Meryl Cassie (EBONY) 2011 Facebook chat transcript

On Sunday 15th May 2011 (NZ time) Meryl Cassie (EBONY) appeared for a live cast chat on The Tribe’s official Facebook page, here are the answers we saved from the session.

In just over an hour there were at least 80 questions answered rapidly by Meryl, who also spoke to two fans after the live chat.

Thanks to Meryl again for appearing, the Tribe (Official) Facebook team and its frantic typists going as fast as their fingers could - and thanks to each and every single Tribe fan who joined in the live event, which was joined by fans from countries all around the world! :heart:

Q Hi there Meryl, My question is??.. What influenced you or how did you get into being Ebony in the tribe? Thanks Nat P.S You’re a very awesome singer!!! KTDA Natalie Garton Australia
A: Natalie thank you! I am so passionate about my music as influences and so lucky to be brought up in a family which loves music so started when I was 3 and continued ever since!

Q Hi Meryl How is life threating you so far?
A: Amanda ? hi! Life is treating me beautifully I simply cannot complain!

Q If you could, could you be in charge of the Loco’s if the virus was real?
A: Claire - Now you’ve got me! I would try if I could to take a backward step re the Locos but would always want to be in a strong group if there was a virus

Q what was your favourite episode of The Ttribe?
A: Trina fave episode is so hard to choose from!

Q Hey Meryl :smiley: how’s life away from the tribe? I was just wondering if you could change any characteristic about your character as Ebony what would you change?
A: Well I loveed playing Ebony because she is the opposite to me in real life so I wouldn’t change anything because Ebony is what you see is what you get!

Q Did you enjoy The Tribe? Would you do it all over again?
A: Kyle - in a second!

Q Hello Meryl! Thanks for chatting with us. I think You’re a fantastic actress and singer. Which do you enjoy more?

A: Francesca ? Hi! Thank you and I love the fact we can entertain you all on screen and that you love it. I love acting and singing so if I could continue to do both I would love to!

Q You are an amazing mother and your son is gorgeous, how do you balance motherhood, and your singing career??
A: I am so lucky to have such a supportive family, and with all the support it’s great

Q Hi Meryl! Who do you think was best suited for Ebony? Zoot, Bray, Lex, Slade, Jay, Ram?
A: Heather - it would be a mix between Lex and Jay I think!

Q Meryl, When you were a child did you already know you wanted to do acting?.
A: Amanda - I knew I wanted to do something in terms of entertainment, singing or acting

Q Meryl Cassie,OMG, how excited am i to ask you a question and revel in the thought that u answered ,how fun was it to be Ebony? The meanest, prettiest and best/longest lasting character on the show??
A: Matthew hi! I would not choose to be any other person or play any other role than Ebony, I absolutely loved it!

Q What was your favorite scene from filming The Tribe?
A: Jenn - I had so many fun scenes, especially working with my sisters, so lucky!

Q Do you Megan and Monique get along well in real life?
A: Nayla yes we do absolutely, very close sisters!

Q Hi Meryl! One of my favorite scene from The tribe was the marriage between Ebony and Ram. What did you think about the wedding, Was it fun to film?
A: Amanda - great fun, the costumes were amazing and I loved being part of that scene

Q If you were to play a character of the opposite sex in the tribe, who would it be?
A: I am all for kind of being the baddie on the show so I would prob choose Lex bcoz he was almost the female version of Ebony - almost!

Q Whenever you were jealous of Amber in the series, on the set, were you ever actually jealous of Beth Allen?
A: Tori ooo! No, I simply could not be because we all got on so well so the relationship between Ebony and Amber was so different to Meryl and Beth!

Q Hi, can’t belive this chat is real! How was it like to play the ‘bad girl’ in the series. Was it hard to be rude to everyone on the set? Particularly your sisters?
A: hehehe surprisingly it was very easy - maybe a good excuse to be bad for once so it wasn’t difficult!

Q Hi Meryl! Your so incredibly pretty and talented, anyway my question is do you prefer singing or acting? And who was your best friend out of the tribe cast when you were making it?
A: Thank you! I had close relationships with everyone but especially Tori (Salene) and Tom (RAM), love singing and acting!

Q How has The Tribe changed your life?
A: Hi, The Tribe changed my life in many positive ways, made me stand on my own two feet and be independent, set me up where I am today, confident yet humble human being who loves and lives for music and television!

Q Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve in your lifetime?
A: Hi! Yes there is one goal and it’s always inspired by the Tribe fans actually which is to release my own music as a solo artist and give you guys a taste of something else which Ebony will be incorporated in so I want to be in your ears very soon!

Q Hi Meryl, what is one of your guilty pleasures? (Dwayne’s is chocolate, Calen’s was Jilly Cooper novels, so what’s yours?)
A: Sabine Hi! Oh stop - chocolate has always been and is still there, I need a sugar dose in some ways!

Q Heh Meryl you are awesome!! If there was a season 6 of The Tribe would you go back and be in it?? Do u no if there is going to be a season six and r u going to be in the tribe movie?? :heart:
A: Hi! I would not like but loooovvveee to be involved!

Q Hi Meryl, what is it like balancing career and home life. You are such an amzing actor/singer which do you prefer? :heart:

A: I’m able to and lucky to balance it with the support of my family and such good kids who can come with us on projects and events and be involved bcoz I remember what it was like to be involved with my Mum and Dad’s stuff as a kid so lucky to be able to do it all!

Q how many shots did it take with the apple scene on The Tribe?
A: Apple scene - I remember clearly, about 7 shots maybe but eventually the apple did crunch!

Q do you still hang out with any one from the cast and have you kept a close friendship with them?
A: Hi! Yes I catch up with Tori and Toni and Beth sometimes and wonderful because two years ago they came to my big birthday bash so awesome!

Q Do you miss the old Tribe- days? If so, what do you miss most?
A: Hi Nina, I do miss it, it was a part of my life for so long, just miss being involved and everyone being on the set so fingers-crossed it could happen again!

Q Have you ever been to Australia? And if so what did you like about it here?
^ Hi Emma! I love Australia, one of my favourite places and my brother and Dad live there so one of my fave spots to visit!

Q What is your favorite Tribe blooper?
A: Hi Jeffrey! Probably a blooper I had with my sisters when we were in fits of laughter and couldn’t stop, sticks to mind!

Q What is your most memorable moment from working on the show?
A: Hi Sabrina - oooo - I think every day was something so different, so many days that were special to me but the time we were all on the boat, heading to God knows where, still sticks in my head and what’s to come from that moment.

Q Meryl what was your fav series to film and if you have what is your fav to watch?
A: I think 4 and 5 were really good but the best to shoot was probably the 1st, series 1 my first major experience challenging and exciting, a highlight as Ebony began to develop

Q Any advice for people wanting to become actress/actors
A: Hi Julia, I’d say if you wanna do it there is always a way, just have faith and that belief because it is a challenging field to be in but so rewarding at the same time!

Q For how long did you think The Tribe was going to be popular? For this long?
A: I know for a fact it’s always been a huge influence in my life but had I not been in it, I would have followed it through and through so not surprised the suport was there but surprised it is still so strong and that shows what a great show and effect it had on people out thre!

Q Meryl- Well you already know my favorite tv show lol, but besides the tribe what is yours?
A: Ooo I love Brothers & Sisters and anything in terms of American Idol, when I can watch it I will!

Q What scene meant the most to you?
A: Um, so many! When the Locos would parade around, when Ebony was vulnerable and the opposite of her original nature I couldn’t pick a favourite!

Q I know that you were in Norway for the tribe tour, is Norway a country you would like to go and visit again? is there any other country you would like to go to?
A: Hi Tone! I loved Norway and would like to take my Mother with me, know she would love that country!

Q Hey Meryl, one of the greatest parts of the Tribe was the costuming, did you have a particular favourite costume?
A: Hi Philip, every costume with Ebony was fantastic, hard to choose but the black leather pants with the red jacket was my favourite

Q Did you like wearing red all the time or would you have liked to wear different colours every once and a while
A: Um I can’t complain with what they put me in because that was Ebony’s signature look but it was always a different style.

Q What was the hardest part of being on The Tribe?
A: I needed to get used to the early mornings because I love to sleep in and those 5 o’clock starts got to me but I got used to it!

Q What was it like being a teenager and doing both a tv series and school
A: It was difficult because being on set then doing school but we had such a great team of support and teachers, it made it all possible

Q What was your favorite scene with Slade in The Tribe?
A: Oooo, probably the one where I bit his lip, I’m not going to lie that was a favourite scene, with the giggling that came with it!

Q What do the words ‘keep the dream alive’ mean to you?
A: Keeping the dream alive says so many things just in that sentance and to me it’s always keeping yourself alive for one, that focus and drive, belief anything is possible, keeping your head up high, living life to the fullest and I stand by that, it’s inspired me in many many ways.

Q If there is one place you would like to visit, where would it be?
A: I’ve been lucky to go to so many places but there is nothing like living in New Zealand to me - but I have thought about Australia so who knows where I-ll end up!

Q Hello Meryl :slight_smile: How does it feel to see you have so many fans who REALLY enjoyed you as Ebony?
A: It is so amazing and without the positive feedback and support where would we be, I count my blessings and thank everyone out there!

Q Had you not played the role of Ebony in The Tribe, which other role would you have chosen if you’d had the choice? I read you originally auditioned to play Salene.
A: I did audition for Salene, how strange is that! I don’t want to choose because I love the role I was chosen so I don’t want to look back!

Q What inspired you to become an actress/singer?
A: Hi Oscar I am inspired by my Mum, a talented singer and with the support of my family, I’ll keep doing it as long as I can!

Q you’re a fab singer and was just wondering if you had any plans to come over to the UK an sing for us
A: Hi Chrstina, absolutely, watch this space I’ve wanted to do that for a long time!

Q What was your favorite storyline?
^ I love the rivalry between Amber, Bray and Ebony, it was so catching but the fact I was reunited with my sisters was also really amazing storyline and process.

Q who was the funniest, hottest and smartest person on set?
A: Hehe, a hard one to answer but Tom was funny on set and kept us entertained, and also Calen

Q Do you think that Ebony and Slade would have stayed together in a potential season 6?
A: I think they would have had a good run, I really do, you know how Ebony can be with her string of men but I think there is something about Slade that they had something there!

Q Did you get tired of having braids in your hair?
A: No because if anything it saved me brushing my hair every day so it was convenient!

Q Whats your biggest dream Meryl?
A: Oooo, my biggest dream is to be able to live the life the way you want it to be lived so to be fulfilled in all areas, career, family, friends - just to be happy!

Q how did you get into acting?
A: I was approached by an agent when I was young and then got put up for auditions but really started when I found my love for drama at school - and then the wonderful Tribe door opened!

Q: how was/is it like acting and singing with your sisters?
A: With my sisters it was amazing, so amazing that we had too many giggles sometimes

**Q: greetings from Germany :slight_smile: I recorded every single episode when the tribe was shown up on tv miss the feeling when watching a brand new episode! ? I remember your tribe tours to KIKA Channel in Germany, looked like you had a lot of fun! what was your favorite european country you?ve visited??

A: Hi Annika! Thank you I loved going to London but something special to me about Germany for real, all the places were amazing but Germany was wonderful! :heart:

Q Are you surprised about the popularity The Tribe still has? especially since a lot of fans were under 10 when it was made?
A: Hi Rebecca I am and every single day I am so overwhelmed with the support and love people have for the show, it means a lot to me and the other cast members as well and even 10 years on people are passionate and myself as an individual and actress appreciates it and everyone for loving what we did!

Q: Do you ever think back on your time at Dragon*Con? We all loved you guys and appreciated you being there SO much. It was the best weekend of my life all thanks to The Tribe cast. What did you enjoy the most about it?

A: Oooo, Dragoncon! That was one of the best experiences, not only being in Atlanta but the most amazing parade and meeting amazing people in the same field we are in and the fans, I loved the parade as my fave memory out of that trip!

Q Hi Meryl, initially you played a Loco and then became a Mall Rat. I was wondering if there was any particular change of mind set when acting out the part?
A Yes a little.

Q Hey Meryl. with the help of google translator I write you this message because I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. we love you. and we have the fans of tribe. Bosnia and Herzegovina are opening a bar called The Tribe. I hope you will come for a beer with us:)
A: Might have to take you up on the offer of the beer, Rafael. Hi to all in Bosnia and Herzegoviina!

Q hi Meryl would Ebony have ever married Slade?
A Possibly;)

Q Hi Meryl what do you prefer singing or acting? And do you really love working with you sisters don’t it get manic lol x
A Love to do both.

Q: Ebony used to have the flame on her forehead and the ‘bandit eye band’ as her most used make up. What do you think was the meaning of it?
A: I think it was a sign of her strong and independent nature.

Q: Do you think that she would have stayed with the Mall Rats or headed off on her own once they hit land.
A: I think Ebony would have gone with who she supported at the time, but she could have switched sides easily if it suited her.

Q: My question is what was the hardest character arc of Ebony to play?
A: I think when she was sad, it was a lot different than playing her dark side.

Q: Is there going to be a season 6 or a movie?
A: I think there is one in the making!

Q: What is one thing you hope all Fans will take away from the Tribe show as a lesson?
A: I hope they take a positive outlook on life, to enjoy it, to enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

Q: What movies/shows are you in now that the tribe isn’t running?
A: I love animation, especially because I take my son to see them all the time!

Q: What was the scene like to film when you had to bite Slade’s (Matt’s) lip?
A: It was nice that it was him because we got on well! It took a lot of rehearsing because I couldn’t really bite him, but it was an interesting scene to do!

Q: What is your favourite memory from working on The Tribe franchise?
A: Many, especially the first day, seeing everyone! It really felt like you were in something special and proper.

Q: Out of all The Tribe boys who was the best kisser?
A: I would probably say Jay or Ram

Q: What are the most important thing in your life?
A: Family is number one! They make you believe you can anything.

Q: Have you found that your son has changed your whole view on life? thanks in advance
A: Yes! Motherhood is an amazing experience, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Q: Ebony clearly had feelings for Bray. But were they true, or was it just a case of someone else has him?
A: Everyone has a soft spot for Bray!

Q: I absolutely love the video you did for the song “You belong to me” with Caleb Ross, Dwayne Cameron and Michelle Ang. Did you guys have fun recording it?
A: We had so much fun, had a blast filming it!

Q: Are you anything like Ebony in real life?
A: I can be a little bit stubborn, and my mother says I have a bit of a bossy side (but not to the extent of Ebony!).

Q: Did you get to keep any prop/clothing if so, what? and If you didn’t what prop/clothing do you wish you could keep?
A: I loved ALL the gear that Ebony had, much of it inspires what I wear today!

Q: If the virus really happened, would you act like Ebony did?
A: I don’t think I would act like her. Yes it would be scary, maybe Ebony changed so she could deal with it. I would try to keep positive!