Kiss, Marry or Throw of a cliff

An old favorite… you pick 3 characters, the next person gets to say who they would rather kiss, marry or throw of a cliff, and posts 3 new characters for the next person playing.

So here goes:

Lex, Bray, Ram


:kiss: Bray
:ring: Lex
:coffin: Ram

Ebony, Siva & Java …


Kiss Siva
Marry Ebony
Byebye Java

Amber, Trudy & Danni

:kiss: Trudy
:ring: Danni
:coffin: Amber

I will let other’s get the chance to now play for a bit.

Mega, Jay & Ved …

Kiss Mega
Marry Jay
Byebye Ved

Pride, Ryan, Bray

Kiss Ryan
Marry Pride
Byebye Bray

Ram, Jay, Mega

Kiss mega
Marry jay
Byebye ram

Jack, Dal, Patch

My turn my turn …

:kiss: Dal
:ring: Jack :heart:
:skull_and_crossbones: Patch

Gel, Dee & Ellie

kiss Dee
marrie Ellie
byebye Gel

Guardian, Ned, Top Hat

:kiss: Top Hat
:ring: Ned
:skull_and_crossbones: The Guardian

I will let other’s get the chance to now play for a bit.


kiss Glen
marry Spike
byebye Sasha

Tally, Luke, Siva

:kiss: Ruby, Amber, Moz, Java, May
:ring: Trudy, Ebony, Siva
:skull_and_crossbones: Lex, KC, Ned, Jaffa, Ram, Mega+Slade, Patch, Pony Joe, Troy, Slime, Billy Boy, Darryl, Gel, Lottie, Mouse+Charlie

@evilofsociety we wanna know who you are going to kiss, marry and throw off a cliff from @Lottie previous post.

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Hey @Lottie, in relation to your post I had to choose the below and decided I would:

:kiss: Luke
:ring: Siva
:skull_and_crossbones: Tally

Next person your options are:
Pride, Slade & Darryl

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Kiss Pride
Marry Slade
Byebye Darryl

Jack, Ved, Mega

Kiss Mega
Marry Jack
Byebye Ved

Moz, KC, Paul

Kiss: Moz
Marry: Paul
Cliff: KC

Ram, Mega, Slade

Kiss Mega
Marry Slade
Byebye Ram

Bray, Jay, Pride

:kiss: Jay
:ring: Bray
:skull_and_crossbones: Pride

May, Ellie & Taisan

:skull_and_crossbones::smiling_imp::shark::volcano: as for Ellie… pushing her of a cliff is to nice… unless there are sharks in the water under it… or a volcano…

Sasha, Sammy, Charlie