Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) 2011 Facebook chat transcript [@ the Gathering]

During the online Tribal Gathering 2011 on 26 June at The Tribe’s official Facebook page, Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) appeared live to answer questions from fans posted all around the world, here are the answers we saved from the session.

Dwayne also spoke to two fans after the live chat who were picked randomly from those attending the live chat.

So to find out everything from what Dwayne’s favourite kind of cheese is – as well as his thoughts on Bray, Amber, The Tribe and much more – read on! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q Hi Dwayne how are you, will you marry me please!
A: Hehehehe! Hi!

Q Heeyyy Dwayne ur amaazzing :heart: my questions are who was your favourite gal that you got to work with on set? And most favourite costume out of the whole show? Thanx for taking the time to chat with us :slightly_smiling_face:
A: Hi Catsy – I liked the very first costume, the leathery pants

Q Hiya What do the words _“keep the dream alive” _mean to you?
A: Hi Nayla, to me it means if you see something that’s unique in your heart that’s not in the world, you should pursue it

Q What is your best memory about Danni in the season 2? Danni is one of my favourite characters and I liked Bray and Danni as a couple! Do you keep in contact with Ella Wilks?
A: Hi Katharine, best memory? We did a blooper once, a take that we blew on purpose and it was hilarious!

Q Hey! How are you? I was curious do you do a lot of traveling? If so where are you yet to visit? Luv Kara Xx
A: I want to see Machu Picchu ;0)

Q First: How old are you now? :grinning:
A: Hi Svenja, 18! :stuck_out_tongue:

Q What was it like doing the tribe music videos?
A: Music videos…. embarassing! :stuck_out_tongue: Fun and embarassing, not the best dancer

Q What was your relationship with Caleb in true life? :slightly_smiling_face:
A: We talked for hours but now lives with wolves in Alsaka

Q Have u ever had a crush on any of the Tribe girls?
A: What do you mean? Maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Q I was just wondering, if you could play any other character on The Tribe, who would it be? :heart:
A: I liked Zoot because he was so bad arse

Q Hello! :slightly_smiling_face: Glad you could come! What was your favorite part about being in The Tribe?
A: Hi Emily, just it was a once in a lifetime experience really, we were all so young and like a family, such a family feeling

Q Hey Dwayne how are you? What do you hope to be doing in the future?
A: Movies, movies, movies

Q How many languages you know and will you learn the Croatian language
A: Hi Toni, I know 17 languages :stuck_out_tongue: No, I can’t even speak English properly

Q Hi which series of Tribe did u enjoy acting the most?
A:Hi Anna, probably series 1, it had a special glow to it

Q What was it like working with your former cast mates on Power Rangers dino thunder and operation overdrive?
A:Power Rangers – that was great – it’s like picking up an old book. All the old chemistry’s there.

Q Hey Dwayne, thanks for your time :wink: My question is who was the better kisser Danni or Amber? :wink:
A: Hi Denise, hehehe I’d say Amber!

Q Hi Dwayne will u ever come to Germany
A: Hi Hamida, of course

Q What type of father do you think Bray would of made if he was around to see his son grow up?
A: He’d be a great father – he’d take him hunting and take him to the wild to teach him to hunt – he’d be like a father bear

Q Hi Dwayne….I was just wondering what - if any preparation - did you do for Trudy’s birthing scenes?
A: Hi Taniya, no but I remember it was so strange, Toni and I were so young and we were delivering a baby, it was great connecting to Antonia and having that confidence

Q Hey Dwayne… if you were asked to participate in a film production, would you?
A: Hi Matthias, I would love to!

Q Hi Dwayne :slightly_smiling_face: In which country do you prefer to spend your vacation?
A: Hi Nadja, so far I’ve really loved Thailand and Africa

Q Hey Dwayne, do you have any plans for the future? (Career movements etc) you are an in inspirational person! :slightly_smiling_face:
A: Hi Oscar, thank you, I would like to be doing a couple of feature films next year which could be happening so that’s the immediate future

A: I would love to

Q Do you like South Park?
A: Hi Alen, South Park yes!

Q Hey Dwayne! seems like you’re overwhelmed with questions, so i just thought in a “Hi!” from Germany! We loved you in the earlier days!
A: Hi!

Q Which person of the cast do you miss the most
A: Hi Svenja, Amber I’d say :slightly_smiling_face:

Q Have you ever had a celebrity crush on anyone?
A: Celebrity crush when I was filming Tribe – Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black)

Q Thanks for coming back Dwayne! Is your art available to buy or in the near future ? Love you man!
A: Hi Matthew, yes it’s on my website, there’s an email addy you can email me about the the site is dwaynecameronart.com! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q Hi Dwayne would you ever consider marrying a fan?xx
A: As long as they are not crazy! :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:

Q If you could have played one of the female characters, who would it have been and why?
A: Hi Wendy, um probably Amber, though it may sound weird

Q What sort of film would you like to make/star in? And why xx
A: Hi Tasha, definitely a Tribe feature! And there would be others, one or two

Q If you could be any character in any movie or show who would it be x
A: Hi Lisa, in a movie I wanted to play Romeo and Di Caprio’s role in that film

Q What makes you laugh? For me it would have to be the Leslie Neilson movies. :slightly_smiling_face:
A: Comedians – at the moment I like Steve Carrel, he’s hilarious in movies like Anchor Man

Q What was the most awkward fan experience you’ve had?
A: Hi Caitlin…. I’ve met fans and sometimes they just stand there and not say anything – which is weird! :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t mean it unkind, it’s great to be appreciated but weird when nobody says anything and just stares, I like to speak with fans. And in Leicester Square once this very small lady tackled me in London! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q My mummy and me cried a lot when Bray vanished
A: Aw, I’m okay really!

Q You were a great actor on The Tribe, shooting scenes, was there any tension between actors because of the long shoots? X
A: Not really though everyone gets tired at the end of a long day (but maybe I’ve blocked those bits out!)

Q How did you go about being in The Tribe the first place.
A: Hi Rebecca, that was Ray’s decision from when I did William Shatner’s A Twist in the Tale series by Cloud 9, he chose me

Q What’s your favourite genre to work in - drama, horror etc?
A: I did a comedy recently but drama

Q Do you ever go back and watch the series and/or listen to the album??
A: Hi Shelbia, yes yes! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q What are your favorite TV series?
A: Hi Benjamin, The Tribe definitely!

Q Good morning Dwayne (still 9.30pm here) I was wondering… What’s the weirdest/funniest thing that a fan ever asked you to sign/autograph?
^ Her cat!!!

Q What was best storyline for you used in The Tribe
A: they are all really good, they seemed really real, so probably the best storyline for me was the adventure stuff like when we filmed on the beach, all that stuff, but when things got political like the kids trying to work things out in court hearings, that was interesting when a new society was building

Q Do you know dance like Michael Jackson moonwallk?
A: Yeah, I do it every day! No, I’m not the best dancer

Q What was the most challenging scene to film? And what was the most fun? xxx
A: Hi Katja, challenging were some of the fight scenes, the choreography with lots of focusing and the poignant emotional scenes you couldn’t muck about, it was all fun

Q Do you ever pop over to TTO’s page and see what us fans are writing?
A: Hi Michelle, yes I do on occasion, I like to keep track of things

Q Are you racist?
A: No! I hope no one is

Q What do you like to do in your spare time? Just wondering :slightly_smiling_face:
A: I like to paint and write

Q How do you feel in this exact moment? ^^
A: Hi Laura, I’ve just woken up and had a coffee so I’m like a bird in the morning

Q Why did Bray never want to fight people
A: Hi, Bray was the character that personified all good virtues and pacifism

Q Hi Dwayne there were lots of diverse tribes on the show from the Mallrats to the Demon Dogs to the Technos. if you could have introduced a tribe into the show what would they have been like?
A: A tribe? That’s an interesting question. Guess they would have been like Bray so into sustainable living and stuff

Q Do you know the musical WICKED? If yes, do you like it?
A: I’ve never seen it but I have friends who have performed in it in New York

Q Are you at all like Bray in your real life: loner, then leader trying to do the right thing all the time and having to deal with a family (Tribe) that doesn’t get along always?
A I’m definitely a loner in a good sense and like doing my own thing. Don’t know if I’m a leader though Ray is here and thinks I am

Q Hello Dwayne, what type of books do you enjoy reading?
A: Hi Tanesha, psychology books

Q What was your first reaction when Amber told Bray that she was pregnant in S3?
A: Hi Emma, I was overwhelmed with joy

Q How did you having to deliver Trudys baby in The Tribe? You all did a fantastic job with not experience of childbirth you all did fantastically well :slightly_smiling_face: x
A: You stay grounded and just hold the baby and don’t drop it! I think something kicks in where you start to believe it so you take care of the baby

Q Hi Dwayne! was it hard with a lot of young actors, or were you all like siblings?
A: Hi Jesse, it was a responsibility I guess to the younger actors who looked up to me, so it was keeping things together I guess so the younger ones could hold it together

Q Hi Dwayne totally love you :slightly_smiling_face: what do you think happened to Bray after his mysterious disapperance?
A: Hi Melina, I’m looking forward to whatever Ray has in mind in the story! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q Is it strange that the fan base for The Tribe is still huge? I grew up with The Tribe I was 12 at the time I’m 24 now and still love it, my 6 year old daughter loves it too now!
A: It’s jumped a generation and it’s amazing. It’s risen to heights way beyond my expectations

Q Hey Dwayne many greetings from Germany…… can you speak a little German?
A: Hi Hamida, nein! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q Hi Dwayne, if given the opportunity, would you come to any country within Scandinavian (like Finland or Sweden) for a tribal gathering?
A: Hey Hanna, absolutely I would!

Q If you could wear Bray’s 1st outfit in everyday life, would you?
A: Yeah if I was in Amsterdam

Q Did you ever imagine The Tribe could have so many fans worldwide? And how did you get the part of Bray? x
A: Never thought it would, it’s amazing!

Q Did you hit mr. Lex? And how much you during the shooting episode has to hit the basket in the hall?
A:Yeah, that was great shooting basketball

Q Hi, do you have a pet? Or what type of pet would you prefer?
A: I do, I have a little cat called Muggles, love cats!

Q When it’s time to clean, what type of music do you play?
A: I clean to the sound of the birds

Q Another Question, would you have changed Bray’s hair in the Tribe? Thanks Dwayne
A: Hi Stacy, more braids I think! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q Don’t tou think they should start The Tribe up again to help teens from all the knife and gun crime
A: If it would help that, then absolutely

Q Hey Dwayne :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks that your here for this! If you would be invited to join a fantasy convention in Germany, would you come? If there ever was a new season or a remake of The Tribe, would you join in
A: I would love to for both questions!

Q What do you think of planking? :stuck_out_tongue:
A I’ve never done it, it’s certainly different!

Q Have you ever been to Oklahoma? If not, which states have you been to? And which one was your favorite
A: I’ve been to California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and Florida – I was only in Wyoming or an hour but it blew my head back but it was really beautiful and I saw a tornado in the snow!

Q What was it like being a Power Ranger?
^ Hi Nicholas, it was like being zipped up in an extremely tight plastic suit, I felt like a Xmas decoration!

Q What would be your fave breakfast?
A. Porridge – with brown sugar

Q Thanks for rising so early to chat with us!
A: Thank you too!

Q Favorite time of day?
A: I like twilight

Q If you could chose from any tribal outfit ever worn which one would you chose and why?
A: The first one with leather pants ^^

Q Dwayne what’s ur fav food? Do u like persian food?
A: Yes I like Persian food – favourite food is canneloni at the moment

Q Do you have any phobias?
A: Diving into water where I can’t see the bottom

Q Dwayne, did you ever cut all hair?
A: Yes I have

Q Hello Dwayne one question. Do you even know when Holding the Sun will be published?
A: Hopefully by the end of this year

Q Awe, cute name! Reminds me of Harry Potter like the non-magical folk, is that what it’s named after, perhaps? Or just a coincedence?
A: No it’s not but I found out the word Muggles in Harry Potter after, it is a coincidence

Q How many of the cast do you still talk to on a regular basis?x
A: I keep in touch with a few of them when I can

Q I remember hearing rumors a few years back that you did not want to be a part of the Tribe series 6 if it was made. Was there ever any truth to those rumors?
A: No, no truth in that at all

Q Dwayne very personal question but are you gay?
A: No, but I feel for those who are persecuted and don’t like homophobia and The Tribe was all about trying to create a world where you can be yourself and express yourself in a safe environment

Q Did you find it hard after The Tribe breaking the mould and being cast into other things where the role required you to be a bad guy, after having portrayed a good guy in a program everyone had heard off?
A: Yes right after The Tribe I got to play a very wicked character on a show called Dark Knight and remember all the fun Lex had and now it was my turn!

Q What and who do you miss the most from the making of The Tribe?
A: The thing I miss most is being in that Green Room with everyone – all the people from in front and behind the camera

Q Are you still in touch with Caleb? If so, greetings to him, I would so love to hear some of his music! :grinning:
A: Caleb travels a lot so hard to keep up while globetrotting but we try to keep in touch when we can

Q Do you watch any shows online from other countries?
A: Yes, like shows from many different countries

Q Are you happy with life at the moment? And do you miss being on The Tribe?
A: Yes to both

Q What was it like working with Vanessa Stacey?
A: Hi Anthony, a barrel of laughs, she’s great

Q Hi Dwayne was wondering what artists inspire you. I’m a big fan of Louise Bourgeois work and wrote my thesis on her.

Q Do you like comic books?
A: Yes

Q In The Tribe, who do you think would have ended up with Bray if it wasn’t Amber?
A: Hi Cheyenne, it would always be Amber but if not then none I guess

Q What is your fave episode from The Tribe?
A: Hi Hamida, probably the early stuff like when we first get into the Mall in series 1, it was great, can’t remember the exact episode

Q: One of my favorite films that you were in was The Locals what was it like going from Bray of the Mallrats, to running for your life in a horror film?
A: That whole experience was cold and we didn’t start filming until 8pm in night, it was cold and dark and was pretty crazy.

Q: Also what do you think would have happened if Bray was kept on the show?
A: He would have run for governor! :wink:

Q: I have to ask was it fun doing all of those tribe music videos?
A: Yes it was.

Q: Who is your greatest influence in the man you are today?
A: Marlon Brando and my grandad.

Q: Who changed the most over the 5 years?
A: Probably Sarah Major, Patsy :wink:

Q: Do you remember what was going through your mind when the season 1 cast first met each other?
A: It was almost like an engagement party I went to last night, you realize that all these people will be a part of your life

Q: Do you know who the Tribemaster is?
A: No!

Q: What was the inspiration behind Holding the Sun?
A: Mani Weir, a lovely little boy

Q: Was it hard staring in Street Legal and Mercy Peak back to back?
A: No, it was great! I finished a 6 month shoot, then took a break, then did another 6 month shoot for a few years

Q: Are you happy the way you have lived your life and acting career? If not what would you change , or have done differently?
A: Yes I’m happy with life and career, if I would change anything it would be… nothing :wink:

Q: What was it like working with James Napier and Beth Allen on Power Rangers after sooo many years since staring in The Tribe together ?
A: Very easy and fun, sometimes it’s not so simple working with actors but it was with them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Q: What has been your favorite role to date (Lets say, NOT including Bray, so you don’t feel obliged to answer with that)?
A: Playing Nathan Lewis in the Cult, it was hard

Q: Who was the messiest cast member?
A: Bob the Dog :slightly_smiling_face: Or the Pig!

Q: What was it like to live in such close contact with the other cast members.
A: If anyone has seen the show ‘Big Brother’, they would have an idea :wink:

Q: What is your most memorable scene (apart from the paint fight)
A: One that jumps to mind is the first scene I did on my Skateboard, with all the fire and broken Cars, it was very different!

Q: I would like to know, did playing Bray with all the situations, dilemmas and experiences he went through as a strong minded, stubborn guy, did they have any reflection on the person you are today.
A: Yes! Didn’t really think any did at the time, but now that I think of it, I’m sure they did.

Q: Who do you believe was a great actor while filming THE TRIBE?
A: I always thought Beth and Antonia were great, Amy was also amazing.

Q: Do u like Australian animals???
A: Yes, they’re tasty :wink:

Q: Do u like Aussies???
A: Yes, love em

Q: What was your funniest mistake you made while filming?
A: So many where you come in with the wrong lines, or tripping up. Maybe I walked into a wall! :wink:

Q: Who was your most best friend to hang out with on the set?
A: Victoria

Q: What s still to be achieved for you?
A: I’ve just started :slightly_smiling_face: Lots!

Q: Whats your favourite type of cheese?
A: Home and Away :wink:

Q: Whats your favourite food?
A: Cannelloni

Q: Are you allergic to anything?
A: Having no work!

Q: How old were you when you started acting?
A: I think … 13.

Q: What was your favorite episode that you filmed?
A: I had many nostalgic flashes from the very end of season one at Eagle Mountain, felt like everything was coming to an end, an uncertain future, very powerful.

Q: Who is your favourite tribe character from any of the seasons (not including your character!)?
A: Amber I think,I had a lot of respect for her character

Q: What ever happened to Bray after season 3 and what did you think he would have made of the Techno invasion.
A: He would not have liked that, they were the opposite to him

Q: Bray was obviously the “good guy” and the hero in the tribe, were you ever annoyed by that? I mean, the fact that your character ALWAYS did the right thing and ALWAYS stood up for what he believed in, in ALL situations. Did you never wish that he was a bit less perfect?
A: I’ve never played a role like Bray, he was always kept together. So not really.

Q: Do you think if Bray had returned to the programme he would have fought hard to win Amber back from Jay?
A: Of course!

Q: What was the inspiration behind Pleroma?
A: I had the idea after I got picked up by a Towdriver once, here is a person who gets to meet so many people, makes for a great story.

Q: Currently, what three things in your life are the most important to you?
A: Family, self respect, love

Q: You’ve been granted three wishes; Any idea what you’d wish for?
A: 1: I get to be in the Tribe Movie 2: There is a sequel and I get to be in it 3: There is a third movie and I get to be in it :wink:

Q: Were you especially close to any other tribe actor?
A: Tori and Antonia

Q: Did you have fun being in The Tribe?
A: Of course!

Q: Whats your most embarrassing moment?
A: A crying Scene, in which I could not cry. Who would have thought?

Q: My question is this, why didn’t Bray look for Danni?
A: It’s the scriptwriters! Amber was around the corner I think.

Q: What do the words "keep the dream alive" mean to you?
A: Follow your heart’s dream even if others can’t see it