Discussion point: What would you as a writer change about 'The Tribe'?

In the previous years, fans have shared their opinions on this topic a lot.
Obviously, we all love this show or we wouldn’t be here two decades later but there are enough issues as well.

And we as consumers grow and change and perhaps our own preferences change over time, be it worldview or favourite relationships in the series.

So, if you could change anything about how the storylines were handled, the character developments, fix some obvious plot holes, what would you do?

Well… As an adult other things seem more pressing as they have been as a teenager. As adult it seems weird they even took time in things like make up.

I am a CFer (means I suffer from cystic fibrosis which comes along with diabetes and other issues due to it), so of course I would bring in kids who suffer from diseases… How would they handle? Would they even survive? Or perish really fast because of having no medicine?

I would really like to tie those open lines of Paul… Where did he go? What happened to Ryan? … (I am trying that with “The world we live in now”)

There also never was mentioned what happened to really small children. I always imagined that there had to be new born as the virus broke out… What happened to those?