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Hi everyone!

I’m glad I’ve finally found the place to be at as a Triber :heart_eyes:

I thought I would post some of the tribe fanvideos I’ve made throughout the years, which I guess would fall into the art category if I’m not mistaken?

I’ve had several different channels on youtube through the years and currently I’m getting back to editing on both my tribal channel and non-tribal channel. So in order to not confuse you all, I’ve made a playlist with all the videos on the channel that I’ve decided will be my tribal channel in the future (heartplays). Therefore instead of linking all the different videos here I’ll share the playlist with you guys instead.

I hope you’ll like them and know I have more videos planned and in the making :heart:


Haha, the crack one made me actually lol several times. Haven’t gotten around to watching the rest yet, but will check them out later!

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Aww, thank you haha! :smiley:

Loved the crack video :raised_hands:t3: Really tickled me :joy:

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Yay :joy: It warms my heart to know.

lol, that one and the cloe/ved one. will what the rest later on

Oh my! The Jack and Dal one gave me so many feels for a Sunday night I can’t even cope! I’m not the biggest fan of Dal but his and Jack’s friendship was amazing and you captured it so well :sob::sob:

Thank you :smiley: Glad it’s making people laugh and that not just me finds it amusing :joy:

Aww, yeah… I didn’t really appreciate Dal when I was younger and made the video but I do nowadays. I’m glad it made you feel things. The video is a few years old now so I mostly see the faults in my editing when I watch it but it is one of the videos I treasure most for sure :two_hearts:

I can confirm without question that it’s not just you – The time is currently 3:30am and I am currently lying in bed utterly weeping from laughing at that crack video! So hilarious! :joy::thumbsup:

Also, according to Youtube, I’ve watched your Liberty trailer before, because of course I have. :laughing: It’s still fantastic since the last time I saw it! :two_hearts:

Really top notch stuff. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with! :grin:

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Aww, thank you so much :smiley: The Liberty trailer is really one of my favorite things I’ve made throughout the years tbh. I just cringe a bit at how I wrote the text in it back then :joy:

I’m currently working on a few videos so I’m hoping people will enjoy those whenever they finally get finished ^^ They’ll hopefully be better edited than my older ones since I’ve evolved a lot since making most of these. (only the crack video and the chaos trailer is recent work)

I used to be super fast and just whip it up quickly but not in recent years. These days I really tend to take my time when I have ideas because it’s something I really want to make perfect. :grin:

Here I present to you: A fun and small guide on Jack (S1-S2).

:heart: :heart: LINK :heart: :heart: CLICK HERE :heart: :heart:

I’m currently juggling 3-4 more serious tribe videos that I have been working on for about a year already (only adding small details here and there just occasionally, that’s why I’m so slow) as well as a general crack video pt 2 :relieved: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I keep finding myself wanting to add in more and more Jack scenes however and it’s a struggle to keep it more general so to relieve myself of that, I had the thought of making this video yesterday. Somehow I ended up finishing it in a day. (Proves what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it :joy:)

I hope you all like it :heart:

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Ahhh! This is great! I love how you’ve put it together! Really smooth! :grin::thumbsup:

Laughing a little bit at his voice breaking between two of the clips. :laughing:

Aww thanks! :innocent: Hahaha, yeah isn’t he adorable like that :joy:

Hello everybody!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hearts:

Hope you are all doing well in these times and are able to take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

I have not been very active on here lately, but I am constantly thinking about Tribe anyway :’)

So as I have stated before, I am not that fast at whipping out finished videos/edits because whenever I have an idea they just mean too much to me and I am a perfectionist, so… Yeah it takes ages for me to feel done with them.

If you haven’t seen these around already, I am here to update you on what I published since last time I posted in this thread :grin: :grin:
Mind you, all of these were WIPs already when I originally made this thread 3 years ago :clown_face:
Yes. I really take my time on these, lol.

Remember how I made a crack/funny video?
Well, last year I published a “The Tribe: Crack/Humor Part 2”.

Last month, I also finished this baby :hearts: My favorite couple, alongside Jack/Ellie.
Lex/Tai-san <---- :heart:

Aaaand, tonight… I posted the real banger.
My biggest passion project, honestly:

:heart: JACK Hero Tribute <-------- :heart:

It’s another tribute to Jack but it’s more serious and showcases his character arc/growth from season 1 all the way to season 5, give or take.
(Obviously it’s not all in there, I had to sacrifice a lot of things in the process.)

I thought I would also mention that if anyone is using Instagram a lot lately, I made an account JUST to talk about The Tribe :clown_face: :two_hearts:
So if you are on there, I can be found under @heartplays :v:

Sending you guys all of my love :heart: :heart:


Welcome back to TR! :heart:

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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