Drawing Contest #1 🖤

I think we had this type of contest on the TU forum as well? :thinking: I can’t actually remember but, if we didn’t, damn it, we should’ve!

Same basic dealio as the avatar contest but obviously without the size restraint and no screen cap edits! You gotta use your imagination and draw something Tribey and sweet from scratch! :art::paintbrush:

Don’t stress! It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece! Just get inspired by the prompt and make something cool!

Speaking of which… Drum roll please! The prompt this time is… :drum:


So, there ya go! Did you get all that? Easy enough, right?

Must be Tribey, must be drawn by hand, must be inspired by the prompt! Entries close on Monday the 10th of June! Winner picks the next prompt and gets to play judge! Come on, guys! It’s fun! :v::relieved:

EDIT: Due to complete lack of entries prior to the deadline I made up originally, it’s been extended to, uh… next month! Entries close on the 15th of July!

Unless nobody enters again, at which point I’ll probably just abandon it.


Well if you extend the deadline by about a month maybe and I announce it…


I mean, I was going to request both of my contest topics taken down out of disappointment but I like your idea better. :joy:

I’ve edited the post to extend the deadline – There’s still a chance to draw a cool thing, folks! Draw a cool thing and maybe win… a virtual rosette! It’s just a picture of a rosette that says “1st” and your name. :trophy:

… Yeah, this seemed like a way better idea when I was energised and excited two weeks ago. :sleepy:


Life man. But yeah I’m still down.

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