Katsy's one shots

Hey guys :slight_smile:

So I want to get back into writing, can’t remember the last time I wrote any fan art…the last thing I was working on was Dreamkeepers Season 9 and the Lost boys which was in script format :laughing:

So to get me back into writing, I thought I would start by doing some one shots but need some help so if you would like a one shot please complete the form and I will do my best:

Three props or sentences to use:
Theme: (Romantic/Friendship/heartbroken/etc)

Katsy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Character/pairing: Alice / Ryan
Season/AU/Pre-Tribe: Season 2 - the night before the wedding
Three props or sentences to use: The farm. Hay. Stargazing.
Theme: (Romantic/Friendship/heartbroken/etc) Drunk - one night stand

Go! :smiley:


Character/pairing: Moz/Ruby
Season/AU/Pre-Tribe: AU s5
Three props or sentences to use: "you need him like a hole in the head”, a drink, and a pool stick
Theme: doesn’t have to be romantic. Moz/Ruby talking Slade and Ruby’s lack of need to make a false pregnancy claim.