I Art

Maybe if I make a thread, I’ll actually do something.
I also haven’t tried to upload an image yet which is Prooving to be problematic.

So yeah images…

Figured it out so here’s a full on dump.

Love that Doctor Who one :heart_eyes:

Thanks. That was actually for an old TU contest at one point.

Pffft. Good idea. I should probably copy it. :joy:

Also, the art! Fantastic! I love your elephants and that last giraffe has a real cool effect! Is it drawn on pavement or something? :grinning:

Giraffe is crayon on sandpaper. It makes an iron on transfer of sorts. It was a demo for my kiddos that particular class was obsessed with April.

I drew one of our local giraffes and everyone was calling him April. No guys his name is Farrel and he’s awesome.

This is eventually going to be a part of a much larger drawing, but as I was figuring it out it hit me I’ve never drawn a human skull. So this was my first go at one.

I’ve been into murals lately. The bigger the better. And my boss told me she was perfectly okay with me painting Starry Night. It’s been slow, mostly because I’m recreating something by a personal hero. Also using acrylic on cheap paper so I’m not getting the brush strokes like I want. Not to mention the hallway doesn’t have a light right there so I’m mostly painting in low light.

Not thinking I also started on that blue patch in the upper left when I should have waited. But yeah new art.

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a bit more Starry Night progress. It’s not easy to paint when I’m not in the building as much anymore. And my usual paint time was taken away from me because I get an earlier class.

Your lions and elephants are :heart_eyes:

One of my students stole my Lion. I’m still angry about it.

Massive art dump because maybe it will motivate me.