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Old Memories and New to Come ( for Everyone | 2020)

We are a few days before Christmas, somewhere between s1 and s2

“Whats up Patsy?” Salene asks the little girl, worried. She and Cloe had been very quiet in the last days, instead of looking forward to the little Christmas party the tribe wanted to have. The boys also managed to get a little tree inside and the older girls are busy to find decorating for it. The whole situation in the mall was calm for the first time and you can feel a little Christmas magic all around. But not to everyone…

" I miss my parents… and my grandma…" Patsy mumbles, her head resting in her hands, watching into nowhere.

" I know" Salene sits down next to her and places her hand on the back of Patsy’s head to stroke her a bit.

" Cloe too… it is not the same without them" Patsy swallows hard and jumps up from her chair. " I hate this!" she screams at Salene before she runs back into her room. With a sigh, Salene watches after her, knowing there is nothing she could do right now.

" Hey, what’s wrong?" Salene looks up and spots Amber coming into the cafe.

" She misses her parents… and her grandma, and Cloe too," Salene answers.

“Oh I had a feeling this could lead in this direction.” Amber shrugs her shoulders and sits down beside Salene.

" I wished we could do something." Salene looks in the direction of the little one’s room. “Me too " Amber nods.

" Did somehting happen?” Ryan asks, as he suddenly comes around the corner, spotting Patsy running into her room and a sad-looking Salene and Amber.

" She misses her parents and we have no idea what to do" Amber explains without looking up.

“Oh, I know. I miss mine too” Ryan answers a bit ashamed and Salene and Amber couldn’t hold back a little smile, watching the strong man becoming such a softy from time to time.

" But at least I have my photo album from the old days. Sometimes it feels like nothing has changed when I look at it."

Now Amber looks up at Ryan, a little hope in her eyes. " Photo album?" she says out loud and looks between Salene and Ryan. " What if Patsy and Cloe also have one?" Ryan and Salene look at her, unsure what to say.

" Give me a day or two" Amber winks at them before she stands up and rushes out of the cafe.

" Was that my fault?" Ryan asks Salene a bit worried.

" Yeah it, was, but it was a good fault," Salene laughs at him, sure knowing what Amber was up to.

A few days have passed since that little meeting and it was just 2 nights till Christmas as two men open the door to a house. A bit unsure they walk in and look around. " What do you think? The bedroom again?" one of them asks his taller companion.

" Yeah, let’s try this first this time," the man answeres and they made their way upstairs. " Hopefully this is worth it" the smaller one hisses, just to get a bad look from the other one. " Lex…"

" Yeah, calm down, I got it," he mumbles back. He just wanted to go home and not starting an argument with loverboy right now.

" So, here we are." Bray opens the door to the main bedroom and looks at the big cupboard in the corner. He comes closer to look at it and try to open the drawer. But it doesn’t move. " Damn, seems like we need a key" he looks back at Lex, which comes to his side. “Maybe you, not me.” Lex answers and knee down in front of the cupboard. " Give me two mintues."

It was the evening before christmas and like in the last days Cloe and Patsy have been very quiet during dinner.

“Can I go to bed? I am not hungry.” Cloe looks at Amber.

" Me too" Patsy joins her and stand up too.

" Sure," Ambers answers the girls a bit confused, but understanding. She looks after them, but as far as the girls are inside their room she gives Salene a sign, and with a grin, Salene nods and stands up. Amber follows her lead and the older girls rushed over to Ambers room, grabbing something before they leave again and enter the girls bedroom.

" Here, have a look at this." Amber sit down beside the girls on the bed and handed Cloe a photo album.

" And you at this" Salene smiles at Patsy and hands her one also.

The girls look at each other in confusion before they reach out for the albums and start to check on it.
A little smile grows on their faces and Amber exchange a little look with Salene, knowing that the plan has worked.

The girls start chatting with each other, explaining who is who on the photos and also showing them to Amber and Salene.

" I wished they were here," Patsy mumbles melancholy as she has finished hers. Amber looks at her and places her arm around Patsys shoulders " I know and believe me, if I could, I would give it all to change the way the world goes round. But it is how it is…" She starts before she gets a new idea. “What about… we check the shops for a photo album and a camera and make a new album from the party tomorrow and all the Christmases we will have to create new memories?” she looks at the girls.

" That would be nice" Cloe answeres hesitantly, but Salene and Amber could see another smile growing on the girl’s face.


That’s really lovely. Thank you to whoever wrote this for all of us. I enjoyed reading it. It’s so exciting to have a load of Tribal stories to read!
I loved the idea of Lex and Bray going to Cloe and Patsy’s old houses to find their family photos.


This part right here, it was so naturally Ryan, made me tear up a bit haha. He wasn’t just like poor girls, he honestly admits he feels the same. Ryan may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but he’s easily one of my favorites <3


Yes, Ryan was so sweet in this - thank you Santa! And all the Santas in fact - Such a great crop of stories!


Awwwwwww! Now that’s got really Christmas spirit. It perfectly catches what Christmas really is about!


:slight_smile: Pleasant little tale. The show needed more moments like this. Thank you, Santa.