My Old Art (StormWolfsong)

Unfortunately unless I can get a better set of things I probably won’t be able to make anything new but I wanted to put some of the things I made YEARS ago up even though I am by far not as good as so many others here :slight_smile:

First%20Background%20of%202015 background01_zps9b0bcf26 background01_zps9b0bcf26 Background1_zpsa1b9c7ee

background07 Background06 background03 background02

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Branniwall Branniwall1 Hate%20should%20be%20love LJCCMemorial New%20Secrecy%202 New%20Secrecy%205 RIP%20John%20LJCC RoswellEmbrace The%20Perfect%20Me

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This first one is my godson who I couldn’t resist thinking would make the adorable baby character for one of my various writing endeavors.


Some of these I admit really suck lol but it was during a time when I was still learning.

Nick%20Banner_1 Mae_banner Lia_banner Aranel%20banner%2011 Aranel%20banner Chanel%20banner02 Chanel%20banner01 Brian_Banner02 Brian_Banner01 Katherine_Banner1 Jack_banner2 Jack_banner1 Alex_banner2 Alex_banner1 Nina_banner01 Sly_banner4%20copy Sly_banner3 Sly_banner2 Sly_banner1 brand_banner10 Brand_banner9 Brand_banner8 Brand_banner7 Brand_banner6

Mae_banner2 Lia_banner2

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These three were for an RP written years ago with Slade and a character Alejandria that called herself Lex.

slalexbanner1 slalexbanner2 slalexbanner3

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Great to see your art, and development over the years.

Especially loved the Danni and Bray ones.

Thanks, it helped that I had someone I met through the Tribe Fandom that helped me learn with the Branni ones :slight_smile: Unfortunately I don’t have access to the same kind of art programs now so I have to relearn things using just gimp and such.

I use a variety of apps on my phone like cut and paste

I haven’t figured out how to do any of the stuff on my phone. I just do stuff on my computer. I’m still a bit new to the smartphone stuff lol didn’t get one until 2 years ago

These all look better than my beginnings, so well done!

Also nice to see you around, Storm