Lover's Lust

Written by: Maggie
Ebony and Lex have a fight

“Just leave me alone!” Could be heard coming from the Rebel Headquarters located on the docks in Sector 10. It was Ebony, she was screaming at someone, but who? On closer inspection we find Ebony and Lex in a heated argument about none other then Siva. “Babe, come on, don’t be like that.” Lex said, trying to reach his arm out to grab Ebony’s hand, but she wouldn’t let him “Don’t you dare touch me!” She glared at him, her arms folded across her chest now. She shok her head, wrinkling her nose for a moment as she furrowed her eyebrows even harder. She watched him then snarled a little bit. “You make me sick, I really thought you were going to be different Lex.” She said as she looked at him. She felt like she could cry but she knew that wasn’t possible. Ebony didn’t cry, at least not anymore and she sure as hell would not cry over a man, not ever again. “What are you talking about? I don’t even know what you’re talking about you crazy woman!” He yelled back at her, but he knew as soon as it was out of his mouth that he shouldn’t have said it. He gringed, this was not going to end well. She turned on him now, her arms dropping to her sides, her hands balling up into fists. She squeezed her fingers closed as she started towards him. “I am not crazy!” She growled at him as she got up close to him, he reyes were narrowed in a deep, hard glare. “I saw you with her!” She She hissed and then walked away from him, over to the window so she could look at out at the bay. “You were walking down the docks. When did you start seeing Siva again?” She grumbled and threw her braids over her shoulder as she looked back at him. Lex just stared at her in disbelief. Was she really accusing him of messing around with Siva again? That was so not cool. “Ebony! Listen to what you’re saying…” He started to walk towards her, maybe that was a mistake.

Ebony threw her arm out, putting her hand on his chest to stop him from getting any closer to her, she shook her head. “I am listening to what I’m saying Lex.” She sanpped at him, she wouldn’t look at him now. She supposed that the more she thought about it the more reasons she could come up with as to why Siva and Lex were together, other then well, what she thought. She shook her head, closing her eyes for a moment a she lowered her head. Why was she letting him do this to her? She was suppose to be strong, to be that crazy bitch that everyone loved to hate or hated to hate, whichever you preferred. She was letting a man bring her to her knees. She had promised that after Zoot…after Bray, that she would NEVER let a man make her cry, not again. She would never go through that again, but Lex was doing something she had never felt before. Just the thought of him with anyone other the herself was literally breaking her heart. Her chest hurt, like physically hurt and she put her hand over her heart. He breathing quickened as she shook her head. “I won’t let you hurt me.” She still wouldn’t look at him, she didnt’ like this feeling. “Just tell me nothing happened. Promise me that you weren’t doing anything.” She said as she finally raised her gaze to meet his, her eyes pleading with him to make her believe him.

Lex had stopped walking when Ebony had put her hand on his chest, he wouldn’t push her. In all the years that he had known Ebony he had always learned the hard way what buttons to push and what buttons not to push. Apparently this was one not to push. He listened to her. How could she believe that he would do that? Well, his past, yeah but he wasn’t like that anymore, she should know that. He really felt that out of everyone tha the had ever been with, she was the only one that ever truly understood him, she got him. They were soulmates, he knew ths. “Ebony…” He started and then reached his hand out to grab a hold of her’s. He could feel that she was shaking and his eyebrows furrowed, his eyes full of concern as he looked down at her. He step closer to her when he sensed that it was okay for him to do so. He brought his other hand up to her cheek, cupping it. “I love you.” He continued , this was the first time he had said this to her. He was a little choked up. “I was a little afraid at first when I thought I did, but I do. I really do. Now, you don’t have to believe me or even love meback, but I want you to know that’s how I feel. I would never do anything to hurt you, I promise…I swear.” He finished and kissed her lips lightly.

At first Ebony kissed him back, melting into his touch but then she snapped again and her eyes flew open, she pulled her hand from him and broke the kiss pushing him away from her. “No.” She said, shaking her head, her hands balling up into fists again as the rested at her sides. “No, you’re just saying whatever you can to make sure you keep both of us.” She finished. Maybe Zoot being back was really getting to her. Ebony wasn’t sure, she didn’t want to treat Lex like this, she enjoyed his company and to be honest, she thought she might love him too. But hearing him say it, it just…she wasn’t sure. She shook her head. “You can’t mean it…” She shook her head again, repeatedly this time. She felt like she was losing her mind. Wha twas going on? Why was this happening? Her eyes began to water again and she tried to fight it but she couldn’t and a tear managed to escape and roll down her cheek. She reached her hand up and hastily wiped it away, growling a little bit at herself, she hated herself for being so weak.

Lex watched her, the frown on his face growing. She wasn’t going to believe him, was she? He knew that he was going to lose another one. He understood that he wasn’t the best guy in the world, he had a bad reputation when it came to girls, but didn’t he deserve to be truly happy too? To find that one person that was going to love him for his good and for his bad? He thought that’s what he had with Ebony. “Maybe I was wrong about you…” He started to say, shaking his head, but then he saw the look in her eyes when he said it, that instant hurt. The tear that came down her cheek. That broke him. That made him know right there that maybe she did care, maybe that’s why she was doing this. “Look, Siva came to give me some knews from Pride, that’s all.” He said, reaching his hand out to grab her’s again, but she pushed him away once more. “No!” He snapped out and grabbed both of her hands, holding them firmly enough to keep grasp but not hard enough to hurt her. “Stop it! This is ridiculous!” She looked up at him, venom in her eyes, the tears no longer there. “Let me go!” She hissed out, trying to get her arms free from him but it was no use, he was stronger then she as. “I said let me g-” She was cut off before she could say it because Lex had his lips pressed against her’s in firm kiss. SHe tried to fight it off at first, but then she couldn’t do it anymore and she melted against him, her arms going limp as she leaned against him, kissing him back. She closed her eyes and moaned lightly as he wrapped his arms around her and held her there with him. He did that for a moment before he pulled back and opened his eyes, looking at her. “I. Love. You.” He told her again. This time she looked up at him and smiled, sighing contentedly. “I love you too.”

Complications Arise - Part I

Lex and Ebony had been getting along great since they had their first real argument as a couple. He had realized that she was going to be insecure, regardless of whether or not he was actually doing anything. Lex didn’t have the best reputation when it came to women and Ebony wasn’t exactly clean either. She was hard, trough, and crude. She did what she needed to do to better herself and those she considered her family, there were only a few of them. She had learned a long time ago that she could only rely on herself. That no one was ever going to be there for her, so when Lex had told her he wasn’t going anywhere it had been weird for her, as she was used to everyone she ever cared about or loved to just leave her. But she knew that Lex had also been through a lot of hard ships in his life, his parents sending him off to military school/boot camp when the virus started just so they wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore, Zandra dying, Tai-san disappearing, then Hope. Lex had only ever lost those that he loved, always, just like she had. She knew that he was having just as hard of a time accepting his new feelings for her as she was with him. Together though, they would make it through, that’s what Lex kept telling her. So far they were doing great. They have been together for about 3 months now and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. But there was something in the air…something wasn’t right.

“Get up…” Ebony said as she nudged Lex in the ribs. She had been in the bathroom for the last hour because she wasn’t feeling well. She hadn’t been sick in a while and this was really taking its toll n her. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with her but something didn’t feel right. She was bloated and she hadn’t had her period in two months. She was worried that she might be pregnant, because she wasn’t ready to be a mother and she knew that Lex wasn’t ready to be a father. She didn’t know what he would say if she said anything so she thought it best to keep her mouth shut for now.

“Ugh…I don’t want to get up.” Lex grumbled and put his arm around Ebony pulling her down against him. “Let’s just stay in bed.”

Ebony put her hand on his chest when he tried to pull her down to him and she pushed herself away from him, managing to get his arm from around her before she got to her feet out of the bed. “No, we have to get up.” She snapped, narrowing her eyes a bit. Sometimes, how lazy Lex was drove her insane. He never wanted to do anything but stay in bed all day and that just wasn’t happening.

“Fine.” He said and then sat up in a huff. He got out of the bed and pulled on his pants before walking out of the bedroom and into to the bathroom. He washed his face and brushed his teeth before going back into the bedroom. He looked at Ebony who was already dressed. “What’s your problem?” He asked her raising both of his eyebrows as he started getting dressed as well. He sat down on the bed after he had his shirt on and started putting his boots on.

Ebony turned to him and narrowed her eyes at him again. “My problem is that you never want to do anything. You are lazy and you just want to sit on your ass all day.” She rolled her eyes a bit and then fixed her hair in the mirror before pulling her jacket on. “We need to go out and get some food.” Normally that would be the Eco’s job, but Ebony didn’t feel like sitting around all day and doing nothing, like they did everyday.

“Why us?” He grumbled a bit and tied his last boot before he got up and grabbed his jacket as well. “Can’t someone else do it?” But then he saw the look on her face and he shrugged his shoulders. “Fine then, let’s go.” He had a feeling he wasn’t even going to get breakfast today. She just seemed to be in a mood like this all the time, at least for the last couple of weeks and Lex didn’t know what her problem was.

“Come on.” She said as she grabbed her bag and left the room, immediately leaving the Rebel Headquarters. She didn’t even wait for Lex, she just assumed he would follow and he did. He was good like that. Following her around like a little puppy dog. She glanced over her shoulder when she heard the door to the boat house close behind her and she saw Lex coming. She smirked a bit and nodded her head in a ‘that’s right’ kind of way and then continued walking. She didn’t want to go very far into the city, it wasn’t safe.

Lex followed her out of the boat house just as he knew he was going to. He’d follow Ebony anywhere, he learned that as soon as they started messing around with each other. And since they came out to Bray and Faith and everyone knew they were a couple it wasn’t so suspicious anymore. Though, the last time he had gone out to Liberty Darryl had given him a hard time about being…what did he call it, whipped? That hadn’t gone over well with Lex at all and he had left in a huff, not going back since. “You don’t have to be so mean Ebony.” He said as he finally caught up to her.

She shot him a look and shrugged her shoulders. “It worked, didn’t it?” She asked him and pulled her jacket closed, trying to hide the small bulge coming over her pants. She was too bloated and she hated it. “Awe, Lexy, I’m sorry.” She said and then tried to put on the sweetest face she could as she reached out and took a hold of his hand.

At first reaction he just wanted to pull his hand away but feeling her skin on his, he didn’t he just laced their fingers together and walked closer to her. He looked at the ground as they walked, afraid of saying something and her freaking out. So he just walked there with her, in silence. Something Lex was not used to…being quiet.

“What, big bad Lex has nothing to say?” She asked him and quirked a brow in his direction, a small smirk on her face, clearly just teasing him.

He knew she was teasing but she was also pissing him off. He turned to look at her and pulled his hand away from her. He shook his head. “Whatever Ebony…” He said and then started walking away from her.

“Oh come on Lex, don’t be like that!” Ebony said and then hurried after him. She hadn’t mean to hurt his feelings.

Complications Arise - Part II

Later that night, just before the sun went down Ebony and Lex were sitting outside the Rebel HQ at the docks. They had just gotten back from gathering food shortly before that and Lex was eating a peach, Ebony an apple. She bit into the apple and looked at Lex. He hadn’t spoken much since they left the HQ earlier that morning and he was still being quiet. She wondered if maybe, she had really hurt his feelings that time. But he was a big boy, right? He could handle a few of her witch moments, yeah…she was sure of that. But the more she watched him the more she wondered if she was right about that or not. “What’s wrong? You’ve been quiet all day.”

He raised an eyebrow and just looked at her for a moment, taking a bite of the peach. He chewed it up and swallowed, wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand. He looked at her again. “What do you think Ebony?” He asked her. She really couldn’t be that daft about this, could she? No wonder her relationships had never worked out. “You just don’t know when to stop. You think you can say whatever the hell you want to say and that you can get away with it.” He shook his head, his eyebrows furrowing for a moment as he thought. “I won’t do it anymore…if you want to be with me you have to quit insulting me every chance you get…treat me with a bit of respect.” He finished and looked away from her, finishing his peach. He took the pit in his fingers and threw it out into the water off the dock.

Ebony looked at him, slightly taken aback by his sudden outburst. She stood up from where she was sitting and threw her apple into the water, she turned around to look at him, her hands on her hips. “Of course I treat you with respect! How dare you say that to me!” She couldn’t believe he had just called her out like that. But then again, this was Lex, he was good about saying things that people didn’t like. She shook her head and glared at him. “Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?!” She shouted at him again. This was really setting her off. He knew just how to push her buttons.

“What the hell do you mean by that?” He demanded. “I’m your…I’m your boyfriend aren’t I?” He hesitated at first, not sure how she would react to that. He looked at her, raising an eyebrow. “Or do I not get special favor?” He shook his head, standing up. He walked a little away from her, towards the water. “Of course I wouldn’t, regardless of what kind of relationship you and I have I’m still only…Lex.” He shook his head, an almost disgusted look on his face. Not disgusted for being who he was, but for the way that people looked at him, thought of him. “And Lex will never amount to anything, he’ll never be good enough. No.” He had heard that plenty growing up from loads of people and then even more after the virus happened. Nobody trusted him, not that he gave them much reason too. It was more of a defense mechanism though…he wasn’t really as hard as he played to be, he just knew he needed to be to survive, it’s the only thing that’s got him through everything in his life.

“Yeah, you’re my boyfriend. But are you sure you even want to be?” She asked him. Then she frowned just for a split second as she heard the way that he was talking about himself. She hated when he did that and all she wanted to do was tell him to stop it, that he was great and he was a wonderful man, but she was so angry. And she was not going to give in so easily, no, she was Ebony. “At least now you can finally see it.” She sneered a bit. After she said it she couldn’t the words had come out of her mouth, she regretted them instantly because she didn’t agree with anything that he had said. “You won’t be so out of the loop now.” Stop it Ebony! She screamed inside her own head, but her mouth wouldn’t quit. “Less feeling sorry for you and all.” She was a horrible person.

Lex just stopped and stood there, staring at the water as she said those cold and cruel words to him. Why was she acting like this? Had he really done something to deserve it. He couldn’t look at her, he just stood there, stone faced, hands in pockets, staring at the water. Right now, of all times, he wished he wasn’t where he was, he wished he had stayed in Liberty with Bray and Faith, where at least he wouldn’t have to take this kind of abuse. Finally though he turned and looked at her. “I don’t know why you’re acting like this but that’s not how you feel, I know it.” He said to her.

That only pissed Ebony off even more. She curled her hands into fists and continued to glare at him. “Don’t you tell me how I feel!” She yelled at him. “You don’t know what’s going on inside of my head! You can’t tell me how I feel!” She continued to yell and she slammed her fists down on one of the railings along the edge of the dock.

“No! I don’t know what’s going on inside your head because you don’t talk to me! You just sit and insult me or treat me badly. I am not one of your militia Ebony! You can not treat me like dirt!” He had been feeling like that for a while now, like she was distant with him, at least for the last week or so. She didn’t act how she normally did and now this fight…something was surely up. “I am not a slave. If you wanted someone to do your bidding you should have stayed with the Technos!” He grumbled a bit and shook his head, looking away from her, he couldn’t look at her anymore.

She didn’t know what to say to him. How was she suppose to respond? This wasn’t a good fight and she was sure this wasn’t going to end well. She looked away from him as well and stood there, looking at the water, her arms folded across her chest. “You should just go back to Liberty, you seemed happier there.” She said in a snotty, sarcastic voice. She didn’t look at him. She just continued to look at the water. “And maybe you’re right, maybe I should have stayed with The Technos, then none of this ever would have happened.” She shook her head, her hand going to her stomach for a slight moment before she jerked it away and acted as if nothing had happened.

He didn’t look at her. He still couldn’t. When she said that he should just go back to Liberty he nodded his head. “It’s as if you read my mind.” He said with a spiteful tone. He’d do anything to piss her off right now. He glanced out of the corner of his eye at her and saw her fingers linger on her stomach for a moment. He raised an eyebrow and watched her expression change once more back to that of a hardened witch. “Tell me what’s going on or I will leave, I will go back to Liberty and then you will be alone again.” He didn’t want to, but he loved her so much. He couldn’t do this with her anymore though, not like this, no.

She didn’t want to tell him. How was she suppose to tell him something like this? She wondered just for a moment, how Zandra had broken the news to him, how she had told him. But then that thought was wiped fro her mind, at the thought of another girl with Lex Ebony was suddenly agitated once more. She didn’t say anthing she only stood there, still. She didn’t know what to say. She remember back when she was with Zoot, what if this would have happened then, with him? How would have responded to her? He would have probably had her stoned to death or something, thrown her down a flight of stairs, anything to cause a…

Her hand went back to her stomach again and then she looked back to Lex. She turned around, facing him. She put her hands at her sides. “If you want to know…if you really want to know…” She hestitated for a moment but then finally spoke again. “I…I’m prety sure I’m…” She swallowed hard. “I’m pregnant.”


Wow I love this story and can’t wait to read more