Can you guys help me out?

Hey guys,
So I’m not sure why I never thought to ask this, but if you happen to find an old, cheap copy of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in any language but English could you buy it for me?

I’ll pay you back even. Every time I’ve been out of the states and found myself looking at a bookstore I’ve stumbled into the only English bookshop. I don’t know why I’ve just always wanted it in other languages.


Do you want books or dvds


I need 10 characters before I can post. But yeah books would be better. Or like if anyone can find the knitted figures or the action figures from the movie that aren’t major expensive that would be cool.

I’ll try, but they’re hard to come by in Dutch… since well… we all learn to read English before we’re of an age to read the full guide

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Sold out, unfortunately.
They only offer it in english :sweat_smile:

They are on Amazon in German :thinking: