Mall Rats Return


Alice explains that the farm they’d mentioned yesterday was her families and I nod slightly, it made sense why there had been such an awkward air about it when it had been discussed.

Luc tells me we should divide and conquer before going over to speak with Danni, it takes a large amount of effort not to laugh, he was about as subtle as a sledge hammer and obviously had one ‘more important’ thing on his mind.

’It sounds like we should be able to get a few people together for the excursion, although best not to be in too large a group or it might look suspicious.’

Alice mentioned about waking everyone to get a plan together and I shrug slightly, ’I don’t know these people well enough to know whether waking them is a bad idea or not,’ I comment ’last thing I want to do it p*ss people off, we didn’t exactly seem to start on the right foot yesterday.’

Alice in the cafe

I chuckle as he says he isn’t sure who he’d be able to wake up safely. I can imagine a couple of grumpy faces on being awoken with the idea of going to the farm.

“There’s a few of them that joined after me, so don’t know about them… but I’m sure they won’t bite when they get woken up.
Well… except for Lex maybe… but I’ll deal with Lex”
Somehow, I think there might be a small chance that Lex will see reason and go with us, if only to escape the ghost of his past for a bit.


Heading towards Callan and one of the ex Mallrats “I reckon we get a pan and start banging it against the railing telling them all to get their arses into the cafe for a meeting” I tell them with a shrug. I definitely the blunt one in the tribe and have been known to throw ice-cold water over people before if they weren’t awake when they were meant to.


Luc joins us and suggests we just bang a pan against the railing, ’uhhu, and that wouldn’t annoy the people with hangovers… say, the people who were out with us last night?’ I point out. Just because neither of us were suffering didn’t mean that others weren’t, ’a slightly gentler approach might be more suitable, don’t you think? Especially on their first day in the mall…. Although if I find out who used all the hot water I might change my mind.’


I’m beginning to like these guys more and more, I think as Luc suggests banging pots and pans. Atleast these guys were practical.

As Callan mentions some of those with hangovers should be treated more gently I can not suppress a chuckle.

“If you mean Zandra and Danni, they’re already up…” I tell him grinning, remembering how they came back in last night.

“As for the others… I’d say knock yourself out Luc”


I looked at Callan “See most of them are awake, and those who aren’t will love us for the food and the coffee” I grinned and looked at Alice then back at Callan “I like this one” I said turning back to Alice “We need a few more brutal people here”

"Sorry Callan, we voted on how to wake them up and you lost… " I tell him before grinning like a naughty school kid before grabbing a clean pan and started banging on the metal rails of the stairs loudly “Wakey wakey!! Breakfast, coffee and meeting time” I called out.

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Tally Rossini’s shoes

Loud banging…clapping? Sounds through the mall and my little son - who just was nicely calm after a night of hell - starts to cry. I sigh and rock him in my arms.

Wakey wakey!! Breakfast, coffee and meeting time” a voice sounds gleefully. Must be one of the Serpents. Well… Their home, their rules, blabla… But they’ll might learn soon that you maybe try to be a tad more considerate with a baby around!

Andy has just finished telling me of his little adventure to search medicine for Lex and then about playing a way too old video game all night. (He talked about flying later in paradise, but I put that to bring a dream… I mean… Cone on? There’s barely enough energy and water here. So I can’t imagine here is some high tech game dusting away in an unused room…)

“Come boys… Lets have a look…” Andy gives me a grumbly stare “You too mister. It’s not my fault you played games all night.”

“They won’t be happy with a crying baby on the morning…” He tries to convince me to stay put. I scoff “They can try to be annoyed but I then give each ass a kick. They made him cry with their noise. Not the other way around. It’s like it always was here… In the end its the older ones doing the noise, shouting and screams… Not the kids…”

I reach Leo a stuffed (of course cleaned!) sock which I worked into a toy for him. It’s not much, but it gave me something to do during I watched him last night everytime he slept a bit at last. I am not a huge sewer… But guess at last you see it’s a teddy.

He grabs it and to ny joy stops the hard crying, pressing it to his face. Andy gives me a tired smile “Good work sis…” I shrug “Moms gotta be creative… Let’s see if Lex is up… At last I can say thanks too what he did… It might also help him get a better stand in here…”

While we leave our room I ask myself if that was maybe the reason why Lex even helped Andy… To fix his lousy reputation? But then… Who cares?

There is smell of food and coffee… Or something like that…? As we make our way to the Cafe. “Morning… nice wake up call. Though we were awake pretty much all night anyway… Leo is teething.” (no reason to tell them Andy wasn’t with us all night! Silblings first!) “So… Not to want to come cross after the first night… But you said I can stay with my baby. Then I think I can ask for a bit more consideration…”

Andy sits down looking like he has a hangover without having drunken.

Stay polite Tally. But stay strong. Show you’re a mother who isn’t a victim but a fighter. And I am. If this place is chaos… I’ll rather take my chance outside instead in a closed up space.


(Permission of Scott to tag Andy along and hvef him talk a bit)

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I look as Tally as she walks into the cafe and shrug “Unfortunately we do not offer a door to door service, we’re not a hotel, we are a loud and nosey tribe” I tell her. While my intention wasnt to wake the kid, I’m not going to be the type not to do something incase he is woken…


Before I have a chance to argue whether banging and making loud noises is a good idea or not, Luc decided to wake everyone up ‘Luc style’. The banging reverberates through my brain and I am very grateful I don’t have a hangover or I might be bashing his head in with said pan… at least he knew how to get their attention.

The girl with the baby and her brother trail into the cafe looking worse for wear, you’d almost think they’d been out drinking half the night. She berates Luc for the noise but his response pretty much reflects my thoughts, she said yesterday we wouldn’t need to pussyfoot around just because of the baby so we wouldn’t.

’Help yourself to breakfast, there’s also some fruit if the baby would prefer that,’ I didn’t know what babies ate but if his teeth were bothering him he might prefer having something to chew on… there were probably some bones around as well, that might be nice for chewing, but I wasn’t going to mention that.


What the sweet hell…?! I give Lottie and excruciating look before turning to look at Luc who is gleefully banging a pan on the metal railings and shouting about coffee. The banging echoes through my head, not pleasant against my hangover. I grimace before shaking my head, he’d seemed so sweet when I was talking to him in the cafe and now he seemed like a child, god I knew how to pick them!

’Not sure if I want to go see what all the noise is about or throttle him…’ I tell Lottie, ’maybe this is the serpents evil plan, get us all drunk and hungover and then break our brains with loud noises!’ it seemed like a stupid plan but at the same time the noise rattling through my head made me think again.

From across the mall I see Tally and Andy heading into the cafe, most likely to confront Luc about the noise. ’Shall we go find you a room and then come deal with this noise?’ I ask Lottie, wincing at the new level of pounding in my head, ’might give them time to quieten down a bit.’


I feel Andy is read to jump right out of his pants and have a go at… Luc was his name I think.

But I just give him a look Anda small head shake.

I shrug not impressed. “I don’t consider any service… Just thought I mention that if you make unexpected noise, you can’t complain if my child makes some noise in return. It’s not called service where I am from, but common sense and respect for each other. But your home, your rules…”

I sit down beside Andy who gives me a small grin. I kept my voice inbdifferent, didn’t raise it and didn’t sware.

I ignore the so called coffee and stay with water. I only choose food made of stuff we brought with us yesterday. Leo seems satisfied by chewing on the toy I made last night. So that advice of the girl back home was useful! I know I could try some mashed fruits or such, but I am unsure about that. As long breastfeeding seems to be enough for him I’ll stay with that. No matter if it hurts…maybe Salene will be a help with that… She must know quiet a bit because she helped raising Brady…


As Tally comes in with the baby and starts her little rant of Luc, I can’t help but roll my eyes at her attitude. Sure, a baby getting woken up is annoying, but we’re guests here. We shouldn’t be telling them off in their own home.

“Tally, you do realize you chose the one room in the noisiest part of the Mall right?”

I say trying to remain calm.

“And ofcourse we know the baby didn’t sleep well, non of us did… these walls are far from soundproof, I doubt there is anyone who didn’t hear him”

I try to suppress a sigh, but fail at that.

“Look, this is their home, we’re just guests… I’m sorry he’s awake, but it was the quickest way to get everyone up so we can work on the food situation. Some things can’t wait for a sleeping baby”

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Alice speaks to ne and like in the old days it’s like she tries being my mother.

“I know it’s their home pretty well. You know better then anyone I never considered this place home at all. And no I didn’t know that How would I know? I was a Mall Rat for what? Three months? Most of the time I lived here I was a slave. We sure aren’t here for the lovely memories. But I am also not here to start a discussion or fight. I just said what I think in a polite way. I didn’t throw a fit, so spare telling me off okay?”

Andy raises his brows at me. " Look… I… I am sorry if anyone was affronted or hurt. I am tired, stressed… And honestly I thought I’d never see this place again. I don’t know why we thought coming here would make sense…but now we are here and we try to help somehow. You should understand as a mother I feel like… Dunno… Everyone thinks I am a burden and of no use… And… Well… Forget. This is not therapy…"

I lean to Andy and whisper " I slowly feel like I was too harsh on Trudy… It sucks being a mom in this place… "


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I am really starting to like Alice, she seemed to be in the same mind frame as me.

I looked at Tally then towards Jaz and the others “Did one of my tribe members come and complain to your while we were out that the baby was crying? Because as far as I am aware we haven’t complained to you about him crying or is that another thing you are just assuming about us”

I let out a quiet laugh “Surely common sense would be one of you coming into the cafe hearing everyone moving to find out what time we’d want you guys in here rather than us going room to room to wake everyone up respectfully”

“Just because you don’t raise your voice or swear it doesn’t mean it’s polite, my mum had that shit down… And it was when she wasn’t yelling you knew there was a problem” I tell Tally “You don’t need to be sorry, we’re completely different people currently living in the same environment, but you’re going to have to put up with shit that you don’t like just as we’re going to have to… Maybe it would be best for us to find you a room away from the cafe so if I do a mass wake-up again it won’t be so loud to disturb you as much and you would be able to sleep when the kid is sleeping”


I was about to open my mouth when I heard that sound, it took me a bit back first before I met Danni’s eyes, and then I looked around her to see where it came from while my head was still banging away from the hangover. "Well that’s pleasant " I said with my voice dripping of sarcasm at Luc’s manners.

My lips move upwards and a snort left them making my hand fly up to my mouth, “That’s just evil but also a genius and that was not my first impression of them” Right now it was an evil but brilliant plan in my mind that was currently clouded by the banging headache and now the ringing in my ears.

“God yeah, let’s go” I said grabbing my bag and walking out through the door, and standing next to Danni. “Can we think of a payback also?” I asked her jokingly.


I had just groaned and rolled out of the bed I had slept in, I had no idea what the time was currently but I was sure it wasn’t morning. I had already heard the mall being awake but then I heard loud banging and someone screaming about breakfast.

My stomach made its presence known had the sound of breakfast growling loudly, I had already noticed the lack of my clothes from the day before I chuckled and figured it had been Alice taking care of them after a moment of confusion.

“That’s on way to wake up” I said as I walked into the cafe and yawned behind my hand before stretching my body.

The room was definitely looking so much better already, it must have been used at some point in the recent history. Grabbing the quilt and sheet I headed out my new room.

I was definitely glad I was already awake when I heard the banging and Luc’s voice, I let out a quiet laugh before I start walking down the stairs towards the cafe seeing Danni and Lottie “He is such a dick” I laughed looking at them “Though beats how my dad used to wake me up, he used to turn the light on and off continuously” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“I’m going to get the sheets and cover from down there and make my bed before going into the cafe, it looks like everyone is making their way into the cafe” I said with a smile before going into my old room.

Taking the sheets and quilt off I replaced them with the ones from upstairs before I started piling things into one of the empty boxes, I had definitely acquired a few new things.

Tally Cafe

Deciding to give it a rest and they won’t probably be able to really understand each others reasoning and motivation right away - maybe never- I only nod at Lucs suggestion of taking another room.

It confuses me as I thought all rooms down here were taken…?!

“Thanks. I’d there us a room that meets your suggestion…”

I then advert ny eyes from everyone and busy myself with wiping over Leo’s mouth. He wiggles his nose in affront what makes me smile a little.

I pull back into our mommy/baby bubble. I once have been a bubbly personality, being able to talk your ears off… Laughing a lot… With a certain strike of mischievious behavior… But it’s seems that Zacs betrayal burnt that away, just like his men burnt down our home…

I feel Andy’s hand supportive on my back and think I might not need to try and form alliances here. I’ve got my brother and my son. They are who I trust and live for.

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“Well it was going to be mentioned in the meeting but with it being so full down here, Danni and Red are moving upstairs so there will be two rooms free there which are further away from the cafe but it’s up to you if you want to move or not” I glanced at Callan knowing he will have heard me saying about the girls moving upstairs “We obviously planned to have the separate floors but there isn’t going to be the room if anyone else turns up and the girls expressed interest in moving up”

I moved over and got some coffee “Hopefully everyone will be here shortly” I added looking around the faces, and nodding to Ryan “Breakfast is over there” I inform him as I lean against the side.


The wake up surprised me and I unceremoniously fall off the bed “Fuck” I groan and push myself off the floor. Grabbing my joggers I pull them on followed by a hoody and headed out of my room, I knew I looked rough, I had definitely had one too many shots last night but it was a good night… I think.

“Someone say breakfast” I mutter walking into the cafe and spot one of the serpents serving whatever it was to people, I wasn’t sure if my stomach was ready for anything of substance.