much fun!

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Damnit :rofl:, now I want to be Jack

Im sure we can arrange that… .
Right now I’m wondering on how to keep Lincoln and Indra alive…