Art request thread


Need a Signature? Looking for a fic header?

Here is a general thread where everyone can request graphic art pieces both Tribal and Non-Tribal.

Please remember to abide by the RULES (located at the top of the Art topic board) when requesting and answering a request.

Have fun you creative lovelies!


If anyone one can could someone make me a signature for ryan and salene please, i am complete pants at art things, this is the new devon…thank you in advance


Hey there would some kind and lovely person be willing to make me a shiny new Jack sig. I would do it myself but currently only have my phone and no laptop to do fun art things with. Only request is the lyrics “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”


I would love to have an Ellie sig. Maybe @Amber or @Flamekeeper still have the old one I used the last time I played Ellie ?


The one Amber created:


Thank you. Now I just have to figure out how to actually make it my signature


Go to settings, scroll til you see signatures and copy/paste that link there. Scroll to save and voila!


Mhhh I think I have to look at it in peace on the weekend


I was wondering since having a new iMac since my other iMac died and I lost all my old artwork and stuff. I don’t have much now. Would someone be willing to make me a Lex and Zandra banner and icon set for me? I’d do it myself but at the moment don’t have much on my iMac at the moment. Just an hour during the week and two hours on weekends…


Hii, I was wondering on if anyone is good at making manips? If so I’ve got two challenges :slight_smile:

Patsy her face into this one

and for Hanna into this

its for the mallrats :slight_smile: