Lil's Sketch Dump

Hello, hello, friends! It’s me again! Realised I didn’t have an art topic on this forum yet so… well… here it is! Probably just gonna see a lot of Technos… more Technos… Yeah, I pretty much only draw Technos… and maybe I’ll share some of my non-Tribey stuff here too if I feel like it! :relieved:

Don’t go expected anything too polished, though. I’m lazy and messy as hell so this is pretty much just a accumulation of my ideas in sketch form. Enjoyyyyy!

Right! So! Some of you might be surprised to learn that… I really, really love Star Trek and, naturally, I do, of course, have a Star Trek semi-plotted out for Ram and a few other characters, should the need for it ever arise. :smirk:

I’d love to get more into it at later date but for now…

Below is a kinda garbage sketch of my Star Trek AU Ram, the scheming ruthless Cardassian bastard, Gul Ram (“Gul” being a Cardassian military rank for those not in the know):


I feel that the Cardassians versus Technos comparison really works, seeing as they are both oppressive military forces that seek to invade and occupy the territory of a people or race less advanced or rather “inferior”, in their minds, than themselves.

… Also, the scaly Cardassian facial structure is oddly reminiscent of the make up of a certain Techno overlord… :smirk:

image image

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Haha that dude makes a good villain in any setting.

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