Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever…

Been in a helicopter.

Who wants to go next???


Never have i ever….

same as you and i have also never done bungee juming

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Never Have I Ever



Seriously Ash?

Never have I ever broken a bone.

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Never have I ever been camping :camping:

What?!?! Never been camping? We need to take you on a trip then :slightly_smiling_face:

Never have I ever been on an island…

@Ash I’d struggle to camp with my dodgy back - can’t lie on the floor for too long or I get stuck. Glamping however, with a shower and a bed, i’d be more than happy to try! :joy:

Never have I ever seen a lion in the wild! :lion:


Never have I ever smoked.


Never have I ever read nor watched “Harry Potter”

@Flamekeeper same. But the internet has educated me on the general gist of it :laughing:

Never have I ever dyed my hair purple.

(Ohh hey suggestion - how about from now on, next players to comment, actually add :wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer: in case they’ve done the thing, like in the actual game :stuck_out_tongue: and then add their own claim?)

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Lol, well now you should totally dye your hair purple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have never/nor will I ever :joy:

Never have I ever used a passport

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Never have I ever…
Gone to a bachelorette party :sweat_smile:

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:cocktail: :cocktail: :cocktail:

I feel I would be very drunk, very quickly, playing this game with you guys!!!

Never have I ever… bungee jumped!



Never Have I Ever … gone skinny dipping :rofl:


Lol @Danni

Never have I ever been on a jetski

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i have never tried weed

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Never have I ever traveled outside of my country

:joy: :tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink: (yeah I have been outside of my country very often :see_no_evil:)

Never have I ever watched an episode of Game of thrones!

:champagne: Unfortunately seen it all.

Never Have I Ever been scuba diving

Technically I haven’t ever been scuba diving - but I’ve been free diving so maybe a small drink :tropical_drink:

Never Have I Ever skipped a day of school