Face Paint Party 🎨


Here’s how I see it – Any Tribe fan who adamantly insists that they have never donned Tribe-esque face paint neither in public nor in the privacy of their own home, is prrrobably not that big of a fan or, uh… lying. :smirk:

Eh. Maybe I’m wrong but, regardless, this is a topic for all you fantastic Tribesters to show off that face paint before you wipe it off and return to the boredom of normal society. :relieved::ok_hand:

Here… I’ll get us started…

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Simple bathroom face paint look by yours truly. Red, black and silver cos obviously most of what I’ve got on hand is primarily for my Techno cosplay… and I’ve just realised I’m wearing my Techno shirt, aren’t I? :sweat_smile: Kinda reminds me of Adam Ant, just a lil bit, cos of the nose stripe, y’know? :thinking:

Anyway! Now you’ve got a great excuse to put on some funky Tribe-y make up! So go do it and take a picture and come back and showww usss! Fun, right? :grin:

:musical_note: Put some make up… on ya face! … I bet you’ll look… super cool! :musical_note:


Oh a topic that speaks to my heart! Because I’ve never done this ever…

imageUploading… Uploading…



oh wow, that is just so gorgeous Ash :heart_eyes:


Ohh!!! YES!!!

This is exactly the type of thread I wanted. Honestly, I’ve been thinking for years that I want to try making makeup looks based on the ones in the show but I’ve never felt good enough with my makeup skills but I might actually start getting at it this summer or something…

Anyway, I had a period (in 2011 somewhere) when I just LOVED painting my face and dressing up kinda like in the show. I found some of the pictures on my facebook for you to enjoy, lmao.

So here, have some babyfaced 2011 me: