Casting Call - The Tribe Tribute Performance Group and Fan Club


I have always had a passion for singing and have been performing now for many years, however because of my success in other fields, I have never pursued a career in music. Recently, I have become very passionate about the music from The Tribe and now I’m looking to put together a tribute singing group dedicated to The Spirit of The Tribe.

The original idea was to get a group of singers together for some stage performances and videos, but at this time I am reaching out to the online tribe community for some input and to offer a chance to participate in something really cool!Here are some of the kinds of people I am lookin for:

The Singing Group - we would be covering the music from The Tribe, including the Abe Messiah Album and hopefully we can write some originals as well! I’m thinking myself (Tenor) and one other male vocalist (Either a Bass or another tenor) and two female vocalists. I have a few people in mind here on the west coast but all are welcome to join in whenever you are available as there will be no limit on the size of the group. Singers of all levels are encouraged to join in:

  • Male Voice 1 - Myself (Zak)
  • Male Voice 2 -
  • Female Voice 1 -
  • Female Voice 2 -

I recognize that most of the people reading this post probably do not sing or dance, but I HAVE seen a great deal of Tribe Spirit going around and EVERYONE is encouraged to participate in any small way that they can. Some of the people I have in mind include:

  • Makeup Artists
  • Costume designers
  • Creative Artists/ Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Photo and Video Editors
  • Dancers
  • Composers
  • Singer/Songwriters
  • Cosplayers
  • Storytellers/ FanFiction Writers
  • Bloggers/ Social Media/ Alt Press
  • Die-Hard Tribe Fans
  • Musicians
  • DJs
  • Guitarists
  • Bass Players
  • Live Drums/ Misc. Percussion Section
  • Keys/ Pianist

Anyone possessing these skills are encouraged to participate in any form, no matter how small it may seem. Any questions or suggestions are also welcome. What should we call the band? Who will make the costumes? Would anyone here come to the shows? Should we come to your town? Your birthday? Are there any ladies looking to cosplay The Smile and open for us at a show??? The possibilities are as endless as what happened to Ryan after he escaped the chosen mines in season 5 (I hope).

I would urge anyone reading this post to join our tribe - regardless of your perceived level of talent, your location, or your time restrictions - because if we work together there is no limit to what we can achieve! We already have full written permission from Cloud 9 and the blessing of Ray Thompson, himself including the offer to share the fruits of our labors on the official Youtube and Facebook channels for tribe fans around the globe! Message me for more details.

Tribe Fans Stay True, And Remember -
“If we’re gonna survive,
The dream must stay alive.”


Hey! I would absolutely love to be one of the singers. I think I can sing wellish but I’ll let you be the judge of that :smiley:


@Eagle that’s so awesome! Message me and I’ll give you the run down on plans so far for material/ logistics of this kind of project. Once we have a few collaborators, we can start planning and practicing from home!