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Hosting a Stream!

Hello everyone!

Wow, its been a lot of years! From finding this magical series to finding the magical people still loving The Tribe years later! Well I want to announce that Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment has given me permission to stream Episodes 1-8 live on my Twitch channel!

I’ll be kicking off the test/stream Nov 27th 2021
12pm (GMT -7). Live chat allowed via twitch

And hosting a full watch party (me in the corner eating popcorn watching with you all and responding to chat) Dec 3rd and/or 10th at 12pm (GMT -7)

Find it on the listed days and times at

I hope you come by and enjoy yourselves, interact with each other and be merry! The content during streaming will be PGish (no alcohol, smoking, cursing, racism, sexism, etc…)

Thank you for keeping the dream alive!

Nov 27th
Dec 3rd/10th

12:00 pm (GMT -7)