Ink-Whenevayawant 2018 🎨

Time sure does fly on by! Seems like just yesterday we were kicking off the new year and now it’s almost October again! You know what means, right?“Halloween!”No! I mean… yes… but also…


Okay! So, for those unfamiliar, this is a fun little annual thing where people join in and create a lovely piece of art inspired by a prompt provided for each day of October. :relieved:

I’m not going to pretend I’ve successfully taken part and made it all the way to the end of the month in previous years but this year I am determined!And telling as many people as possible that I’m taking part so I’m less likely to bail out.

Here’s a Tumblr post with a bunch of different prompt lists you can take your pick of, including the official one. If you hunt around online a bit, I guarantee you’ll be able to find even more to choose from.

Honestly, though, I’m not planning on sticking to any one list, myself. If you ask me, it’s more about the daily art than following the prompts but, if you’re struggling for inspiration or just want a challenge, there ya go! Just relax and make some art! Any medium you like! Just… make… it! :triumph:

I hope some of you decide to J͓̮͚ͤ̍̏Ǫ̭̻̝̯̤ͅͅI̴͖̰̺̯̟͇ͥ͛̀ͬ̓N̝͉̲̣̹͂̇̍̌͗ ̳̩͍͓̙̈́͆ͯ̀ͬͦͅU͇̱̠̎ͮ̚S͏͔͇̭̥̪͔̥ and, if you do, this is the topic to slap your sweet daily art pieces in! I’ll be doing it even if no one else is. :joy:

See you back here in October! :kissing_heart:

Why you do this to me Lil?!

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Ugh, it’s time for Inktober already? Do you know how bad I am at daily things? TR365, for example?

Ok, sign me up! :joy:

Guess who is failing at Inktober already? :joy: guess I’m gonna have to pass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hil, look away. I hear you don’t like clowns.

Feeling very tribe circus …sort of Jack Skelington…right now

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Went a step further

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