Lucas Palmer <Luc>

BIRTH NAME: Lucas Palmer – Aka Luc
FAMILY (any siblings, cousins etc): Has a twin Dom, they were separated by parents before the Virus
HOME: The Mall
TRIBE: The Serpents
PAST RELATIONSHIPS: Ladies man, doesn’t really do ‘girlfriends’ just casual relationships
CHILDREN: Hopefully none
PLAY-BY (your username here): Zandra

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Collecting the unique items
TALENTS: Parkour, Climbing, lock picking - specialty is safes
HABITS: Getting himself into trouble
DISLIKES: Weak, whiney people
FEARS: He doesn’t acknowledge his fears
STRENGTHS: Agility, flexibility, physically really strong, he works out a lot and pushes his body development
WEAKNESSES: He can sometimes be momentarily distracted by a pretty girl
PERSONALITY: He is a smooth talker and could charm his way out of most situtations. He doesn’t believe something is impossible and he just needs to find a way to make it possible. He is very determined and can be a complete wanker if it means he gets what he wants

When the virus first hit Luc 14, he was a cocky little shit who always seemed to find trouble though his charm had a way of getting him out of it. His good looks got him invited to tribe after tribe by some girl who desperately wanted his attention and boy did he love the attention, but it seemed after so long he grew tired of the boring tribes that liked to hide away in the shadows just to be safe.

He went from being invited into the homes of these different tribes to sneaking into places and stealing what he wanted and he loved it. The thrill of getting caught made him feel alive.

When the chosen came he narrowly escaped being captured so took time to join a tribe once more for his survival but it was short-lived as the Chosen took the majority of the tribe leaving just 7 of them behind.

Somehow Luc became the leader and he enjoyed being in charge, they all learned his ways of hiding in the shadows when needed but also had to talk their way out of most situations. They became a tribe of thieves and could get their hands on pretty much anything if valuable enough.

His tribe grew stealthier and more agile giving them an advantage of getting into buildings that were once too secure to get into providing them with a secret hideout for themselves and their valuables.

They lived the life of luxury, that was until the Techno’s came into town and used their equipment to open all the locked buildings, Luc managed to get his tribe and some of their items away to safety where they hid, until Luc heard the rumors that the city was empty which meant they could have a pick of what remained.

Heading back to the city they took the Mall and have lived there for the last 17 years


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