Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) Facebook chat transcript (30 January 2011)

This chat is one of the first post-revival cast chats and doesn’t have a transcript on tribeworld.com.
You can read Dwayne’s replies below.

Current projects:

@ Lisa - I am working on a movie called Arresting Love (Desired) and they can visit it at the Facebook page, for more details
@ Goanne - latest thing I am doing, the feature film Arresting Love. I play a detective. Check out the page on Facebook!

@Anne-Kathrin Richter: Are you going to act on a theatre stage in New Zealand in February? Would love to watch such a show while I am in New Zealand.
A: At this stage no, I’ll be directing my own short film in feb. Check out the facebook page of Holding the Sun and Pleroma! I’m also writing, producing and starting in them!

On Bray:

@ Thomas Dryburgh: Did you ever get angry at your character (Bray) for something they did; in the script?
A: I think sometimes he had to do his best and he could have been a bit harder sometimes, I think people took advantage of him sometimes

@ Brittany Slauf-Cadaver: What do you think really happened to Bray after he “disappeared”?
A: I think he had to go for a long walk to think about some things!

@ Daniel Gregory; What was it like when you had to recapture the Guardian for the final time and you all fell in the water?
A: It was wet! Was that in a blooper? Maybe I should have thrown the Guardian in?’

@Danni Bloemzaad What was [your] favorite storyline to film?
A: To the end of this day, I still have memories of Eagle Mountain at the end of season one. I was actually looking at the mountain in Wellington the other day, lots of memories!

@ Taylor Young What was the best part about being Bray’s actor?
A: Playing Bray!

@ Holly Jeffery Did you think Amber was a better match with Bray or Jay?
A: Hello! Bray

@ Kathryn Christine Bray obviously became a father at a young age, do you think you woud have been a good father at that age? How did you feel when you got told the storyline would see Amber pregnant?
A: I would like to think so. I have close friends who’ve had children at young ages, it is very hard, they have to be very courageous.

@ Josie Inspiration or motive for Bray?
A: I remembered a feeling Daniel Day Lewis had in Last of the Mohicans" kind of like a proud wild lion
@ Oscar How long to put on make up?
A: About 45 mins to an hour for Bray

On The Tribe:

@ Sabrina Most memorable moment working on The Tribe?
A: That’s easy when I was on top of the building in the opening credits.

@ Jessica Cheers Hardest and funniest [scenes] to film?
A: I remember one of the tricky ones was kneeling over one of the graves and crying - it was Zoot’s funeral, that was hard and so was Amber’s grave in series 2. Those two scenes were hard.
Funny ones: the last scene I ever shot with Beth Allen, we were doing a lot of practical jokes on the last take.

@ Sabine Scene where Trudy giving birth was it strange to film?
No I felt like I said, with my sister, quite paternal because of my experiences

@ Caitlin Steinman What was it like to make music videos with choreography?
A: I had never done it before so it was new and lots of fun

@ Nea How was it doing the Tribe album?
A: It was lots and lots and lots of fun

@ Katherine -
Hardest scene, one time I hadn’t learned my lines and I had to learn 5 pages of dialogue in ten minutes!

@ Emil Srensen Dwayne, while you were filming and answering interviews for The Tribe you didn’ t have an accent.
A: The direction was to do a mid-Atlantic light American accent

@ Nea - I thought the outfits went really well with the theme of the show
@ Victoria - yes I Miss being on the set of the Tribe, it reminds me of my teenage years

@ Carla Chaney Best thing doing The Tribe?
A: Touching so many people all over the world

@ Carla Chaney Similarities with Bray?
A: Yes, I think I took the best part of myself and put it in Bray

@ Rachel McGuiness - If I couldn’t be in the Mall Rats, I would have been a lone wolf by myself

@ Danni Meyer What have you missed from the Tribe?
A: The closeness of everyone living together and working on something you all love together.

@ We need to know: What was the “Antidote” in series 2 REALLY? I’m thinking applejuice
A: Yeah, it was applejuice!

@Ashleigh Michelle Cannon How old were you in series one?
A: 16 when I started, had my 17th during filming.

@ Susan Bailey If there was one thing you could change about The Tribe storyline what would it be?
A: I would change that Amber and Bray had stayed together all the way through

@ Natalia Brady How was it like working on the set of The Tribe?
A: It was very surreal sometimes working on the set because you are living in a shopping mall.

@ Andrew Smith The Tribe dealt with some pretty complex and adult themes for a show aimed at young people and I think the cast dealt with these amazingly well. As a young actor did you ever find these challenging to portray?
A:I think I grew up quite fast in life so I felt I could play those storylines with a genuine connection

@Avril Keanan When you first started the tribe did you think it would be as huge as it became
A: Not this big!

@Ashleigh Michelle Cannon Did you audition for Bray or another character?
A: I actually didn’ t audition, Raymond asked if I were interested in the project and I agreed!

@ Scottie Jacobs Hey Dwayne! Did you like filming on location? (:
A: Yes - loved it, Wellington locations are beautiful

@Giovanna Petrizzo Were there any costumes you raised an eyebrow at, but just had to grin an bear it?
A: haha! Yes, I think in season two there was a white knitted top with straps, hated it!

@Carla Chaney Did you keep anything from the set of The Tribe as a memento?
A: I think I kept a pair of shoes from season three. Also, memories.

@James Wolvespire Why is it always a full moon in Tribeworld?
A: Ask Ray! hehe

On Himself:
@ Wendy Young Motto for life?
A:Those dancing would look to be quite insane by those who couldn’t hear the music

@ Wendy Young What is one thing afraid of?
A: Facebook interviews, hehe! There is diving into water where I can’t see the bottom

@ Catherine Best thing ever in my life?
First thing comes to mind, I helped raise my little sister.

@ Allison Payne Do you have a favorite childhood memory?
A: There was - I remember being very young walking through a forest with my Mum, I was probably around 3 years old. It was a very peaceful happy feeling

@Sabine Kivits What is one of your guilty pleasures?
A: I eat too much chocolate
@ Nea Falkeling Do you enjoy reading?
A: Yes. My favourite book is The Power of Now

@ Johanna Nilsson Do you have a favourite book or author? If so, whom or what book?
A: Author? Not a favourite. Not really, cant think of one, I read many many different books

@ Sabine Favourite TV series?
A: TV series I love to watch, I love the David Attenborough natural world ones

@ Rachel Evens Which actor to play your life story?
A: Wow. Gee. I would get Wes Bentley from American Beauty

@ Lisa Brinker What’s your favorite animal? (Mine’s a tiger)
A: Snow leopard

@Tanesha Lucas Favourite musical?
A: Musical - Les mis!

@ Caroline Ahlberg If there was a movie about you, what would it be called?
A: It would be called…I don’t know? THE BOOMERANG

@ Petra Sophie Humer Do you like Rock and Metal music? What styles of music are you into?
A: I’ve got 14,000 songs on my iTunes so I listen to everything!

@ Giovanna Petrizzo What’s your favorite season? I like summer personally.
A: I like summer, who doesn’t love summer?

@Marcus Lindstrom Best band/artist in the world?
A: Hrm. hard one! The Beatles I think. Artist would be Daniel Day-Lewis

@Caitlin Steinman What is your favorite food?
Sushi at the moment!

@Mitchell Murray Favourite colour?
A: Favourite colour would be Green and red

@ Ashleigh Michelle Cannon If you only had one week to live, what would be one of the things on your bucket list?
A: I would visit all the Seven wonders of the world

@ Thomas Dryburgh Favourite TV show that is no longer in production?
A: Hello?! The Tribe

@ Paige Do you ever google yourself? What is the weirdest thing about yourself that you’ve ever come across in your googling (if you have, that is!).
A: I’ve seen someone Google me and I think I saw one a photo, I remember, a sketch of me and it was just really good, the young person was a great young artist but no I don’t sit around Googling myself

@Francesca Elba What is your favorite vacation spot?
A: Sardinia

@ Paige Briglia If you had to be stranded on an island, what person would you take (deceased or living), what food would you bring (unlimited supply of this ONE food) and what form of entertainment would you have with you (novel, laptop [minus wifi], ipod, etc)?
Person - I would take my partner
Entertainment - would be my kitten
Food - would be chocolate!

@ Ashleigh Michelle Cannon If you had a superpower, what would you choose?
A: Flying

@Lisa Brinker What’s your least favorite Chore? (just started watching season 1 again)
A: Cleaning the car!

@ Lauren Fraser If you had team colours for your schools sports day what colour were you in?
A: It would be blue, white and red

Q: Dwayne very personal question but are you gay
A: No, but I feel for those who are persecuted and don" t like homophobia and The Tribe was all about trying to create a world where you can be yourself and express yourself in a safe environment.

Q: Dwayne very personal question but are you gay?
A: No, but I feel for those who are persecuted and don’t like homophobia and The Tribe was all about trying to create a world where you can be yourself and express yourself in a safe environment.

On Acting:

@ Buddafly Doubleu Is there anyone you haven’t filmed\worked with you’d like to?
A:Darren Aranovsky and Daniel Day Lewis

@ Jonathon - I felt like I had been fired from a cannon into the stars when I got my first acting role
@ Tribe Heaven - being reunited with Beth in Power Rangers was nostalgic.

@Saskia Burns What inspired you to become a actor?
Marlon Brando and Leonardo Dicaprio

@ Issy Mallratthetribe Hello how old were you when you did you first audition and were you nervous?
A: I was 13 years old and yes I was a little nervous

@ Hannah Shearer Do you ever feel star struck by other celebrities?
A: Only when I met Al Pacino

@ Amanda Jack - A: I got into acting, I worked with Selma Blair on a show called Amazon High, I always wanted to get into acting. Selma was in Hellboy. I always loved hanging around filmsets.

@ Jen -A: I worked with C9 on the William Shatner series

On painting:

@ Hi Dwayne, I am curious, how did you get into painting? I’ve seen some of your work and it is amazing.
A: One of my first memories was painting, I’ve done it all my life, never been trained

@ Emily Thorpe Have you ever painted anyone famous (with them in the room)? Who would you want to paint?
A: I have sketched a lot of the Tribe members in my spare time when on set. Maybe I would want to paint Prince William’s wife to be, Kate Middleton!
@ Rachel McGinnis On painting: What is your Favorite Medium to use? What are your favorite things to paint?
A: Oil. I love painting people’s faces

On Fellow Cast Members:

@ Amanda Jack - Cast houses. I went to a boarding school so it was that family feeling, the same camaraderie
@ Elise - I got along with everyone really well
@ Yesenia - probably Caleb and Victoria (closest cast members). I got on with everyone!

@ Kaili Toompuu Who was the last Tribe cast member you talked to and how long ago was that?
A: Last person I saw was just recently Victoria Spence I think, who played Salene

@ Saskia Burns What did you like most about The Tribe?
A: The whole cast was just really amazing to work with. I loved playing Bray and that story

@ Ashleigh Michelle Cannon If you could have played another Tribe character who would you have picked?
A: I am jealous of Bob the dog!

@ Alexis Horsley In The Tribe when you and Amber were a couple did you actually had feelings for her?
A: No, we were just very close friends

@Kathryn Christine (I’m not sure what the question was!)
A: I felt like a big brother to the younger cast members

@ Elise Bob or Cloudy?
A: I love Bob! Bob’s loyal

@ Warren How was it working with Caleb?
A:He’s great, we’re really good friends
@ Nina Vilal Fave moments?
A: Meeting the cast first time was so exciting!

On Tribe Fans:

@ Carla Craziest thing a fan ever done to meet me?
A: Like flown to New Zealand!

@ Natalie - I could come to Melbourne if the fans wanted me to

@ Greykell Dutton I know that the Tribe was supposed to be a “tweenager” aimed show. Were you surprised by the sheer number of adult fans? (49 years old and still a fan" . Just watched The Locals in honor of you tonight )
A: No not at all, I think in a way the adult audience wants to protect the teenagers

@ Michelle - thank you for staying up so late!
@ Kate Appleton - It’s my pleasure, thanks to all the fans for being so loyal!
@ Jessica Edwina Carroll How do you feel to know that someone you’ve never met before has a picture of you on their wall?
A: That they ran out of wallpaper?

@ Tribe Heaven - It doesn’t feel weird doing a chat after all the years, it was a big part of my life and I feel very connected to it.

@Thomas Dryburgh Strangest thing you have been given by a fan? Thanks for being here!
A: One fan wrote a 20 page letter and she saved all her money and brought me a necklace Appreciated!

@ Mira Thomsen Hey Dwayne, just want to say thank you And please, enjoy your life, I hope to see more of you and The Tribe of course… If not just a get together where you talk of your time in The Tribe, that would be amazing!
A: I’d love to visit Denmark, Viggo Mortensen is a great actor!

@ Natalia Brady Hey, Come to Australia!!! We love The Tribe
A: Sure, I’d love to come to Australia and meet the fans!

@ Elise Turnbull You must feel so loved right now, people all over the world are staying up past midnight just to see you answer questions!!
A: Yes it’s very very flattering

@ Issy Mallratthetribe Thank you Dwayne Cameron for answering one of my questions I know for you it’s not much but it gives me some support
A: It’s the least I could do and I’m glad I can give back to the fans

@ Birham Suki Weledegiorgis Have you ever been approached in the street by a fan and been asked for an autograph or photo?
A: Yes, I’ve had that in different countries

@ Emma - Hi Emma, stay awake! I appreciate you staying awake
@ Jen - Yes, I’d be delighted to meet the fans in Brisbane or anywhere else for a signing!

@ Lisa Brinker Would you come to America (dragonCon) to see us American Tribe Addicts too?
A:Yes I’d love to go one day

@ Carianne Steinman I don’t know how much longer you will be on, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU! We so appreciate you taking the time to chat with us
A: I’m happy to stay on a little longer! I just love speaking with the fans, having the chance

@ Caitlin Loller Hi Dwayne! I’m freezing here in the US… how" s the weather over there? I’d love to visit New Zealand someday..
A: I am in shorts and a singlet It is mid summer

@Emily Thorpe Would you come back and do this again?
A: I’d love to! Really enjoyed tonight.

@ Marcus Lindstrom I feel sorry for Dwayne with all these questions xD
A: No, no, I love it! I love giving back to the fans

@ Kathryn Christine Were you suprised to find out how many fans still love the show? x
A:Yeah, this has exceeded all my expectations. I think that The Tribe was a show that came from the heart and connected with people and all those people have stayed loyal


@ Matthew Jones - Hi Matthew. One of my favourite sayings is “This too shall pass”
@ Roz G Smith - I’ve been a painter all my life
@ Elena - I would love to live in Italy, if not NZ
@ Elena - I don’t have a twitter yet! Should I?
@ Emil - I’ve been up to lots since the Tribe, filming on different productions for New Zealand and overseas
@ Elise - thanks for that good question, Elise I am naturally very shy
@ Ashleigh - fave outfit? I loved and I wish I still had the brown leather jacket
@ Carianne - yes I lived in Hollywood for three years
@ Tanesha Lucas - my older brother is ambidextrous too
@ Alana Smith Was it hard working with babies?? - No the babies were lovely
@ Warren about Zoot being killed off - It was sad because Zoot was my brother!
@ Ashleigh Three most important people?
A: Wow, I would say my mother, my partner, and my grandparents combined

@ Heather - relationship between Bray and Amber. The dream must stay alive!
@ Cathryn - no it isn’t true that I am married and I don’t know how to change Wikipedia!
@ Caitlin - I’m a cat person but I love dogs, I dont want Bob to be jealous!
@ Doreen - “The New Tomorrow” I think it worked well for the younger viewers
@ Michelle - I would say the feeling is more that I am very flattered how the Tribe has impacted
@ Samantha - we’re all very close friends
@ Ebonytribe - Amber woud be the true love!
@ Rachel about series 6 and a movie - Yes to both
@ Warren - I believe yes, I know there’s one in development!
@ Mitchell Murray fancy anyone, hehe? - Only in the script!
@ Lucas - good to see some other cast members on here!