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Fallen Deep (for Ash | 2020)

Fallen Deep:

How she thought How could she let this happen. This is the seductress, the mean girl, how could she let herself get so weak for this boy. It was disgusting, and downright nauseating that she could even think she has a crush on the geeky, nerdy computer genius. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, girls like Ebony didn’t fall for guys like Jack. It was unheard of but there she was pining over someone who was scared to even look in her direction.

As Ebony was sitting left to dwindle in her thoughts, in the mall so was Jack, it had been a month since Luke came back into the picture and he’d lost Ellie for good. God how could he believe that someone as pretty and as smart as Ellie could love a guy like him. He was a pitiful loser, a nerd. Popular girls like Ellie only loved handsome boys like Luke. Even if the things Luke did were horrendous, Ellie loved him not Jack. I mean he the one imprisoned their entire tribe as well as others, it shouldn’t matter if he came to his senses at the end, he still did wrong. But the old saying goes ‘nice guys always finish last’.

Ebony walked through the mall, she ran her freshly painted claws along the sticky walls, God does the mall seem dingy she thought, as the smell of damp and mildew invaded her nostrils. It had been had to get rid of that odour as the cooler months were upon the mallrats. She walked to the café, maybe sneak a snack to calm herself. Who would of though the devil incarnate would have feelings, but not even as much as she tried to not admit it, she did and she hated herself for it, she was branded as an evil witch by most people who knew of her. She couldn’t blame them, she wasn’t proud, but she wasn’t sorry either, in these tough times its either get or be got. As much as everyone else wanted to sit by the fire and sing kumbaya it wasn’t realistic, not in this world. It wasn’t her fault she had never been accepted ever, she was always an outcast, she always spoke her mind and everyone hated it. She was always on her own. At the end of the day she was just hated, so it doesn’t matter if she changes now, she will always remain the enemy. And unbeknownst to her she may or may not have let her façade go. As beads of liquid were pooling around her eyes. All she wanted was someone who would understand her, are her expectations far too high.

After tossing and turning in his lumpy mattress, he got up he needed to get away, everything in his room remined him of her, down to the bed sheets that were ridden with her scent. It disgusted him, why should he be the one to suffer, and be heartbroken, why couldn’t she just stay away from the first time this happened. Was it because she felt pity for him, was it because her was there when Luke wasn’t? So many useless thoughts rummaging around his head it was hard to think straight. As he turns a corner to head towards the café, he heard sniffling, he didn’t think anyone would be awake at this time, he was sure he’d be alone. He hesitantly walked around the corner and what he saw, was like something out of a book. A crying Ebony. He didn’t know what to do, he’d either get his eyes clawed out or death. And he didn’t know which would be better. Before he could make a swift exit, he looked into the devil’s eyes that would have usually bore holes into his soul, were different. They looked broken, vulnerable. Jack felt a pang in his chest, he wanted to comfort her, but out of safety he stayed as good enough distance so he wouldn’t get hurt. This didn’t look like the Ebony who would never show true emotion, not in front of people, well technically this was not Infront people he just happened to walk in on her.

Ebony stared at Jack in utter shock, out of all people to walk in on her crying it had to be Jack. To her surprise she didn’t mind showing some vulnerability to him. She felt comfortable in his presence. She didn’t know how to move forward and things were getting a little awkward, as expected of a complete nerd like Jack. Just start simple she thought. ‘’Hi’’, as she said softly totally out of the ordinary for ebony compared to her usually hostile demeanour. This seemed to break Jack out of his trance, he could have sworn that he looked at her with fondness, it was new to her. She liked it.

What was this feeling, Jack didn’t know? He wanted to comfort her, but didn’t know if he would be overstepping. Something about her just made go crazy, he shouldn’t be thinking like this. He still felt fresh over Ellie. A soft, warm voice drew him out of his haze. It sounded nothing like the ice queen that Ebony usually was, the girl had finally let her guard down. So maybe he should too. ‘Hey, are you okay’ he replied, hoping to ease her mind over what was plaguing it. ‘I don’t know’ she said softly, this was not how she behaved usually, and Jack felt himself getting mor relaxed as the conversation continued. ‘Well, I don’t really know what to say to that, do you want to talk about’ he said her placing a hand on her shoulder. ‘No don’t worry, I don’t want to bother you should go to sleep’ she replied with a soft warm smile. Jack felt himself melt into it ‘y-y-you’re not bothering me, promise. Just talk to me I-I want to help’’ Jack stuttered; he was unsure of this current predicament they were in. Jack to a seat across from her, she spoke up ‘I’m a horrible person’ jack looked over at her, she was tearing up again so he handed her a tissue, her brown eyes were glittering softly in the dim lighting of the café. ‘’Ebony, I don’t think you’re a horrible person, just made bad choices’’ Jack said. She looked at Jack almost as if she didn’t believe in him, but never the less she said ’thank you’ and left.

Jack had a lot of thinking to do, shortly after Ebony left, he retreated back to his own room. He just couldn’t get her out of his head. Why. She looked so sad and he wanted to make her feel better. He glanced at the pretty necklace he was supposed to give to Elie but never got the chance to. She’d been asking for one for ages, but the Luke came. And the rest is history. But now he could give it to someone who really needed it. At least he could put a genuine smile on her face, make her happy agin. It had been a few weeks he hadn’t noticed before but she had been so down and he would steal glances towards her hoping no-one noticed. Nobody cared enough to ask her if she was okay, barley even acknowledged her. He stared at the neatly wrapped box that contained the necklace. he would wait for the perfect time to give it to her. She hasn’t been around lately and he was wondering if she was alright. He looked for her everywhere. She wasn’t anywhere in the mall. So, he looked outside and saw her in the park. She had the same look of sadness plastered on her face. He approached her. He put the gift in hand, she carefully unwrapped it, revealing a silver chain with a blue gem hanging loosely in the middle. A necklace like this would have cost thousands, but in this world, it was worth practically nothing

That same soft warm smile that adorned her face as she twirled the necklace in her delicate fingers. Then it hit him as her was admiring her face, HE LIKED HER, plain as day. How had he not noticed through the coming weeks that he had stated to like her. He been thinking of every possible way to make her happy, not even sparing a thought towards Ellie, he had forgotten how heartbroken he felt when Ellie ditched him. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one who realised her liked Ebony, a certain jealous blonde did too, that were was watching the twos interactions for a while. ‘’Oh, Jack it’s sooo beautiful, thank you’’ Ebony said, still admiring the necklace, awhile smiling up at Jack.

The Blonde watching didn’t like this at all. Jack was hers; he was all ways hers. That stupid ice queen couldn’t just come in and steal his heart. It belonged to her. Now jack liked her, giving her pretty necklaces, that was her.

‘’What’s this’’ The blonde said. ‘’Ellie what are you doing here’’ Jack looked at her in shock, why did she care she had Luke now. ‘’Why are you with her’’ Ellie sneered shooting a nasty look towards Ebony. ‘’Why do you even care Ellie, you left me for Luke remember’’ Jack said annoyed. ‘’Yeah, well she isn’t good for you Jack’’ Ellie whined. ‘’How would you know what’s good for me, you weren’t good for me all you did hurt me’’ He said, ‘’All you have ever done is pick me up and put me down whenever you feel like it’’ ‘’That’s not true’’ Ellie whined more. ‘’You do, I really like her Ellie, so whatever reason you have for being Jealous is not even valid’’ Jack shouted, Ellie staggered back upon hearing that Jack like that nasty two-faced snake, her face contorted ‘’Whatever Jack, she’s two faced so when it come back around don’t say I didn’t warn you’’ With that Ellie stomped away.

‘’Jack’’ Ebony said, perplexed ‘’Do you really like me’’ Jack winced, he didn’t mean to shout it out loud, he did like her. ‘’I-I-I do’’ Jack stumbled over his words, blushing from embarrassment. Ebony once again smiled at him; she pressed her seductive red lips against his. The kiss was all-consuming, passionate, a swirl of sweetness. Nothing like Ellie. He’s fallen.

Fallen deep.



Awwww… So interesting! Though I’d never ever call Luke handsome… Iiiirgs. Jack’s cuter for sure. Lol.

But so cute with his doubts and so sad in the beginning that all you want to do is cuddle him.

And nice to have Ebony for once seeing more then face and body or position of a guy!


Hi love this! Makes Ebony sound like some dark harpy or something mythical.

“A Crying Ebony”

Still reading…


Nice! I do have a soft spot for Jacony!