Joi's Art Nostalgia

So, this is just my art, most of it is older pieces. If you want to find my newer pieces, you can find them at my tumblr tribalgraphics. I haven’t really made anything new for almost a year, because I am more into gaming and streaming these days. You’ll probably also recognise some of it if you’ve been around on the fanforum since before 2012 when I slowly dropped off the face of the earth.

List 1
List 2


WOW, you have a talent, I love it all.

Thank you. And I’ve had 14 years of practice. I still have things that are duds and fails. But it’s fun. Tho lately I just make icons or GIFs.

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Would love to see them here too. :grin:

Your artwork is very lovely.

Thank you, and I did add some gifs. That I literally made today. Because I may or may not be rewatching the tribe again.

Your AU fanarts have always been one of my faves! :heart_eyes:

Also - hello! Been a lifetime since you were last around. :blush:

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It truly has been forever. But here I am. even if I’m more obsessed with gaming than anything else at the time being. And thank you. I haven’t made much in the past years, but some odd bits and pieces here and there.