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Odin’s Art Stuff
My stuff isn’t as good as a LOT of other people’s art and such on here,
but I like it. Most of it is simple, which is my style haha.


Some random stuff

Just a few blends using Tribe Universe’s 1st season screen caps :smiley:

Harry Potter Stuff

Other Stuff

And 2 Sons of Anarchy, will have to find my others

Heyy! Keeping it simple is an art in itself. :heart_eyes_cat: I really like how you’ve added tribal markings on people. They’re really nicely composed. The “Nebula” one with pinks and a heart over the right eye!! Slays! :raised_hands: :kissing_closed_eyes:

I remember this! Since to see this lovely artwork and you girl! My stuff will be up soon! Just the place I use has been slow loading when I go to up it up…

Prettiesss! Sometimes simple is best :wink: And I agree with the above, I always loved your tribal markings, I only have a few attempts I’ve ever been happy with, so I know how hard those are.

Wow photobucket really butchered these direct links…I’ll try and get these fixed.

In the meantime, here are a few signatures I never put up that are for Life in the Tribe.

Lennox (with Xavier)



Loving all these :heart: and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see anything Bulldog-related without feeling emotional haha

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@JacksAnnie Yeah the Bulldog one gets me every time <3

A few new signatures for LITT







Look at all those pretty people! Have I seen these before? I feel like I definitely haven’t seen the Parrish one at least, love that one <3

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Those are new, just made the first 3 this last month and the Gemma one last night :slight_smile:




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Ooh, hello Varro :heart_eyes:

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Prettyyy :heart_eyes: I mean, not just Varro but definitely him to lol

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Love the artwork Maggie!

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Just some random stuff I’ve made. A couple are older ones I stumbled across and decided to throw back up since the links up there are broken.


:grin: an update from you and Titanic is inspiring. :heart:

Pretties. Now make some more * is demanding *


LOL I don’t know about making more but I’m gonna dig through my drop box and see what I can pull out.

:joy: I feel you, but I can hope… or beg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: