Christmas Gifts (For Amber|2017)

Secret Santa
Christmas Gifts

It was 3 months ago since Ryan was able to beat up the Guardian and together with the Eco tribe the Mall Rats have been able to drive the Chosen out of the city.

In the mall the girls are sitting in the cafe for a little chat. Salene takes another sip of her coca and almost slur herself as she tries not to laugh about Amber’s story from living with the ecos and her first experience in fishing.

“Does anyone have a clue, where the boys are?” Trudy asks and looks at the girls, which shakes their head.

“KC just says something about “getting something”. Which can means everything” Patsy answers.

Tai-San stares at her and wrinkles her forehead " Well, Lex told me the same"

Salene shakes her head again " I’m sure Ryan will take care of them"

Amber looks at her mug " I would like to say the same about Bray… but for some reason, I have the feeling he is off for some trouble as well"

" Well, I guess all we can do is wait, " Trudy adds on and sighs. " Well, who has another good old school story?" she asks around with a grin.

At the same time, on the other side of the mall, the boys are walking towards the market.

" Have I ever told you how much I hated you?" Lex moans at Jack. " Why do you want to give Ellie a present for Christmas? Do you have any clue how we others would stand there empty-handed?"

Jack just looks up at him, before he turns back at the street. The others just change looks with each other

“I thought the time is over to run out for some gift, just 2 weeks before Christmas” KC sighs and give Jack another look.

" Ok, guys, I guess we need to work together for this" Bray decided " so let’s find some kind of market, somewhere…"

Lex’s eyes flash with anger, he can’t believe how everything has changed. Months ago, they had to fight for their lives and now their only sorrows are gifts for Christmas

" You can’t be serious…" he starts.

“Enough” Pride interrupts him " can we just get this over and done?" he adds on, also pissed off. There are so many important things still to do, but of course, he won’t be empty-handed when May will be waiting for him under the tree

" He is right" Ryan whispers at Lex and taps his friend on his shoulder. He himself has no clue how to feel about it. The last months has been so emotional for him and he doesn’t want to do something wrong now. So he wants to look out for something, for the mother of his child.

" Here we are" Dal shout out and point at some little stalls at the marketplace.

" Ok, guys, you know what to do" Bray mumble and so they form little groups to check the market.

The last couple of weeks before Christmas passing by very fast and while the boys are busy with finding a gift, the girls started to decorate the mall

" Do you know what? I really can’t wait for Christmas now. All that trouble before and even when we don’t have your parents with us: Celebrate in peace is the best. Too bad that we just realized that too late." Amber sigh as she put some more tinsel on the balcony.

" Don’t forget all the trouble to get some little gifts for family" Trudy adds on while she and Ellie finished setting the table. Ellie look at her and nod " Don’t remind me of that" Ellie comments.

Salene just laugh at the conversation as she and the rest of the girls put the finishing touch on the tree. " yeah enough surprises for this year" she says and place on hand on her belly.

Amber smiles at her before she glances around the mall " we are finished, aren’t we?" she mumbles " Guys, come on, the party is on" she shouts out and walk down the stairs.

During dinner, between lots of drinking, eating and talking Jack took his chance. " Ellie, I got something here for you" he smiles and handed her a little package, which he has hidden on his back

“A Christmas gift? For me? Ellie stares at Jack, which just laugh and hand her a little bundle. “Not much” He answers " but hopefully you will like it anyway. With a big smile on her face, Ellie starts to unpack the bundle and find something round in it. " My amulet” Ellie shout out loud " Ok, Jack, where did you find it?"

“That doesn’t matter, you have it back, with all the memories on it” Jack answers and give her a kiss

" You’re kidding me???" someone shouts out and let Jack and Ellie shake for a moment

" Do you really want to tell me, your present is an old amulet she has lost somewhere, sometime?" the voice is getting louder and everyone turns to Lex.

" You have never asked me about my present" Jack shouts back angrily " all of you have been pissed off and haven’t talked to me anymore"

Lex glance at him " say that again!"

" Stop!" Amber shouts " both of you! Whats that all about?

" We had looked out for Christmas presents" Ryan answers" we don’t want to face you empty-handed" he adds on and look at Salene

" Ryan…" Salene starts and place her hand on his " its fine, we have each other. That’s all that counts"

" Hey, does that mean, all the trouble was for nothing" KC stares at the others.

" Yeah, seems like MEMORIES are IN as gift at the moment" Lex yells

" “Lex, could you calm down! Please " Tai-San hiss at him " Jack has found something important. Important for him and Ellie and that’s the best gift you can make the person you love”

" Memories?" Lex mumbles back, still pissed off " what should i do with memories? I can’t exchange them on the market or something" he stares at his girlfriend

Tai-San place on arm around his neck, “Memories are good and important… Memories are like worlds inside our head, places that we go to remember who we are” she starts " maybe you should give that a try!" she grins and kiss him

"So you don’t want it " KC looks unsure at Patsy, which makes Patsy laughing. Also, all the other guys start to look unsure about the situation

“That’s not the point " Amber smiles and exchanges looks with the girls, which all nod at her " Christmas isn’t about gifts, it is about what we have. And I would say, we have something wonderful in these hard times. We have each other”

"Cheers to that “Bray raises his glass and pulls Amber closer to him " Merry Christmas”

“Merry Christmas” the others falls in, even a Lex join them, even when his first sip from the glass might be bigger than usual.