Pandemic Rewatch

Just found this site so I’m new here. But… I just wanted to say how good it feels to know that there are still people who appreciate this show as much as I do. I’m currently in the middle of a rewatch (season 3 episode 14 is playing as I type this.).

I’m located in the states, and once things went into pandemic lockdown I immediately began to revisit movies and TV shows that I love to bring me some sense of comfort and safety.

Of course, one of the shows I decide to rewatch is The Tribe. Not only is it fitting given the current state of the world, but goodness… This show is just so good! I laugh, I cry, and all the emotions in between. This is not my first rewatch, but it doesn’t stop me from falling in love with this beautiful show all over again.

I hope you all are keeping the dream alive!


Hi and welcome, just out of curiosity where in the states and how did you find us?

Sorry this is for my own totally non scientific research.

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I’m in Pennsylvania.

I actually found this site on There’s a menu option that says “Escape.” I clicked out of curiousity and here I am.

It’s good to see other Tribe fans still out here. I hope I can continue to add to the discussions and topics. It’s been years since I’ve been able to talk about this show.



And not someone lured here from Reddit. Forgot Co.UK linked to here. So thanks for the lovely reminder.

Now when you say Pennsylvania, how specific are you willing to get while still keeping that classic internet anonymity? takes out note pad

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Are you saying there is a reddit community for the tribe? I had no idea. But yeah! Co.UK linked me here and I am so grateful.

There is, it’s not very active but it’s here

At this point I’m ashamed to admit I might have an account to post on any site that mentions The Tribe. So much for that laying low thing I had going on.

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Welcome :grin: There is an introduction thread where you can fill in some facts about you and have a look at those who are here.

(here from NRW in Germany :joy:)

I have done the same thing - only ever caught periodic episodes as a kid, but watched the series in full for the first time during lockdown. I have 9 episodes left and I am starting to get sad about it.

I am from Indiana :blush: